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Author Topic: 好多 acronyms  (Read 551 times)

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好多 acronyms
« on: June 10, 2022, 03:45:46 AM »


好多acronyms (acronym [ˈækrənɪm] ) 缩略语。

2D   2-Dimensional
3D   3-Dimensional
3M   Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing
4GL   Fourth Generation Language
4H   Head, Heart, Hands, Health
4WD   Four whell Drive (see also FWD)
A   Aftermath
AA   Affirmative Action committee
AA   Alcoholics Anonymous
AA   Antiaircraft Artillery
AA   Associate in Accounting
AA   Automobile Association [England]
AAA   American Automobile Association
AAAL   American Academy of Arts and Letters
AAAS   American Association for the Advancement of Science
AAII   American Association of Individual Investors
AAMSI   American Association for Medical Systems Informatics
AAP   Affirmative Action Program
AARC   Anglo-American Cataloging Rules
AARP   American Association of Retired Persons
AB   ABle seaman
ABA   American Bar Association
ABA   American Basketball Association
ABA   American Booksellers Association
ABBR   ABBReviation
ABC   American Broadcasting Company
AC   Alternating Current (ac, see also DC)
AC   Ante Christum (before Christ)
AC   Ante Cibum (before meals)
ACAA   Agricultural Conservation and Adjustment Administration
ACAWS   Advisory, Caution, And Warning System
ACBL   American Contract Bridge League
ACC   Argonne Code Center
ACCS   Army Command and Control System
ACD   Automatic Call Distributor [telephony]
ACE   Advanced Computing Environments [Corporate name]
ACE   Automatic Calibration and Equalization
ACHEFT   Automated ClearingHouse Electronic Funds Transfer
ACK   ACKnowledge
ACL   Advanced Cmos Logic
ACM   Association for Computing Machinery
ACS   Advanced Communications System
ACSE   Association Control Service Entity (ISO/CCITT layer 7)
ACTS   Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
ACTS   Automatic Coin Telephone Service
ACTS   Automatic Coin Telephone Service [telephony]
ACU   Alarm Control Unit
ACU   Automatic Call Unit [telephony]
ACW   Alternating Continuous Waves
AD   After Date
A/D   Analog to Digital converter (see ADC)
AD   Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord)
AD   Application Development
Ad Astra   To the stars [Latin; Space]
ADAP   Alzheimer's disease-associated protein
ADAP   American Discount Auto Parts [Corporate name]
ADB   A DeBugger
ADB   Apple Desktop Bus
ADC   Analog to Digital Converter
ADCI   Automatic Display Call Indicator
AD&D   Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
ADF   Automatic Direction Finder
ADM   ADMiral
ADP   Adenosine Di-Phosphate
ADP   Administrative Data Processing
ADP   Advanced Data Processing
ADPCM   Pulse Code Modulation with Adaptive Quantization
ADS   Application Development System
ADSR   Attack Decay Sustain Release
ADT   Abstract Data Type
ADT   Atlantic Daylight Time
AE   Application Execution
AEA   American Electronics Association
AEC   Atomic Energy Commission
AEF   American Expeditionary Force (see BEF)
AEGIS   Advanced Electronic Guidance and Instrumentation System
AF   Adventures in Fantasy
AF   Air Force
AF   Audio Frequency
AFADS   Automatic Force Adjustment Data System
AFATDS   Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
AFB   Air Force Base
AFC   American Football Conference
AFC   Automatic Flight Control
AFC   Automatic Frequency Control
AFCAC   Air Force Computer Acquisition Center
AFCC   Air Force Communications Command
AFGE   American Federation of Government Employees
AFIPS   American Federation of Information Processing Societies
AFL   American Federation of Labor
AFL   American Football League
AFLCIO   American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
AFNOR   Association Francaise de NORmalization
AFP   Appletalk Filing Protocol
AFS   Andrew File System
AFSC   Air Force Systems Command
AFSCME   American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
AFTRA   American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
AG   Adjutant General
AG   Arcade Game
AG   Attorney General
AGCT   Army General Classification Test
AHL   American Hockey League
AHQ   Air HeadQuarters
AI   Artificial Intelligence
AIAA   American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIC   Automatic Intercept Center
AID   Agency for International Development
AIDDE   Ames' Interactive Dynamic Display Editor
AIDS   Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrom
AIDS   Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome
AIOD   Automatic Identification Outward Dialing
AIS   Automatic Intercept System
AIX   Advanced Interactive eXecutive (IBM's name for UNIX)
AK   Alaska
AKA   Also Known As
AL   Alabama
AL   American League (baseball)
ALA   American Library Association
ALA   Automobile Legal Association
ALBM   Air-to-Land Ballistic Missile
ALC   Automatic Load Control
ALGOL   ALGOrithmic Language
ALIT   Automatic Line Insulation Testing [telephony]
ALS   Advanced Launch System [Space]
ALU   Arithmetic Logic Unit
A&M   Agricultural and Mechanical
AM   Amplitude Modulation
AM   Ante Meridiem (before noon)
AMA   American Medical Association
AMA   Automatic Message Accounting
AMA   Automatic Message Accounting [telephony]
AMARC   Automatic Message Accounting Recording Center
AMBA   Association of Master of Business Administration
AMC   Albany Medical College
AMD   Advanced Micro Devices [Corporate name]
AMEX   AMerican EXpress [Corporate name]
AMI   Alternate Mark Inversion (see also NRZ, NRZI, B8ZS)
AMORC   Ancient Mystic Order Rosae Crucis
AMP   Adenosine MonoPhosphate
AMPAS   Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
AMPAS   Acedemy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
AMRAAM   Advanced Medium Range Air-To-Air Missile
AMROC   American Rocket Company [Space]
AMSAT   radio AMateur SATellite corp.
AMU   Atomic Mass Unit
AMVET   AMerican VETeran
ANA   American Nurses Association
ANAC   Automatic Number Announcemnt Circuit [telephony]
ANC   All Number Calling [telephony]
ANC   Army Nurse Corps
ANDF   Architecture-Neural Distribution Format
ANF   Automatic Number Forwarding [telephony]
ANG   Air National Guard
ANI   Automatic Number Identification (see also: CLID) [telephony]
ANL   Argonne National Laboratory
ANOVA   ANalysis Of VAriance
ANPA   American Newspaper Publishers Association
ANSI   American National Standards Institute
ANZUS   Australia, New Zealand, United States
AO   Account Of
AOA   Abort Once Around [NASA, Shuttle]
AOL   Absent Over Leave (see AWOL)
AOS   Academic Operating System
AOS   Alternate Operator Service [telephony]
A/P   Accounts Payable
AP   Additional Premium
AP   All Points
AP   Associated Press [Corporate name]
APA   All Points Addressable
APA   American Psychological Association
APB   All Points Bulletin
APDA   Apple Programmers and Developers Association
API   Application Programming Interface
APICS   American Production and Inventory Control Society
ApJ   Astrophysical Journal
APO   Alpha Pi (?) Omega, service fraternity
APO   Army Post Office
APP   Applications Portability Profile
APPC   Advanced Peer-to-Peer Communications
APR   Annual Percentage Rate (as in loan interest)
APSE   Ada Programming Support Environment
APU   Auxiliary Power Unit [space]
AQ   Accumulator-Quotient register
A/R   Accounts Receivable
AR   Address Register
AR   Arkansas
ARC   AIDS-related complex
ARC   American Red Cross
ARCNET   Attached Resource Computer local area NETwork
ARO   After Receipt of Order
ARP   Address Resolution Protocol
ARPA   Advanced Research Projects Agency (of the DoD, see DARPA)
ARRL   Amateur Radio Relay League
ARV   American Revised Version
AS   Anglo-Saxon
ASA   Acetyl Salicylic Acid
ASAP   As Soon As Possible
ASC   Accredited Standards Committee
ASCAP   American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers
ASCC   Automatic Sequence-Controlled Calculator
ASCII   American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASDIC   Anti-Submarine Detection Investigation Committee (British for sonar)
ASDSP   Application-Specific Digital Signal Processor
ASG   Automated Sciences Group
ASHRAE   Amer. Soc. of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-cond. Engineers, inc.
ASIC   Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASME   American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASN   Abstract Syntax Notation One (ISO/CCITT ASN.1)
ASP   Aggregated Switch Procurement
ASSR   Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
AST   Atlantic Standard Time
ASV   American Standard Version
AT   Atlantic Time
ATA   Automatic Trouble Analysis
ATACC   Advanced Tactical Air Command Central
ATB   Advanced Technology Bomber (stealth bomber)
ATC   Air Traffic Control
ATF   Advanced Technology Fighter
ATIS   Atherton Tools Interface Specification
ATM   Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM   Automatic Teller Machine
ATO   Abort To Orbit [NASA, Shuttle]
ATOMS   AT&t Optimized Materials Simulator
ATP   Adenosine TriPhosphate
ATPCO   Airline Tariff Publishing COmpany
AT&T   American Telephone & Telegraph
ATT   American Telephone & Telegraph (normally written AT&T when seperate)
ATTIS   American Telephone and Telegraph Information Systems
ATTIS   American Telephone and Telegraph Information Systems [Division of AT&T?]
ATV   All Terrain Vehicle
AU   Astronomical Unit (93,000,000 miles) [Space]
AUI   Attachment Universal Interface
AUS   Army of the United States
AUTODIN AUTOmatic DIgital Network
AUTOVON AUTOmatic VOice Network
AV   AudioVisual
AVLIS   Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation
AWACS   Airborne Warnings And Control Systems
AWEA   American Wind Energy Association
AWK   al Aho, peter Weinberger, brian Kernighan (pattern scanning language)
AWOL   Absent WithOut Leave (also Absent Without Official Leave) (see AOL)
AW&ST   Aviation Week and Space Technology (a.k.a. AvLeak) [space]
AXAF   Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility [Space]
AZ   Arizona
B   Book
B8ZS   Binary 8 Zero Substitution (see also NRZ, NRZI, AMI)
BA   Bachelor of Arts
BACH   Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp
BAFO   Best And Final Offer
BARRNet Bay Area Regional Research Network (SF Bay Area)
BASIC   Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BB   Bases on Balls
BB   Best of Breed
BB   Bunnies and Burrows
BBA   Bachelor of Business Administration
BBB   Better Business Bureau
BBC   British Broadcasting Corporation
BBL   Barrel
BBN   Bolt, Beranek, and Newman, Inc. [Corporate name]
BC   Battlecars
BC   Before Christ
BC   British Columbia
BC/BS   Blue Cross/Blue Shield
BCD   Bad Conduct Discharge
BCD   Binary Coded Decimal
BCDIC   Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
BCE   Before the Common Era (substitute for BC)
BCNU   Be Seeing You [Net Jargon]
BCP   Byte Controlled Protocols
BCPL   Basic Combined Programming Language
BCS   Bachelor of Commercial Science
BCS   Binary Compatibility Standard
BCS   Boston Computer Society
BCS   British Computer Society
BD   Bachelor of Divinity
BD   Bank Draft
BD   Bills Discounted
BD&D   Basic Dungeons & Dragons
BDF   Binary Distribution Format
BDT   Billing Data Transmitter
BE   Bill of Exchange
BEF   British Expeditionary Force (see AEF)
BELCORE BELL COmmunications REsearch
BEM   Bug Eyed Monster
BENELUX BElgium, NEtherlands, and LUXembourg
BER   Bit Error Rate
BERT   Bit Error Rate Test
BEST   Borland Enhanced Support and Training
BF   Brought Forward
BFA   Bachelor of Fine Arts
BH   Boot Hill
BHP   Brake HorsePower
BICS   Building Industry Consulting Services [telephony]
BID   Bis In Die (twice a day)
BIOS   Basic Input Output System
BIS   Business Information System
BISDN   Broadband ISDN (q.v.) [telephony]
BiSync   Binary Synchronous Communications (BSC is preferred) [IBM]
Bit   BInary digiT
BITNET   Because It's Time Network
BLAST   BLocked ASynchronous Transmission
BLERT   BLock Error Rate Test
BLF   Busy Lamp Field [telephony]
BLT   Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato (sandwich)
BLT   BLock Transfer
BM   Basal Metabolism
BM   Bowel Movement
BMA   Bank Marketing Association
BMEWS   Ballistic Missile Early Warning
BMO   Ballistic Missile Office
BMOC   Big Man On Campus
BMR   Basal Metabolism Rate
BNC   Bayonet Neill Concelman (connector) [electronics] (see also TNC)
BNF   Bachus-Naur Form
BO   Body Odor
BO   Branch Office
BO   Buyer's Option
BOC   Bell Operating Company
BOD   Board Of Directors
BOF   Birds Of a Feather
BOM   Bill Of Materials
BOOTP   Bootstrap Protocol [Internet]
BOQ   Bachelor Officers' Quarters
BOS   Business Office Supervisor
BOSIX   Biin Open System Interface eXtension
BP   Blood Pressure
BP   British Petroleum
BP   British Pharmacopoeia
BPI   Bits Per Inch
BPOE   Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
BPS   Bits Per Second
BR   Bills Receivable
BR   British Rail
BRI   Basic Rate Interface (ISDN) [telephony]
BRIEF   Basic Reconfigurable Interactive Editing Facility
BRL   army Ballistic Research Laboratory
BRS   Bibliographic Retrieval Service
BS   Bachelor of Science
BS   Bill of Sale
BSA   Birmingham Small Arms
BSA   Boy Scouts of America
BSc   Bachelor of SCience
BSC   Binary Synchronous Communications (also sometimes BiSync) [IBM]
BSD   Berkeley Software Distribution
BSN   Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BSS   Block Started by Symbol
BSTJ   Bell System Technical Journal
BTAM   Basic Telecommunications Access Method [IBM]
BThU   British Thermal Unit (BTU {q.v.} is preferred)
BTL   Bell Telephone Laboratories
BTO   Bachman Turner Overdrive
BTU   British Thermal Unit
BTW   By The Way [net jargon]
BUF   B-52 bomber ("Big Ugly Fellow") [USAF]
BV   Blessed Virgin
BWI   Baltimore-Washington International (airport)
BWI   British West Indies
BX   Base eXchange (see also PX)
C   programming language (successor to B, which was based on BCPL)
CA   California
CA   Chartered Accountant
CA   Chief Accountant
CA   Chronological Age
CA   Collision Avoidance (as in CSMA/CA (q.v.))
