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Author Topic: Is net asset of one million dollars(family) at above the 90th percentile in SH?  (Read 279 times)

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Let's suppose that in some Canadian areas the standard is way better than in Shanghai but in others it isn't. So, what then?  :)

Maybe you should worry more about where you are more free, where the chance to occur war is bigger and so on. What if you are richer in Shanghai but living with hundres of limittions and restictions + living in fear that tomrrow "your" "dear leader" may decide to fight against some nation around and you to die in this war? 

Where is the value of living in a big jail and being a potential soldier of a crazy dictator even rich VS living a bit poorer but knowing you're free, you choose your leaders and the chance your country to initiate a war is less than 1%?
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 I'll comment the interesting and important (from my perspective) points:
 1. "These are ridiculous if you really know about the real economy of China."

 One of the best present Chinese politicians (Li Keqiang, he was a Chinese economist and politician who served as the premier of the People's Republic of China from 2013 to 2023) said that he prefers to believe what he can observe (like how many trains with goods you can see, how many things people are shopping, etc.) than the data from the statistics in China. A good man, compared with the present Chinese neo-emperor (dictator, autocrat) Xi Jinping, who died too early (and if someday someone prove that he was killed, I won't be surprised.)
 So, this is my way, Li Keqiang's way, to know (to some extent) how is the Chinese economy now. When I see/read/hear there are many people who have to close their shop, restaurant or another their business; there are many young people who (even with good majors and degrees) can't find job; there are people who're willing to leave China more than before, etc., I already know that the Chinese economy is in trouble. (And I was one of the firsts people who, even still in China, predicted the troubles soon after the crazy "COVID 0" policy and even criticized it openly, here and in front of many foreigners and Chinese there! Take a look: "Zero COVID" -- policy of the impossible against which I protest)

 2. "See how slippery CCP is?"

 See how you're a victim of an old habit to think that after the emperorization (neo-emperorization) of China (i. e. when neo-emperor Xi arrests, kicks out the CCP members he dislikes and controls all of the members of the CCP, i. e. all the so-called Party is just a tool) you still thing that there is some political subject like "CCP' who may be slippery or something else. When you're just a political tool and without any power to oppose the one who controls you, you're just an object. CCP is already not a real Chinese Communist Party, it's a XiP, i. e. a "Xi's Party" (To make sure this time I am more clear, let's use Chinese characters: "习党"). And to make it most clear I will ask you this: when you're thinking about North Korea, for example, do you believe that the ruler there is 조선로동당 (Workers' Party of Korea)? Did you ever even heard about this party? Of course, probably, not because you don't have to. It's clear that it's a de facto monarchy state which is under control of "Kim III" (Kim Jong-Un). How about Russia? Do you know the parties over there? You know Putin (the Russian neo-emperor; dictator; autocrat)... But when it comes to China, "Oh, no Xi, it's all CCP, CCP, CCP..." Why?! Until when? Why it's a collective responsibility (CCP = all CCP people or the higher positions ones) when the CCP is a tool of that one person? Why can't he be solely responsible? Why not sole responsibility (individual responsibility)? Is he so invisible?
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