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Internet / Re: Pictures (photos/pics/photographs) of different things
« on: January 25, 2023, 11:52:06 PM »
"I'll even shore my pussy cat with you." maybe is the original meaning. :P


Some points about why incels (and other men) geomaxx

or being with non-whites

Firstly, I want to explain that the geomaxx and the locationmaxx isn't only about non-white places, regions, countries, states. For example, if a person (incel or another type of man) geomaxxes (locationmaxxes) in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Albania and many other places (even non-European, where there are plenty of white, Caucasian females, like Argentina in South America or New Zealand), he will probably have a white (Caucasian) partner.
 And now, to the main point: why we (white, Caucasian males) do geomaxx (locationmaxx) instead of finding a woman around us (near our birth place or native country). Obviously, it is because our local women do not like us (and in more rare cases because we don't like them, but these cases are really rare!) Well, if you don't like us, why do you mind that we'll find some black, latino, yellow or mixed race girl/woman? Are we supposed to stay single (incels) for the rest of our lives? (This is to these females and some males, even incels, who're questioning our right to find happiness abroad or in some local but different community.) You see, it's simple: for example, there is some Norwegian girl (she is white and I am almost white too) but she's willing to find a taller, a whiter, a richer guy; she even flirts with many others already. So what am I supposed to do? To be her orbiter forever? Of course not! Let her search for her dreadful Chads or Tyrones, or PrettyBoys and let her be happy with them. I am not going to waste my time and resources with her but instead I will search for some cute Asian, shorter, darker, poorer girl, who will see me as a tall, really white and handsome, rich man. And we both will be happy. This is it. Simple. If you mind, let me know!

Animals / Re: Trionychidae -- new picture
« on: January 24, 2023, 10:40:15 PM »
What a lovely kind of turtle! :-*

Of course. Honestly, I already started to dislike her but I wish her to be okay and to become a good, a better person. She is probably a person with potential (or just a troll who is having his/her agenda here but I don't care because till now we had no some forum problems with her at all). She is welcome.

Haha ;D! Lexi and laws... funny. ;D She is keeping the laws very arbitrary. ;D For example, when I sent her a photo (which shows people having copulation) she made me feel guilty and explained how it is against the laws in her country and exactly when I believed her that she is still too young for this and maybe she obeys the laws... guess what? She asked for nudes another incel (because he's younger than me and she maybe like to watch younger guys)... so, where is the law in that case?

Of course, internet is "you never know". I doubt she is exactly a teenager and even wonder if it's a man or a woman but... still. It's not in fair to make one person feels he did something wrong because a photo of some unknown couple and at the same time to ask another younger lad to send you his own nudes.

I don't feel like a losercel but I feel this type of behaviour is loser type: if you really don't like to watch nude people or something don't ask guys to send you these photos. Or if you do, then don't make people to feel they did something wrong with pointing to your laws, your parents and so on.

Sorry to hear that. But as far as it may be just a man who pretends to be a female, does it matter? Just don't show your face and you're okay when you're dealing with these online activities to cope with the tragic inceldom.

Someone without nose or with three ears and so on. A truecel isn't something that you can see every day. That's why many people (including incels themselves) would call a "fakecel" everyone who is having decent face as you.

The winter/cold periods are really heavy...

Ontopic: if this is your ugliest photo than you're one of the handsome boys in China. If you're not very short you don't have a big looks issue (like me, for example. I am almost 50% bald, I got some little wrinkles and I have some white beard. Almost nobody is going to like me compared to you but I do gymmaxx and healthmaxx (edumaxx as usual) so I hope there will be more luck for me later.)

Many of us are more and more poor in China and we can't afford to pay VPNs (that will cost us at least 5 to 6 dinners) and also sometimes the police may check if you use this and you'll be in trouble. So for the time being in China, better not to play this game because it doesn't worth it. Once you're capable to be abroad you'll be able (in most of the countries) to visit most of the websites without VPNs.

But still, there is a way, legal, without VPN to see websites that are limited in China. For example, this photo link you can see from different geolocations: https://geopeeker.com/fetch/?url=https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/972439464699916328/986398878041534525/unknown.png

The greed, the laziness, the selfishness... there is a lot in common.

Social network | SEO - Social network / Re: Racism in history
« on: December 20, 2022, 07:35:07 PM »
There are a lot of racists nowadays too. In some online forums is full of racism.

Hypergamy -- when females want and do marry to higher status males. Good topic for more info: the hypergamy.

And, to add this, "based" probably related with the "biased" -- often many of the incels (especially the blackpillers and the low IQcel) are called "biased" (unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something) and as a reaction to this, many incels started to use (overuse) "based". ;D

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