CAB   Civil Aeronautics Board
CACM   Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery
CAD   Computer Aided Design (sometimes seen as CAD/CAM)
CAD   Computer Aided Dispatching
CAE   Common Applications Environment
CAE   Computer Aided Engineering
CAI   Computer Aided Instruction
CAIS   Common Apse Interface Specification
CALS   Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics Support
CAM   Computer Aided Management
CAM   Computer Aided Manufacturing (sometimes seen as CAD/CAM)
CAM   Content Addressable Memory
CAMA   Centralized Automatic Message Accounting [telephony]
CAMP   Campaign Against Marijuana Planting
CAP   Civil Air Patrol
CAP   Columbia Appletalk Package
CAR   Contents of the Address part of the Register (LISP)
CARE   Committee on American Relief in Europe
CARP   California Air Resources Board
CASE   Computer Aided Software Engineering
CASSIS   Classification and Search Support Information System
CAT   Computer-Aided Tomography
CATIS   Common Applications and Tools Integration Services
CATV   Common Antenna TeleVision
CATV   Community Antenna TeleVision
CAVU   Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited
CB   Citizens Band radio
CBC   Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBD   Cash Before Delivery
CBD   Commerce Business Daily
CBEMA   Computer & Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
CBR   Chemical, Biological, Radiological warfare
CBS   Columbia Broadcasting System
CBW   Chemical and Biological Warfare
CC   Carbon Copy
CCA   Computer Corporation of America [Corporate name]
CCC   Canadian Committee on Cataloging
CCC   Civil(ian) Conservation Corps
CCC   Command, Control, and Communications (sometimes C^3)
CCC   Concourse Computer Center [MIT]
CCCCM   CCC CounterMeasures (sometimes C^3CM)
CCCI   Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
CCD   Charge Coupled Device (see CID)
CCI   Computer Carrier Interrupt
CCI   Computer Consoles, Incorporated
CCIP   Continuously Computed Impact Point
CCIRN   Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networking
CCIS   Common Channel Interoffice Signaling [telephony]
CCITT   Comite' Consultatif International Telegraphique et Telephonique
CCITT   Consultative Committee on International Telephony and Telegraphy
CCITT   International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee
CCR   Commitment, Concurrency, and Recovery
CCR   Creedence Clearwater Revival
CCRP   Continuously Computed Release Point
CCS7   Common Channel Signalling (version #7) [telephony, may be AT&T specific]
CCSA   Common Control Switching Arrangement [telephony]
CCTA   Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency
CCTV   Closed Circuit TeleVision
CD   Carrier Detect (properly DCD (q.v.))
CD   Certificate of Deposit
CD   Civil Defense
CD   Collision Detection (as in CSMA/CD (q.v.))
CD   Compact Disk
CDA   Call Data Accumulator
CDA   Compound Documents Architecture
CDC   Centers for Disease Control
CDC   Control Data Corporation, Inc. [Corporate name]
CDEV   Control panel DEVice
CDIAC   Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
CDO   Community Dial Office
CDR   CommanDeR
CDR   Contents of the Decrement part of the Register (LISP)
CD-ROM   Compact Disk Read Only Memory
CDSF   Commercially Developed Space Facility
CDT   Central Daylight Time
CDU   Control Display Unit
CE   Chemical Engineer
CE   Civil Engineer
CE   Common Era (substitute for AD)
CE   Corps of Engineers
CE   Customer Engineer
CEA   Council of Economic Advisors
CEA   County Education Authority
CEC   Commission of the European Communities
CED   Committee for Economic Development
CELSS   Controlled Ecological Life Support System [Space]
CENS   Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Seclay
CENTO   CENtral Treaty Organization
CEO   Chief Executive Officer
CERFnet California Education and Research Federation Network
CERN   European Organization for Nuclear Research
CERN   organisation (formerly Conseil) Europeenne pour la Recherche Nucleaires
CERT   Computer Emergency Response Team
CEVI   Common Equipment Voltage Indicator
CF   Carry Forward
CF   Coin First (payphone) [telephony]
CF   Cystic Fibrosis [disease]
CFC   Chloro-FluoroCarbon [chemical]
CFC   Combined Federal Campaign
CFD   Computational Fluid Dynamics
CFI   Cost, Freight, and Insurance
CFL   Canadian Football League
CFO   Chief Financial Officer
CG   Coast Guard
CG   Commanding General
CGA   Color Graphics Adapter
CGCT   Compagnie Generale de Constructions Telephoniques
CG&E   Cincinnati Gas & Electric
CGE   Compagnie Generale d'Electricite
CH   Cardboard Heroes
CH   ClearingHouse
CH   CourtHouse
CH   Customs House
CHA   Champions
CHAP   CHAnnel Processor
CHI   Chill:   Adventures into the Unknown
CHOTS   Corporate Headquarters Office Technology System
CHP   California Highway Patrol
CI   Cubic Inches
CIA   Central Intelligence Agency [US Government]
CIC   Carrier Identification Codes [telephony] (10XXX codes)
CIC   Committee on Institutional Cooperation
CIC   Coordination and Information Center [CSNet]
CICA   Competition in Contracting Act
CICS   Customer Information Control System [IBM]
CID   Caller ID [telephony] (see also: CLID, ANI)
CID   Central Institute for the Deaf
CID   Charge Injection Device (see CCD)
CID   Computer Integrated Design
CIDIN   Common Icao Data Interchange Network
CIM   Computer Integrated Manufacturing
CIO   Chief Information Officer
CISC   Complex Instruction Set Computer
Cislunar   The space between the Earth and the Moon
CIT   California Institute of Technology
CIT   Case Institute of Technology (part of CWRU, Cleveland, OH)
CIT   Circumstellar Imaging Telescope [Space]
CLASP   Comprehensive Logistics Automated Support Program
CLASS   Custom Local Area Signaling Service [telephony]
CLI   Command Line Interpreter
CLID   Calling Line ID [telephony] (see also: CID, ANI)
CLR   Combined Line and Recording
CLRC   Circuit Layout Record Card
CLU   Chartered Life Underwriter
CLUT   Color LookUp Table
CM   Congregation of the Mission
CMC   Communication Machinery Corp.
CMD   Centralized Message Distribution
CMIP   Common Management Information Protocol
CMIS   Common Management Information Services
CML   Current Model Logic
CMMU   Cache/Memory Management Unit
CMOS   Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (see MOS)
CMOT   Common Management Information Services and Protocol Over TCP/IP
CMRR   Common Mode Rejection Ratio
CMS   Circuit Maintenance System
CMSgt   Chief Master Sergeant
CMU   Carnegie-Mellon University
CMYK   Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK
CN   Canadian National (railroad) [Corporate name]
CN/A   Customer Name / Address [telephony]
CNI   Common Network Interface [telephony, AT&T department]
CNN   Cable News Network
CNO   Chief of Naval Operations
CNR   Canadian National Railways
CNR   Carrier to Noise Ratio
CNRI   Corporation for National Research Initiatives
CNS   Central Nervous System
CO   Cash Order
CO   Central Office [telephony]
CO   Colorado
CO   Commanding Officer
CO   Conscientious Objector
C/O   in Care Of
COB   Close Of Business
COBOL   COmmon Business Oriented Language
COC   Call of Cthulhu
COCOT   Customer Owned, Coin Operated Telephone [telephony]
COD   Collect On Delivery; Cash On Delivery
CODEC   COder-DECoder
COER   Central Office Equipment Report
COLA   Cost-Of-Living Allowance
COM   Computer Output [on] Microfiche
COM   Computer Output [on] Microfilm
COMAS   Central Office Maintenance and Administration System
COMM   Communications
COMPACT COMmercial Product ACquisition Team
COMSAT   Communications Satellite [Space]
CONS   Connection-Oriented Networking Session
CORE   COntrolled Requirement Expression
CORN   COmputer Resource Nucleus
COS   Corporation for Open Systems
COSMIC   COmmon System Main InterConnecting frame
COSMIC   COmputer Software Management and Information Center
COSMOS   COmputer System for Mainframe OperationS
CP   Canadian Pacific
CP   Chemically Pure
CP   Command Post
CP   Command Processor
CP   CoPy
CP   the Canadian Press
CPA   Certified Public Accountant
CPE   Customer Premises Equipment
CPE   Customer Provided Equipment
CPFF   Cost Plus Fixed Fee
CPI   Characters Per Inch
CPI   Common Programming Interface
CPL   Combined Programming Language
CPM   Control Program for Microcomputers (sometimes CP/M)
CPM   Control Program Monitor (sometimes CP/M)
CPO   Chief Petty Officer
CPO   Chief Post Office
CPR   Canadian Pacific Railway
CPS   Characters Per Second
CPSR   Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
CPT   CaPTain
CPU   Central Processing Unit
CPW   Certified Public Weigher
CQ   Change of Quarters
CR   Carriage Return (ASCII 15 octal)
CRAF   Comet Rendezvous/Asteroid Flyby [Space]
CRAM   Card Random Access Memory
CRC   Chemical Rubber Company
CRC   Cyclic Redundancy Check
CREG   Concentrated Range Extension with Gain
CREN   The Corporation for Research and Educational Networking (merge of BITNET and CSNet)
CRRES   Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite [NASA]
CRT   Cathode Ray Tube (also generic reference to a terminal)
CRTC   Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
C&S   Chivalry & Sorcery
CS   Civil Servant
CS   Computer Science; Computing Science
CS   County Seat
CSA   Confederate States of America
CSAB   Computing Sciences Accreditation Board
CSACS   Centralized Status, Alarm and Control System
CSC   Computer Sciences Corporation
CSDC   Circuit Switched Digital Capability
CSF   Critical Success Factor
CSI   Commercial Systems Integration
CSIS   Canadian Security and Intelligence Service
CSL   Coin Supervising Link
CSM   Command and Service Module (Apollo spacecraft) [space]
CSM   Command Sergeant Major
CSMA   Carrier Sense Multiple Access
CSMA/CA Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance
CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
CSNET   Computer + Science Network (merged with BITNET to make CREN)
CSO   Central Services Organization
CSOC   Consolidated Space Operations Center (at Colorado Springs)
CSP   Control Switching Point
CSR   Control and Status Register
CSR   Customer Service Representative [telephony]
CSRG   Computer Systems Research Group
CSRS   civil Service Retirement System
CSS   Customer Switching System
CST   Central Standard Time
CSU   Channel Service Unit
CT   Central Time
CT   Connecticut
CTC   Canadian Transport Commission
CTC   Centralized Traffic Control [railroad]
CTD   Computing and Telecommunications Division
CTIO   Cerro Tololo Inter-american Observatory
CTNE   Compania Telefonica Nacional de Espana
CTS   Compatible Timesharing System
CTV   Canadian TeleVision network
CU   Close-Up
CUA   Common User Access
CUL   See You Later [net jargon]
CV   Curriculum Vitae
CW   Car Wars
CW   Chemical Warfare
CW   Child Welfare
CW   Churchwarden
CW   Churdwarden
CW   Continuous Wave
CWO   Cash With Order
CWO   Chief Warrant Officer
CWRU   Case Western Reserve University
CXI   Common X-windows Interface
CY   Calendar Year
CYO   Catholic Youth Organization
CZ   Canal Zone
D   Depth
DA   Days after Acceptance
DA   Department of Agriculture
DA   Deposit Account
D/A   Digital to Analog converter
DA   Directory Assistance (/C = computerized, /M = Microfilm)
DA   District Attorney
DA   Don't Answer
DA   Don't Answer [used in telephony, may be more general]
DAC   Digital to Analog Converter
DACCS   Digital Access Cross Connect System
DACCS   Digital Access Cross Connect System [telephony] (suspect, see below)
DACS   Digital Access Cross-connect System [telephony]
DAD   Draft ADdendum
DAL   Dedicated Access Line [telephony]
DAP   Division Advisory Panel [of NSF (q.v.) DNCRI (q.v.)]
DAR   Daughters of the American Revolution
DARPA   Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DARPA   Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (of the DoD, see also ARPA)
DASD   Direct Access Storage Device
DAT   Digital Audio Tape
DATA   Defense Air Transport Administration
DAV   Disabled American Veterans
DB   DataBase
db   decibel(s)
DBF   DBase Format
DBME   DataBase Managment Environment
dbms   DataBase Management System (rdbms for Relational ...)
DBRAD   Data Base Relational Application Directory
DC   Direct Current (dc, see also AC)
DC   District of Columbia
DCA   Defense Communications Agency
DCA   Distributed Communication Architecture
DCA   Document Content Architecture
DCC   Descriptive Cataloging Committee
DCCO   Defense Commercial Communications Office
DCD   Data Carrier Detect (sometimes CD (q.v.))
DCE   Data Communication Equipment
DCL   Digital Command Language
DCP   Distributed Communications Processor
DCTS   Dimension Custom Telephone Service
DD   Daredevils
DD   Data Dictionary
DD   Days after Date
DD   Demand Draft
DD   Dishonorable Discharge
DD   Disk Drive
DD   Doctor of Divinity
D&D   Dungeons & Dragons
DDC   Digital Data Converter
DDD   Direct Distance Dial(ing)
DDD   Direct Distance Dialing [Telephony; principally US, elsewhere STD]
DDL   Document Description Language
DDN   Defense Data Network
DDP   Distributed Data Processing
DDS   Dataphone Digital Service [AT&T]
DDS   Digital Data Service
DDS   Direct Digital Service
DDS   Doctor of Dental Science
DDS   Doctor of Dental Surgery
DE   Delaware
DEA   Drug Enforcement Agency
DEAR   Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation
DEC   Digital Equipment Corporation
DEC   Digital Equipment Corporation [Corporate name]
DES   Data Encryption Standard
DES   Data Encryption Standard [NIST]
DEW   Distant Early Warning (as in DEW Line)
DF   Damage Free
D/F   Direction Finding
DFC   Distinguished Flying Cross
DFD   Data Flow Diagram
DFE   Data Flow Editor
DFM   Distinguished Flying Medal
DFS   Depth-First Search
DFW   Dallas-Ft.Worth (regional airport)
DG   Data General [Corporate name]
DG   Dei Gratia (by the grace of God)
DG   Director General
DGSC   Defense General Supply Center
DHHS   Department of Health and Human Services
DHSS   british Department of Health and Social Security
DHSS   Department of Health and Social Security (British)
DIA   Document Interchange Architecture
DIAD   (magnetic) Drum Information Assembler / Dispatcher
DIAL   Direct Information Access Line
DIAS   Defense Automatic Integrated System
DID   Direct Inward Dialing
DID   Direct Inward Dialing [telephony]
DIF   Document Interchange Format
DIN   Deutsches Institut fur Normung
DIRE   Dire Is Really Emacs
DIS   Draft International Standard [ISO]
DISOSS   Distributed Office Support System [IBM]
DIY   Do It Yourself
DJ   Disc Jockey
DLA   Defense Logistics Agency
DLI   Data Link Interface(?)
