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学习英语 / Ibane's
« on: April 12, 2019, 06:38:02 PM »



First Post

First, my nickname Ibane, I don’t know what it means, I have not done the cross-checking with all possible languages so I guess it has very singular meanings but I don’t really care. I just saw it and I liked it. The election was based on pure aesthetic, so there is no deep meaning or anything like that.

Lately I am getting deeper and deeper into the open source. My drivers are:

1.- Personal: I have very good relationships with people involved there and they have been the ones to drag me in this new world.

2.- Technical superiority to proprietary software, in most of the cases.

3.- The feeling of freedom that you can breathe there.

I think that Open Source, in general, is  a slap in the face to the current tendency to provide bad quality products to the consumer just because the driver is to get out something quick with the maximum profit without paying attention to quality.

I will go deeper as soon as I am getting better understanding.

Other topics / "My Stepmom" comics
« on: December 12, 2018, 07:09:38 PM »

"My Stepmom" comics

I don't read often comics, but I'm attracted to the comics "My Stepmom". I can't read it to the end. :( I can't find this whole comics and I have no money to spend for it. My family members will never let me do so! How can I read it for free? Help!

Food / Yum yum
« on: November 13, 2018, 05:57:59 PM »

Coxinha - Brazilian Chicken Croquettes

Yum yum! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coxinha

A recipe for coxinha: These chicken croquettes are a popular street food from Brazil. You don't have to be a Brazilian to enjoy this chicken croquette and cream cheese combination. Traditionally coxinha is made from Catupiry cheese, but you can just replace it with cream cheese.


  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 1 litre chicken stock
  • 1 onion, finely diced
  • 1 carrot, finely chopped
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 stick celery
  • cream cheese
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 300 gram flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup very finely breadcrumbs
  • oil

Place the carrot in a large pot. Add chicken stock until the chicken breast is covered with at least 1/2 inch of liquid. Add the carrot, half of the onion and the bay leaves.
Bring chicken stock to gentle simmer, and poach chicken until cooked or around 15 minutes. Remove chicken breast, set aside and let it cool.
Measure the chicken broth about 350ml. Add the chicken stock to the saucepan and then slowly beat in the flour and cook for about 3-5 minutes until the dough not sticks to the pan. Remove from heat and let it cool.
In a small frying pan, add 1 tablespoon oil and sweat the remaining onion for 3-5 minutes until soft, then add the garlic and the celery for another 2 minutes.
Shredded the chicken breast, mixed with cream cheese, add the onion mixture. Stir to combine and season to taste.
Take a piece of the dough about the size of the golf ball. Roll it into a ball, and then flatten it into a disc. Add about 1 teaspoon chicken filling, bring up the edges all round, and carefully press the dough, so it totally encased, and shaped into a pear shape.
Whisk the eggs together in a bowl. Place the bread crumbs in a shallow pan and season it with salt and pepper. Dip the coxinhas in the egg, then in the breadcrumbs to coat. Chill the breaded coxinhas in the fridge for about 1 hour.
Fry until it gets golden brown. 8)

Philosophy / Robert Sapolsky about the humans, gibbons and other animals
« on: September 30, 2018, 03:54:27 PM »

Robert Sapolsky about the humans, gibbons and other animals

An intro:
Gregory C. Farrington (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gregory_C._Farrington): Good evening and welcome to this month's Pritzker lecture! I'm Greg Farrington executive director of the Academy; 'chief penguin' as they say... or as I say. I think that's a; it's as good an identity as any. Tonight it's my pleasure to introduce Robert Sapolsky from Stanford. You've heard of Stanford, I presume. he's the  John A. and Cynthia Fry Gunn professor. And he holds joint appointments in biology and neurology and neurological sciences. He's also research associate at the Institute of primate research operated by the National Museums of Kenya in Nairobi and the recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship. Most significantly he's an Academy fellow; he's one of us. Dr. Sapolsky received his BA in biological anthropology from Harvard and his PhD from Rockefeller University in neuroendocrinology. He's the author of several books including (and I love this title) "Stress, the Aging Brain, and the Mechanisms of Neuron Death" a guide to stress-related diseases in coping. I can't quite decide whether to read it or not. He also regularly contributes a journals such as "Discover", "Science", "Scientific American", "Harper's" and "The New Yorker". I hope you read them all!
Now I, before the final step of the introduction I will say I'm about to walk out. The reason is simple: my wife and I married our son off on the East Coast, we just got back and we're zoned. So we are going or these bundles of neurons are about to collapse and so we are trying to watch this on the Fora TV version later on, even though we regret missing tonight. His topic this evening is "Humans are we just another primate? Are we just a bunch of neurons?" Please join me in welcoming Robert Sapolsky.

Watch it:

More (about R. Sapolsky): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Sapolsky

EARN MONEY / The Miracle of Compound Interest
« on: September 03, 2018, 03:38:50 PM »
The Miracle of Compound Interest

Albert Einstein was once asked what he thought was the most powerful force in the universe. He answered: Compound Interest! Now, I would have thought that Albert Einstein would have considered things other than money. But, when you take another look at it, he may be right. At least, he may have suggested the thing that most of us would like to have.

For the few reading this that have no idea what compound interest is, let me explain briefly. Let’s say you deposit a certain amount in a savings account (bad idea) and you leave it there for a while.

On day one you deposit $100 and the bank is paying you 4% compounded daily. On the second day your balance in the account will be $104. On day two your balance will be $108.16. Day 3 will yield $112.48 and so it goes. Until on day 18 your money have doubled to an account balance of $202.58.

Doubling one’s money in just 18 days and not having done a thing to accomplish that is an amazing feat if you ask me. In fact I might agree with Mr. Einstein to a degree. I am sure that compound interest might be a force that I want working in my life. It has all the possibility of making one’s life that of what we dream.

What If?

So, I was thinking to myself what if there was an internet based business that revolved around this principle of compound interest on the internet? That might be one of the easiest ways to earn money. In fact, the easiest. You put money in and it multiplies for you like a bunch of little bunnies. I don’t know about you, but, I’d go for that!

