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Author Topic: 与动物相关的常用英语口语表达  (Read 938 times)

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« on: December 03, 2018, 01:56:28 PM »


1. Butterflies in one's stomach 感到紧张、忐忑不安。
Julie has butterflies in her stomach every time Mike speaks to her.

2.Make a pig's ear of 把事情搞得很糟糕
She made a pig's ear of things on the evening.

3.Cast pearls before swine 对牛弹琴
词典中对Cast pearls before swine把珍珠放在猪面前,这个表达相当于我们中文中的“对牛弹琴”。
To cast pearls before swine is to give things of value to those who will not understand it.

4. The lion's share 最大份额
Prince  had left the lion's share of all his money to his second wife.

5. A cold fish 冷漠无情的人,古怪的人
Our new boss  is a cold fish.

拓展:Cold-hearted 冷酷无情 

Orphaned as a baby, Jane Eyre is placed in the care of a cold-hearted aunt, Mrs. Reed of Gateshead Hall.

6. It's not my pigeon. 这不关我的事
pigeon是鸽子,但这句话是说这不关我的事,有类似"It's none of my bussiness."

The house price is growing quickly, but it's not my pigeon.

7.A cat gets one's tongue 舌头打结,一言不发,不吭声

What's up? Cat got your tongue?
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