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There is a brocel who's an oldcel ("Iranianoldcel", Lonely Old Man) and he posted something that I respect and suggest to all of the youngcels and not only to them because there are many other unexperienced elder incels too. Read it carefully!

You can tell if a girl is interested in you in just a few minutes. It doesn't take months to understand if she's into you or not.


Next time just straight up ask your crush out for a coffee or something if you're really into her. If you wanna talk before asking her out,you can do it, but no more than 2 days. otherwise it's a waste of time and energy.

I feel very bad and sorry for this brocel. What I dislike is that he risked his health with those roids! And also, I don't think that it's "beta" to wish happiness to the one you love. Of course, she'll be not happy to hear you wish her bf to die...


A sad story about a brocel's oneitis

All of you can learn a lot from it

A sad story about a brocel's oneitis (you can learn a lot from it and to think about it).

I'll repost it without their personal chats because he described it pretty clear and with a lot of feelings, so you may get the story for sure.

HiddenUzer (the brocel's nick):
"The day I met her was August 11th 2020 on the first day back to school, I was at the start of school ceremony and she caught my eyes. I wasn't sure why. She had brunette hair, and wore a mask, everyone did. It was her eyes that caught my attention, I noticed her left eye were just a tiny bit bigger than her right, I thought it was quite special. When the ceremony ended I attended different classes for the first time, I only had my English class with her, during class kept glancing at her as I was curious what she looked like without a mask. For some reason that day after school I kept on thinking about her maybe it was my curiousity or I was already attracted. The next day I saw her face during lunch she wasn't how I expected to look in fact I was a bit dissapointed. I thought in my mind "oh well another average girl" but I still thought about her, I still glanced at her during class.

The curiosity at first developed into a crush within a month, She was very very kind, we talked sometimes in English class and we had some in common. She'd always volunteer to help teachers, and she wasn't promiscuous. She doesn't use makeup, she doesn't use tiktok, she doesn't post on instagram and she keeps to herself. I knew that was the kind of girl I've been looking for. I started thinking about her daily. She quickly occupied my mind in every moment. When it was Halloween I had plans to invite her to hangout but I never had enough confidence to, I was very insecure. I regret not making my moves early. There was one time I manned up and actually made a move, she had trouble with an assignment and I sat beside her, when I got home I texted her on snapchat that I could help her to do her work, my heart was racing when I sent that message. Immediately after sending that message to her I closed my phone, the next morning I woke up from a notification from her, a message I never saw or opened. I ended up leaving her on delivered for 2 months because my anxiety got so bad I couldn't open her message, when I wanted to check that message snapchat deleted it for me due to leaving it on delievered for too long. I never found out what she sent, but she definitely thought I trolled her.

After that ordeal I stopped talking to her at all and just acted like stranger I was so afraid of making a move I made a plan to have her make the first move, I started moneymaxxing seriously with my father's investment accounts he let me use and I made lots and lots of money. I bought alot of expensive things and flexed alot however it didn't do anything. the entire year flew by and it was the last day of school I wanted to tell her sorry but again I pussied out. I knew I had to do something about my anxiety, I knew it was because of my insecurities, I always hated my body and how skinny I was, I only weighed 100lbs @5'9. I started doing pushups and exercises in my room while motivating myself that I'd eventually get her, I still remember those days. I gained alot of muscle within my first month, I went from 100lbs to 113lbs while still staying very lean and cut.

Near the end of summer I weighed 136lbs and below 12% bodyfat, I also did mewing and my face developed very well, I was very confident and was rated average 6-7/10 online and in real life. I knew it was time I finally tell her everything, this time I manned up and texted her on snapchat, I sent her a paragraph of words that I carefully chose and wrote and edited for over 1 month detailing my journey that lead me to the moment im confessing to her. At the end of that paragraph I included my phone number and told her if she reciprocated the feeling she can text and if she didn't, I told her to just block me on snapchat. It was an intense 10 minute, I got a text message ding (I Knew it was her without a doubt, she's the only one that have my number) God cannot describe how happy I was, I legit cried becasue I was so happy I immediately bragged to all my aquintances and they all congratulated me. Because I was so excited I wanted to read her message the next morning as I was already planning dates and gifts for her. I wrote all my ideas on a piece of paper and slept super well that night.

When it was morning I knew it's time I read the good news, so I opened my messages and saw her text.


You can see how much of a beta male I was when I found out she got back with her bf, I wished her the best and hoped things go well for them, but in reality? I was crying my eyes out, I couldn't believe yesterday's good news was this. I used up 3 rolls of toilet paper in the span of 2 days my eyes were not once dry. Even in my sleep those text messages haunted me. After a whole summer's self improving I was still a betamale in the end, I didnt even tell her how fucking sad I was, instead I lied and wished her happy. What I really wished was she wasnt happy with him, I hoped they fucking break up, I wish her bf dies, im not happy for her at all, I wanna tell her what I wanted to say, but instead I wished her happy, becasue I still loved her and didn't want her to be hurt, I just wanted her to be happy even in the end.