When I was young I used to hear of compound interest accounts a great deal more than I do today. I suppose bankers have just become more greedy or the wild fluctuation of interest rates over the last 2 or 3 decades have made it more difficult for banks to pay a rate that keeps up with inflation, recession and all the other financial pressures you can imagine operating in the world today. Although have long been familiar with the concept it just wasn’t something I felt I could do.

My mind kept telling me to get involved with such a paying plan one would have to have a great amount to deposit in an account. Then where would I find such a thing?
Having been working on the internet for a couple of years I had yet to come across such a thing. But then, I did.

In plain words there are such things on the internet and I have found some that require only $10 to start an account. What really bothers me about such things is that I have a very difficult time telling folks about it because they don’t believe me.

Everyone says, “oh yeah, I know about compound interest.” But then, those same people will look at the interest I am being paid and they immediately start telling me I’m being scammed and suckered. Having done my due diligence I have found that the chance of that is fairly small.

So, what if I was being suckered? Is there anything I could do to minimize my position? I wondered. And at once it was apparent to me. I decided to treat my investment as I would a night at the craps table. I would only invest what I was prepared to lose. So, let’s say we play it that way. Let’s say we have $1,000 to lose without thinking about jumping off a tall building. I could wait for my money to double and then take my original money out leaving only the interest earning interest. And that is how I play it.

One of the programs that I am involved in pays an incredible rate of up to 25% per month compounded daily. Let me show you some calculated results using that initial $1,000.

$1,000 over one year would result in a total balance of $14,551.92. At that time I would withdraw my $1,000 and cast the remaining interest back in to doing what it was doing before.
At the end of the second year my accrued amount would be an incredible $197,206.39 and the third year would put me into the millions. An unbelievable $2,869,730. Wow, like winning the lottery and how much did I risk? Only $1,000. That was my complete exposure to the program. Never mind that some of the programs are run by some of the biggest banks in the world. You hear their names everyday on CNN or FOX.

The miracle of compound interest. It exists out there folks. It works because some entity like a bank is lending that money out at a horrific rate or is investing in futures and doing so by borrowing the money from you and I to do so.

What are they making on our money? Probably 40 to 70%. It is worth it for them to pay us to put the money out there for them to use. The trouble with all this is “US”, I mean you and I. Well, maybe not me. Do we fear making a mistake so much that we cannot bear to lose an amount that will not change our life if we do. Because if we choose to take the risk on a small amount we might end up having life-changing results. The only mistake in life is believing our fear of making one.

A.C. Benson said, “One’s mind has a way of making itself up in the background, and it suddenly becomes clear what one means to do.” This is what anyone that truly wants to succeed to the Nth degree needs to think about. Risk and reward and the miracle of compound interest.

Do you believe it?

Stars / Dave Ramsey
« on: September 03, 2018, 03:10:50 PM »

Dave Ramsey

Who is Dave Ramsey: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Ramsey

An opinion of a fan of Dave: Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University July 22, 2005

We all at one time or another encounter a turning point in our lives. My turning point was my attendance at a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University seminar. It was as though someone had wiped the fog from my bathroom mirror. My focus became very clear that day. To begin with.

I have to be honest, I was not at all thrilled about going. It was a Saturday and I don’t like to spend my Saturday’s sitting in an auditorium for 6 hours. The presentation was to start at 1 PM so we left home and just made it in time. I figured we’d be alright since I thought this could not be such a big event. Well, I was wrong. We just barely found a please to sit. Once Dave Ramsey came on I was glued to my seat.

The one thing you’ll quickly notice about Dave is that he is brutally honest about debt, credit cards, and money in general. That’s a good thing for most people, but a shocker for a some. To be told ” You don’t deserve squat” knocks a few of the self-centered in the audience of their chair. But it’s true as a lot of people these days think that just because they breathe air they should get whatever they want. Not to pick or insult college graduates but I’ve seen some that think just because they have a college degree they should get a top job, yet they have not proven themselves in a work environment.

Dave’s seminar is lively, interesting and filled with tidbits of humor to keep the pace upbeat. What he teaches is laid out in the most simple terms so that it can be understood by a wide audience. The stuff he sheds light on are truly common sense. Dave does not pretend them to be magic formulas or secrets. These are things you and I both are probably aware of but have never looked at them in the context Dave puts them in.

For example: Your greatest source of investment income is your salary. Yet most of our salary goes towards debt. So if we focus on getting out of debt first then we free up our income for investing. Simple, effective and true.

During the breaks several items are sold by Dave . Books, Cd’s and Video. Most all are reasonably priced. Are they worth what you pay for them? In my opinion, absolutely.

We purchased Financial Peace University in March of 2005. As of July we have eliminated over $6000 in debt and also have an emergency fund sitting in a money market account. We use the envelope system and have taught others to do the same thing. But even more important than the debt is we began tithing 10% of our earnings to our church. It truly is a great feeling and is something we truly and enjoy.

If you have the opportunity to see Dave Ramsey live do so. It may change your life.