DLL   Data Link Layer [ISO OSI]
DLL   Dial Long Line equipment
DLO   Dead Letter Office
DM   Dungeon Master
DMA   Direct Memory Access
DMD   Doctor of Dental Medicine
DME   Distance Measuring Equipment
DMF   Probably part of an X.400 address in Europe
DMOS   Diffusion Metal Oxide Semiconductor (see MOS)
DMOS   Diffussion Metal Oxide Semiconductor (see MOS)
DMV   Department of Motor Vehicles
DMV   Department of Motor Vehicles (Calif)
DMZ   DeMilitarized Zone
DNA   DeoxyriboNucleic Acid
DNA   Digital Network Architecture
DNA   Digital Networking Architecture [DEC]
DNCRI   [NSF (q.v.)] Division of Networking and Communications Research and Infrastructure
DNHR   Dynamic NonHierarchical Routing
DNIC   Data Network Identification Code
DNIC   Data Network Identification Code [telephony]
DNIS   Dialed Number Identification Service (see also DID) [telephony]
DNL   Director of Naval Laboratories
DNR   Dialed Number Recorder
DNR   Dialed Number Recorder [telephony]
DNS   Domain Name System
DOA   Dead On Arrival
DOB   Date Of Birth
DOC   Dynamic Overload Control
DOD   Department Of Defense [U.S. Government] (sometimes DoD)
DOE   Department of Energy [U.S. Government]
DOMAIN   Distributed Operating Multi Access Interactive Network (Apollo)
DOS   Disk Operating System
DOT   Department Of Transportation
DOT   Department Of Transportation [U.S. Government]
DOT&E   Director, Operational Test and Evaluation
DOV   Data Over Voice [telephony]
DP   Data Processing
DP   Dial Pulse
DP   Dial Pulse [telephony]
DP   Displaced Persons (expelled from native land)
DP   Display Postscript
DP   Double Play
DP   Draft Proposal
DPA   Delegation of Procurement Authority
DPANS   Draft Proposed American National Standard
DPI   Dots Per Inch
DPS   Display PostScript
DQ   Dairy Queen
DQ   Dragon Quest
DQDB   Distributed Queue Dual Bus (IEEE 802.6) [telephony, networking]
DQL   Database Query Language
DR   Dead Reckoning
DR   Dining Room
DRAM   Dynamic Random Access Memory (as opposed to static RAM)
DRD   Data Reading Device
DRE   Directional Reservation Equipment
DRG   Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany)
DRI   Defense Research Internet
DRI   Digital Research, Incorporated
DRI   Digital Research, Incorporated [Corporate name]
DS   Double-Sided
DSA   Dial System Assistance
DSE   Data Structure Editor
DSEE   Domain Software Engineering Environment
DSM   Distinguished Service Medal
DSO   Distinguished Service Order
DSP   Decessit Sine Prole (died without issue)
DSP   Digital Signal Processing
DSRI   Digital Standard Relational Interface
DSS   Decision Support System
DSS   Direct Station Selection
DSS   Direct Station Selection [telephony]
DST   Daylight Saving Time
DSTN   Double SuperTwisted Nematic
DSU   Digital Service Unit
DT   Delirium Tremens
DTE   Data Terminal Equipment
DTF   Dial Tone First payphone
DTF   Dial Tone First payphone [telephony]
DTMF   Dial Tone Multi Frequency
DTMF   Dial Tone Multi Frequency [telephony]
DTP   DeskTop Publishing
DTR   Data Terminal Ready
DUI   Driving Under the Influence
DUT   Device Under Test
DV   Deo Vo lente (God willing)
DVM   Digital Volt Meter
DVM   Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
DWAPS   Defense Warehousing Automated Processing System
DWI   Driving While Intoxicated
DWIM   Do What I Mean
DX   Distance (as in long distance radio communication)
DXT   Data eXtractT facility
E   East
E   Espionage
EADASS   Engineering and Administrative Data AcquiSition System
EAN   Certainly part of an X.400 Address in Europe
EARN   European Academic Research Network
EAS   Extended Area Service (or Engineering Admin. System)
EBCDIC   Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
EC   Exchange Carrier [telephony]
ECAFE   Economic Commission for Africa and the Far East
ECASS   Electronically Controlled Automatic Switching System
ECASS   Export Control Automated Support System
ECC   Error Correction Code
ECC   Error Correction Code (corrects error in memory or transmission)
ECCM   Electronic Counter-CounterMeasures
ECDO   Electronic Community Dial Office
ECG   ElectroCardioGram
ECL   Emitter Coupled Logic (see also TTL)
ECLSS   Environmental Control and Life Support System [Space]
ECM   Electronic Counter Measure
ECM   European Common Market
ECMA   European Computer Manufacturers Association
ECO   Ecological
ECO   Electronic Central Office
ECO   Engineering Change Order
ECPA   Electronic Communications Privacy Act [US law]
ECT   ElectroConvulsive Therapy
ECV   Electric Cargo Vehicle [NASA OEXP]
ED&D   Expert Dungeons & Dragons
EDGAR   Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval
EDI   Electronic Data Interchange
EDIF   Electronic Design Interchange Format
EDO   Extended Duration Orbiter [Space]
EDP   Electronic Data Processing
EDS   Electronic Data Systems
EDT   Eastern Daylight Time
EDTA   Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid
EDTCC   Electronic Data Transmission Communications Central
EE   Electrical Engineer
EE   Electrical or Electronics Engineer
EEC   European Economic Community
EEC   European Economic Comunity
EEG   ElectroEncephaloGram
EEL   Epsilon Extension Language
E&EO   Errors and Omissions Excepted
EEPROM   Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
e.g.   ??? (Latin(?): for example)
EGA   Enhanced Graphics Adapter
EGP   Exterior Gateway Protocol [Internet]
EHF   Extremely High Frequency (30-300GHz)
EIA   Electronic Industries Association
EIA   Electronic Industry Association
EINE   EINE Is Not Emacs
EISA   Extended Industry-Standard Architecture
EISS   European Intelligence Support System
EKG   ElectroKardioGramm (see ECG)
EL   ElectroLuminescent (as in display)
ELF   Extremely Low Frequency
ELO   Electric Light Orchestra
ELP   Emerson, Lake and Palmer (or Powell)
ELV   Expendable Launch Vehicle [Space]
E&M   ``Ear and Mouth''; receive and transmit leads of a signalling system
EM   Enlisted Man (see EW)
EMA   Electronic Mail Association
EMACS   Editor MACroS
EMACS   Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping
E-MAIL   Electronic MAIL
EMF   ElectroMotive Force
EMF   ElectroMotive Force (voltage)
EMI   ElectroMagnetic Interference
EMP   Electromagnetic Pulse
EMPRESS EnvironMental Pulse Radiation Environment Simulator for Ships
EMR   ElectroMagetic Response
EMR   ElectroMagnetic Response
EMS   Electronic Message System
EMS   Extended Memory Specification
EMT   Emergency Medical Technician
EMU   ElectroMagnetic Unit
EMU   Extravehicular Mobility Unit [Space]
ENIAC   Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
ENS   ENSign
EO   End Office
EO   End Office [telephony]
EO   Erasable Optical
EOF   End Of File
EOM   End Of Month
EOS   Earth Observing System [space]
EOWG   Engineering and Operations Working Group (under FNC)
EP   Experience Points
EP   Extended Play
EPA   Environmental Protection Agency
EPOS   Engineering and Project-management Oriented Support system
EPRI   Electric Power Research Institute
EPROM   Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EPS   Encapsulated PostScript
EPT   Empire of the Petal Throne
EQ   Educational Quotient (see IQ)
ER   Emergency Room
ERA   Earned Run Average
ERA   Entity-Relationship-Attribute
ERA   Equal Rights Amendment
ERD   Entity-Relation Diagram
ERE   Entity Relationship Editor
ERT   Earth Resources Technology [Space]
ES   Expert System
ESA   European Space Agency
ESAC   Electronic Systems Assistance Center
ESDI   Enhanced Standard Device Interface
ESE   East South East
ESF   Extended Superframe Format
ESM   Electronic Support Measures
ESO   European Southern Observatory
ESP   Extra Sensory Perception
ESPS   Entropic Signal Processing System
ESS   Electronic Switching System [telephony]
ESSEX   Experimental Solid State EXchange
EST   Eastern Standard Time
ET   Eastern Time
ET   External Tank [of the US Space Shuttle]
ET   Extra Terrestrial [Space]
ETA   Estimated Time of Arrival
ET/ACC   External Tank/Aft Cargo Carrier (see also ET) [Space]
ETC   Et cetera, and so on...
ETD   Estimated Time of Departure
ETFD   Electronic Toll Fraud Device [telephony]
ETH   Eidgnoessiche Techniche Hochschule
ETO   Earth-to-Orbit [Space]
ETS   Electronic Translator System
ETV   Education TeleVision
EUUG   European Unix User Group
EUV   Extreme UltraViolet
EVA   ExtraVehicular Activity
EVX   Electronic Voice eXchange
EW   Electronic Warfare
EW   Enlisted Woman (see EM)
EWOS   European Workshop for Open Systems
FA   Football Association (British soccer--a word derived from Association)
FAA   Federal Aviation Agency [U.S. Government]
FACD   Foreign Area Customer Dialing
FAO   Food and Agriculture Organization [U.S. Government]
FAQ   Frequently Asked Questions [space]
FAR   Federal Acquisition Regulations
FAS   Foreign Agricultural Service
FAS   Free Alongside Ship
FASST   Flexible Architecture Standard System Technology
FAT   Foreign Area Translation
FAX   FAcsimile
FB   Freight Bill
FBI   Federal Bureau of Investigation [U.S. Government]
FCC   Federal Communications Commission [U.S. Government]
FCC   Federal Computer Conference
FCCSET   Federal Coordinating Committee for Science, Education and Technology (under OSTP) {Maybe Eng. for Edu.??}
FCS   Frame Check Sequence
FDA   Food and Drug Administration [U.S. Government]
FDDI   Fiber Digital Data Interface
FDDI   Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDHD   Floppy Drive High Density
FDIC   Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FDIC   Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation [U.S. Government]
FDM   Frequency Division Multiplexing
FDR   Franklin Delano Roosevelt [U.S. President]
FEA   Finite Element Analysis
FEDSIM   FEDeral Systems Integration and Management center
FEMA   Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEMF   Foreign EMF (q.v.) (a.k.a. Cross Battery) [telephony]
FEPC   Fair Employment Practices Commission
FEPG   Federal Engineering Planning Group (of FNC under EOWG, originally of FRICC)
FERS   Federal Employees Retirement System
FET   Federal Excise Tax
FET   Field Effect Transistor
FFA   Future Farmers of America
FFT   Fast Fourier Transform
FG-A   Feature Group A [telephony:Line Side term. for LD carriers]
FG-B   Feature Group B [telephony:Trunk Side term. for LD carriers (aka ENFIA B), 950 service]
FG-D   Feature Group D [telephony:Trunk Side term. for LD carriers, 1+ service]
FHA   Federal Home Administration
FHA   Future Homemakers of America
FIB   Focused Ion Beam
FICA   Federal Insurance Contributions Act
FIDO   Fog Investigation Dispersal Operation
FIFO   First In First Out (as in registers and buffers)
FILO   First In Last Out (see also FIFO)
FIMS   Forms Interface Management System
FINE   FINE Is Not Emacs
FIO   Frequency In and Out
FIPS   Federal Information Processing Standard
FIR   Finite Impulse Response
FIRMR   Federal Information Resource Management Regulation
FIT   Federal Information Technologies, inc.
FIX   Federal Inter-agency eXchange [network]
FL   Florida
FLACC   Full Level Algol Checkout Compiler
FLL   Fixed Loss Loop [telephony]
FLOP   FLoating point OPeration
FLOPS   FLoating-point OPerations per Second
FLRA   Federal Labor Relations Authority
FM   Frequency Modulation
FMB   Federal Maritime Board
FMCS   Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
FMR   Follow Me Roaming [telephony]
FMS   Financial Management Service (Treasury Dept)
FMS   Forms Management System
FNC   Federal Networking Council (formerly FRICC) [US Government, under OSTP]
FO   Foreign Office
FO   Forward Observer
FOAC   Federal Office Automation Center
FOB   Free On Board
FOC   Faint Object Camera (on HST) [space]
FOC   Free Of Charge
FOIA   Freedom Of Information Act
FOIMS   Field Office Information Management System
FOR   Free On Rail
FORCS   Faa's Operational Reporting Communication System
FORD   Fix Or Repair Daily
FORD   Found On Road Dead
FOS   Faint Object Spectrograph (on HST) [space]
FOSE   Federal Office Systems Exposition
FOT   Free On Truck
FOV   Field Of View
FPA   Floating Point Accelerator
FPC   Fish Protein Concentrate
FPE   Floating Point Engine
FPHA   Federal Public Housing Athority
FPHA   Federal Public Housing Authority
FPLA   Field Programmable Logic Array (see PLA)
FPM   Feet Per Minute
FPO   Field Post Office
FPO   Fleet Post Office
fps   Feet Per Second
FQDN   Fully Qualified Domain Name [TCP/IP (DNS)]
FR   Frame Relay [telephony, networking]
FRACTAL FRACTional dimensionAL
FRED   Fred Resembles Emacs Deliberately
FRG   Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany)
FRG   Federal Republic of Gernmany (West Germany)
FRICC   Federal Research Internet Coordinating Committee (now FNC, q.v.)