Well the rest of my life has just been a downhill slope, I couldn't move on from her, I tried many times I even tried with other girls to forget about her but they didn't work. In the end she was still on my mind every moment of my day even in my sleep. I started going to the gym and hit it like it's gonna magically get me her, I wanted to show her Im able to dedicate myself for her, that Im a better partner. I went to the gym everyday, not a day I didn't go, not even when I was sick. I eventually started using steroids, I was only fucking 16. Counting to now I've accumlated thousands of syringes and used up vials. I fucked myself up pretty hard this summer, I wanted to be the biggest boy in the school to impress her, I did become the biggest guy. But at what cost? I blasted huge dosage of steroids, oral and injected form as well as anciliary drug, near the end of my cycle I was throwing up everyday, depressed every moment of my existence. Constant suicidal thoughts, thats when an aquintance said to me "Hey your an incel!" thats when I first discovered the word incel, I went on the internet and searched and found IT and Incels.is. The next week I joined and here I am now, life hasn't gotten any better.

I know it's over for me, I most likely won't try a second time because it's pretty pointless, although my feelings havn't decreased by a single bit I will try and forget her, I'll start by hating her for what she's done to me, for destroying me. There are lots of parts I skipped here but this is basically my story with her"

Don't miss this one too: If you want to have some chances with your oneitis, read this

Other topics / Re: Do you stutter?
« on: October 29, 2022, 04:29:15 AM »
Ha, she also tends to share more or less what she is chatting with the people around (and it's not for the first time). Remember her old accounts? But we didn't complain. ;D

Who said I assumed you only watch one thing in your free time?
I never said you watch only one thing in your free time.
Plus, I generally am not attracted to anyone in a romantic way.
Only as friends. I have other things to do other than get caught up in love.

Here is what you said:

Incel (the user) reasons for being an incel isn't because he's not  fit (being fit is not working for him) and based off of my interactions with him.
I know why he's an incel because of what he does.
If he simply stopped doing such things he may be able to get a girlfriend.

You knew that time ONLY ONE of my free time activities and you jumped to the "conclusion" that I am an incels of "what he does" (which as everybody here knows already was -- A PHOTO)... So everything is about this ONE thing! Nothing more or less. And because it's NOT TRUE, now you're trying to deflect the matter instead to say "Look, I am sorry, it's really funny to think that the females doesn't like you because you sent me a wrong photo!"

I still can't stop laugh when I read "If he simply stopped doing such things..." So simple? ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D I'm stopping to send photos (and to watch them) and then magically I am already:

- with new hair
- taller
- rich
- 20 years younger?   

 So simple! Incels should ask you for the ideas, you will be able to solve the inceldom problem forever!  ;D

Generally, everyone is smart in their own way.
I did learn some programming, learned some languages, learned some interesting things about science, and taught myself cursive and to write with both hands.

 It's very good but we were talking about me, right? You jump into a fast (baseless) conclusion that in my free time I watch only one type of thing to cope with my inceldom but in fact I am a person with a lot of knowledge (I graduated at humanitarian studies) and I do use most of my free time to learn geopolitics, economics, Chinese and to do freaking amount of sports. Most of the boys you like probably don't do even 1/3 of my daily routine but you still like them because they're attractive to you. I am sure you even don't know 100% what they do in their free time (maybe some of them browse disgusting websites with dead animals or watch perverted mangas but they will never share it with anybody, even with their closest friends), but you like them. So????????????????????????????????????????????? Let's just say that you learn your lesson -- one kind of your free time activity (especially if nobody knows about it, no matter is it watching erotic photos or learning the African countries' capitals), doesn't make difference about whether you're going to have a girl-friend or not.

ROFL! Nobody cares what I watch or not watch. And you know nothing about my free time:

I am reading geopolitics. Do you even know what's that?

I am learning economics. Do you know at least what's "Demand-side theory"?

I am learning Chinese hard. 你肯定一点都不懂。

I am doing sports and I nearly break my body day by day with hard work outs. The amount of sport I do maybe equals to those that you'll do in 300 x 14 years.

So, if really the females care what I do and learn in my free time I ensure you that I surpass most of the males and they'll be impressed: Awwwwwww, such a clever guy who knows geopolitics, economics and Chinese language! And he is sporty! I am so into him!
When you find a clever but, short, balding, old and poor boy-friend, then try to explain me how if I change what I watch in my free time, they'll like me. Is it that difficult for you to understand that people want handsome and/or rich men and 99.99999999999999999999999999999% of the females doesn't give a damn what the ugly, short, poor and elder ones are doing in their free time or what they know?

Thanks so much, everyone, for the big attention to my humble incel's personality. Let me answer with some friendly answers:

1. I may be balding (can't stop it no matter how many massages, shampoos and diets I have), not tall (can't make my bones longer), not rich (no matter how hard I try to earn in different ways), the eldest here (can't turn back the time and to choose to be born later) but I am not stupid. :)
 It's perfectly clear that even a photo may be a mistake, nobody cares that much, if you're with pretty hair, taller body, plenty of money and younger... I know my problems and I do my best to deal with them as much as possible.