EARN MONEY / Money Market
« on: September 03, 2018, 02:46:46 PM »
Money Market

You just have options which are limited in your local banks and a number in the national banks if you desire of the best money market rates. Nowadays, you will be able to find money rates in the host of the banks all around the nation because of the emergence of the online banking and online shopping. These sites could be used for comparison in case you are looking for the best money market rates. Because of the competition that is getting fierce, the banks would even try harder to earn your choice. And at that point, you can use this knowledge as an advantage in getting the best money market rates.
Determining Money Market Rates
You may ask this question – how will money market rates be determined? Well, let’s start with the fact that the money market accounts are savings accounts which are turbo charged. You will be able to earn almost the same interest rate and at the same time you could write checks coming from them but only for a limited number. Although the return in the money market accounts is not that high as compared to the certificates of deposit (CDs), it would still be of convenience. When it comes to the money market accounts, you can withdraw the amount of money you need whenever you need it. Hence, the bank would be giving you lesser interest.
Just like the CDs, the money market rates are changing daily. There is no formula and co clear all-time winner whenever you look for a bank that would be providing you with the highest rates. Luckily, the sites which give you banking rate comparisons would allow you to compare the current market rates between the banks. At the same time, you are given the details with regard to the specific terms like the number of checks you could write or even the minimum balance (if there is) that you will be needing before you will be charged with a fee every month. The usual case would let you invest as low as $1000. Unless you go below that amount, you will not be charged with a monthly fee. As brought by the nature of the market accounts, there is a legal limit on the number of checks that could be written within the month.
Furthermore, the maximum rates which are given to the money market accounts are part of the advertisements and are in the account paperwork as the Annual Percentage Yield or popularly known as APY. In order to get the APY, the holder of the account must leave the principal deposit as well as the interest which were earned by the account. In this way, the interests are permitted of earning interest as well. This is what is referred to as compounded interest.
Opening of a Money Market Account
In frequent times, any credit union or bank would be requiring the lowest possible amount of balance to open a money market account. This required balance must be maintained in producing interest. The account owner must complete the verification process of the requirement of the minimum balance in making sure that the bank would continue to produce the highest market rates.
Henceforth, the holder of the account must be able to follow the federal policies and regulations. These policies serve as a guarantee that there will be no costs that will be charged to your account. Any costs that would be charged could possibly affect the capacity of the account holder in getting the highest rates of the money market that has been advertised in favor of the said account. The said costs could include Regulation D fees, monthly service fees and transaction charges.
Because there is the possibility that the money market rates could change, the holders of the accounts must continue in verifying other banks and credit unions in order to find the best rates that are being offered. The accounts could be closed and the owners have the freedom to transfer their money into another account without incurring penalties. It is just that the account holder must move the funds only after any interest earned have been posted into his or her account.
So, which would you choose? Would it be money market account or the CDs? This question would be usually asked because the two has many similarities. If you will not need an access into your account for quite some time, the CDs would be paying a higher rate. But if you need to write checks in a flexible manner, have access to your funds in an instant manner and you want an interest rate of a savings account that is competitive, you have to choose money market account.
The money market account is a low risk and a safe way of investing your funds while you are given the freedom in accessing your money anytime you need it.

Is that true? Any opinions?

EARN MONEY / Gold Mutual Funds
« on: September 03, 2018, 02:42:57 PM »
Gold Mutual Funds

Gold is one of the precious metals that have since the beginning has garnered itself a place on the top and despite its availability is still in huge demands. Thanks to the ever-growing gold obsession, several gold mutual funds have been brought on. Most of them invest in Gold fund because it is the best and smart way to make colossal investments.
Almost all of them are buying designer gold jewels, which are, nonetheless, attractive as it has been for centuries. Although acquiring a hoard of designer jewelry is magnificent, it gnaws one’s mind regarding its safety. To keep the precious metals safe, the first option you might come upon is the neighborhood bank, which in turn calls for a check on their security, financial status and the service charges that they may charge for their services provided. But instead of accumulating jewelry, the best way to make huge investment is by buying bullion gold’s, such as, gold bars and coins. There are other gold investments that the traders and investors use, they are, Options, Futures, Commodities Contracts.
Importance of Gold ETFs
Gold mutual funds are the best way for a long term investment and an equally admirable substitute to safekeeping and holding gold bullions is Gold EFTs. Gold EFTs are exchange traded funds that are bought and sold as any stocks at the price tag that is close to the price of the gold sold at that moment. They could be bought and sold at any time the investor or trader wanted at the usual market trading hours. Exciting as it is, there are a couple of things that one should keep an eye out for. Some are on the thought that Gold ETF is identical to the other commodities bought and sold but that is far from the truth.
Few of them will have their own bullion whereas others will trade in based on the then gold futures contracts. And there is another set of group who has access to both bullion and futures and as time favors, lean in on the side that shows profit. Nonetheless, gold ETFs are the best gold mutual funds which also comprises of non-gold stocks and bonds.
Gold Ornaments
Unlike gold bullions, gold jewelry does not bring about any ready cash when required. In case of an emergency, gold ornaments do not get sold immediately; this can’t be said for gold coins and bars. The reasons could be ample, the buyer may not like the content of the jewelry or the workmanship or simply don’t like the style. Owing to these reason, you either end up selling the trinkets for a lower price than it is worth or not at all. The main reason why a trinket is top rated is because when you buy a stylish piece of jewelry, you pay for the store’s security, insurance and other amenities whilst gold bars and coins do not have these amenities. To come upon the best gold mutual funds, it is always wise to consult competent certified financial advisor.

How do you think about this? Is it right?

EARN MONEY / Mutual Funds for Beginners
« on: September 03, 2018, 02:37:19 PM »
For more information on this refer to the Wikipedia's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mutual_fund info.

Mutual Fund Primer
A mutual fund pool is an investment fund that is collated by various different investors and then invested into a portfolio that is constructed of various different securities based on what the investors’ request. A mutual fund company is normally known to invest in various different stocks, bonds, and money markets. In order for ownership to be claimed on these assets, the size of the investor’s stake in the fund will be taken into consideration.
An open end company
All mutual funds are open ended companies, legally and this is one of the three kinds of investment companies that are available to investors. The other two types of companies are unit investment trusts (UITs) and the close ended funds. The open ended company is one that is legally able to pool money from various different investors into one particular portfolio of all investments instead of putting each investment in a single portfolio for each investor. When this is done, an investor does not own the actual portfolio, instead they own shares in the portfolio.
When you invest in a mutual fund, you are basically buying shares in the investment portfolio. In mutual funds the pool will continue to grow in order for this particular portfolio to facilitate other investors. However, the mutual funds may opt to stop selling shares if they realize that the pool has gotten too big. As an investor, you have the option of buying and selling your shares through the mutual fund and there is no need to go through a broker or a secondary market.
Advantages of having a mutual fund
Having a mutual fund appears very attractive to some investors based on a variety of reasons. They come very affordable and all investors, no matter their level in the investing scheme. Therefore, as an investor you can find very low prices on the initial and subsequent purchases. These portfolios are also managed by professionals whose job it is to carry out research, choose the right investment for the funds, and to monitor the performance of the portfolio. When you opt to go with a mutual fund, you are also choosing to minimize your risk.
Disadvantages of mutual funds
Although there are numerous benefits to going with investing in a mutual fund, as with every investment markets there are a few drawbacks and the major one is that it has various different cost such as sales charges and annual fees that will be accrued no matter how your funds perform.
When you opt to invest in a mutual fund you can gain wealth as the stocks that you invest in grows. As a Wall Street investor, it is expected that there are some considerable amount of wealth to be gained from investing in a mutual fund.

