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Author Topic: 关于真的爱中国的穷外国哲学家(Geser Kurultaev)  (Read 147 times)

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关于真的爱中国的穷外国哲学家(Geser Kurultaev)
« on: August 08, 2022, 04:29:15 AM »

关于真的爱中国的穷外国哲学家(Geser Kurultaev)


我:Since my childhood I started to like China and I learned a lot about the Chinese culture, socialism and so on. When I had the opportunity to find my first job (in 2004) as an English teacher I decided at once to come and to teach English (regardless of that I'm a philosopher with Master's degree and I preferred to work something more related to my major). For me it was enough to be in China and I really hoped that I can get a Chinese citizenship and become a Chinese (something like the minorities from Xinjiang because one of my forefathers are coming from there, thousand years ago, when they migrated to East Europe). Well, recently I hoped that if I can't obtain a Chinese citizenship, at least I can get a Chinese green card because I'm already completing the necessary conditions...

The only problem is that recently I can't find a work visa as an English teacher (because I'm not a native English speaker and the new law is limiting the non-native speakers), I can't start my own business because I'm not that rich (no enough initial capital and I can't find anybody from my relatives, friends and ex-students who wish to invest in my business ideas) and I even can't find an ordinary job with work visa (I don't mind to work as a cleaner, a waiter or anything else like this because I'm not picky when it comes to job). I'm an educated person, I'm a good person (protecting animals, giving charity, collecting bottles to help the environment, never pick fights, do not insult people, every time helping people when it's possible, never drink hard alcohol, never smoke; also I like reading and I do write some e-books and articles). Even though, no company can give me work visa (because they can't hire foreigners and/or because they don't need foreigners). I feel more and more desperate and unwelcome because I just can't stay like this forever in China -- I need a legal job... Is there at least one person who can help me to achieve my China dream?

(My short resume: a philosopher (East-European university Master's degree) who speaks several languages, an author of a few e-books, a poet and an amateur webmaster who also graduated in some sport disciplines recently. 46 y. o.) Any kind of job with a work visa is going to be okay for me.

Andy: You can start a consulting company and offer adult English courses, for example. Foreign invested companies do not need to have their share capital paid in right away. You have time for this. Don't give up!

David: @G you can speak to HB

Da Ge Zi: Lots of Chinese export oriented companies need web hosting with an English profile - since you have webmaster skills

Randy: in Haikou it costs max 2,000 yuan and 2 weeks to open a company

JGI: +1, opening a company isnt expensive. Teaching normally is a no no. And many companies opened this way were closed. You can't do "low level" job in China, there is a list of what you can't do. Opening one isnt too complicated now but still take times to get all the paper for the visa. I post here a guy you can ask question about opening company. It cost will cost a bit more than 2000 as you need an accountant and a proper place for business but frankly its doable. @G  


I think Umberto can help u too (guess he is here)

Da Ge Zi: What is his profession?

JGI: both of them helps foreigner to open company, not sure if he does other stuff too

Da Ge Zi: Accountant?

JGI: u need one for your company, dont even try to do yourself. Giving yourself a salary is already a pain in the ass haha.

我: I just have no capital to open a company, dear people. Even a small one. @Da Ge Zi , are they going to provide me with a work visa? (And also I think my webmaster skills are not good enough because I can deal only with HTML and BBcode.)

JGI: About doing website, without php / java / css and especially python nowadays, no need to even think about it.

Yes, you're right. In China I can't become even a cleaner or a seller in a shop... no matter that I spend so many years here, I speak the language, I do not do illegal things and I'm comparatively well educated... So, I just wondered if there is at least 1 person who is able to give me a legal job opportunity (because I can't see I have some problem except I am poor and a non-native English speaker)...

David: He's the go-to guy for business consulting

Norbert: Umberto is here, I saw him at the show last week.

