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Author Topic: "The Incel" (A free e-book)  (Read 109 times)

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"The Incel" (A free e-book)
« on: June 21, 2022, 05:43:37 AM »

"The Incel"

(A free e-book) by Geser Kurultaev

Hi, there! I'm an incel, you know? Involuntary... whatever! In a word, one who can't get a girlfriend.
Okay, now you know. How do I look like? Well, I'm a male and I'm, obviously not an attractive one, you bet. You don't want to see me. I don't want to ruin your lunch or your sweet dreams. In a word, I'm ugly.
 Yeah, yeah, I know "The beauty is in the eye of the beholder." and the problem is that you don't know that for some of us, well, we're so ugly that the beauty isn't in the eye of any beholder all around the world. Look, man, if you're 5/10, well, I guess, you'll find some females who'll say that you're "okay", "sweet" or even "not that bad" and "I think he's pretty handsome.", but did you get it if you're 1/10 or even 0.5/10? The uglier, the hoplesser! Oops! Right now I invented a new word, right? Hopelesser (i. e. "more hopeless"). But who cares? To tell you the truth I'm a high IQcel and I invented even more meaningful things, but who cares? The commanders will say they're useless because they can't be used during the war or can't give them some free energy or something like this... and the majority of the females will say "Oh, are you a nerd?!" plus "It's too complicated! So boring!"
 Enough introduction right? Right to the problem?

To be or not to be? (A.k.a. To cope or to rope?)

I have got two friends. Just two. One is a fan of the "blackpill" which states that everything is about the biological looks, genetics and so one, which means pretty pessimistic which, logically, leads to "Incels life is meaningless, just stop trying and rope." and the second one is more like "redpill"-ed which means that he acknowledges the biology, genes, DNA and stuff, but he also sees the social and human upgrades that combined with the biology maxxes (like make more muscles via gymcelling or moneymaxx via find a great job) may totally influence your chances in a positive way to find a girl.
 The so-called "bluepillers" who'll just give you some nearly insulting advice like "Take a shower!" (i. e. supposedly you're dirty) or "You didn't try enough!" (i. e. you're an imbecile who doesn't know that if 100 times you're not successful it means that you're surely an incel or at least pretty incelish)... well, I just ignore them! Do you know what's worse than a bluepiller? A cheating PUA (pick-up master)! You see, at least the bluepillers are giving you some true platitudes like "If you drink more water and if you take more showers you're going to be healthier and cleaner!" but those PUAs are usually selling you fake advices like if you say some "magic words" to a female she will fall for you (even fall in love) just because you pronounced a phrase. You should be an idiot to believe it or you should be a 10/10 man (which we call usually a "Chad" or a "Gigachad") if you think that it'll work for you.

The first try
You see, my two friends and me are now in one village. Why? 'Cause it's the summer vacation. And it's a sort of "tradition" our parents to send us to their "hometowns", yeah, in fact, to their homevillages where we should spend some time helping the grandparents.
 The nature is pretty, the animals are lovely and so on, but why should I tell you this, when you're reading it only because you're interested of our COMMON terrible inceldom problem, right? So, c'mon! Straight to the point! Tonight, yeah, tonight there will be a disco party organized by... (I don't really care!) someone... and there well be some females... and many of them are single!Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah! Why? Well, because there are: a) volcels ("You see, I just don't want a man because all men are bad!"), b) standardcel ("Call me a standard incel, but I deserve only a person like a prince or a rich actor!") and c) everything else (use your imagination, bro!)
 And now, as I expected, my blackpilled friend said to me this (during he was playing a videogame):
"Man, they want only a Chad! Are you a Chad? No. So, it's over! I rather to stay here and sleep than to go wasting my time with foids like them!"
 And my redpilled friend said:
 "Look, my friend, the chance to get a girlfriend tonight is like 1:1 000 000, but at least we can make some observations! Are you in?"
 And what did I choose? To sleep or to go to do something? At least to have a try, to have a look? Well, I choose the second one! Why? Because I'm still alive, that's why! And I'll see what's the result.
 Hey, right now we're walking from the hill part of the village to the downtown village where is that disco event or whatever. And I am looking at my redpilled friend. I am NOT a gay, nor a bi-sexual! Just for the record. I'm just comparing a redpilled guy like him with a blackpilled guy like our other friend who chose to sleep! Well, the sleeper is fat which makes him even uglier than what he can be. And this redpilled friend is at least in a good shape because he is gymmaxxing. Don't get me wrong, he's not paying money to go to gym but he is using the objects around him to lift, to pull up, to push up and, as a result, he's lean and sort of natural muscular. The interesting point is that he's even uglier than the blackpilled one but... when I am looking at them I can't stop thinking that it's better to be a butterface like this person than a fat coach potato like that one.
 Wow! The disco event is right there! We arrived! I can see some pretty girls and even my one-it-is! She... doesn't matter, I don't wanna talk about her because she is just a dream and I'm sure I never can be close to her! I'll be damn lucky if I can have at least a girl who is a low-tier Becky (which means an almost ugly girl)... So... Just be realistic, bro!
 And here we go!...

 To be continued...
A fan of science, philosophy and so on. :)


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Re: "The Incel" (A free e-book)
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2022, 06:06:52 AM »
It's really good news! At last a literature book about the incels! And it's 100% free! Most of the brocels are poor! So, it's a kind of charity for them! I hope all of the incels' problems will be mentioned in this book! Good luck!

I'm going to share with them in the incels' communities asap!
A kind of incel: baldcel + poorcel + shortcel... what else? Soon to come: oldcel!!!


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