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Author Topic: 网络流行语翻译  (Read 2288 times)

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« on: March 29, 2012, 01:00:11 PM »

1.神马都是浮云 It’s all fleeting cloud。

2.山寨 fake, counterfeit, copycat

3.宅男 Otaku (“homebody” in English); geek

4.被雷倒(到)了 in shock

5.纠结 ambivalent

6.忐忑 anxious

7.悲催 a tear-inducingmisery

8.坑爹 the reverse of one’s expectation

9.哥只是传说 Brother is only a legend。

10.伤不起 vulnerable; be prone to getting hurt

11.你懂的 It goeswithout saying that…

12.吐槽 disclose one’s secret

13.小清新 like [好似] a breath of fresh air

14.穿越剧 time-travelTV drama

15.至于你信不信,反正我是信了。Whether you believe it or not, I am convinced。

16.拼爹 daddy-is-the-key; parents privilege competition

17.做人呢,最重要是开心。 Happiness is theway。

18.卖萌 act cute

19.腹黑 scheming

20.折翼的天使 an angelwith brokenwings

21.淡定 calm; unruffled

22.羡慕嫉妒恨 envious, jealous and hateful

23.团购 group purchasing

24.微博 Microblog

25.富二代 rich second generation

26.林来疯 Linsanity

27.凡客体 Vanclize/Vancl Style

28.微博控 twuilt (来自于twitter和guilt两个字,表示不发微博心里就内疚)

29.海归(海龟) overseas returnee

30.搏出位 be a famewhore; seek attention

31.自主招生 university autonomous enrollment

32.北约、华约 BeijingUniversity-led enrollment alliance

TsinghuaUniversity-led enrollment alliance

33.犀利哥 Brother Sharp

34.蚁族 ant-like graduates

35.范儿 style

36.萝莉 Lolita

37.秒杀 seckill; speed kill

38.剩女 leftover ladies; 3Swomen (3S=single, seventies, stuck)

39.蜗居 dwelling narrowness; a bedsitter

40.人肉搜索 human flesh search engine


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