Yes. The website expectations are higher and higher. And there is even a joke about the average costumer: "You'are a webmaster, huh? OKAY, I WANT A WEBSITE! JUST SOMETHING LIKE GOOGLE BUT a bit better!"

Da Ge Zi: Check if any companies from your native country want 'boots on the ground' in China for imports/exports, since you are fluent in Mandarin, know the culture etc

If you feel overqualified for Hainan, search jobs in Guangzhou or Shenzhen

@Da Ge Zi thank you for the idea but I tried it long time ago. My country is from the poor ones and it's difficult to find somebody like that. Also they can't provide me Chinese work visa for sure (what I hope to have now). But thank you, anyway!

我: And thanks to all of the others who spent some time to communicate with me and to give me some chance! I am touched! (我很感动!)

Da Ge Zi: Where are you from?

我: Bulgaria (保加利亚共和国) -- the poorest member of the EU.

Da Ge Zi: Bulgaria has nice agricultural products. I bet it imports various things from China.

Bulgaria has about the same per capita GDP as China

Don't let past failures discourage you. Keep fighting

PM me

GDP means nothing when most of the people there are wondering how to pay their electricity bills... You know, it's about the GINI index: 基尼系数(英文:Gini index、Gini Coefficient)是指国际上通用的、用以衡量一个国家或地区居民收入差距的常用指标。除了收入基尼系数(Income Gini)之外,还有一种财富基尼系数(Wealth Gini)。

The problem is that GDP, when it goes only to a small group of the people, means nothing special. Many people over there are around or under the poverty line.

And nearly 1/4 of the population already lives abroad because just can't stand the crisis there (political, economical, cultural, etc. crisis)

Da Ge Zi: Please PM me

我:Bulgaria was a very good and developed country till 1989. (We had FREE hospitals, FREE schools and universities, CHEAP medicines, etc. We had a real DEVELOPED Socialistic society) Later -- no more USSR, no more socialism... but: capitalism, "democracy", NATO... and now it's where it is...

OK, I will, thank you!


Andy: Well, China also does not have the "iron rice bowl" mentality either. You'll have to adapt, friend, and maybe review your outlook on life. Just reading this chat, I notice that most of your replies are "can't" rather than "yes, I can"...

@Andy 🇨🇭 Yes. He is:
He is kind of hopeless

@Andy 🇨🇭 the "can't" is objective. It's not that I can't -- the objective reality is CAN'T. For example, the current Chinese law about the English teachers.

I was a legal English teacher years ago. Then, suddenly, the law changes and said -- well, you're not from a native English language country, so you can't teach kids anymore...

About that the economy in Bulgaria isn't so good and there are a lot of poor people, it's also something OUT OF MY CONTROL.

Andy: @G I didn't mean to attack you personally, apologies. Hope you can find a positive outlook to life and become successful in your business ventures

我:So, if it's about Chinese laws or Bulgarian economics, I am not the one who can CONTROL it. My "locus of control" isn't what you think -- I am a hard-working man and I do agree to be even a cleaner. It's just not that easy for a non-native English speaker from a poor country who is poor himself.
Also, as a philosopher, I am able to control my optimism/pessimism levels and to be objective (what I really can and what I really should do)... but try being me -- even no money to go to cinema, restaurants... eating 3 onions (for lunch and breakfast) and begging for jobs around (I even don't want more than 3000-4000 yuan salary)...and you'll see that it's not only "an attitude" problem.
Adapt. This is what I do since 2004 here... And that's why I am still alive, even with my poor diet... I somehow survive. For example, I do sell empty bottles and cans... NO OTHER FOREIGNER IS SELLING this and the Chinese ask me: "Wow?! You also sell it?"... but I do. Believe me, I do adapt 100%...