How do you think about it? Is that true?

EARN MONEY / One of the Wisest Investments You'll Ever Make
« on: September 03, 2018, 09:23:41 AM »
One of the Wisest Investments You'll Ever Make

If you think this is about stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, jewels, etc., you’re wrong! All of these can be good investments, but your children are the wisest investment you’ll ever make.

Teaching your children to be well-rounded individuals will help them out in the long run to fit into and contribute to society. As they contribute in society this in turn helps out everyone, including you as a parent.

Giving your children the right skills and knowledge can be one of the most rewarding and wisest choices you’ll every make. Think about it: Who is the one that should have the most influence on your children? It is a parent. Parents can work with their children at a young age helping them develop skills that will last a lifetime. These skills cannot be learned overnight. As parents you must let your children see you applying the skills you are trying to teach them.

There are a number of areas in which parents can help their children develop. Some of these areas would include: a good work ethic, ability to work and interact with others in many settings, good ethics and respect for the laws of the land, good understanding of financial matters and learning at a young age to work toward financial independence.

A good work ethic is a skill that is developed over time. As an employer or business owner, you appreciate the efforts that are extended in your work or business. As an employee you should feel satisfaction in working hard and accomplishing whatever task you may be working on and in being honest with your employer. Employees that work hard will get noticed by their employer and treated accordingly.

Teach your children at a young age to work hard and do their chores. Young children should be given chores or small jobs to do. By doing this at a young age your children will learn responsibility and learn not to quit when the going gets rough. Having a good work ethic will help determine what kind of earning power your children will have as adults. If your children can be taught these skills while they are young they are more likely to be financially secure in years to come.

Children that have been taught the skills of getting along with others in different social settings will have an advantage when they become adults. The advantage will come into play when they interact with other people in business, social, and financial settings. For example: In the business world you run into all kinds of people and you need to know how to act in order to be successful. These skills can be taught to young children by letting them interact with children similar in age and, as the children get older, be involved in activities with other children.

By doing this the children learn good social skills and witness different attitudes and types of people. The more your children have chances to interact with other children during their growing up years, the better their social skills are and the better they are at dealing with other people. During this time that your children interact with others you will want to visit with them to see if they have issues concerning the way other children act or behave. When you talk with your children you will help them understand the correct way to handle different situations that come up.

Helping your children to develop good ethics for country and laws of the land is very important. Good examples from parents are one of the main keys in helping your children develop these skills. If your children see you obeying the laws of the land, including paying your taxes, they will see that this important. Talk to your children about the laws of the land. Tell them that you may not always agree with all the laws, but nonetheless they are the laws and must be followed. Let them know that as citizens there is a process that can be followed to change the laws when we don’t agree with them.

Discuss with your children why we pay taxes and what tax dollars are used for. As your children understand that tax money is what supports the government and a lot of the programs we have in society, they will begin to understand the importance of paying taxes. It would also be good to discuss with your children areas in government where the money is not spent wisely. Let them know that the government is not fiscally responsible all the time. There are areas for improvement. Discuss with your children ways you or they can get involved in government of local issues. Volunteering time for community activities will help your children gain the spirit of community service. As your children serve in the community they are more likely to become better citizens and obey the laws of the land.

Financial independence is a goal we all should be working for. It is very important that you teach your children ways to become financially independent. They are most likely to learn these skills from you as the parents. While your children are young make them aware of what you are doing in your investments and long term financial planning. When your children get older let them get involved in your financial planning and help them to do some of their own investing. If you can start setting aside some money for your children shortly after they are born, they will then have some money to start investing when they get old enough to learn and take part.

You as the parents have the greatest opportunity to influence your children to become well-rounded individuals. If you are willing to invest in your children’s future, they can develop a good work ethic, build good social skills, become outstanding citizens in their local communities and become financially independent. The investment is definitely worth it, because one day your children may be the leaders of the future.

It's so right, right? :D

EARN MONEY / The Tortoise and the Hare (The Modern Version)
« on: September 03, 2018, 09:16:51 AM »
The Tortoise and the Hare (The Modern Version)

No doubt you are familiar with Aesop’s fable The Tortoise and the Hare. In case you aren't, let me sum it up for you: The Hare challenges the Tortoise to a race, which the Tortoise accepts. The race begins and the Hare lazes around (because he knows he can outrun the Tortoise any day) while the Tortoise begins his slow progress to the finish line. When the Tortoise is close to winning the race, the Hare begins running for dear life, vainly hoping to beat the Tortoise. The Tortoise’s victory is often described as “Slow and steady wins the race.”

For years this is how the financial advisement industry has characterized retirement preparation: Start early, invest often, invest for the long term, dollar-cost average, etc. No doubt you’re familiar with these terms and others connected with what I call “The Tortoise Approach.” The Tortoises are those who've been following the counsel of the self-appointed financial experts. They have been meticulously and methodically planning and investing so that they will be ready to cross the finish line. However, the Hares may have neglected to adequately prepare; they may be at a point where the financial “experts” have told them that they may just be out of luck unless they come up with thousands of dollars to invest quickly and regularly. Essentially, they’re told that they need to run with all their might to catch up.

