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Author Topic: 经典英语口语句型  (Read 2311 times)

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« on: April 06, 2012, 03:43:14 PM »


1.come rain or shine 不管打雷下雨

2.I put my money on you我相信你

3.It is a race against to time 争分夺秒

4.There are plenty of fish in the sea 天涯何处无芳草

5.All things are dificult before they are easy 万事开头难

6.Hit the het 睡觉

7.I have kick vock-botlom 我糟透了

8.Just wait and see 走着瞧

9.practice makes perfect 熟能生巧

10.We will see我们看看再说

11.Never say die 永不言弃

12.save your breath 别唠叨了

13.white elephant 华而不实

14.He can't take a joke 他开不起这玩笑

15.It is out of question 没问题

16.short temper 急脾气

17.Don't make sense. 没有意义。

18.off the topical 离题

19.Don't give me that 少来那套

20.I have got buyer's regret 我后悔了

21.You outdid yourself 你做的太好了

22.Sorry,keep you waiting 对不起,让你久等了

23.give a shoot 直说

24.It's that so ?是那样吗

25.It's my way or high way 爱听不听

26.Lot's shop till we drop 疯狂的购物

27.What brought you here 什么风把你吹来了

28.retail therapy 购物疗法

29.It's up in the air 还没定呢

30.You are got a big head 你太自大了

31.You are a murcher 爱占便宜的人

32.Don't let me down 不要让我失望

33.I just make it 我成功了

34.allow me 让我来

35.Do I have to 非做不可吗

36.What coincidence 真巧

37.shoot sighted 目光短浅

38.I am on your side 我支持你

39.Don't count on me 不要指望我

40.It seems all right 看起来不错

41.Thank you for nothing 没什么可谢的

42.It's going to far 太离谱了

43.She is excepting 她有喜了

44.slow down 慢点

45.You make me sick. 你让我恶心。

46.He is so stubborn 他很固执的

47.on the plus side 从好的方面想

48.as a favor to me 算帮我个忙

49.game over 游戏结束

50.There is just no way 简直没有办法


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