FROG   Free Rocket Over Ground
FRPG   Fantasy Role Playing Game
FRS   Federal Reserve System
FSF   Free Software Foundation
FSK   Frequency Shift Keying
FSLIC   Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation
FSS   Federal Supply Service
FSW   Forward Swept Wings
FT   Foot
FTAM   File Transfer And Management (ISO upscale FTP)
FTC   Federal Trade Commission
FTL   Faster Than Light
FTP   File Transfer Protocol
FTP   File Transfer Protocol [esp. of the TCP/IP suite]
FTS   Federal Telecommunications System [telephony, US Government]
FTS   Federal Telephone System [telephony, US Government]
FTS   Flight Telerobotic Servicer [Space]
FUBAR   F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition
FUBAR   Fouled (other words work also) Up Beyond All Recognition
FW   Fringeworthy
FWD   Front Wheel Drive
FWHM   Full Width at Half Maximum
FX   Foreign eXchange
FX   Foriegn eXchange [telephony]
FY   Fiscal Year
FYI   For Your Information
G   Gravity
GA   Gamblers Anonymous
GA   General Assembly
GA   General Average
GA   General of the Army
GA   Georgia
GAAP   Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAB   Group Audio Bridging [telephony]
Gaia   Earth's self-sustaining Biosphere
GAN   Global Area Network
GAO   General Accounting Office [US Government]
GAR   Grand Army of the Republic
GAS   Get-Away Special [space]
GATT   General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GAW   Guaranteed Annual Wage
GAW   Guarenteed Annual Wage
GB   Gangbusters
GB   GigaByte
GB   Great Britain
GBIP   General Purpose Interface Bus
GC   Garbage Collection (LISP)
GC   Gas Chromatograph (or Chromatography)
GCA   Ground Controlled Approach
GCC   Gnu C Compiler
GCD   Ground Controlled Descent
GCL   Graphics Command Language
GCM   General Court Martial
GCR   Group-Coded Recording (magnetic tape, 6250 bpi)
GCT   Greenwich Civil Time
GDB   Gnu DeBugger
GDP   Gross Domestic Product
GE   General Electric
GEM   Graphics Environment Manager
GEO   Geosynchronous Earth Orbit [Space]
GHQ   General HeadQuarters
GHRS   Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph (on HST) [space]
GHz   Giga HertZ (unit of frequency, 1,000,000,000 cycles per second)
GI   Galvanized Iron
GI   Gastro Intestinal (as in upper GI)
GI   General Issue
GI   Government Issue
GIF   Graphics Interchange Format
GIGO   Garbage In Garbage Out
GIN   Graphics INput
GISS   Goddard Institute for Space Studies
GKS   Graphical Kernel Standard
GKS   Graphics Kernel System
GM   Game Master
GM   General Manager
GM   General Motors
GM   Guided Missile
GMBH   Gesellschaft Mit Beschraenkter Haftung
GMT   Greenwich Mean Time
GNP   Gross National Product
GNU   GNU's Not Unix
GOES   Geostationary Orbiting Environmental Satellites [Space]
GOSIP   Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile (calls for government procurement of ISO/CCITT products)
GOSIP   Government OSI Profile
GP   General Practitioner
GPI   Graphics Programming Interface
GPIB   General Purpose Interface Bus
GPIB   General-Purpose Interface Bus
GPL   GNU General Public Licence
GPO   General Post Office
GPO   Government Printing Office
GPS   Global Positioning System
GPS   Global Positioning System [Space]
GQ   General Quarters
GRB   Gamma Ray Burst(er)
GREP   Global Regular Expression Print, g/re/p, (UNIX command)
GREP   Global Regular Expression Print [UNIX]
GRO   Gamma Ray Observatory [Space]
GS   General Schedule
GS   Glide Slope
GSA   General Services Administration
GSA   General Services Adminstration [U.S. Government]
GSA   Girl Scouts of America
GSBCA   General Services administration Board of Contract Appeals
GSFC   Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, MD) [NASA]
GSM   Global System Mobile
GSM   Groupe Speciale Mobile (Committee Designing preceding)
GSTS   Ground-based Surveillance and Tracking System
GT   Gross Ton
GTE   General Telephone and Electric
GTE   General Telephone and Electric [Corporate name]
GTSI   Government Technology Services, inc.
GUI   Graphical User Interface
GW   Gamma World
GWEN   Ground Wave Emergency Network
H   Harn
H   Height
HACD   Home Area Customer Dialing
HAL   Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer (2001)
HAL   Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer [movie 2001]
HAM   Hold And Modify
Hb   HemogloBin
HBM   Her British Majesty; His British Majesty
HBO   Home Box Office
HC   Holy Communion
HC   House of Commons
HCFA   Health Care Financing Administration
HCFC   hydrochlorofluorocarbon [chemical]
HCL   High Cost of Living
HD   Hard Disk
HD   Heavy Duty
HDA   Head Disk Assembly (in winchester disk drives)
HDBV   Host Data Base View
HDL   High Density Lipoprotein
HDLC   High-level Data Link Control
HDLC   High-level Data Link Control (IBM network stuff)
HDTV   High Definition Television
HE   His Eminence; His Excellency
HEAO   High Energy Astronomical Observatory
HEAO   High Energy Astronomical Observatory [satellite]
HEDM   High Energy-Density Matter [Space]
HEMP   Help End Marijuana Prohibition
HEO   High Earth Orbit [Space]
HERO   Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance
HF   High Fantasy
HF   High Frequency (3-30MHz)
HFE   Human Factors Engineering
HFS   Hierarchical File System
HI   Hawaii
HIIPS   Hud Integrated Information Processing Services
HLC   Heavy Lift Capability [Space]
HLL   High-Level Language
HLV   Heavy Lift Vehicle [Space]
HMOS   High performance Metal Oxide Semiconductor (see MOS)
HMOS   High preformance Metal Oxide Semiconductor (see MOS)
HMS   His/Her Majesty's Ship
HMT   His/Her Majesty's Transport
HNPA   Home Numbering Plan Area
HNPA   Home Numbering Plan Area [telephony]
HOBIS   HOtel Billing Information System
HOL   High-Order System
HOTOL   HOrizontal Take-Off and Landing
HP   Hewlett Packard, inc.
HP   Hewlett Packard, Inc. [Corporate name]
HP   High Pressure
HP   Higher Power (sort of an AA "in" term, usually God)
HP   Hit Points
HP   HorsePower
HPGe   High Purity Germanium
HPL/T   High-Productivity Languages/Tools
HQ   HeadQuarters
HR   House of Representatives
HRH   Her Royal Highness
HRH   His Royal Highness
HS   High School
HSB   Hue, Saturation, Brightness
HST   Hawaiian Standard Time
HST   Hubble Space Telescope [NASA]
HT   High Tension (as in electric power transmission)
HTK   Hits To Kill
HUAC   House Unamerican Activities Committee
HUD   Heads Up Display
HUD   Housing and Urban Development
HUD   Housing and Urban Development [U.S. Government]
HVAC   Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
HW2000   Highway 2000
HWM   High-Water Mark
Hz   HertZ (unit of frequency, cycles per second)
IAB   Internet Activities Board
IAEA   International Atomic Energy Agency
IANA   Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA@ISI.EDU)
IATA   International Air Transport Association
IBM   Ingrained Batch Mentality
IBM   International Business Machines [Corporate name]
IBM   International Business Machines, inc.
IBM   Itty Bitty Machines
IBT   Illinois Bell Telephone
IC   Integrated Circuit
IC   Interexchange Carrier [telephony] (see also IEC, IXC)
ICB   Interstate Computer Bank
ICBM   InterContinental Ballistic Missile
ICE   In-Circuit Emulator
ICI   Imperial Chemical Industries
ICJ   International Court of Justice
ICL   International Computers Ltd.
ICMP   Internet Control Message Protocol
ICP   Integrated Channel Processor
ICP   Inventory Control Points
ICRC   International Cosmic Ray Conference
ID   Idaho
ID   IDentification
IDA   Intercommunication Data Areas
IDA   International Development Association
IDDD   International Direct Distance Dial [telephony]
IDDD   International Direct Distance Dialing
IDE   Interactive Development Environments, inc
IDF   Intermediate Distributing Frame
IDF   Intermediate Distributing Frame [telephony]
IDV   Interlibrational Derived Vehicle [Space]
i.e.   ???? (Latin(?): in other words (?))
IE   Indo-European
IEC   Inter-Exchange Carrier [telephony] (see also IC, IXC)
IEE   Institute of Electrical Engineers [UK]
IEEE   Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IEEE   Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IETF   Internet Engineering Task Force
IF   Intermediate Frequency (as in IF stage)
IFB   Invitation For Bids
IFC   International Finance Corporation
IFC   International Freighting Corporation
IFF   Identification - Friend or Foe
IFF   Interchange File Format
IFLA   International Federation of Library Associations
IGES   Initial Graphics Exchange Standard
IGY   International Geophysical Year
IHP   Indicated HorsePower
IHS   Integrated Hospital Support
IIA   Information Industry Association
IIE   Institute of Industrial Engineers
IIHF   International Ice Hockey Federation
IIL   Integrated Injection Logic
ILO   International Labor Organization
ILS   Instrument Landing System
ILV   Industrial Launch Vehicle [Space]
IMF   International Monetary Fund
IMHO   In My Humble Opinion [net jargon]
IMP   Interface Message Processor (ARPAnet)
IMP   Interface Message Processor [ARPANET/MILNET] (replaced by PSN)
IMSL   International Mathematical Subroutine Library
IN   Indiana
INADS   INitialization and ADministration System
INADS   INitialization and ADministration System [telephony]
INRA   Iesus Nazerenus Rex Iudaeorum (Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews)
INRIA   Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique
INS   Immigration and Naturalization Service
In-situ In Place [Latin]
INSTITUTE   INSTITUTE's Name Shows That It's Totally Unrelated To EMACS
INTAP   INteroperability Technology Association for information Processing
INWATS   INward Wide Area Telephone Service
INWATS   INward Wide Area Telephone Service [telephony]
I/O   Input/Output
IO   Input/Output (sometimes I/O)
IOC   International Operating Center [telephony, US]
IOD   Identified Outward Dialing
IOOF   International Order of Odd Fellows
IOU   I Owe you(U)
IP   Information Provider [telephony]
IP   Innings Pitched
IP   Intermediate Point
IP   Internet Protocol
IPC   Inter-Process Communication
IPE   Integrated Programming Environment
IPMS   InterPersonal Message Services
IPS   Information Processing Standards
IPSE   Integrated Project-Support Environment
IQ   Intelligence Quotient (see EQ)
IR   Index Register
IR   Infra-Red
IRA   Individual Retirement Account
IRA   Irish Republican Army
IRAS   Infrared Astronomical Satellite
IRBM   Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
IRDS   Information Resource Dictionary Standard
IRDS   InfraRed Detection Set
IRE   Institute of Radio Engineers (old name for the now IEEE, which see)
IRM   Information Resources Management
IRMS   Information Resources Management Service
IRS   Internal Revenue Service
IRTF   Internet Research Task Force
IS   Information Systems
IS   International Standard [ISO] (Beyond the DIS Stage)
ISA   Industry-Standard Architecture
ISAM   Indexed Sequential Access Method
ISBD   International Bibliographic Description
ISC   Information Services Center
ISC   International Switching Center
ISCH   Interstitial-Cell-Stimulating Hormone (same as LH)
ISDN   Integrated Services Digital Network [telephony]
ISDT   Integrated Systems Development Tool
ISEE   International Sun Earth Explorer (usually ISEE-3)
ISF   Information Systems Factory
ISFUG   Integrated Software Federal User Group
ISI   Information Sciences Institute
ISO   International Organization for Standardization
ISODE   ISO Development Environment
ISOO   Information Security Oversight Office
ISPM   International Solar Polar Mission
ISR   Institute of Snow Research
ISRG   Independent Space Research Group
ISV   Independent Software Vendor
IT   Industrial Technology
IT   Information Technology
ITC   Inter-Task Communication
ITS   Incompatible Timesharing System
ITT   International Telephone and Telegraph
ITU   International Telecommunications Union
ITUSA   IT Users Standards Association
IUE   International Ultraviolet Explorer [space]
IUS   Inertial Upper Stage
IUS   Inertial Upper Stage [Space]
IUV   Interlibrational Utility Vehicle [Space]
IXC   Inter-eXchange Carrier [telephony] (see also IC, IEC)
JACM   Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery
JBS   John Birch Society
JC   Jesus Christ
JC   Joint Compound (plumbing)
JC   Julius Caesar
JC   Junior College
JCA   Jewelry Crafts Association
JCAC   Joint Civil Affairs Committee
JCAE   Joint Committee on Atomic Energy
JCEE   Joint Council on Economic Education
JCET   Joint Council on Educational Television
JCS   Joint Chiefs of Staff
JD   Justice Department
JDS   John Dewey Society
JES   John Ericsson Society
JFK   John F. Kennedy
JFK   John F. Kennedy (international airport)
JFMIP   Joint Financial Management Improvement Program
JGR   Journal of Geophysical Research
JI   Justice, Inc.
JIC   Joint Intelligence Center
JIC   Just in Case
JILA   Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics [space]
JIM   Job Information Memorandum
JINTACCS   Joint INteroperability of TActical Command and Control Systems
JIS   Japan Industrial Standards
JISC   Japanese Industrial Standards Committee
JIT   Just In Time
JMS   John Milton Society
JO   Job Order
JO   Junior Officer
JOVE   Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs
JOVIAL   Jules Own Version of the International Algorithmic Language
JPL   Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JRC   Junior Red Cross
JSC   Johnson Space Center
JSD   Jackson System Development
JSRC   Joint Services Review Committee
JTIDS   Joint Tactical Information Distribution Systems
JV   Junior Varsity
JvNC   John von Neumann (Super Computer) Center
JvNCnet John von Neumann (Super Computer) Center network
K9   canine (K9 corps - army dogs)
KB   KiloByte
KC   King's Counsel (QC when queen reigning)
KC   Knights of Columbus
KD   Kiln Dried
KD   Knocked Down
KDCI   Key Display Call Indicator
KERMIT   Kl-10 Error-free Reciprocal Micro Interconnect over Tty lines
KHz   Kilo HertZ (unit of frequency, 1000 cycles per second)
KI   Kiwanis International
KIA   Killed In Action
KIAS   Knot Indicated Air Speed
KO   Knock Out
KP   Key Pulse
KP   Key Pulse [telephony]
KP   Kitchen Police
KPNO   Kitt Peak National Observatory
KPO   KeyPunch Operator
KQC   King's College London
K&R   Kernighan and Ritchie, the c programming language
KS   King's Scholar
KSC   Kennedy Space Center
KSU   Key Service Unit
KSU   Key System Unit [telephony]
KTS   Key Telephone System
KTS   Key Telephone System [telephony]
KTU   Key Telephone Unit
KTU   Key Telephone Unit [telephony]
KWIC   Key Word In Context
KY   Kentucky
L1   Lagrange Point #1 35,000 Miles above moon [Space]
L2   Lagrange Point #2 40,000 Miles behind moon [Space]
L3   Lagrange Point #3 (?? 35,000 Miles below moon) [Space]
L4   Lagrange Point #4 240,000 mile Earth orbit [Space]
L5   Lagrange Point #5 240,000 mile Earth orbit [Space]
LA   Los Angeles
LA   Louisiana
LA   Low Altitude
LADAR   LAser Detection And Ranging
LAM   Master of Liberal Arts
LAMA   Local Automatic Message Accounting
LAMA   Local Automatic Message Accounting [telephony]
LAN   Local Apparent Noon
LAN   Local Area Network
LANL   Los Alamos (NM) National Laboratory
LAPB   Link Access Procedure (Balanced)
LAPD   Link Access Procedure (??)