Well, I've got news for you. The American Dream has rewritten Aesop’s fable and in the modern version, both the Tortoise and the Hare can win. Both can achieve financial freedom using different approaches, and achieving them at different times.

Most of you are probably very familiar with The Tortoise Approach. This truly is the “slow and steady” approach to wealth. It involves years of planning and investing in 401(k)’s, IRAs, 403(b)’s, SEPs, etc. And in the end, if you’re “lucky” and the stock market keeps heading in the “right” direction, you could actually retire with more than a million dollars invested and ready for your use. Low risk? Those who do it seem to think so; after all, that’s what the financial “experts” tell them: “Diversify, diversify, diversify-and you’ll be okay.” They spread their investments across low-, medium-, and high-risk opportunities. They do it regularly and automatically. They are told to “sacrifice now” and “reap the benefits later.” For many people, this is the best approach.

However, the ultra-wealthy would say that The Tortoise Approach is the riskiest form of investment there is. That no matter how “diversified” you think you are in your investment vehicle of choice, your eggs are essentially all in one basket-the Stock Market, prone to all its foibles, follies, frustrations, and failures. This is why the ultra-wealthy use “The Hare Approach.” In the modern version of our fable, the Hare doesn't dawdle around; he just finds a better way to build a bigger mousetrap. He may even be able to beat the Tortoise to the finish line, even when there is little time left.

The ultra-wealthy know that there are essentially four fast tracks to wealth: real estate, building businesses, internet/information services, and stocks. They learn the skills, knowledge, and tactics that lower their risk. Understanding how to function in these areas brings them greater rewards and ever-increasing wealth. (When was the last time your IRA offered you a 30% or higher rate of return?)

Too risky, you say? Well, that all depends on your point of view. Your tolerance for risk is directly proportional to your fear. Fear has its roots in ignorance. Knowledge expels that fear. To the ultra-wealthy the Hare Approach is less risky because knowledge backs their investment decisions, unlike most Tortoises who really don’t understand or comprehend what they’re investing in; they just keep plodding away. The Hares prefer to take the bull by the horns, rather than by the tail!

What is it that draws people to The Hare Approach? They don’t want to “sacrifice now” and “reap the benefits later.” They want to learn how to “get it now and still have it later.” They choose freedom over security. They become the masters of residual income, money that works for them so they don’t have to.

How can you do it? Get educated! There’s no one right way for everybody. Your path to wealth is as individual as you are. There is an abundance of information at your fingertips: websites, books, financial magazines, e-zines, financial newsletters, motivational speeches on cassette or CD. Learn about the four fast tracks of wealth and decide which interests you most. Prepare, Pursue, and Prosper! If you’re like most wealthy people, you’ll probably make your money in at least two or more of these areas.

Both the Tortoise and the Hare can win. There is plenty to go around. It’s just a matter of when you want your results! How is this possible? It’s the American Dream, my friend, and the Land of Opportunity is ripe for harvesting.

I like it. 8)

