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Author Topic: Don't be an average hatecel if you want to ascend  (Read 183 times)

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Don't be an average hatecel if you want to ascend
« on: December 12, 2022, 05:17:37 PM »

Don't be an average hatecel if you want to ascend

  In the recent hours we read some typical average hatecel (incels who're using bad words against the females (and not only), who're frustrated and vent their anger in hostile way and who are self-harming and self-limiting their opportunities to ascend) statement by somebody (saidit.net/user/Mazurro) who is an epitome of all these incels who doesn't deserve to escape the inceldom because they're ruining not only their own chances but also they do harm seriously the image of the rest of the incels (I'd say, the majority of the incels) who're just ordinary non-hate people who struggle to ascend with dignity or who suffer silently.
 Some comments about the core points:

if I don't follow f*id narrative and not play around this pathetic "voluntery charity" I will be considered as evil.

 1. Calling the goal (the females) with offensive names doesn't make you more attractive. They minn your chances. If you're a truecel like 2/10, after you start "to foid" the females and "to whore" them, you're minn-ing yourself to 1/10. The wise incels prefer to maxx themselves.
 2. Don't willing to accept some charity doesn't considers you as "evil". It's your free will to maxx or to minn. But the intelligent people do optimize their life using well every opportunity to maxx (gymmaxx, socialmaxx, moneymaxx, edumaxx, artmaxx, etc.)

Like seriously, imagine posting on some obscure forum to some obscure faggots

 1. Calling people who just now met online "obscure faggots" and a forum which is aged and international scientific "obscure" is not just rude, it's low IQ demonstrating lack of logical thinking habits (like, first read, explore and then make conclusions, don't just jump to conclusions.)
 2. The place you're posting doesn't necessarily implies you're clever/stupid, good/bad. It's a secondary element.
 3. The rude language and attitude may attract only rude and low-leveled females but if you're a truecel better even don't try it because it's just minn-ing you to oblivion.

calling themselves "good incels" (in which way they are good exactly? In taking shit straight into their face without questions?) just for the sake of what?

 1. We're exactly the opposite -- we're questioning many things and we do have critical thinking. We don't just throw a bunch of rudeness and jumping into conclusions.
 2. The good incels are good exactly because:

a) They don't call for "ER" ("to ER" means to go kill people like the sociopath criminal Elliot Roger who even didn't do his best to gymmaxx and to manmaxx because he decides that it's over.) and they do not think of violence. They use their energy in better, creative ways.

b) They don't use rude words towards the goal (the females) because they are intelligent at least a bit to know that if you want someone to like you, you don't do moron type things like using hostility towards this subject.

c) They don't waste their time in minn things like complaining, aggression online or offline and so on, they do MAXX: sports, knowledge, money opportunity, relaxing activities, etc.

d) They don't ruin their own chances and they don't make the society to think that all incels are trashy aggressive losers who don't deserve to ascend.

e) They don't hurt each other too.

Conclusion: Don't be a hatecel if you want to ascend. It's pointless and it makes the situation of your life and the one of the brocels worse. Being a hatecel is counter-productive.
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Re: Don't be an average hatecel if you want to ascend
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2022, 05:38:21 PM »
That's right.

We should focus on the good incels not on the degrading hatecels who're putting us in misery.
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Re: Don't be an average hatecel if you want to ascend
« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2022, 01:40:07 AM »
Guys like him shot themselves in the foot (it means to damage or impede one's own plans, progress, or actions through foolish actions or words). He is doing the opposite of what it takes to ascend. ;D
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