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Author Topic: Tips to Ace Your Escape Games  (Read 24 times)

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Tips to Ace Your Escape Games
« on: January 13, 2022, 07:21:05 PM »
Escape games are tricky and highly challenging real-life games. They are designed intricately with acute precision to test the team players in every possible manner. Even though people love to indulge in an escape room, there is the smallest amount of fear of not escaping that haunts them continually. Over time, companies have designed their escape rooms as more complex structures to crack. It, however, significantly adds to the richness of the gaming experience. 
The challenges that every escape game exposes the teams to, despite being tricky, are not impossible to crack. If you love to play escape room games and have been to many, you are probably aware of the general structure of the game. However, if this is your first time in an escape room, this article has all you need! 
1.   Get your team familiarized with the overall outlook of the escape room!
It is probably one of the most crucial things to do when you enter the escape room for the first time. Have a look around the room. Knowing the rules of the escape room from before can be immensely helpful. Inspect the nooks and corners of the room; leave no stone unturned! Escape games are always designed to help players find out the clues hidden in the room and escape the room!
2.   Choose just the correct number of players to form the team!
Another vital step in paving the way to winning the escape games is picking the correct number of people to serve your team. Choosing too big a team to play an escape room can do you more harm. A vast team shall only seek to add to an overall increase in chaos in the game room. On the other hand, having only a few players on your team shall make it tough to solve all the puzzles within time. Hence, it is better to choose not too many or too few people to play with you. 
3.   Choose the team members in such a manner that you know them well enough!
Compared to playing with strangers, it is always a great idea to play the game with someone you know well. By doing so, players shall have higher and better compatibility as they work with them as their teammates, which is impossible while playing with people they hardly know well enough. So, pick your team members with caution to increase your chances of winning the game effectively!
4.   Have an unbroken stream of communication in your team.
Communication is probably another most essential quality to harness if you wish to win the game. Each team member should continuously keep communicating with the other team members throughout the gaming experience. The team, which is highly vocal and continues to share each other's discoveries and ideas, happens to have the highest chances of winning the game. Further, alongside voicing each other's thoughts, it is also important that players remain patient as they hear their team members' opinions. 
5.   Never spend too much time solving one puzzle!
Often, newbies to the world of escape games are found to devote far too much time to solve one riddle. None of your team members should spend too much of their time trying to solve one single puzzle. It is always better to divide the time inside the escape room judiciously. 
These are some of the few essential tips that one might find handy while playing escape games. So, now you are all set to go ahead and win the game with your team!



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