Marian: Unfortunately for you, China doesn't want poor foreigners who are going to sell empty bottles and cans

我:"find a positive outlook to life": Sure. I do. You see -- now I ate my 3 onions and I drank a cup of green tea. My dinner is going to be something like 1 cucumber... And during this time I will do sports, I will learn Chinese... I am a positive person. I don't go to fight or to curse... I just hoped that someone will help me with an ORDINARY job... It's not an attitude problem. Otherwise I can't be a philosopher who speaks several languages and have published some books + a person who is still living in China even without enough food and other things... (and who is often blamed for "你这个老外怎么那么穷?!" I do my best, trust me.)

(Marian) , yes. BUT don't pigeonhole me.

n.   信件格; 开口文件格;
vt.   将(某人)轻率分类; 主观划分(某人)为; 搁置; 将…束之高阁; 不予处理;
[例句]The whole expansion plan is pigeonhole.
[其他]   第三人称单数:pigeonholes 复数:pigeonholes 现在分词:pigeonholing 过去式:pigeonholed 过去分词:pigeonholed

Marian: here are plenty of "loopholes" for people with advanced degrees from their home countries to teach those subjects but, and I say this as a native English speaker who chooses not to teach because I'm a shit teacher, there really isn't any reason for the country to want a random non-native to teach English when a Chinese person can fill that role

I am not ONLY a poor man who sells bottles and cans. I am also a: 1) Author of 4 e-books, 2) Master's at Philosophy, 3) a poet, 4) a polyglot, 5) a socialist, 6) a webmaster with some websites... 我知道他们会以为这个不够。可是呢,我不是只有个“穷人”。

I don't want to comment the new English (English language education) laws. I just wanted to say that if I can be at least a teacher or a cleaner, I will do it. The problem is there are NOT enough jobs for people like me (I am well educated and I am an honest man, but still... not good enough for China. Right?)

And I meant that to one period to be an English teacher was a good option to me; not it's already not... so I beg the people around if they can help me. Some already tried... that's all.

Marian: You keep saying you are educated. Masters Degree or PhD?


Marian: You keep mentioning the e-books. So what? Last year one of my clients paid me CNY 50k for a vanity press translation of a science fiction novel that he has since decided not to publish.

David: The source of your problems isn't China's rules.
The bar for obtaining a work permit/RPw is 'a foreigner with skillsets and qualifications who can fill a gap in the Chinese labour market that cannot be readily filled by a Chinese citizen'.
Almost all countries have the same kind of requirements when determining whether or not a foreign citizen can work in their country.
Do you have the skills and qualifications that make you viable to fill a role in the local labour market that cannot be filled by a local resident?
You mentioned that you want to apply for Chinese citizenship/green card and that you meet the conditions for applying for a green card, so why don't you?

我:I keep saying it because you understood only the part about I sell cans and bottles. Yes I HAVE TO emphasize that FIRSTLY I am a philosopher(Master's) + many other things... My "sell empty bottles and cans" is not what I am in the first place. 你就不会随便说:“你就是个乞丐,所以中国不要你了。”我除了”乞丐“也是个哲学家,诗人,做网站的人,写书本的人,等。拜托。

Marian: So get a job teaching philosophy at a University?

王宛之: True

Marian: And stop whinging about how you aren't allowed to legally teach English as a non native with a masters in philosophy.

Anyone can publish an ebook. Anyone can make a website. These aren't special skills.

David: Because they don't need you.

"You mentioned that you want to apply for Chinese citizenship/green card and that you meet the conditions for applying for a green card, so why don't you? " -- Still didn't complete the "money in the bank" part and the work visa (stable income) part.

THAT'S IT! So, I wanted in this group to ask EXACTLY this: if someone may need me. Because I know what they need... and I am not something like: very rich foreigner, an AI master, a rocket scientist, a nuclear weapon scientists, etc. I am just an ordinary philosopher who write some things online and have some knowledge... I know it's "not enough for China". And still, I do love China and the Socialism, so I try to the end to be in China.