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❤❥♋☮✌☏☢☠✔☑♚▲♪✈✞÷↑↓◆◇⊙■□△▽¿─│♥❣♂♀☿Ⓐ✍✉☣☤✘☒♛▼♫⌘☪≈←→◈◎☉★☆⊿※¡━┃♡ღツ☼☁❅♒✎©®™Σ✪✯☭➳卐√↖↗●◐Θ◤◥︻〖〗┄┆℃℉°✿ϟ☃☂✄¢€£∞✫★½✡×↙↘○◑⊕◣◢︼【】┅┇☽☾✚〓▂▃▄▅▆▇█▉▊▋▌▍▎▏↔↕☽☾の•▸◂▴▾┈┊①②③④⑤⑥⑦⑧⑨⑩ⅠⅡⅢⅣⅤⅥⅦⅧⅨⅩ㍿▓♨♛❖♓☪✙┉┋☹☺☻تヅツッシÜϡﭢ™℠℗©®♥❤❥❣❦❧♡۵웃유ღ♋♂♀☿☼☀☁☂☄☾☽❄☃☈⊙☉℃℉❅✺ϟ☇♤♧♡♢♠♣♥♦☜☞☝✍☚☛☟✌✽✾✿❁❃❋❀⚘☑✓✔√☐☒✗✘ㄨ✕✖✖⋆✢✣✤✥❋✦✧✩✰✪✫✬✭✮✯❂✡★✱✲✳✴✵✶✷✸✹✺✻✼❄❅❆❇❈❉❊†☨✞✝☥☦☓☩☯☧☬☸✡♁✙♆。,、':∶;?‘’“”〝〞ˆˇ﹕︰﹔﹖﹑•¨….¸;!´?!~—ˉ|‖"〃`@﹫¡¿﹏﹋﹌︴々﹟#﹩$﹠&﹪%*﹡﹢﹦﹤‐ ̄¯―﹨ˆ˜﹍﹎+=<__-\ˇ~﹉﹊()〈〉‹›﹛﹜『』〖〗[]《》〔〕{}「」【】︵︷︿︹︽_﹁﹃︻︶︸﹀︺︾ˉ﹂﹄︼☩☨☦✞✛✜✝✙✠✚†‡◉○◌◍◎●◐◑◒◓◔◕◖◗❂☢⊗⊙◘◙◍⅟½⅓⅕⅙⅛⅔⅖⅚⅜¾⅗⅝⅞⅘≂≃≄≅≆≇≈≉≊≋≌≍≎≏≐≑≒≓≔≕≖≗≘≙≚≛≜≝≞≟≠≡≢≣≤≥≦≧≨≩⊰⊱⋛⋚∫∬∭∮∯∰∱∲∳%℅‰‱㊣㊎㊍㊌㊋㊏㊐㊊㊚㊛㊤㊥㊦㊧㊨㊒㊞㊑㊒㊓㊔㊕㊖㊗㊘㊜㊝㊟㊠㊡㊢㊩㊪㊫㊬㊭㊮㊯㊰㊙㉿囍♔♕♖♗♘♙♚♛♜♝♞♟ℂℍℕℙℚℝℤℬℰℯℱℊℋℎℐℒℓℳℴ℘ℛℭ℮ℌℑℜℨ♪♫♩♬♭♮♯°øⒶ☮✌☪✡✯✐✎✏✑✒✍✉✁✂✃✄✆✉☎☏➟➡➢➣➤➥➦➧➨➚➘➙➛➜➝➞➸♐➲➳⏎➴➵➶➷➸➹➺➻➼➽←↑→↓↔↕↖↗↘↙↚↛↜↝↞↟↠↡↢↣↤↥↦↧↨➫➬➩➪➭➮➯➱↩↪↫↬↭↮↯↰↱↲↳↴↵↶↷↸↹↺↻↼↽↾↿⇀⇁⇂⇃⇄⇅⇆⇇⇈⇉⇊⇋⇌⇍⇎⇏⇐⇑⇒⇓⇔⇕⇖⇗⇘⇙⇚⇛⇜⇝⇞⇟⇠⇡⇢⇣⇤⇥⇦⇧⇨⇩⇪➀➁➂➃➄➅➆➇➈➉➊➋➌➍➎➏➐➑➒➓㊀㊁㊂㊃㊄㊅㊆㊇㊈㊉ⒶⒷⒸⒹⒺⒻⒼⒽⒾⒿⓀⓁⓂⓃⓄⓅⓆⓇⓈⓉⓊⓋⓌⓍⓎⓏⓐⓑⓒⓓⓔⓕⓖⓗⓘⓙⓚⓛⓜⓝⓞⓟⓠⓡⓢⓣⓤⓥⓦⓧⓨⓩ⒜⒝⒞⒟⒠⒡⒢⒣⒤⒥⒦⒧⒨⒩⒪⒫⒬⒭⒮⒯⒰⒱⒲⒳⒴⒵ⅠⅡⅢⅣⅤⅥⅦⅧⅨⅩⅪⅫⅬⅭⅮⅯⅰⅱⅲⅳⅴⅵⅶⅷⅸⅹⅺⅻⅼⅽⅾⅿ┌┍┎┏┐┑┒┓└┕┖┗┘┙┚┛├┝┞┟┠┡┢┣┤┥┦┧┨┩┪┫┬┭┮┯┰┱┲┳┴┵┶┷┸┹┺┻┼┽┾┿╀╁╂╃╄╅╆╇╈╉╊╋╌╍╎╏═║╒╓╔╕╖╗╘╙╚╛╜╝╞╟╠╡╢╣╤╥╦╧╨╩╪╫╬◤◥◄►▶◀◣◢▲▼◥▸◂▴▾△▽▷◁⊿▻◅▵▿▹◃❏❐❑❒▀▁▂▃▄▅▆▇▉▊▋█▌▍▎▏▐░▒▓▔▕■□▢▣▤▥▦▧▨▩▪▫▬▭▮▯㋀㋁㋂㋃㋄㋅㋆㋇㋈㋉㋊㋋㏠㏡㏢㏣㏤㏥㏦㏧㏨㏩㏪㏫㏬㏭㏮㏯㏰㏱㏲㏳㏴㏵㏶㏷㏸㏹㏺㏻㏼㏽㏾㍙㍚㍛㍜㍝㍞㍟㍠㍡㍢㍣㍤㍥㍦㍧㍨㍩㍪㍫㍬㍭㍮㍯㍰㍘☰☲☱☴☵☶☳☷☯




箭头符号: ↑↓←→↖↗↘↙↔↕➻➼➽➸➳➺➻➴➵➶➷➹▶►▷◁◀◄«»➩➪➫➬➭➮➯➱⏎➲➾➔➘➙➚➛➜➝➞➟➠➡➢➣➤➥➦➧➨↚↛↜↝↞↟↠↠↡↢↣↤↤↥↦↧↨⇄⇅⇆⇇⇈⇉⇊⇋⇌⇍⇎⇏⇐⇑⇒⇓⇔⇖⇗⇘⇙⇜↩↪↫↬↭↮↯↰↱↲↳↴↵↶↷↸↹☇☈↼↽↾↿⇀⇁⇂⇃⇞⇟⇠⇡⇢⇣⇤⇥⇦⇧⇨⇩⇪↺↻⇚⇛♐

编号序号 (包括罗马数字)

编号序号(包括罗马数字): ①②③④⑤⑥⑦⑧⑨⑩⑪⑫⑬⑭⑮⑯⑰⑱⑲⑳⓪❶❷❸❹❺❻❼❽❾❿⓫⓬⓭⓮⓯⓰⓱⓲⓳⓴㊀㊁㊂㊃㊄㊅㊆㊇㊈㊉㈠㈡㈢㈣㈤㈥㈦㈧㈨㈩⑴⑵⑶⑷⑸⑹⑺⑻⑼⑽⑾⑿⒀⒁⒂⒃⒄⒅⒆⒇⒈⒉⒊⒋⒌⒍⒎⒏⒐⒑⒒⒓⒔⒕⒖⒗⒘⒙⒚⒛ⅠⅡⅢⅣⅤⅥⅦⅧⅨⅩⅪⅫⅰⅱⅲⅳⅴⅵⅶⅷⅸⅹⒶⒷⒸⒹⒺⒻⒼⒽⒾⒿⓀⓁⓂⓃⓄⓅⓆⓇⓈⓉⓊⓋⓌⓍⓎⓏⓐⓑⓒⓓⓔⓕⓖⓗⓘⓙⓚⓛⓜⓝⓞⓟⓠⓡⓢⓣⓤⓥⓦⓧⓨⓩ⒜⒝⒞⒟⒠⒡⒢⒣⒤⒥⒦⒧⒨⒩⒪⒫⒬⒭⒮⒯⒰⒱⒲⒳⒴⒵