LAR   Local Acquisition Radar
LASER   Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LAT   Local Apparent Time
LATA   Local Access and Transport Area [telephony]
LATA   Local Access Transport Area
LAX   Los Angeles International Airport
LB   Light Bomber
LB   pound (LiBra)
LBHS   Long Beach High School
LBL   Lawrence Berkeley (Calif.) Labs
LBL   Lawrence Berkeley Labs
LBS   Pounds
LC   inductor-Capacitor circuit (as in filters, L is symbol inductance)
LCD   Liquid Crystal Display
LCD   Lowest Common Denominator
LCDR   Lieutenant Commander
LCL   Lunar Cargo Lander [NASA OEXP]
LCM   Least Common Multiple
LCM   Life Cycle Management
LCS   Laboratory for Computer Science [MIT]
LCT   Landing Craft Tanks
LD   Long Distance [telephony]
LDC   Long Distance Carrier [telephony]
LDEF   Long Duration Exposure Facility [NASA]
LDF   Large Deployable Reflector [Space]
LDL   Low Density Lipoprotein
LDX   Long Distance eXtender
LDX   Long Distance eXtender [telephony]
LEAP   Low-power Enhanced At Portable
LEC   Local Exchange Carrier [telephony]
LED   Light Emitting Diode
LEM   Lunar Excursion Module [Space]
LEO   Low Earth Orbit [Space]
LEP   Large Electron-Positron collider [CERN]
LF   Low Frequency (30-300KHz)
LH   Left Hand
LH   Lower Half
LH   Luteinizing Hormone (same as ISCH)
LHC   Large Hadron Collider [CERN]
LHD   Litterarum Humaniorum Doctor (doctor of human letters)
LHS   Left Hand Side
LI   Long Island
LIFIA   Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale et d'Intelligence Artificielle
LIFO   Last In First Out (see FIFO)
LINC   Laboratory INstrument Computer
LISP   LISt Processing Language
LIU   Line Interface Unit
LL   Late Latin
LL   Long Lines
LL   Long Lines [telephony]
LLB   Legum Baccalaureus (bachelor of laws)
LLD   Legum doctor (doctor of laws)
LLN   Line Link Network
LLN   Line Link Network [telephony]
LLNL   Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
LLO   Low Lunar Orbit [Space]
LLOX   Lunar Liquid Oxygen [Space]
LLP   Line Link Pulsing
LLP   Line Link Pulsing [telephony]
LM   Life Master (Contract Bridge ranking)
LM   Lunar Module
LMC   Large Magellanic Cloud (see SMC)
LMOS   Line Maintenance Operations System
LMOS   Line Maintenance Operations System [telephony, AT&T]
LNG   Liquefied Natural Gas
LNG   Liquified Natural Gas
LOA   Lands of Adventure
LOFT   Launch Operations Flight Test [Space]
LOOPS   Lisp Object Oriented Programming System
LOP   Lines Of Position
LOSF   Lunar Orbit Staging Facility [Space]
LOTS   Low Overhead Timesharing System
LOX   Liquid Oxygen
LP   Long Play(ing) (record)
LP   Low Pressure
LPC   Linear Predictive Coding (speech processing)
LPDA   Link Problem Determination Aid
LPF   League for Programming Freedom
LPG   Liquefied Petroleum Gas
LPG   Liquified Petroleum Gas
LPG   Low Pressure Gas
LPL   Lunar Personnel Lander [NASA OEXP]
LPN   Licensed Practical Nurse
LPP   Licensed Program Products
LPR   Line PrinteR
LPT   Lunar Propellant Tanker [NASA OEXP]
LPV   Lunar Piloted Vehicle [NASA OEXP]
LRB   Liquid Rocket Booster [Space]
LRBM   Long Range Ballistic Missile
LRC   Longitudinal Redundancy Character
LRU   Least Recently Used
LRU   Line Replaceable Unit
LS   Left Side
LS   Letter Signed
LS   Locus Sigilli (place of seal)
LSAP   Logical(?, maybe Link) Service Access Point [OSI, Networking]
LSB   Least Signficant Bit; Least Significant Byte
LSB   Least Significant Bit; Least Significant Byte
LSC   Lecture Series Committee [MIT]
LSC   LightSpeed C
LSD   Least Signficant Digit
LSD   Least Significant Digit
LSD   LySergic acid Diethylamide
LSD   pounds (Libra), shillings (Sestertii), and (old) pence (Denarii)
LSI   Large Scale Integration
LSP   LightSpeed Pascal
LSS   Life Support System
LSS   Loop Switching System
LSSD   Level-Sensitive Scan Detection
LT   Long Ton
LT   Low Tension
LTC   Lieutenant Colonel
LTJG   Lieutenant Junior Grade
LTL   Less than Truckload Lot
LUG   Local Users Group
LUT   Look-Up Table
LWM   Low-Water Mark
LZ   Landing Zone
M   Miniatures
MA   Massachusetts
MA   Massachusetts [US state postal designation]
MAAP   Maintenance And Administration Panel
MAC   Medium Access Control
MAC   Military Air Command
MAC   MIT interdepartmental lab (stands for many things) (renamed to LCS)
MACSYMA project MAC's SYmbolic MAnipulation System
MAD   Mutual Assured Destruction
MADD   Mothers Against Drunk Driving
MAG   Magazine
MAN   Metropolitan Area Network
MAP   Manufacturing Automation Protocol
MAP/TOP Manufacturing Automation Protocol/Technical Office Protocol
MARBI   MAchine Readable form of Bibliographic Information
MARC   MAchine Readable card Catalog
MARS   Multiuser Archival and Retrieval System
MASC   Multiple Award Schedule Contract
MASER   Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
MASH   Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
MAST   Multi-Application SOnar Trainer
MAT-CALS   Marine Air Traffic-Control And Landing System
MAU   Math Acceleration Unit
MB   MegaByte
MBA   Master Business Administration
MBA   Master Business Adminstration
MC   Master of Ceremonies
MCA   Micro Channel Architecture
MCAE   Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering
MCC   Master Control Console
MCC   Microelectronics and Computer technology Corporation
MCP   Master Control Program
MCP/AS   Master Control Program/Advanced System
MCPO   Master Chief Petty Officer
MCSV   Mars Crew Sortie Vehicle [NASA OEXP]
MD   Doctor of Medicine
MD   Maryland
MD   Maryland [US state postal designation]
MD   Medical Doctor
MD   Months after Date
MDAS   Magnetic Drum Auxiliary Sender
MDC   Metropolitan District Commision [Mass State Agency]
MDE   Modular Design Environment
MDF   Main Distrbution Frame [telephony]
MDF   Main Distribution Frame
MDRE   Mass Driver Reaction Engine [Space]
MDT   Mean Down Time
ME   Maine
ME   Mechanical Engineer
MEd   Master of EDucation
MERP   Middle-Earth Role Playing
MeV   Million Electron Volts
MF   Medium Frequency (300-3000KHz)
MF   Middle French
MF   Multi-Frequency
MF   Multi-Frequency [telephony]
MFA   Master Fine Arts
MFJ   Modified Final Judgment [telephony]
MFLOPS   Million FLoating-point OPerations per Second
MFLOPS   Million FLoating-point OPerations per Second (see also FLOPS)
MFM   Modified Frequency Modulation
MFS   Macintosh File System
MG   Machine Gun
MG   Major General
MG   Military Government
MGH   Massachusetts General Hospital
MGM   Metro-Goldwyn Mayer
MGM   Metro-Goldwyn Mayer [Corporate name]
MHD   MagnetoHydroDynamics
MHS   Mail Handling System [ISO]
MHz   Mega HertZ (unit of frequency, 1,000,000 cycles per second)
MI   Michigan
MI   Military Intelligence
MIA   Missing In Action
MIB   Management Information Base
MIDI   Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIFASS   Marine Integrated Fire And Support System
MILNET   MILitary NETwork
MIM   Morality In Media
MIMD   Multiple Instruction, Multiple Data
MINCE   MINCE Is Not Complete Emacs
MIPS   Million Instructions Per Second
Mir   Peace [Russian]
MIRV   Multiple Independently-Targetable Reentry Vehicle
MIS   Management Information System
MIS   Management Information Systems
MIT   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ML   Middle Latin
MLA   Member of Legislative Assembly (see MPP)
MLD   Minimum Lethal Dose
MLL   Mars Logistics Lander [NASA OEXP]
MLS   Microwave Landing System
MLS   Multi-Level Security
MLV   Medium Lift Vehicle [NASA OEXP]
MM   Maryknoll Missioners
MMES   Martin Marietta Energy Systems
MMFS   Manufacturing Message Format Standard
MMM   see 3M
MMU   Manned Maneuvering Unit [Space]
MMU   Memory Management Unit
MMW   Multi-Mega Watt [Space]
MN   Minnesota
MNA   Member of National Assembly (Quebec)
MNP   Microcom Networking Protocol
MNP   Microcom Networking Protocol [product]
MO   Mail Order
MO   Medical Officer
MO   Missouri
MO   Modus Operandi
MO   Money Order
MOMV   Manned Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle [Space]
MOR   Middle-Of-the-Road
MOS   Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MOSFET   Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MOTIS   Message-Oriented Text Interchange System
MOTV   Manned Orbital Transfer Vehicle [Space]
MOU   Memorandum Of Understanding
MOUSE   Minimum Orbital Unmanned Satellite of Earth
MP   Melting Point
MP   Member of Parliament
MP   Metropolitan Police
MP   Military Police(man)
MPE   Mission to Planet Earth [Space]
MPG   Miles Per Gallon
MPH   Miles Per Hour
MPP   Member of Provincial Parliament (Canada; also MLA)
MPR   Mars Pressurized Rover [Space]
MPV   Mars Piloted Vehicle [NASA OEXP]
MPW   Macintosh Programmer's Workshop
MR   Miniatures Rules
MRI   Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRP   Manufacturing Requirements Planning
MS   ManuScript
MS   Master of Science
MS   Military Science
MS   Motor Ship
MS   Multiple Sclerosis
MSB   Most Significant Bit; Most Significant Byte
MSC   MicroSoft C
MSCP   Mass Storage Control Protocol
MSD   Most Significant Digit
MS-DOS   MicroSoft DOS
MSE   Mobile Subscriber Equipment
MSFC   Marshall Space Flight Center
MSG   MonoSodium Glutamate
MSG   MonoSodium Glutimate
MSH   Marvel Super Heroes
MSL   Mean Sea Level
MSPE   Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes
MSS   Management Support System
MSS   ManuScriptS
MSS   Mass Storage System
MST   Mountain Standard Time
MT   Metric Ton
MT   Mountain Time
MTA   Message Transfer Agent
MTA   Metropolitan Transportation Authority
MTBF   Mean Time Between Failures
MTR   Magnetic Tape Recording
MTSO   Mobile Telephone Switching Office [telephony]
MTTF   Mean Time to Failure
MTTR   Mean Time to Recovery
MTTR   Mean Time To Repair
MTV   Music TeleVision
MUF   Maximum Usable Frequency (max freq during sunspot activity)
MULTICS MULTiplex Information Computer Services
MUMPS   Mgh Utility MultiProgram System
MUNG   Mung Until No Good (see the hacker's dictionary)
MUX   MUltipleXor
MVA   MegaVolt Ampere
MVS   Multiple Virtual Storage [IBM]
MX   Missile eXperimental
N   North
N   Notice
NA   Narcotics Anonymous
NA   North America
NA   Not Applicable
NAACP   National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
NAAS   North American Automated Systems co.
NAB   National Association of Broadcasters
NABISCO NAtional BIScuit COmpany [Corporate name]
NACCIRN North American Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networking (see also CCIRN)
NACS   National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors
NAD   Network Access Device
NADGE   NATO Air Defense Ground Environment
NAG   Numerical Algorithms Group
NAGE   National Association of Government Employees
NAK   Negative AcKnowledge
NAM   Name and Address Module [telephony, cellular phone changeable ROM]
NAM   National Account Manager [telephony, AT&T specific?]