David: Sorry, I'm not being mean, it's a fact.
As the founder and general manager of a company that hires people, I can tell you that I will always try to hire from the local labour force first.
Hiring a foreign employee is a headache. If you were to start your own company (which is still an avenue for you), you would be able to experience the process first hand.
If you started your own company, went on 抖音 to talk about how much you love China, I'm sure you could be the next Nathan Rich (a.k.a. 火锅大王)
What skills do you have and what role do you think you could fill in the labour market?

我:"I can tell you that I will always try to hire from the local labour force first." -- It makes great economics sense. Of course, usually, people do so because the locals are cheaper and more convenient. For example, they don't need so high salaries and they do not visas and so on. As you said "hiring a foreigner is a headache"... (And here come the laws/rules too... Objective factors, no way to avoid them.)我真的爱中国。无所谓谁爱不爱我,我不会骗人我爱中国。I really love China and I can't say "because some guys hate China, I will hate it too". No way. China is my childhood love. Well, now I see I was too idealistic about it, but I am still a Chinese fan.

"What skills do you have and what role do you think you could fill in the labour market? "

1. Understand many languages: Macedonian, Russian, Chinese, English, Bulgarian, Tatar, etc. Learning more.

David: I believe you're imagining the EU with its freedom of movement and the (often illegal) immigration of people from central and south American countries to the USA/Canada. Those are the two scenarios I can imagine where foreigners fill roles like janitors and wait staff at restaurants.

2. Have some own little discoveries and ideas about the philosophy and politics, human nature (probably not useful for the most of the businesses).

3. Able to write long articles and books; poems... literature oriented person. (It means I can write ads too, to be a PR of a company...)

4. In good shape (not fat, some muscles, training martial arts) -- not a figher or a bully - I mean I can edure hard labour job like "move the table and the sofa" and "bring the cement and the stones here"...

5. Not alcohol drinker, no drugs, no smoking -- not going to cause troubles in the office or to insult the female stuff.

6. Already worked in many places: TV, newspapers, restaurants, schools...

That's it. An ordinary person.

David: I think you could be an asset to a language service provider, if you have the requisite language skills and evidence backing up those skills (certificates etc.)

"I believe you're imagining the EU with its freedom of movement and the (often illegal) immigration of people from central and south American countries to the USA/Canada. " -- NO! I imagine Japan, Cambodia,... You see a guy from Bulgaria is a bar worker in Japan. Another one is a teacher in Thailand... third one is a cleaner in Macao (SAR Macao)... this is what I imagine. I don't like the West that much, I am an Asian oriented person.

Maybe. Thanks. All depends of the good luck. There was a study which proves that even the most gifted people without good luck are nothing special... I'll share it with you, people. (And once again --- thanks a lot for the time and the attention! I am touched and I don't want to insult or to say bad things to anybody. I don't know why one guy said that to respond here is wrong and stuff. I just respect  you all.)

maybe this one: https://www.forbes.com/sites/adigaskell/2018/04/02/what-role-does-luck-play-in-success/

There were some similar studies that just found out that it's not only "hard work + study" and you're okay... It depends who will give you the job, what kind of parents you'll have, how good is the country you're in, are there risks on the streets and so on... In a word: "A lucky not very skillful" > "Unlucky skillful".


To be continued...
A fan of science, philosophy and so on. :)


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 (Part 2 第二的)

@Marian : "So get a job teaching philosophy at a University?" : Tried. No "Philosophy" in Haikou. In other places they need Doctor's degree.
 "And stop whinging about how you aren't allowed to legally teach English as a non native with a masters in philosophy."??????????????

NOBODY IS "whining"!!!

At least you didn't say "triggered"!!!

To notice A FACT isn't "whining"!!!

So, define well your understanding of the MAIN TERMS!

“Anyone can publish an ebook. Anyone can make a website. These aren't special skills." ---- I NEVER SAID THEY'RE ARE SPECIAL!!!

