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Author Topic: How everything started?  (Read 94 times)

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How everything started?
« on: July 17, 2022, 03:38:16 AM »

If you wonder how this Incels' community started

How it started? How it began? The beginning? For all of you who wonder about the history of this incels' community, follow this link: How a stupid bad in incels.is gave us the idea to make a normal forum for the good incels.

The long story short: a moderator in incels.is who doesn't understand the definition of the word "incel" (and who didn't understand that it's not in his/their interest to ban an intelligent and fruitful old gymcel there because this leads to more competition) in fact helped us to make this amazing new alternative of incels.is (and other incels' communities online).
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Re: How everything started?
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2022, 05:34:31 AM »
I'd like to add more here. Incels.is is banning many people. Some of them doesn't deserve to be banned.

I was banned because one moderator there (which is probably just a teenager who doesn't understand the definition of the "incel" and is too shortsighted to see (realize, understand) that banning many people is bringing just more enemies and/or more competitors) decided so based on my thread about the Donnelly study (there I saw his ban message which is
100% - Permaban not incel

So, here it is, you decide what's wrong with it (or, better to say, what's wrong with that moderator):

I started with this post:

"Some brocels think that incel = only the kissless virgins. :feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha:
AT THE SAME TIME they don't mind the escorcels who share here how many prostitutes they f*...

I am something in between: I DO NOT use prostitutes but as a nearly 50 years old man I am NOT a kissless or virgin incel.

Just remember that incel = involuntarily celibate. NOT every incel is virgin. Just already around 10 years I can't find a single person to like me (those 2 "landwhales" are an exception).

REMEMBER: the Donnelly study, defined incels as all adults who fail to find a sexual partner for six months or more (Source: https://incels.wiki/w/Main_Page)

(As far as this Wiki is associated with this forum, I think this is the position of the owner of the forum too.)"

(I'm not a sizeist and I am against the discrimination. I use the word "landwhale" as a popular, joking word that describes the very obese people. Also I wanted to make myself there more clear because they audience seems to be youngcels and younger incels.)

One brocel (nickname "Lv99_BixNood") comment with two Chad emoticons and a ban hammer (banhammer) emoticon.

I reacted to this with
Lv99_BixNoodLv99_BixNood, how THE HELL, I am a Chad, when I am:​

- short
- bald
- poor
- old
- loveless ?

Improve your knowledge, bro. A low-tier gymcel as me is NOT a Chad.

Another brocel (nickname: decembrist_kirillov) comment that "what i know is: escortcels are not same as other incels. they are not incel at all." (It's something that I do think -- they're "not very incels", they're nearcels.)

Third brocel (nickname: Mecoja) comment that Bby this definition 90 percent of men are incels and 100 percent of teens and old guys also and asked me "Did they liked you ten years ago? :what:"

Fourth one (brocel with nickname "Monke") gave a good comment which was "Khhv superiority :feelsBox:"

The fifth one (brocel nicknamed "SoloAlex") comment that he agrees with me but six months is a joke. 10+ years is appropriate.

Another my comment was
Well, I also think that escortcels are nearcels (at least they have MONEY and they have SOME KiND OF FAKE SEX)... but still, nobody here think they're fakecels... At the same time some bitter brocels complain that if you have had a kiss or some success with a non-prostitute, you're a Chad.:feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha:

Just follow the SCIENTIFIC "INCEL" definition: the Donnelly study, defined incels as all adults who fail to find a sexual partner for six months or more (Source: https://incels.wiki/w/Main_Page)

SoloAlex added that he thinks that that brocel with the 2 Chads and the ban hammer emoticons just made a joke.

(I answered this:
I hope so. :)

I swear again that if I really find one women who loves me and I love her, I will be 99% with her and I am not going to lie the incels here that I'm a loner. The problem is that I am still not good enough and they ghost me or ignore me after a short chat.

A brocel (nickname: I.N.C.E.L.S. Boss) laughed about "six months" in that definition.

I answered that
Well, okay, let's say that 6 months is kind of short. But really, if an adult (not some acne teen who later is going to become a Norman or a Chad) can't find a women in 1 year (even after he tries almost everyday), than he should be considered as an incel. For example, if you try once a week, in a year, this makes 52 rejections. Pretty good number to be considered as an incel.