NAM   Number Assignment Module [telephony, cellular phone changeable ROM]
NANP   North American Numbering Plan
NAPAP   National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program
NAR   Nuclear Acoustic Resonance
NARDAC   NAvy Regional Data Automation Center
NAS   National Academy of Sciences
NAS   National Advanced Systems
NASA   National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASDA   National Space Development Agency [Japan]
NASP   National AeroSpace Plane
NATO   North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAVDAC   NAVal Data Automation Command
NAVSWC   NAVal Surface Weapons Center
NB   New Brunswick
NB   Nota Bene
NBA   National Basketball Association
NBC   National Broadcasting Company [Corporate name]
NBFM   NarrowBand Frequency Modulation
NBO   Network Build Out
NBS   National Bureau of Standards (renamed NIST) [U.S. Government]
NBVM   Narrow Band Voice Modulation
NC   No Charge
NC   No Connection
NC   North Carolina
NCA   Network Control Analysis
NCC   National Computer Conference
NCDC   National Climatic Data Center
NCE   New Catholic Edition
NCGA   National Computer Graphics Association
NCIC   National Cartographic Information Center
NCO   Non-Commissioned Officer
NCP   Network Control Program
NCR   National Cash Register [Corporate name]
NCS   Network Computing System
NCSA   National Center for Supercomputing Applications
NCSC   National Computer Security Center [NSA]
NCTL   National Computer and Telecommunications Laboratory
NCV   No Commercial Value
ND   No Date
ND   North Dakota
NDA   Non-Disclosure Agreement
NDDL   Neutral Data Definition Language
NDE   News Development Environment
NDEA   National Defense Education Act
NDL   Network Database Language
NDP   New Democratic Party (Canada)
NDSL   National Defense Student Loan
NDSL   National Direct Student Loan
NDT   Newfoundland Daylight Time
NDV   NASP Derived Vehicle
NE   New England
NE   North East
NEAR   National Electronic Accounting and Reporting system
NEARnet New England Academic and Research Network
NEB   New English Bible
NEC   Nippon Electric Company [Corporate name]
NEI   Not Elsewhere Included
NES   National Energy Strategy
NES   Not Elsewhere Specified
NESC   National Energy Software Center
NET   National Educational Television
NET   NETwork
NET   New England Telephone
NEWS   Network extensible Window System
NEXRAD   NEXt generation weather RADar
NF   No Funds
NFC   National Football Conference
NFFE   National Federation of Federal Employees
NFL   National Football League
NFS   Network File System
NG   National Guard
NG   No Good
NH   New Hampshire
NHI   National Health Insurance
NHL   National Hockey League (the "nation" is Canada, BTW)
NHLBI   National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (Bethesda, MD)
NIC   Network Information Center (ARPAnet)
NIC   Network Information Center ("The NIC" is NIC.DDN.MIL)
NIFTP   (a file transfer network in the UK)
NIH   National Institutes of Health
NIH   Not Invented Here
NIM   Nuclear Instrumentation Module (an electronic instr. standard)
NIMH   National Institute of Mental Health (Rockville, MD)
NIS   Network Information System (formerly yp)
NISO   National Information Standards Organization
NIST   National Institute of Standards and Technology (formerly NBS) [U.S. Government]
NJ   New Jersey
NJB   New Jersey Bell [Telephony]
NL   National League (baseball)
NLM   National Library of Medicine
NLP   Natural Language Processing
NLRB   National Labor Relations Board
NLS   Network License Server
NM   Nautical Mile
NM   New Mexico
NM   Night Message
NM   No Mark; Not Marked
NMOS   N channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor (N-MOS) (see MOS)
NMR   Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
NNE   North North East
NNTP   Net News Transfer Protocol
NNW   North North West
NOA   NSWC Office Automation
NOAA   National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [U.S. Government]
NOAO   National Optical Astronomy Observatories (Tucson, Arizona)
NOC   Network Operations Center
NORAD   NORth American Defense Command
NORML   National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
NOS   Not Otherwise Specified
NOSC   Naval Ocean Systems Center
NOTIS   Network Operator Trouble Information System
NOx   Nitrogen Oxides
NP   No Protest
NP   Nondeterministic-Polynomial
NP   Notary Public
NP   Noun Phrase
NPA   Numbering Plan Area (area code) [Telephony]
NPC   Non-Player Character (see PC) [Role-playing]
NPL   National Physical Laboratory (UK)
NPL   Non-Procedural Language
NPN   Negative-Positive-Negative (transistor)
NPN   NonProtein Nitrogen
NPR   National Public Radio
NPR   non-Processor Request [PDP11, UNIBUS]
NQS   Network Queuing System
NRA   National Reconstruction Act [FDR era US]
NRA   National Rifle Association
NRC   National Research Council
NRC   Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRE   Non-Recurring Engineering (as in NRE costs)
NREN   National Research and Education Network
NRL   Naval Research Labs
NRO   National Reconnaissance Office
NRZ   Non-Return to Zero
NRZI   Non-Return to Zero Inverted (magnetic tape, 800 bpi)
NS   Not Specified
NS   Nova Scotia
NS   Nuclear Ship
NSA   National Security Agency [U.S. Government]
NSAP   Network Service Access Point [OSI, Networking]
NSC   National Security Council [U.S. Government]
NSE   Network Software Environment
NSF   National Science Foundation [U.S. Government]
NST   Newfoundland Standard Time
NSTS   National Space Transportation System [Space]
NSW   New South Wales (Australia)
NSWC   Naval Surface Warfare Center
NSWC   Naval Surface Weapons Center
NT   New Testament
NT   Newfoundland Time
NT   Northern Territory
NTEU   National Treasury Employees Union
NTIS   National Technical Information Service
NTN   Neutralized Twisted Nematic
NTP   Network Time Protocol [Internet]
NTP   Normal Temperature and Pressure (see STP)
NTSB   National Transportation Safety Board [U.S. Government]
NTSC   National Television Standards Committee
NTSC   Never Twice Same Color
NTT   Nippon Telephone & Telegraph
NU   Name Unknown
NURBS   NonUniform Rational B-Spline
NUSC   Naval Underwater Systems Center [U.S. Government]
NV   Nevada
NW   North West
NWNET   NorthWestNet
NWS   National Weather Service
NWT   North West Territories (Australia)
NXX   NANP syntax for a three-digit string, {[2-9],[0-9],[0-9]} [Telephony]
NY   New York
NYC   New York City
NYNEX   New York and New England (Telephone)
NYSE   New York Stock Exchange
NYSERNet   New York State Educational and Research Network
NZ   New Zealand
NZUSUGI New Zealand Unix System User Group, Inc.
OA   Office Automation
OA   Overeaters Anonymous
OAS   Organization of American States
OATS   Office Automation Technology and Services
OBE   Order of the British Empire
OBS   Omni Bearing Selector
OC   Order of Canada
OCDM   Office of Civil Defense and Mobilization
OCI   Out of City Indicator
OCLC   Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
OCLC   Online Computer Library Center (Ohio College Library Catalog)
OCO   Object Code Only
OCR   Optical Character Recognition
OCS   Officer Candidate School
OD   Doctor of Optometry
OD   Oculus Dexter (right eye)
OD   Officer of the Day
OD   OverDose
ODI   Optical Digital Image
ODISS   Optical Digital Image Storage System
OE   Old English
OED   Oxford English Dictionary
OEM   Original Equipment Manufacturer
OEO   Office of Economic Opportunity
OES   Order of the Eastern Star
OEXP   Office of Exploration [NASA]
OF   Old French
OFM   Order of Friars Minor
OFS   Order of Free State
OG   Original Gum
OH   Ohio
OIRA   Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
OIU   Office Interface Unit
OJT   On the Job Training
OLTP   On-Line Transaction Processing
OMB   Office of Management and Budget [U.S. Government]
OMD   Orchestral Manouevers in the Dark
OMS   Orbital Maneuvering System
OMV   Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle [Space]
ON   Old Norse
ONC   Open Network Computing
ONI   Office of Naval Intelligence
ONI   Operator Number Identification
ONI   Operator Number Identification [telephony]
ONR   Office of Naval Research
OOP   Object Oriented Programming
OOPART   Out Of Place ARTifact
OOPS   Object-Oriented Programming System
OP   Observation Post
OP   OFFICEPOWER office automation system, trademark of CCI
OP   Order of Preachers
OP   Out of Print
OPEC   Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPF   Orbiter Processing Facility [space]
OPM   Office of Personnel Management
OR   Operating Room
OR   Oregon
OR   Owner's Risk, Own Risk
ORNL   Oak Ridge National Laboratory
OROM   Optical Read Only Memory
OS   Oculus Sinister (left eye)
OS   Operating System
OS   Ordinary Seaman
OS   Out of Stock
OSB   Order of St. Benedict
OSC   Orbital Sciences Corporation [Space]
OSCAR   Orbiting Satelite Carry Amateur Radio (1st launched 12 Dec 1961)
OSCAR   Orbiting Satellite Carry Amateur Radio (1st launched 12 Dec 1961)
OSCRL   Operating System Command Response Language
OSD   Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSDIT   Office of Software Development and Information Technology
OSF   Open Software Foundation
OSF   Open Systems Foundation
OSF   Order of St. Francis
OSHA   Occupational Safety and Health Administration [US Government]
OSI   Open Systems Interconnection
OSI   Open Systems Interconnection (per ISO; 7 layer model)
OSI/RM   Open Systems Interconnection/Reference Model
OSME   Open Systems Message Exchange
OSP   Optical Storage Processor
OSPFIGP Open Shortest-Path First Internal Gateway Protocol [Internet]
OSS   Office of Strategic Services (later CIA)
OSS   Office Support System
OSS   Operation Support System
OSS   Operation Support System [telephony, AT&T?]
OSTP   Office of Science and Technology Policy
OSTP   (White House) Office of Science and Technology Policy [US Government]
OT   Old Testament
OT   OverTime
OTA   Office of Technical Assistance
OTA   Office of Technology Assessment
OTB   Off-Track Betting
OTC   Over The Counter (stocks)
OTF   Open Token Foundation
OTH-B   Over The Horizon - Backscatter (as in radar)
OT&LF   Open Taxi & Limousine Foundation
OTR   On The Rag
OTS   Officers' Training School
OTV   Orbital Transfer Vehicle [Space]
OUTWATS OUTward Wide Area Telephone Service
OUTWATS OUTward Wide Area Telephone Service [telephony]
OV   Orbiter Vehicle [Space]
PA   Pennsylvania
PA   Per Annum
PA   Play Aid
PA   Power of Attorney
PA   Press Agent
PA   Private Account
PA   Public Address
PA   Purchasing Agent
PABX   Private Automatic Branch eXchange
PABX   Private Automatic Branch eXchange [telephony]
PACX   Private Automatic Computer eXchange
PAD   Packet Assembler/Disassembler
PAD   Packet Assembler-Disassembler (for networking)
PAH   Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon
PAL   Phase Alternation Line-rate
PAL   Programmable Array Logic
PAM   Payload Assist Module [Space]
PAM   Pulse Amplification Modulation
PARC   Palo Alto Research Center, xerox
PASS   Personal Access Satellite System [NASA]
PATROL   Program for Administrative Traffic Reports On Line
PBM   Play By Mail game
PBS   Public Broadcasting System
PBX   Private Branch eXchange (mini-telephone network system)
PBX   Private Branch eXchange [telephony]
PC   Peace Corps
PC   PerCent; PerCentage
PC   Personal Computer
PC   Personal Computer [IBM wants you to believe a specific kind]
PC   Player Character (see NPC)
PC   Player Character (see NPC) [Role-playing]
PC   Post Card
PC   Post Cibum (after meals)
PC   Privileged Character
PC   Privy Council
PC   Program Counter
PC   Progressive Conservative party (Canada)
PC/AT   Personal Computer/Advanced Technology
PCB   PolyChlorinated Biphenyl
PCB   PolyChlorinated Biphenyls
PCB   Printed Circuit Board
PC-DOS   Personal Computer DOS
PCI   Panel Call Indicator
PCIE   President's Council on Integrity and Efficiency
PCL   Printer Command Language
PCM   Plug-Compatible Mainframe
PCM   Pulse Code Modulation
PCPC   Personal Computers Peripheral Corporation
PCS   Permanent Change of Station
PCTE   Portable Common Tools Environment
PCTS   Posix Conformance Test Suite
PD   Per Diem
PD   Police Department
PD   Potential Difference
PD   Public Domain
PDAD   Proposed Draft ADdendum
PDE   Partial Differential Equation
PDES   Product Data Exchange Specifications
PDF   Program Development Facility
PDL   Page Description Language
PDL   Program Design Language
PDN   Public Data Network
PDP   Plasma Display Panel
PDP   Programmed Data Processor
PDP   Programmed Data Processor [DEC]
PDQ   Pretty Damned Quick
PDS   Premises Distribution System [AT&T]
PDT   Pacific Daylight Time
PE   Phase Encoded
PE   Physical Education
PE   Prince Edward island
PE   Printer's Error
PE   Professional Engineer
PE   Protestant Episcopal
PEI   Prince Edward Island
PEP   Productivity Enhancement Project
PEPE   Pepe Est Presque Emacs
PERL   Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister
PERL   Practical Extraction and Report Language
PEX   Phigs/phigs+ Extension to X
PGA   Professional Graphics Adapter
PGA   Pure Grain Alcohol
PHA   Pulse Height Analyzer (or Analysis)
PHIGS   Programmers Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System
PHS   Public Health Service
PhysRev Physical Review Journal     - Phys Rev
PIC   Plastic/Polyethelene Insulated Cable [telephony]
PIC   Position Independant Code
PIF   Paid In Full
PIT   Principal, Interest, and Taxes
PIXEL   PIcture ELement
PLA   Programmable Logic Array
PLATO   Programmed Learning for Automated Teaching Operations [U. Ill., early '70s]
PLC   Programmable Logic Controller
PLCC   Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier
PLL   Phase Lock Loop
PLL   Phase-Locked Loop
PLM   Programming Language for Microcomputers
PLO   Palestine (sic?) Liberation Organization (?)
PLO   Please Leave On
PM   PayMaster
PM   Police Magistrate
PM   Post Meridiem
PM   Post Meridiem (after noon)
PM   PostMaster
PM   PostMortem
PM   Preventive Maintenance
PM   Prime Minister
PM   Provost Marshal
PMO   Prime Minister's Office
PMOS   P channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor (P-MOS) (see MOS)
PMT   PhotoMultiplier Tube
PM/X   Presentation Manager for X windows
PN   Promissory Note
PNP   Positive-Negative-Positive (transistor)
PO   Petty Officer
PO   PettyOfficer
PO   Post Office
PO   Postal Order
PO   Purchase Order
POC   Port Of Call
POD   Pay On Delivery
POE   Port Of Embarkation
POE   Port Of Entry
POGO   Polar Orbiting Geophysical Observatory
POM   Phase Of Moon
POP   Point of Presence [telephony]
POPS   Paperless Order Processing System
POR   Price On Request
POS   Point Of Sale
POSI   Promoting conference for OSI
POSIX   Portable Operating System for unIX
POSIX   Portable Operating System Interface
POTS   Plain Old Telephone Service
POTV   Personnel Orbit Transfer Vehicle [Space]
POV   Point Of View
POW   Prisoner Of War
PP   Parcel Post
PP   Past Participle
PP   Primary Point (or dial Post Pay payphone)
PPB   Parts Per Billion
PPC   Pour Prendre Conge' (to take leave)
PPCS   Person to Person, Collect, Special
PPCS   Person to Person, Collect, Special [telephony]
PPM   Parts Per Million
PPN   Parameterized Post-Newtonian formalism for general relativity
PPN   Project Programmer Number
PPN   Project Programmer Number
PPP   Point-to-Point Protocol (successor to SLIP (q.v.))
pps   Packets per Second
PPS   PostPostScriptum
PPT   Parts Per Trillion
PPT   Pulse Pair Timing
PPT   Punched Paper Tape
PQ   Province of Quebec
PR   PayRoll
PR   Public Relations
PR   Puerto Rico
PRC   Planning Research Corporation
PREPnet Pennsylvania Research & Economic Partnership Network
PRI   Primary Rate Interface (ISDN) [telephony]
PRN   pro re nata [medicine] (as needed?)
PROFS   PRofessional OFfice System [IBM]
PROM   Programmable Read-Only Memory
PS   PicoSecond
PS   PostScript
PS   PostScriptum
PS   Power Steering
PS   Power Supply
PS   Public School
PSA   Problem Statement Analyzer
PSC   Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center
PSC   Polar Stratospheric Clouds
PSDN   Public Switched Data Network
PSDS   Public Switched Digital Service [telephony, AT&T?]