You just said that I am only a bottle&can collector, so I HAD TO explain AGAIN that I am: a 1. philosopher, 2. kind of webmaster, 3. poet, 4. polyglot, 5. writer, 6. author of some little discoveries (political, philosophical, etc.), 7. former journalist (newspapers and TV) in East Europe, 8. teacher... etc.!
So, DON'T think of me as an ordinary person who just have to leave China!
I DO LOVE CHINA AND THE CCP since I was 5!!!
I am well-educated and I am surely more genuine to PRC than many of you and many of the local people!!!
When SOME PEOPLE HERE ATTACKED YOU about your past of something, I kept silent! But now I am not going to keep silent!
关于不太懂英语的人:这个西方的女人说我不是什么特别的,中国不需要我,什么的!真是的啊!!! 我又是哲学的专业,又是有自己的小发明(哲学的,政治学的,等),又写书,又会写诗,又以前在东欧做了记者(电视的,报纸的),又当了老师,又会几门外语的!

吴 : @王元秋  Can we stop it here?  Really it's a bad time for flooding


吴: (posting the group rules)

我:而且,我原来不要来这里,因为我真的不太喜欢跟老外们联系。我来了在中国因为中国人,不是因为老外们。所以如果@王元秋  要的话,我会离开。我不需要看你们的批评中国的看法。刚才你们对中国的stickers开玩笑了,我没有说了什么。可是我真的讨厌老外们欺负我的最爱的中国!懂不懂?

吴:Pls read the rules of the group and move your monologues to somewhere else

我:It is NOT a monologue. It's an answer to another person!
And you right now played jokes with the Chinese COVID-19 stickers! Right?
Are you keeping the rules so strictly?
I'll try to explain "reward nature of sticker" to our garden's security if they refuses let me in ;D

David: I think it might be best to focus on you, your present predicament and what you can do to improve your situation. That probably starts with you assessing your skills, honing your CVs and doing the arduous task of submitting them for vacancies for which your skills are required and that are open to foreigners. You must be smart enough to know that a love for China is not enough. I also love this country, but I didn't get very far here by complaining. I worked and continue to work very hard, and I have also had to adapt, change and continue improving my skills.

I do wish you all the best, and I hope luck goes your way.

We can give you support and advice, but please, don't come to a group asking for support and advice and then start spouting off. It is normal for anyone for feel frustrated at certain points in time, and also puzzled, confused, and yes, downright angry.

I think one is also able to express that (whether directly or as a joke) without it being viewed as anti-China rhetoric. I believe a vast majority of people here in this group, Chinese and foreigners alike, are supportive of and are willing to follow the epidemic prevention regulations, as it is in everybody's best interests to do so.

Peace, love and light

And good night

我:I do focus on myself and the present, and stuff. I just NOTICED some opinions that I didn't answer and I will give them the decent answer. (The main problem is that they still think I am more foreigner than Chinese... even after nearly 19 years in China + so much efforts to become a Chinese, when one of my forefathers are from China...) Of course, only love is not enough... what about my: education, skills, non-criminal record, much genuine support to China and the socialist/communist attitude? Doesn't it matter?...  I do agree to work hard even as a builder or a cleaner, but who gives me the opportunity?... Once you're poor, nobody cares... Honestly speaking the mosI loved and try to continue to love Chinese... my childhood dream: Mao ZeDong, Zhou EnLai, Bruce Lee, Li LianJie (Jet Li)... I didn't immigrate to USA, Germany or other western country like most of other Bulgarians... But I do also wish you the best because I know it: "Not every foreigner is a bad person." (有些外国佬是好人。) ---------------  I DIDN'T came to this group, I WAS FORCED TO COME (via phone calls)... I am living here since 2004, I don't need help -- I have a Chinese partner and relatives, I do speak Chinese... but I HAD TO JOIN IT... and then, one day, I decided to ask for some JOB HELP. (我希望了中国人会帮忙我,可是无所谓,因为已经华人帮忙了我。我认为华人也是中国的。很好!)