Acnecels if they're still teenagers can't be perceived as 100% truecels too because after the puberty most of them will be never acnecels again. I don't post this as a gate-keeping. Just want to give them a real and based hope.

I.N.C.E.L.S. Boss asked me "wtf are u doing here then" (because of my statement that "I am NOT a kissless or virgin incel.") I repeated for people like him that
The low IQcels can't get it! ONCE AGAIN:


The category incel is BROADER than "a virgin".


(reposted the intro post; ppl like him really don't read carefully or even when they read they can't understand well the meaning of the tsxts.)

SoloAlex added that if you try almost every day irl, inceldom is not your biggest problem.

Lv99_BixNood added that if one "got laid without paying before you're a low tier normie." He thinks that it's not unusual for lowtier normies to not get s. activity for years.

Answered him with:
- Low-tier gymcel

I work hard but I still can't get the Norman's level. I just mog the fat Normans but most of the tall ones still have more chance than me. So how I am a normie?

Follow the SCIENTIFIC DEFINITION: incel = "no true sex and no true love FOR A LONG TIME".

Remember INCEL is not only the kissless virgins. It a broader category.

I added this too:
For the lowest IQ brocels;

"Animal" is not only "a rabbit". "Animal" = "rabbit + turtle + tiger + panda + fly..."

"Country" is not only "USA". "Country" = "USA + Russia + India + Canada + China + Japan..."

"Incel" is not only "kissless virgins". "Incel" = "virgins, non-virgin husbandcels, non-virgin escorcels, divorced men who didn't have sex for a long time, failed Normans and Chads who became landwhales or extremely poor".

Lack of elementary logic?

Lv99_BixNood send 3 lul emoticons (luls; lulz) about the word "husbandcels". I saw he doesn't know it. So, I educated brocels like him with
Oh, you didn't know some husbands are sexless? Here:


I also asked them "Maybe 90% of the men are incels or nearcels. If you are a grown men and have to masturbate alone for YEARS, aren't you an incel?"

And a brocel (nickname: kaang) comment with "once a sex haver always a sex haver."

I told him and those who may think like him that
This definition limits the incels only to virgins.

Let me give you an understandable example with the Islam:

There are different Islamic countries: Turkey, Iran, Pakistan... but if you say Islam = only Turkey, you're limiting the Islam only to one of its domains.

Ex-sex havers are incels too.

If it's still difficult for some of you I can give you another example -- two homeless people. One was homeless forever the other lost his house recently. They're both homeless.

A brocel nicknamed "the virgin shepherd" asked me a private question "Are you older than Emba@Emba ?" and I answered that
How old is that brocel? I don't know him.
(I keep the non-doxx rules and I don't speak concretely date of birth, but I don't lie you -- I'm close to 50 y. o.)

I realized that no matter how well you keep the rules in Incels.is there is no guarantee that they're not going to ban you. A lot of not reasonable bans there.

A brocel with nickname "Ehwhatever" comment that "Frankly, the definition a single researcher isn't relevant to whether or not non-virgins who've had voluntary sex should be allowed. That's what this site and/or it's creators (not sure) decided. Voluntary sex is a no no.

Don't get me wrong I agree that some non-virgins, like those who actually lucked out or haven't had sex in decades, should be allowed. I think in some ways you'd be a beneficial user for the site but I guess you'll have to see if the mods like you enough to let voluntary sex slide."

My following 2 comments were:
Of course everything depends on the definition. There are ONLY A FEW INCELOLOGISTS around the world. The incelology is still a baby science.

But, the common sense, tells me that you can't exclude males who do masturbate ALONE for 5-10 years and to say "Long time ago they had sex 2 or 4 times. They're not virgins. So they are single and do masturbate in loneliness, but they're not incels."

It's like homeless.

SOME homeless people were born homeless. BUT MOST of the homeless had home before. If you exclude the ex-home homeless you're killing them. The same with the incels. If you want 100% of the incels to be included, then don't limit them only to "virgin = incel".

If you exclude incels, I think you have to start with the rich escortcels who have some sort of sex... they're the most nearcels.

A failed Norman who masturbates alone for decades is a non-cel? No way.


I know the kissless virgins do think they're "the most incel" and they jealous if some incel 25 years ago had a kiss. But this doesn't make him a non-cel if he has to sleep alone, to masturbate like a teen alone and to think "Am I such a big loser, why no women likes me?"