─ ━│┃╌╍╎╏┄ ┅┆┇┈ ┉┊┋┌┍┎┏┐┑┒┓└ ┕┖┗ ┘┙┚┛├┝┞┟┠┡┢┣ ┤┥┦┧┨┩┪┫┬ ┭ ┮ ┯ ┰ ┱ ┲ ┳ ┴ ┵ ┶ ┷ ┸ ┹ ┺ ┻┼ ┽ ┾ ┿ ╀ ╁ ╂ ╃ ╄ ╅ ╆ ╇ ╈ ╉ ╊ ╋ ╪ ╫ ╬═║╒╓╔ ╕╖╗╘╙╚ ╛╜╝╞╟╠ ╡╢╣╤ ╥ ╦ ╧ ╨ ╩ ╳╔ ╗╝╚ ╬ ═ ╓ ╩ ┠ ┨┯ ┷┏ ┓┗ ┛┳ ⊥ ﹃ ﹄┌ ╮ ╭ ╯╰











Important Reasons for Maintaining Great Thoughts About Life

Important Reasons for Maintaining Great Thoughts About Life

"One of the most outstanding things about possessing benefit thoughts about life is that it can assist anybody to readjust well and overcome any obstacle that enters their means.

A big part of living a healthy life also counts much on the ideas that you let run with your head. It is these thoughts that can make or shape your approach to your goals and life strategies, and these likewise shape your total wellness as well as your resistance versus depression and hopelessness. That is why it is crucial to keep great ideas about life.

What are the useful tips that you can find out in order to maintain excellent ideas about life?

Having and keeping excellent thoughts about life is not easy- in reality, it can be quite taxing, specifically with the more difficult and complicated troubles that individuals have to deal with these days. No matter exactly how hard though, similar to preserving ones diet plan, staying up to date with ones everyday workout regimen, and never ever forgetting to use sunscreen whenever one heads out in the day, so is the effort that will be needed in keeping ones mind set healthy.

The law of attraction states that a bunch of exactly what you keep in your mind will also generate some kind of force that in impact will attract these kinds of things towards you. So the more you consider bad thoughts, the even worse your mind and aura will be as well as your method to life and your surroundings. Your adverse thoughts can generate adverse vibes. The even more you let excellent ideas permeate in your system, the even more your aura and technique to life and your environments will be changed into something much better, and so then will be how you respond to things, and exactly how you take them to be- this in turn leads to much better scenarios for you.

If you have hobbies, then you can try delighting in these hobbies. It is always an excellent concept as well as a recommended healthy activity if you let yourself delight in something that makes you feel benefit about yourself. Dancing, for example, has actually been proven to stimulate endorphins in your system that make you feel benefit, which discusses the exciting sensation that you get after dancing.

Having benefit thoughts about life also means discovering to let go of your past problems, heartaches, and other psychological baggage. This is obviously, is much easier stated than done, but a great deal of lifes other accomplishments are of the same curve. You have to work at it much like every other challenge in order for you to obtain much better. Then that does not suggest that you take this single adverse premise and apply it to the various other elements of your life, if youve had one bad experience.

Simply because one educator ended up abusive and bad does not suggest that you should stop school and hate learning for the rest of your life; simply since your first love ended up being a cheater does not mean that from then on you stop liking and never believe in love anymore, treating it with doubt, suspicion and unfriendly aversion. There are even worse circumstances than these but you ought to get the point that not one negative thing have to be taken way out of proportion and cause you to eventually darken your ideas for life.

Life is a present. Use this life to experience various things that make yourself happy; do exactly what it is that you think will meet you you have no various other life however this one.

Go ahead, think and choose carefully, and remember to put together and maintain benefit thoughts about life.

A large part of living a healthy life also depends much on the ideas that you let run through your head. That is why it is important to preserve good ideas about life.

The even more you let excellent ideas penetrate in your system, the more your aura and method to life and your environments will be changed into something better, and so then will be how you react to things, and exactly how you take them to be- this in turn leads to better circumstances for you.

Having benefit ideas about life likewise implies discovering to let go of your past issues, distress, and other psychological baggage. Use this life to experience different things that make yourself happy; do what it is that you think will meet you you have no other life but this one."

学习英语 / Positive Words
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Positive Words

Positive Words

"Are You Making use of Favorable Words As Your Success Technique? Test Yourself

We are living in a world of words and as Manly Hall, the Canadian-born author and mystic stated, Words are potent weapons for all sources, bad or great. Due to the fact that this is so true, I have actually devised a test, so that you can test yourself to see whether you are aware of the profound impacts that favorable words, or unfavorable words have.

1. Are you picking the precise words that you mean?

We typically state words thoughtlessly however also, many times, we do not actually suggest what we state. Have you ever heard a dad state that his kid is dead lazy, or have you heard somebody state, I wanted to die, when. Of course not, so you can see exactly how important the selection of positive words are.

2. Do you recognize the powerful impact negative words in addition to favorable words have on your life?

Every word that we state has an impact. All spiritual disciplines warn us to be extremely careful of the words that we talk. Negative words can continue to be with a kid all his life as can favorable words.

3. Do you invest a large portion of your time, listening to unfavorable words instead of favorable words?

Turning on the television at news time gives us primarily an unfavorable outpouring of words. You can figure out to outbalance the adverse words with the favorable words by paying attention to inspirational tapes, when at home, or driving in the automobile. You could go to a church team and sing out the favorable words in a song.

4. Do your realize the number of negative words you utilize unthinkingly in common daily expressions?

Many of our most common expressions use negative words. In our own language we say expressions without thinking, only in an additional language we tend to observe the actual meaning of expressions and words. She was so aware of words that were spoken and the power of them and insisted always on the discipline of saying favorable words.

5. Do you understand that Businesses can Prosper and relationships can be healed if favorable words are adopted?

If you are in dental experts waiting space and the registered nurse comes in and says, I do say im sorry for the delay, only the dental professional has actually had to do an emergency therapy. Exactly what a healing, relaxing effect those favorable words have.