PSE   Programming Support Environment
PSG   Platoon SerGeant
PSK   Phase Shift Keying
PSL   Problem Statement Language
PSR   "Product Specific Realizations
PSS   (unknown to me, but something in the UK environment)
PST   Pacific Standard Time
PSTN   Public Switched Telephone Network
PT   Pacific Time
PT   Patrol Torpedo (as in PT boat)
PT   Physical Therapy
PT   Physical Training
PTA   Parent-Teacher Association
PTD   Parallel Transfer Disk
PTN   Plant Test Number [telephony:actual number assigned for 800 service]
PTO   Patent and Trademark Office
PTO   Please Turn Over
PTO   Power Take-Off
PTT   Post, Telephone and Telegraph administration
PTV   Passenger Transport Vehicle [Space]
PUC   Public Utilities Commision
PVO   Pioneer Venus Orbiter
PW   Prisoner of War (usually POW)
PWG   Permanent Working Group
PX   Post eXchange (see also BX)
PX   Post eXchange (see BX)
QAM   Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
QC   Quality Control
QC   Queen's Counsel
QD   Quaque Die (daily)
QDA   Quantity Discount Agreement
QED   Quod Erat Demonstrandum (which was to be demonstrated)
QEF   Quod Erat Faciendum (which was to be done)
QEI   Quod Erat Inveniendum (which was to be found out)
QET   Quantum Effect Transistor
QIC   Quarter-Inch Cartridge
QID   Quater In [medicine] Die (four times a day)
QLI   Query Language Interpreter
QM   QuarterMaster
QMC   QuarterMaster Corps
QMF   Query Management Facility
QMG   QuarterMaster General
QMS   Quality Micro Systems
QNS   Quantity Not Sufficient
q.v.   ???? (Latin(?): which see)
QWERTY   first six keys from left on top alphabetic row of standard keyboard
R   Rolemaster
RA   Regular Army
RA   Research Assistant
RA   Royal Academy
RAAF   Royal Australian Air Force
RACE   Random Access Card Equipment
RACEP   Random Access and Correlation for Extended Performance
RAD   Radiation Absorbed Dose
RAD   Rapid Access Disk
RADAR   RAdio Detection And Ranging
RADM   Rear ADMiral
RAF   Royal Air Force
RAM   Random Access Memory (R/W)
RARDE   Royal Armaments Research and Development Establishment
RARE   Research Academic R(something) Europe (a Research Network)
RAS   Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability
RASC   Residence Account Service Center
R&B   Rhythm and Blues (commonly R and B)
RBC   Red Blood Count
RBI   Runs Batted In
RBOC   Regional Bell Operating Company
RC   Red Cross
RC   Regional Center
RC   Resistor-Capacitor circuit (as in filters)
RC   Roman Catholic
RCA   Radio Corporation of America [Corporate name]
RCAF   Royal Canadian Air Force
RCAS   Reserve Component Automation System
RCC   Radio Common Carrier
RCMP   Royal Canadian Mounted Police
R&D   Research and Development (commonly R and D)
RD   Rural Delivery
RDA   Remote Data Access
RDBMS   Relational DataBase Management System
RDF   Radio Direction Finding
REA   Rail Express Agency
RECON   Reconnaissance
REM   Rapid Eye Movement
REO   R. E. Olds
REO   Removable, Erasable, Optical
RETMA   Radio [something(equipment?)? something?] Manufacturers' Association (????)
REXX   Restructured EXtended eXecutor
RF   Radio Frequency
RFC   Request For Comments (ala ARPA Internet)
RFD   Rural Free Delivery
RFI   Radio Frequency Interference
RFP   Request for Proposal
RFQ   Request for Quote
RFS   Remote File System
RGB   Red Green Blue
RGP   Raster Graphics Processor
RH   Right Hand
RHC   Regional (Bell) Holding Company
RHS   Right Hand Side
RI   Rhode Island
RIACS   Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science (NASA)
RIAS   Radio In the American Sector, berlin
RIF   Reading Is Fundamental
RIF   Reduction In Force
RILM   Repertoire International de Literature Musicale
RIP   Rest In Peace (or Requiescat In Pace : latin)
RIP   Routing Interchange Protocol
RISC   Reduced Instruction Set Computer
RITA   Recognition of Information Technology Achievement award
RJE   Remote Job Entry
RJE   Remote Job Entry [IBM]
RLC   Resistor Inductor Capacitor
RLG   Research Libraries Group
RLIN   Research Libraries Information Network [run by RLG (q.v.)]
RLL   Run Length Limited
RMA   Radio Manufacturers' Association
RMA   Return Materials Authorization
RMATS   Remote Maintenance Administration and Traffic System
RMATS   Remote Maintenance Admistration and Traffic System [telephony]
RMS   Remote Manipulator System [Space]
RMS   Richard M. Stallman
RMS   Root Mean Square
RMS   Royal Mail Ship
RN   Registered Nurse
RN   Royal Navy
RNA   RiboNucleic Acid
RNZAF   Royal New Zealand Air Force
ROG   Receipt Of Goods
ROM   Range Of Motion
ROM   Range Of Motion (medical)
ROM   Read Only Memory
ROM   Read-Only Memory
ROM   Rupture Of Membrane (as in birth)
ROSAT   ROentgen SATellite [space]
ROSE   Remote Operations Service Entity (per ISO/CCITT layer 7)
ROTC   Reserve Officers' Training Corps
ROTS   Rotary Out Trunks Selectors
ROYGBIV Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet
RPC   Remote Procedure Call
RPG   RePort Generator
RPG   Role Playing Game
RPM   Revolutions Per Minute
RPN   Reverse Polish Notation
RPO   Railway Post Office
RPS   Revolutions Per Second
RPV   Remotely Piloted Vehicle
RQ   RuneQuest
RR   RailRoad
RR   Route Relay
RR   Rural Route
RRO   Rate and Route Operator
RRO   Rate and Route Operator [telephony]
RS   Recording Secretary
RS   Revised Status
RS   Right Side
RS   Royal Society
RSCS   Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem
RSFSR   Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic
RSN   Real Soon Now
RSU   Remote Switching Unit
RSV   Revised Standard Edition
RSVP   Repondez S'il Vous Plait (please reply)
RSWC   Right Side up With Care
RT   RadioTelephone
RT   RealTime
RTA   Remote Trunk Arrangement
RTAC   Regional Technical Assistance Center
RTAC   Regional Technical Assistance Center [telephony]
RTF   Rich Text Format
RTFM   Read The @!# Manual
RTFM   Read The F***ing Manual
RTG   Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator
RTLS   Return To Launch Site (Shuttle abort mode) [NASA, Shuttle]
RTR   Reel-To-Reel
RTTY   Radio Teletype
RU   Receive Unit
RW   Right Worshipful
RW   Right Worthy
S   South
S   Supplement
SA   Salvation Army
SA   Seaman Apprentice
SA   Service Assistant
SA   Sex Appeal
SA   Sine Anno (without date)
SA   South Africa
SA   South America
SA   Subject to Approval
SAA   South Atlantic Anomaly
SAA   Systems Application Architecture
SAC   Special Area Code
SAC   Special Area Code [telephony:Area codes that are services, not places]
SAC   Strategic Air Command (see TAC)
SAC   Strategic Air Command [US military]
SADD   Students Against Drunk Driving
SAM   Surface to Air Missile
SAM   Surface-to-Air Missile
SAMA   Step-by-step Automatic Message Accounting
SAMA   Step-by-step Automatic Message Accounting [telephony]
SAMTO   Space And Missile Test Organization
SAP   Second Audio Program
SAP   Service Access Point [OSI, Networking]
SAR   Synthetic Aperture Radar
SARTS   Switched Access Remote Test System
SASE   Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope
SASI   Shugart Associates Systems Interface
SAT   Satellite [Space]
SAW   Surface Acoustic Wave
SBA   Small Business Administration
SC   Secondary Channel
SC   Sectional Center
S&C   Skull & Crossbones
SC   South Carolina
SC   SubCommittee
SCAD   Subsonic Cruise Armed Decoy
SCADC   Standard Central Air Data Computer
SCAME   SCreen oriented Anti-Misery Editor
SCAMP   Single-Chip A-series Mainframe Processor
SCAN   Switched Circuit Automatic Network
SCC   Switching Control Center (or Specialized Common Carriers)
SCCS   Source Code Control System
SCE   Signal Conversion Equipment
SCE   Structure Chart Editor
SCI   SpaceCraft Incorporated
SCIFI   SCIence FIction (often used pejoratively of what really isn't)
SCO   Santa Cruz Operation
SCOOPS   SCheme Object Oriented Programming System
SCOTS   Surveilance and Control Of Transmission Systems
SCSI   Small Computer Systems Interface
SCUBA   Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
SCUD   Subsonic Cruise Unarmed Decoy
SD   South Dakota
SDI   Standard Disk Interconnect
SDI   Stategic Defence Initiative
SDI   Strategic Defense Initiative
SDI   Strategic Defense Initiative [US Government]
SDLC   Synchronous Data Link Control
SDLC   Synchronous Data Link Control [IBM]
SDM   Sub-rate Data Multiplexer
SDN   Software Defined Network [telephony, AT&T]
SDO   Staff Duty Officer
SDSC   San Diego Supercomputer Center
SDV   Shuttle Derived Vehicle [Space]
SE   South East
SEATO   SouthEast Asia Treaty Organization
SEC   Security Exchange Commission
SECNAV   SECretary of the NAVy
SED   Stream EDitor
SEI   Software Engineering Institute (Carnegie Mellon)
SEL   Software Engineering Laboratory
SEM   Scanning Electron Microscope
SETI   Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence [Space]
SF   San Francisco
SF   Science Fiction; Speculative Fiction
SF   Standard Form
SF   Star Frontiers
SFRPG   Science Fiction Role Playing Game
SG   StarGuard
SG   SubGroup
SGML   Standard Generalized Markup Language
SHAPE   Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
SHAR   SHell ARchiver
SHCD   Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
SHF   Super High Frequency (3-30GHz)
SHRPG   Super Hero Role Playing Game
SI   Staten Island
SIAM   Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
SIG   Special Interest Group
SIGCAT   Special Interest Group for Cd-rom Applications Technology
SIMD   Single Instruction, Multiple Data
SIMM   Single In-line Memory Module
SIMM   System Integrated Memory Module
SIPS   Satellite Imagery Processing System
SIRTF   Space Infrared Telescope Facility [Space]
SIS   Strategic Information System
SISCOM   Satellite Information System COMpany
SITA   Societe Internationale Telecommunications Aeronautiques
SJ   Society of Jesus
Skyhook Surface to space "elevator" transportation system [Space]
SL   Salvage Loss
SL   Space Launch [Space]
SLA   Special Libraries Association
SLA   Synchronous Line Adapter
SLAC   Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
SLAN   Sine Loco, Anno, (vel) Nomine (without place, year, or name)
SLAR   Side Looking Airborne Radar
SLBM   Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles
SLC   Space Launch Complex [Space]
SLC   Subscriber Loop Carrier [telephony]
SLDC   Synchronous Data Link Control
SLIP   Serial Line Internet Protocol
SLIP   Serial Line IP (sometimes SL/IP) (see also PPP)
SLP   Super Long Play (VHS VCR)
SM   Service Mark
SMA   Sergeant Major of the Army
SMA   Spectrum Manufacturers Association
SMC   Small Magellanic Cloud (see LMC)
SMD   Storage Module Device (interface standard for disk drives)
SMD   Surface Mounted Devices
SMDR   Station Message Detail Recording [telephony]
SMDS   Switched Multi-megabit Data Service [telephony, networking]
SME   Solar Mesosphere Explorer [space]
SMEGMA   Sophisticated Modern Editor with Gloriously Magnificent Abilities
SMERSH   Abbr. of Russian phrase meaning "Death to the spies."
SMILS   Sonobuoy Missile Impact Location System
SMM   Solar Maximum Mission (satellite 1980-1989) [space]
SMTP   Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SN   Science News [periodical]
SN   Serial Number
SN   Super Nova
SNA   Systems Network Architecture [IBM]
SNA   Systems Network Architecture (IBM network)
SNADS   SNA Distribution Services
SNAFU   Situation Normal -- All Fouled Up (also, F*cked)
SNAFU   Situation Normal -- All Fouled Up (also more profane versions)
SNAP   Shipboard Non-tactical Automated data Processing program
SNAP   Sub Network Access Protocol [OSI, Networking]
SNCF   Societe National des Chemins de Fer (French National Railways)
SNF   Server-Natural Format
SNMP   Simple Network Management Protocol
SNMP   Simple Network Management Protocol [TCP/IP]
SNOBOL   StriNg Oriented symbOLic Language
SNPA   SubNetwork Point of Attachment
SNR   Signal to Noise Ratio
SO   Seller's Option
SO   Significant Other
SO   Space Opera
SO   Strike Out
SOAP    Symbolic Optimizing Assembler Program
SOH   Start Of Header, ASCII contol character (dec=01,control-A)
SOH   Start Of Header, ASCII control character (dec=01,control-A)
SOHIO   Standard Oil of oHIO
SOHIO   Standard Oil of oHIO [Corporate name]
SOL   Short on Landing (or, colloquially, Shit Out of Luck)
SONAR   SOund Detection And Ranging
SONET   Synchronous Optical Network [telephony]
SOP   Standard Operating Procedure
SOS   Save Our Souls (International standard distress call, Morse ...---...)
