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Well, if you're poor you repell people that want money from you. I have nice idea. -maxxing is not enough nor most important. The most important part is to talk with many people (and hygiene obviously... xD). You may find then someone you can make healthy relationship with. Honestly, I don't want to be rich because that, even more, I want to be between poor and middle-class (atm poor). I have very uncommon idea: I wrote some manifestos and want to hang them on the city. I want to spark independent thinking in people. What society lacks is people with good values. Who we need to blame for this? Well... ourselves too! We take incorrect approach to find love. We comply, instead of sparking will to improve in others. Let's create more kind society so there will be more people we can make relationship with. being poor means you must be stronger to survive. reject richness, embrace poorness!  ;)

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