In essence, you should be mindful of the definition of the words you talk, be aware of the resounding result these words have, discipline yourself to pay attention to a greater portion of positive words than unfavorable words, beware of unthinkingly utilizing negativity in daily expressions, and be proactive in making use of favorable words in your business, home, and moment-to-moment living. It is so real as a sensible voice from the past cautions us The language we make use of to interact with one another is like a knife. In the hands of a mindful and proficient specialist, a knife can work to do wonderful excellent. However in the hands of a reckless or ignorant individual, a knife can trigger terrific damage. Precisely as it is with our words. (Source Unknown).

How should I evaluate the test?

After having read this text you need to have the ability to assess exactly how conscious you are of your option of words. Favorable Words are the backbone of a proper life. The even more you incorporate them into your daily living, the more you will have success in every location of your life.

Negative words can remain with a kid all his life as can favorable words. You can figure out to outbalance the unfavorable words with the favorable words by listening to inspirational tapes, when at house, or driving in the vehicle. She was so conscious of words that were talked and the power of them and insisted always on the discipline of saying favorable words.

What a recovery, soothing impact those favorable words have.

In essence, you must be mindful of the meaning of the words you speak, be aware of the unquestionable result these words have, discipline yourself to pay attention to a greater portion of favorable words than unfavorable words, beware of unthinkingly utilizing negativity in everyday expressions, and be proactive in using positive words in your business, home, and moment-to-moment living."

学习英语 / Nice thoughts
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Nice thoughts

Nice thoughts

"How you can Discriminate Between an Objective and a Nice Idea

I keep in mind years ago attending an inspirational workshop on setting goal. The speaker bounced onto the phase (like they do) and the first words out of his mouth were, of all the people who set objectives, 95 % will never ever achieve them..

I remember then doing a fast headcount of the room and seeing around 200 individuals. If 95 % of us would never attain our goals, does this mean that 190 of us might as well leave now?

I really dont bear in mind much of what he stated, might have been the shock, however I will never forget the motivating 95 % figure.

That experience though developed a very positive outcome for me I was determined to be part of the 5 % of individuals who did accomplish their objectives.

Like the majority of things in life, they work well when they belong to a system, so I set about developing my own system for not only setting but more notably, attaining my goals.

Let me share it with you.

Failure is not an alternative. When you can state to yourself I am trying to attain this goal, regardless of conditions, you are currently on the course to success. Who has gone to bed on a Sunday night informing themselves that when they get up tomorrow they are going to reduce weight, workout, go to bed earlier, finish that job today, just to obtain to the following Sunday night and have the specific same discussion once again?

We let ourselves off the hook too easily, thinking that there is always even more time. You will produce the situations you require to achieve it when you are ready to set an objective where not accomplishing it is not an alternative.

Your goals require to be detailed. I am going to get up one hour earlier Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, go the gym and run on the treadmill, with a goal that by my birthday on August 8, I will be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping is a specific goal.

Among the advantages to setting certain goals is that you can properly see what you should do to obtain from where you are today to where you wish to be. If my birthday is in August and its now April, I have 4 months to get to my goal of being able to run for 30 minutes. I can then plan my training to achieve my objective.

Compose it down. Do not keep your objective in your head. Its too easy to end up being over looked with the thousand various other ideas drifting around up there. People who attain objectives CONSTANTLY record them.

I love objective cards. You can buy blank cards that are the size of a business card, or you can make your own. Write your goal on a card and put it someplace where you can read it daily. Great places include:.

Whenever you go to the restroom, go to bed, sit at your computer system or open your wallet to purchase, you can read your goal card.

End up being psychological. Have you ever set an objective, not attained it and then felt dissatisfied in yourself? Its not a terrific feeling is it? Lets turn that sensation around to exactly how you feel when you achieve a goal. Which sensation do you choose?

If you have decided to accomplish a goal, have made it particular and composed it on a goal card, its time to like it!

Lets state your objective is to save $5,000 by August so that you can book a vacation for your household to a tropical destination. Go to the travel agent and get the brochures, choose where you are going to stay, find out exactly how much your vacation will cost and start envisioning yourself there.

When you can become emotionally attached to your goal, not accomplishing it is not a choice.

Set big goals. We get one life so lets maximize it. I am a prolific objective setter, I have bunches of them. I love to extend myself to accomplish my objectives and I enjoy the sensation of ticking off a completed objective.

I likewise have a few big goals. These are the things that, from where I am right now feel like a substantial stretch of truth. Exactly what they do though, is keep me from staying in my comfort zone. If you wish to achieve something fantastic in your life, chances are you are trying to need to have times when you are really awkward in order to accomplish it.

Lets state you are currently making $60,000 a year and you have an objective to be earning $200,000 in 5 years. Is it attainable? Yes of course it is, however if you simply keep doing exactly what you are doing right now, your chances of achieving this objective are remote.

You might have to enhance your skills, change your career path, ended up being self-employed or even create something and make an income from it. You might likewise have to make some rather radical changes to your personal beliefs and practices.

If you are addicted to enjoying tv every night however would love to use your nights to produce a business whilst still keeping your day job, you could need to alter some practices.

If you think that making a great deal of money will be tough and you are not excellent enough to do it, opportunities are your goal date is going to come and go and your earnings will not be much various to what it is today. Decide to turn off the tv 3 nights each week and invest 3 hours producing your very own business and your results will more than likely be a lot different.

Take a cautious appearance at your goals if you do not desire to be part of that 95 %. Are they genuine objectives or are they just good thoughts?

To ensure they are genuine objectives, you have to:.

Do these things, in addition to setting some huge goals that will stretch you and you will find that you are living your finest life yet!

When you can say to yourself I am going to accomplish this objective, regardless of circumstances, you are already on the course to success. I am going to get up one hour earlier Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, go the gym and run on the treadmill, with an objective that by my birthday on August 8, I will be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping is a certain goal.

Have you ever set a goal, not accomplished it and then felt dissatisfied in yourself? Lets turn that feeling around to exactly how you feel when you attain a goal. I enjoy to stretch myself to accomplish my objectives and I like the feeling of ticking off a finished goal."

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