SOS   Silicon On Saphire
SOS   Silicon On Sapphire
SP   Shore Patrol
SP   Short Play (VHS VCR)
SP   Southern Pacific
SP   Southern Pacific (railroad) [Corporate name]
SP   Stack Pointer
SP   Star Patrol
SPA   Software Publishers Association
SPAG   Standards Promotion and Applications Group
SPAN   Space Physics and Analysis Network [NASA] (DECnet)
SPAR   Stock Points Adp Replacement
SPARC   Scalable Processor ARChitecture
SPARC   Standards, Planning, And Requirements Committee
SPAWAR   naval SPAce and WARfare command
SPC   Software Productivity Consortium
SPCA   Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
SPCC   Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
SPEC   Systems Performance Evaluation Cooperative
SPITBOL SPeedy ImplemenTation of snoBOL
SPNI   Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
SPS   Solar Power Satellite [Space]
SPUR   Systech Pluraxial Unplug Repeater
SQL   Structured Query Language
SQUID   Superconducting QUantum Interference Device
SRAM   Short Range Attack Missile
SRAM   Static RAM
SRB   Solid (fuel) Rocket Booster [Space]
SRG   Short and Ring Ground (test) [telephony]
SRI   Stanford Research Institute
SRM   Solid Rocket Motor [space]
SRO   Standing Room Only
SS7   Signalling System #7 [telephony]
SSA   Social Security Administration
SSA   Social Security Administration [U.S. Government]
SSB   Single Side Band
SSC   Superconducting Super Collider
SSE   South-SouthEast
SSF   Space Station Freedom [NASA, space]
SSFF   Showcase Software Factory of the Future
SSG   Staff SerGeant
SSI   Small Scale Integration
SSI   Space Services Incorporated [Space]
SSI   Supplemental Security Income
SSME   Space Shuttle Main Engine [space]
SSPS   Satellite Solar Power Station [Space]
SSR   Secondary Surveillance Radar
SSR   Soviet Socialist Republic
SSTO   Single Stage to Orbit [Space]
SSTV   Slow Scan TeleVision
SSW   South-SouthWest
ST   Short Ton
STARS   Software Technology for Adaptable, Reliable Systems
STD   Sacrae Theologiae Doctor (doctor of sacred theology)
STD   Sexually Transmitted Disease (replaces VD)
STD   State Transition Diagram
STD   Subscriber Trunk Dialing [British, and elsewhere; equiv. DDD in USA]
STD   Subscriber Trunk Dialing (British for DDD)
STILO   Scientific and Technical Intelligence Liaison Office
STL   St. Louis (airport designation)
STN   SuperTwisted Nematic
STOL   Short TakeOff and Landing
STP   Software Through Pictures
STP   Standard Temperature and Pressure (see NTP)
STRPG   Star Trek:  The Role-Playing Game
STS   Space Transportation System (space shuttle) [NASA]
STV   Single Transferable Vote
STV   Space Transfer Vehicle [Space]
SUM   Symantec Utilities for Macintosh
SUN   Stanford University Network
SUN   SUN MicroSystems Computer [Brand name]
SUNOCO   SUN Oil COmpany
SUNOCO   SUN Oil COmpany [Corporate name]
SUNY   State University of New York
SURAnet Southeastern Universities Research Association Network
SVID   System V Interface Definition
SW   South West
SW   SuperWorld
SWBT   South Western Bell Telephone [Telephony]
SWIFT   Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Communications
SWS   Scientific Workstation Support
SXS   Step by Step switching [Telephony]
T   Traveler
T1   1.544Mbps [telephony], one of the basic signalling systems 24x64Kb
T3   45Mbps (eq 28 T1 channels) [Telephony]
TA   Teaching Assistant
TAC   Tactical Air Command (see SAC)
TAC   Terminal Access Controller
TAC   Terminal Access Controller [ARPAnet/MILNET/DDN]
TACCS   Tactical Army Combat service support Computer System
TAE   Transportable Applications Environment
TAL   Trans-Atlantic Abort Landing [NASA, Shuttle]
TAR   Tape ARchiver
TASI   Time Assign{ment,ed} Speech Interpolation [Telephony]
TAU   Thousand Astronomical Units [Space]
TB   TuBerculosis
TBA   To Be Announced
TBD   To Be Determined
TC   Teachers College
TCA   Terminal Controlled Airspace
TCP   Transmission Control Protocol
TCP/IP   Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCSEC   Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (orange book)
TCT   To Challenge Tomorrow
TD   TouchDown
TD   Treasury Department
TDCC   Transportation Data Coordinating Committee
TDE   Transition Diagram Editor
TDI   Trusted Database Interpretation
TDM   Time-Division Multiplexer
TDR   Time Domain Reflectometer
TDRS   Tracking and Data Relay Satellite [Space]
TDY   Temporary DutY
TECO   Tape Editor and COrrector
TECO   Text Editor and COrrector
TEFLON   polyTEtraFLuOrethyleNe
TFP   Tops Filing Protocol
TFS   Translucent File System
TFT   The Fantasy Trip
TFT   Thin Film Transistor
TG   Thieves' Guild
THIEF   THief Isn't Even Fine
THIEF   This Here Isn't Even Fine
THOR   Tandy High-intensity Optical Recording
TI   Texas Instruments
TIA   Thanks In Advance [net jargon]
TIA   Thanks In Advance (special to USENET)
TIA   Transient Ischemic Attack
TIC   TermInfo Compiler
TID   Ter In Die (three times a day)
TIFF   Tag Image File Format
TKO   Technical Knock Out
TL   Total Loss
TLA   Three Letter Acronym
TLC   Tender Loving Care
TLI   Transort-Level Interface
TM   TradeMark
TMA   Tycho Magnetic Anomaly [movie 2001]
TMAC   Treasury department's Multiuser Acquisition Contract
TMIS   Telecommunications Management Information System
TMO   Telephone Money Order
TMP   The Morrow Project
TMRC   Tech Model Railroad Club [MIT]
TMRC   Transportation Modeling Research Center (TMRC {above} alter ego)
TN   Tennessee
TN   Twisted Nematic
TNC   Threaded Neill Concelman (connector) [electronics] (see also BNC)
TNF   Tumor Necrosis Factor [biology, medicine]
TNT   TriNitro Toluene
TO   Telegraph Office
TO   Turn Over
TODS   Transactions on Database Systems (ACM)
TOMS   Transactions on Mathematical Software (ACM)
TOOIS   Transactions on Office Information Systems (ACM)
TOP   Technical Office Protocol
TOP   Technical/Office Protocol
TOPLAS   Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (ACM)
TOPS   Traffic Operator Position System [telephony]
TOPSMP   Traffic Operator Position System Multipurpose [telephony]
TORES   Text ORiented Editing System
TOS   Transfer Orbit Stage [Space]
TOW   Tube launched, Optically tracked, and Wire guided
TP   from TP0 and TP4 (ISO/CCITT Transport Services; like TCP)
TP   Transaction Processing
TP4   Transport Protocol, class 4 [ISO]
TPC   The Phone Company (from classic movie: _The President's Analyst_)
TPI   Tracks Per Inch
TPO   Traveling Post Office
TPP   TetraarylPorPhyrin
TPS   Technical Publishing Software
TPS   TeleProcessing Services
TR   Tech Report [at least LCS (q.v.), maybe others]
TR   Technical Reference [Bell, telephony]
TRG   Tip and Ring Ground (test) [telephony]
TROFF   Text RunOFF, text formatter
TRW   Thompson, Ramo, and Woolridge
TS   Top Secret
TSAP   Transport Service Access Point [OSI, Networking]
TSD   Total System Design
TSP   Teleprocessing Services Program
TSP   Thrift Savings Plan
TSP   Time Synchronization Protocol
TSP   TriSodium Phosphate
TSR   TSR (Fortune 500 Company that manufactures Dungeons & Dragons)
TSS   Tethered Satellite System [Space]
TSTO   Two Stage to Orbit [Space]
T&T   Tunnels & Trolls
TTFN   Tah Tah, For Now
TTL   Transistor Transistor Logic
TTMA   Tennessee Tech Microcomputer Association
TTU   Tennessee Technological University
TTY   TeleTYpe
TUNIS   Toronto UNIversity System
TV   TeleVision
TVA   Tennesee Valley Authority
TVA   Tennessee Valley Authority
TW   Thieves' World
TWA   Trans World Airlines
TWIMC   To Whom It May Concern
TWT   Traveling Wave Tube
TWX   TeletypeWriter eXchange
TX   Texas
u   (representing the greek mu) - micro
U   Universe
UA   United Artists
UAR   United Arab Republic
UAR   User Action Routine
UARS   Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite [space]
UART   Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
UBA   UniBus Adapter
UBA   UniBus Adapter [DEC]
UBC   Universal Bibliographic Control
UBC   University of British Columbia
UCAR   University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
UCB   University of California at Berkeley
UCB   University of California, Berkeley
UCD   Uniform Call Distributor [telephony]
UCD   University of California at Davis
UCI   University of California at Irvine
UCL   University College London
UCLA   University of California at Los Angeles
UCR   University of California at Riverside
UCSB   University of California at Santa Barbara
UCSC   University of California at Santa Cruz
UCSC   University of California, Santa Cruz
UCSD   University of California at San Diego
UCSD   University of California, San Diego
UCSF   University of California at San Francisco
UCSF   University of California, San Francisco
UDB   Unified DataBase
UDP   User Data Protocol
UDP   User Datagram Protocol
UEC   User Environment Component
UFO   Unidentified Flying Object
UH   Upper Half
UHF   Ultra High Frequency (300-3000MHz)
UIMS   User Interface Management System
UK   United Kingdom
UL   Underwriters Laboratory
ULANA   Unified Local-Area Network Architecture
UMOC   Ugliest Man On Campus [MIT]
UMT   Universal Military Training
UN   United Nations
UNESCO   United Nations Educational, Scientific, & Cultural Organization
UNICEF   United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (now UN Child. Fund)
UNICEF   United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (now United Nat. Child. Fund)
UNICS   UNiplex Information Computer Services
UNIX   Not an acronym at all.   Was a joke on MIT's MULTICS.
UNMA   Unified Network Management Architecture [AT&T]
UNO   United Nations Organization
UP   Union Pacific
UP   Union Pacific (railroad) [Corporate name]
UPC   Universal Product Code
UPI   United Press International
UPI   United Press International [Corporate name]
UPS   Uninterruptible Power Supply
UPS   United Parcel Service
UPS   United Parcel Service [Corporate name]
UR   University of Rochester
US   United States (of America)
USA   Union of South Africa
USA   United States Army
USA   United States of America
USAF   United States Air Force
USAFA   United States Air Force Academy (in Colorado Springs)
USAN   University Satellite Network
USC   University of Southern California
USCG   United States Coast Guard
USDA   United States Department of Agriculture
USES   United States Employment Service
USFL   United States Football League
USGS   United States Geological Survey
USIA   United States Information Agency
USM   United States Mail
USMC   United States Marine Corps
USN   United States Navy
USO   United Service Organizations
USO   Unix Software Operation
USP   United States Pharmacopeia
USPS   United States Postal Service
USR   User Service Routines
USS   United States Ship
USSR   Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
USSS   User Services and Systems Support
USW   Und So Weiter
UT   Universal Time
UT   University of Tennessee
UT   University of Texas
UT   UTah
UTC   Coordinated Universal Time
UTC   Universal Coordinated Time
UTnet   University of Texas Network
UUCP   Unix-to-Unix CoPy
UUCP   UNIX-to-UNIX Copy Program
UUG   Unix User Group
UV   UltraViolet
UW   UnderWriter
UW   Univ of Wisconsin
VA   Veterans Administration
VA   Virginia
VAB   Vehicle Assembly Building [space]
VAFB   Vandenberg Air Force Base [space]
VAN   Value Added Network (e.g. Tymnet, Telenet, etc)
VANS   Value-Added Network Services
VAR   Value Added Remarketer (reseller)
VAR   Value Added Remarketers
VASI   Visual Approach Slope Indicator
VAT   Value Added Tax
VAX   Virtual Address eXtended
VAXBI   VAX Bus Interconnect
VCM   Voice Coil Motor
VCO   Voltage Controlled Oscillator
VCR   VideoCassette Recorder
VCU   Virginia Commonwealth University
VD   Venereal Disease (see also STD)
VDFM   Virtual Disk File Manager
VDI   Virtual Device Interface
VDM   Vienna Development Method
VDM   Virtual Device Metafile
VDT   Video Display Terminal
VF   Video Frequency
VF   Voice Frequency
VFO   Variable Frequency Oscillator
VFW   Veterans of Foreign Wars
VFW   Volunteer Fire Department
VG   Very Good
VG   Vicar-General
VGA   Video Graphics Array
VHDL   Vhsic Hardware Description Language
VHF   Very High Frequency (30-300MHz)
VHS   Video Home System (VCR)
VHSIC   Very High Speed Integrated Circuit
VI   VIsual editor
VIABLE   Vertical Installation Automation BaseLinE
VILE   VI Like Emacs
VINE   Vine Is Not Emacs
VIP   Very Important Person
VISTA   Volunteers In Service To America
VITA   Vme International Trade Association
VJ   Video Jockey
VL   Vulgar Latin
VLA   Very Large Array radio telescope in Arizona or New Mexico
VLF   Very Low Frequency (3-30KHz)
VLIW   Very Long Instruction Word
VLSI   Very Large Scale Integration
VM   Virtual Memory
VM/CMS   Virtual Machine/Conversational Monitor System
VMM   Virtual Memory Manager
VMOS   Vertical Metal Oxide Semiconductor (V-MOS) (see MOS)
VMR   Vertical Market Reseller
VMS   Vertical Motion Simulator
VMS   Virtual Memory System
VMS   Virtual Memory System [DEC]
VOA   Voice Of America
VOIR   Venus Orbiting Imaging Radar (superseded by VRM) [space]
VOIS   Voice-Operated Information System
VOQ   Visiting Officer's Quarters
VPI&SU   Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
VRC   Vertical Redundancy Character
VRM   Venus Radar Mapper (now called Magellan) [space]
VRM   Virtual Resource Manager
VSAT   Very Small Aperture Terminal
VSAT   Very Small Aperture Terminal, satellite dish
VSX   X/open Verification Suite
VTAM   Virtual Telecommunications Access Method
VTAM   Virtual Telecommunications Access Method [IBM]
VTOC   Volume Table Of Contents
VTOL   Vertical TakeOff and Landing
VTR   VideoTape Recorder
VUP   Vax Unit of Performance
V&V   Villains & Vigilantes
VVSS   Vertical Volute Spring Suspension
W   West
W   Width
WA   Washington
WA   Western Australia
WAC   Womens Air Corps
WAN   Wide Area Network
WARC   World Administrative Conference
WATS   Wide Area Telephone Service
WB   Water Ballast
WB   WayBill
WBC   White Blood Cells
WC   Water Closet
WC   Without Charge
WCTU   Women's Christian Temperance Union
WECo   Western Electric Company [AT&T manufacturing arm]
WF/PC   Wide Field / Planetary Camera (on HST) [space]
WG   Working Group
WH   WarHammer
WHBL   World Home Bible League
WHCA   White House Communications Agency [U.S. Government]
WHO   World Health Organization
WI   Wisconsin
WIS   WWMCCS Information System
WITS   Washington Interagency Telecommunications System
WMSCR   Weather Message Switching Center Replacement
WOPR   War Operations Planned Response (from "Wargames" movie)
WORM   Write Once, Read Many time
WOW   Worlds of Wonder
WP   Word Processing
WP   Working Paper
WSI   Wafer Scale Integration
WSW   West-SouthWest
WU   Washington University
WU   Western Union
WV   West Virginia
WW   World War
WWI   World War I
WWII   World War II
WWMCCS   World-Wide Military Command and Control System
WY   Wyoming
WYSIWIS What You See Is What I See
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
XCF   eXperimental Computing Facility
XD   without Dividend
XDR   eXternal Data Representation
XFER   Transfer
XL   eXtra Large
XMTR   transMiTteR (the X is for trans)
XNS   Xerox Network Service
XNS   Xerox Network Services
XO   eXecutive Officer
XOR   eXclusive OR (logical function)
XPORT   Transport
XSECT   cross SECTion
XTAL   crysTAL (another version of x for crys, see XMTR)
XUI   X-windows User Interface
YA   Yet Another
YACC   Yet Another Compiler Compiler
YB   YearBook
YMCA   Young Mens Christian Association
YMHA   Young Mens Hebrew Association
YOB   Year Of Birth
YP   Yellow Pages
YRS   Ysgarth Rules System
YST   Yukon Standard Time
YT   Yukon Territory
YT   Yukon Time
YTD   Year To Date
YWCA   Young Womens Christian Association
YWHA   Young Womens Hebrew Association
Z   Zenith
Z   Zero
ZB   Zero Beat
ZETA   Zero Energy Thermonuclear Assembly
ZGS   Zero Gradient Synchrotron
ZI   Zonal Index
ZIP   Zone Improvement Plan (post office code)
ZIP   Zone Improvement Plan (U.S. post office code)
ZK   barrage balloon (navy symbol)
ZMRI   Zinc Metals Research Institute
ZPG   Zero Population Growth
ZPRSN   Zurich Provisional Relative Sunspot Number
ZST   Zone Standard Time
ZT   Zone Time
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