Please, you know that THAT WOMAN may make angry many of you! Even another foreigner said "Don't start with her, she will never stop." BUT I WILL START AND I WILL REPORT ALL OF THESE CHATS IN OTHER WEBSITES! I AM A 100% frank and honest man! 真的共产主义者。

As a jobless and hungry (literally) person, I am a BIT, a LITTLE sad... but I am just ANSWERING what YOU PEOPLE post... nothing more or less.

"are supportive of and are willing to follow the epidemic prevention regulations, as it is in everybody's best interests to do so. " -- 问题是,原来,大多数的老外们在外国和在这里不太理解,不太了解中国的中共,中国的人民。好多次可以看见他们叫中国人“chinks”, "yellow monkeys",什么的的。还有那个恶心的Winnie The Pooh东西。。。。。。 几天以前一个人说--如果老外说是爱中国的,这样是可笑的,什么的。哎呀!我真的受不了这类的人们,所以我说:我不属于外国人在中国的,因为我自己更像个中国人(喜欢中共的中国人),问题是我有外国国籍。我真的希望有一天我会入中国国籍,因为西方是越来越坏的。

Peace, love and light -- Yes, of course! 社会主义核心价值观就是这样。I do support this view... You just think a bit carefully: WHO STARTED IT? She... (A man even said "Don't start with her, she is not going to stop.", but as a person who is 100% willing to say the Truth, I WILL ANSWER HER. Even banned here, we'll continue this in another place...


@王宛之 “He is kind of hopeless ”  那,你非常hopefull, 就好了。 Oh... I am "a kind of hopeless"... Good for you that you're a kind of hopefull... I really wonder if you weren't with Chinese citizenship what kind of job and realization you can have NOWADAYS in China... Especially if you was with a citizenship (passport) from a country which is a member of EU, NATO and a servant of the USA and, in fact, almost everyone in PRC will think of you as an "enemy"... (In fact, I do not like NATO, USA, etc. 其实我不喜欢北约,美国,等,可是我的国籍(护照)就是从这类的国家。我要入中国国籍,可是不知道这么办。)

To be continued (probably)...

A fan of science, philosophy and so on. :)


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Re: 关于真的爱中国的穷外国哲学家(Geser Kurultaev)
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2022, 05:18:04 AM »
IMPORTANT NOTICE to those who're coming here to read from that "Foreigner Service Group":

As long as I can see your answers/questions/trolling/insults/replies/etc. there, I will answer you here! This will be a good way to make that WeChat (微信) group free from our personal discussions and also we can say what we want here.
A fan of science, philosophy and so on. :)

Good incel

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Re: 关于真的爱中国的穷外国哲学家(Geser Kurultaev)
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2022, 05:22:04 AM »
Looks like some of them are not so bad and really want to help... others, well, just to show how great are they or just bored... and some of the females... sorry to say that but, obviously women with some psychological issues... that's the reality...


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Re: 关于真的爱中国的穷外国哲学家(Geser Kurultaev)
« Reply #4 on: August 08, 2022, 05:25:52 AM »
Oh, I told them already:
So, as I said, I'm ready to leave this group because I'm living in PRC since 2004 and never left it + I have Chinese relatives and I do speak Chinese, I am almost a Chinese in my heart and thinking (我已经说了我会离开这个群因为我从2004年就住在中华人民共和国, 从那个时候没有离开了,没有去过了其他国家。还有这边我有亲戚,我懂汉语和中文了,我已经中国通了,我是差不多一位中国人(心理上和思想上的)). If there are future replies/trolling/attacks/questions/etc. Feel free to read my answers in the Omnilogy forum's thread about this matter: (我已经不要麻烦这里,所以未来的回复我就发给在那个全知的论坛):http://www.seo-forum-seo-luntan.com/b28/geser-kurultaev/
A fan of science, philosophy and so on. :)


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Re: 关于真的爱中国的穷外国哲学家(Geser Kurultaev)
« Reply #5 on: August 08, 2022, 05:02:49 PM »
我真的离开了!I really left it!

