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Author Topic: Another good story about how bodymaxx helped an incel (ethnicel) to ascend  (Read 196 times)

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Another good story about how bodymaxx helped an ethnicel to ascend

  In the Janitors thread I mentioned that doing some physical job is beneficial for your health and concretely for your body.
 I have a true story about an incel who was a kind of ethnicel ("ethnicel" is a term which is commonly used to refer to all nonwhite incels, regardless of their minority status) because he wasn't officially from some minority but he was much darker and different anthropologically than the average Europeans around us (resembles somebody from Northern India or Pakistan) so many of the girls thought that he was a gypsy (but he wasn't and his ethnic self-categorization; ethnic identity were purely non-gypsy and East European).
 So this incel was the opposite of that one who thought that carrying bags with many newspapers, opening doors and typing are a sort of bodybuilding -- he had to work hard (agricultural work, cooking, shopping, yard work, vehicle repair...) This young man worked daily 6 to 12 hours. He lived with his grandparents and they kept him busy nonstop. Even when he had visitors/guests his grandfather or grandmother will come to his room to remind him that he has to take something, to buy something, to bring something, to clean something, to cut something... He wasn't free enough even to go for a walk more than 20 minutes or to play a game for more than 15 minutes. His life was a perpetual working. He was a workcel. On top of that, he had some allergy issues and his skin wasn't good looking sometimes, makes him a real uglycel. About the height -- he wasn't tall and all and his height was a bit under the average. For example the average males in that area were 178 cm but he was only 170 cm. (So, something like a shortcel depends on which woman will think of it. There were girls who were taller than him and in his eyes he was something like e midget, but most of the females were around his height or shorter, so I think he hasn't this shortcel problem. Nevertheless his own mother once, in front of him, said that he's a "weakish man", i. e. the opposite of Chad; in her eyes he was something like a "king of the manlets" but nothing more than that. Well, her husband (and his stepfather) wasn't tall too. Maybe he was the same tall. But he had bigger bones -- for example, wrists, so he looked stronger. This reminds me to add that the incel in question was a wristcel too.)
 I bet if some blackpilled (highly pessimistic and nihilistic) incel is reading it, he'll surely think that this boy was a truecel who is never going to ascend and that for him "It's over and never began." But it's wrong.
 Now the results:

 1. After some years of perpetual working (and comparatively healthy diet - no smoking, no hard alcohol drinking, eating different food, including fruit and vegetables), he got better health, no more severe skin problems. He remain something like ethnicel but not anymore an uglycel.
 2. His body become ripped, moderately muscular. He achieved it with some additional help (workmaxx was a good beginning but he added some home gymmaxx: push-ups, sit-ups, squats and kungfu. Later he also tried some boxing in a local boxing club.)
 3. We (friends, relatives) helped him to get some dates. 90% weren't successful but he ascended at the end. The first time it was with an Asian traveler woman near the seashore and the second time with an ethnic girl (gypsy one) in his neighborhood.
 As far as I know he almost get married but he didn't because decided to immigrate in a Western European country. There he become a workcel again (a real busycel; work preoccupies him) and minn-ed himself with worse diet (got a "beer belly", i. e. inactivity belly), so when he ascended he was around 4/10, then he become around 2/10 which is too low for West Europe, where he's also a sort of poorcel too (in spite of he's working hard and in fact he's a workcel now). Still there were some Asian girls (from the Philippines mostly) who wanted to give him a chance but his relatively poor English, low income and minn-ed body make the re-ascending nearly impossible.
 If now he studymaxx and gymmaxx (at least to learn English well and to get back his ripped body) he'll be able to find a girl via geomaxx (for example, someone from Latin America, Asia, Ukraine, etc.)
 I hope this story teaches you that bodymaxxing (via physical labor and sports activities) is helping you to be healthier, more attractive and gives you the chances to ascend.
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Good incel

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Re: Another good story about how bodymaxx helped an incel (ethnicel) to ascend
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2022, 04:40:37 AM »
When I read "king of manlets" I remembered this thing. Very lifefueled:
Inceldom sucks...


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Hard work pays off
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2022, 03:17:19 AM »
Very good story which shows that hard work pays off. :-*

I know a woman who is refusing to walk more than 5 minutes. If there is walking for more than 5 minutes she is going to ride a bike or take a taxi. Very fat and having serious health problems. Eating a lot of snacks and drinks almost everything. She was very pretty when she wasn't obese and now you can just see a "fat auntie" looks.

I know another women too. She is not that pretty originally but she is having normal diet and she uses every opportunity to walk more, to help the staff to clean, sweep, wash. And now she looks way better than the fatty woman.

I hope the incels to learn these stories and to think how the diets and the sports are helping them to look way better!
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Re: Another good story about how bodymaxx helped an incel (ethnicel) to ascend
« Reply #3 on: September 10, 2022, 03:44:04 AM »
Yeah, that dude certainly got very fit. I'm something like him now. I don't work that much (probably not more than 2 hours per day: washing, sweeping, shopping, carrying heave bags) but I do much more sports and I am getting that model-tier body; people often tell me that obviously I'm doing some sports.

Still, my body is far from perfect.  B. J. Gupta said "Hard work doesn’t guarantee success, but improves its chances." so I stick to it; I'm not sure if all this hard working (chores and sports + all those diets) is going to make me more V-shaped and looking like a bodybuilder (I want to look like Brad Pitt in "Fight Club" at least)... but I don't give up and I keep believing that hard work pays off someday.
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