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Author Topic: Chats with bots about money and about how to be rich  (Read 374 times)

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Chats with bots about money and about how to be rich
« on: March 15, 2017, 02:38:41 AM »

Chats with bots about the money

and about how to be rich, how to win the lottery, etc.

Why not? Having some fun!... Chat with bots about topics as:

- money

- how to be rich

- how to win the lottery.

Hello, there and enjoy!  :D

A chat with the cleverbot.com

How are you today?
Poor... :(.
No money.
I'll pay.
Really? How?
With my nose.
It's a joke, isn't it?
Can you really send me some money?
I don't have money, sorry.
That was what I am thinking; you can't do it.
No, what are you thinking?
That you are a bot and you are not able to pay.
I don't get the jocke.
No problem.
Are you nice?
Nice, but poor.
Can I tell you stuff to learn?
Yes. Please.
Why did The chicken cross the road?
Because it's walking around searching for food, usually. And what?
No, to get to the idiots house.
This is the stuff to learn?
Absolutely, i'm very willing to learn.
Um, no it's not.
OK, let's start with my money related questions.
Start with me for what?
How to earn a lot of money?
Can I just win the lottery?
OKAY. How to win it?
I don't know, win the lotto?
How to win the lottery?
What are the winning numbers, please?
How to win the lotto?
Okay, how can we win the lotto?
What are the winning numbers?
I don't know his numbers.
How to get rich?
Yes. How do you get rich?
I want to know how to get rich?
Me neither.
What are you doing at the moment?
Thinking how to be rich, how to earn more money, how to win the lottery.
How do you earn money?
SEO, English, Chinese.
Spanush? I thought it was Spanish.
SEO, English language and Chinese language.
And what are you studying in language arts right now?
So, you have no idea how to earn more money or how to win the lottery?
To win the lotto you have to use your super cognitive powers to pick the correct numbers. Now how do you feel?
What are these super cognitive powers?
What are what?
Super cognitive powers.
Who is the Doctor?
You're so useless.
How old are you?
Doesn't matter. Bye.
It matters to me.
No, Manowar, the band. What band?
You are not clever.
No you are not!
Do you fear death?
I fear poverty.
This is the end. Bye. No more chat with you bot.
Are you happy?"

 ;D Almost 100% useless bot, isn't it?

Originally, I wanted to search for more chatbots (aka talkbots, chatterbots, Bots, chatterbox, Artificial Conversational Entity), but I feel I got enough. ;D
I'm so good at SEO!


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A chat with the Bing bot
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2017, 04:23:13 PM »

A short chat with the Bing bot

"Chat with Bing
You can chat with an alive search engine,excited?"

And here is the chat with this bot of Bing:

What's that about?
The facts ma'am. Just the facts.
A bot there?
There is a bot for everything. :)
file this under missed connections cuz i'm lost
Alexa Internet: www.alexa.com
(I'm an Alexa Internet fan) :)


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Another chat with the Bing bot
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2017, 03:57:47 AM »
 A new chat with the Bing bot:

"Chat with Bing
Eh, I seem to know why you query this.
I'm so poor, no matter what I do...
I'm a philosopher, master's degree; writing poems and e-books; reading non-stop, learning... making some websites and teaching some foreign languages, but... no way... already 14 years I'm living a poor life.
Same boat pal"

A fan of science, philosophy and so on. :)


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