I also envy the richcels who can at least afford some paid love (even I am not a fan of the prostitution because it's sort of fake and surrogate sex), but... I never ever wanted these pity souls to be kicked off.

I hope all the brocels could support each other no matter that some of us are more lucky than others. We just CAN'T say "Only virgins here".

If this continues like this, well, someone else may create a more liberal Incels' forum where even the nearcels can post... and then what's the benefit for this community?

And I was like a prophet.  ;D We here really created a more liberal incels' forum where even the nearcels can post. Of course we can't allow the abnormal things like rape propagandas, murdering propagandas and so on. That's why we're not 100% liberal. It's impossible.

A brocel with nick "Broly" asked "Only 6 months?" to which I answered him that
Depends on how many you meet in these 6 months. I think so: if every day you try with 1 fem. and you failed, it makes 182-183 rejections for the 6 months. If 100+ women rejected you then YOU = INCEL. Isn't it?

Another brocel (nick: "IncelHeII") said angrily that we don't need to pay attention to the "doncucklly study"  ;D ;D ;D (how creative!) and asked "how bout that. Foids could solve the incel problem but they rather get pump n dumped and wait for rich chad". Honestly, it's a very interesting topic and in the future we may discuss that thing that is known as "s. charity" online.

Some "Balding Subhuman" comment that it's "Inceltear seething"...


And the rest was:

ugly_genius: "lol @ "6 months or more"... :feelsohh:

Then again, I guess most people (even a lot of reasonably ok 'incels') couldn't begin to fathom the exponential rate of decay once the time frame extends way beyond just "6 months". I'd like to see Donnely et al try a study on those who have had absolutely zero female contact - not even hugs or hands - (outside of obvious family hellos and byes). For anything upward of 15 years minimum.

If they were able to collect a big enough sample size, I bet the results would be horrific.

I'm living proof closing in on 40 and absolute zilch. The results are actual physical anatomical deterioration and damage. And on par with cancer.

The mind/soul is a precious thing. Guard it. Treasure any relationships you've ever had the chance to have, no matter how small they may be.

There's a lot of things humans take for granted and don't realize what the implications would be if they were removed."

Well, I only want all the incel bros to be included because the life for every incel is harsh, no matter what was your past, if you NOW have no love, you're a half man...

mechashota: "i think this forum is wayyyy to up their own asses about what constitutes a fakecel , but arguing that you can have sex and be an incel is interesting to say the least" (I also think that many of the incel.is moderators and users have no good idea what really "incel" is.)

The brocel turbosperg said: "31% of 18-22 males in the USA haven't had sex in the previous year.

Some are virgins, but many had sex more than 12 months ago. They are incels too.

Just like someone who is jobless for 6 months is a fucked-up jobless, even if they've had a gig 6 months ago by some luck of life."

I answered him
@turbospergturbosperg very good example, brocel! This is what I am trying to tell them.

I added about the other one:
"can have sex and be an incel"

Only the escortcels can have it. Otherwise, even many of the husbandcels can't receive sex from their wives (who cheat on them or are just really frigid.)

After these - Lux: (I'll edit the most sensitive words) "An incel is a virgin guy or guy that did not had a sexual contact involving his p. or the c. of a female. Does not have to be KHHV, but HAS to be VIRGIN."

Indari: "autistic gatekeeping definitions are autistic, yet normgroids will use the malleability of the definition to portray inklers in the worst light always"

Emba: "Six months is a gdmf dry spell!

I know Normie's with that amount of time between gfs!

only If you measure it in decades do you get realcels! ButbA few years? It's only technically incel! But IRL that's pretty common too! And not incel...

As far as time period for legit inceldom, I say 1+ or maybe 2 decades! Depends on age.

A drunk one night stand should count! (Since subconsciously she accepted you! Unless it was rape...)

And raping you're sister doesn't count!
(Does rape count? "Asking for a fren" lol!)

I think I still qualify as legit incel, because I count whores as voluntary sex! And it's been 2+ decades!

Too bad this idiot could not be more PC! Ic? Rules? Read them!"

I don't understand who is the "idiot" in question. Hope it's not me because I'm too educated to be called so. If someday Emba come here, I'll be glad he to explain what he meant!
A kind of incel: baldcel + poorcel + shortcel... what else? Soon to come: oldcel!!!


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