看看最后的聊天/See the last conversations:

Marian: I've never actually seen someone use the term "foid" other than to mock sad sacks like yourself and their disgusting opinions. I have to say I'm grateful to the person who tracked down your post history as, on top of what you've already written in this group, it guarantees that there is absolutely no way I or any of my friends will assist you with finding a job.

我:1、The Omnilogy forum hosts MANY FORUMS (BOARDS), including ONE (only 1) about the "Good Incels Without Hate" AND IF YOU READ THE RULES YOU'LL SEE THAT THE WORD "FOID" ISN'T WELCOME. (就是我们反对你们的西方的,有恨的incels,我们做了个地方会有只有和谐的,社会的incels).  那边还有关于:哲学,心理学,中文,俄文,保文,动物,植物东西。It's full of different OMNILOGY topics. 我也发给了她看看几张论坛的照片,因为看起来她一点都不明白这里不是只有好的incels的论坛。她真的不懂事儿啊!我还不明白怎么这样低IQ的人会住在中国,会做商业?!真奇怪。I even showed her some screenshots from this forum because seems like she didn't understand the matter at all (that here isn't just a forum for the good incels. She really don't understand well the things! I wonder how people with such a low IQ-level are able to live in China and to make business here?! Really strange.)

Of course it needs a bit higher IQ level to realize it.

Randy: @王元秋 can you please remove this person?

Randy?i will go out by myself. Wait for a while only to answer to that woman who all of you hate anyway...
Later follow only my answers in seo-forum-seo-luntan.com.

我:@王元秋, 我自己会离开。没事。我不要跟这些老外们聊天。大多数他们不是什么会爱中国的人。经常他们反对你们的国家和中共。
@王元秋 可以的,你2次说了我要参加这里,我参加了。但是,我真的不需要跟这些外国佬们联系。他们除了恨和开玩笑,什么的没有对我什么用的和意思的。我离开吧。

蟹老板: 你们有任何问题都可以私下解决,不要在群里发表任何言论

其实,我真的没有什么必要“私下”跟那样的人! 我的生活中有好多其他问题的,没有必要"私下“那样子的外国人。
我:“ it guarantees that there is absolutely no way I or any of my friends will assist you with finding a job.” -- 天哪!谁要你的这个没有礼貌的,没有好的性格西方女孩子帮助啊?!我讨厌你!滚吧!Gosh! Who, the hell, would like she (the rude, the bad tempered girl) to help him or her?! I hate her! I hope to never meet her online or offline!

王: 最后一次警告

Rob: popcorns img (意思是这个老外就喜欢看我们的矛盾,觉得有趣的。The popcorn emoticons, images, etc. are showing that the person likes/enjoys the controversy and finds it sort of interesting or funny.)

viren-2003: 你无数次说你要离开这个群,也无数次说你讨厌我们这样的'老外们'(这甚至不是一个词),但你还是没走。你到底想干嘛?你甚至不认识我们本人。你有什么资格说我们是不好的外国人(反对中国)?

你昨天晚上没看到了吗?他们(她们)经常是这样的。而且我不是说只有在那个群!在其他地方:Reddit, FB,什么的,我以前看到了好多这类的--对中国人说脏话,开玩笑,反对中共,恨中国的政治,等。很少有外国人会理解和了解中国,中国人,中共,等。但是,我说了(你没看到了!)-- 有些外国人不是坏的。而且我说了我感谢要帮忙我的老外们和华人。所以你不会生气。对不对?

关于”老外们“ -- 我的中文是自学的,可是这个我知道,因为在中国的网络中有很多这样写的:https://www.baidu.com/baidu?wd=老外们


A fan of science, philosophy and so on. :)


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