2. I am not upset or angry or something. She is just 14. When I was 14 I didn't know even that much. It's normal for a kid to be without so much experience as we, the elder, are. So, let her talk. I don't mind.

3. About this
Just try to remove your bad habits and you'll get better.
Try to study and if you graduate from that you could get a good job.

 Kid, I don't smoke, don't drink vodkas, whiskeys and other hard alcohol. I even hate the idea of smoking marijuana and I don't know why they make it legal in so many places, i. e. I am anti-drug oriented. I do sports on daily basis (sometimes I even think I may die, because I am very exhausted after work out + doing the rest of heavy duties that I have to every day, but I keep working because if I get fat again I am 100% lost surely). I can't find a bad habit (except spending hours online maybe), so this idea of yours isn't something valuable for me (for the guys with the bad habits it's a really precious one but I am really okay and it's rare nowadays to see someone with so healthy and no bad habits life like me).
 About the graduation -- I did it already (around 22 years ago). So, also nothing that helps me. (By the way don't believe that everyone who graduates may take a job. There is that thing called unemployment)...

Incel (the user) reasons for being an incel isn't because he's not  fit (being fit is not working for him) and based off of my interactions with him.
I know why he's an incel because of what he does.
If he simply stopped doing such things he may be able to get a girlfriend.

LOL~~~ Sounds like I did something criminal! ;D ;D ;D  I sent a photo. And what? First, if you think that I am sending photos to all of the others you're 1 000 000% wrong. Second, if you're attributing my problems (balding, being shorter than many others and poorer than most of the people around, and on top of that -- my elder age) to just "He sent a photo." it means you don't understand anything and you better to learn more before try to help with this sort of wrong conclusions. Read more: http://www.seo-forum-seo-luntan.com/a-forum-for-incels-who-are-normal-people-no-terrorists-no-rapists-no-racists-no-pedophiles-no-haters-and-so-on/that-s-why-you-re-an-incel/msg46301/#msg46301 and learn.

Hey, everybody! Don't take seriously this girl's statement. My problem isn't because I'm sending photos. My problems are: 1. Balding (women prefer hair), 2. Shorter than average (women prefer taller but I am the same tall as most of the women), 3. Poor (more and more unemployment rate around me, even for the locals due to the new realities; women prefer rich men), 4. Elder age (most of the people are searching for younger guys).

If it's me I am not wasting my time at all; the last time when I got this, you saw it all, I just started to see if there is a real chance to meet up or not. If not, well, let her search for someone who's not asking "bit personal"... By the way, there are those guys who only talk rude and sh*t and still find girlfriends. So, it's mostly about your looks and your power (money, popularity, connections). The communication skills are subjective thing: for somebody "You're hot!" may be a compliment but for another one may be a rude statement. Just don't think too much about it.


"That's why you're an incel"

The brocels are familiar with all those bluepilled platitudes like "You're an incel because you don't take enough showers.", "Because you're not wearing fashionable clothes.", "Because you're not learning PUA (pick-up artist methods).", "Because you're not smiling." They attribute your inceldom to (regard your inceldom as being caused by) only one single cause (and usually it's wrong because most of the incels do take showers, do have good clothes, do smile, etc.)

One of the most popular is coming from those angry, frustrated or sad females who will just say "That's why you're an incel!" and will point to something insignificant like "You're against the feminism." or "You sent me an erotic photo!"

Why they're wrong?

1/ If someone is attractive as a Chad or similar they're not going to pay attention to his views that much. For example, they just answer "I don't like it but I respect all views so you can be what you like! Do you want to have a date?"  ;D

2/ If someone is attractive as a Chad or similar, they'll not mind (and even sometimes will ask for) those erotic photos (and there are those who willingly are sending theirs or inviting for cam activities... you know).

3/ But let's come back to the incels problems. Well, we're ugly, not attractive despite of the efforts and miserable compared to Chads, GigaChads, PrettyBoys and even to Normans... but still, it's not the real reason -- are you really going to believe that you're incel because you did something simple as "I will show you a picture." or "I am against the nowadays feminism."? They even don't know that in most of the rest of your conversation you don't send a single picture and you don't talk topics like feminism or capitalism!

Another one, more frustrating, was that she just re-add me for helping her for free with some English homework. But I have no time to speak about it now. Next time maybe.

If someone is using you then it's just a lost cause.
Leave her before it gets worse.

You are very right! I already deleted her once but now she re-added me. And I had to delete her again. Here come the detailed story:

Someone is adding me late at night. Around 2:08 A.M. I had no idea who is he/she. And I do accept the invitation (or whatever they call it).

She: 你好 (Hello) and after I answered with another "hello" she made it clear with

2:09:19 AM 你怎么还没睡 (Why are you still not sleeping?)
2:10:27 AM 对了,你可以帮我翻译一个东西吗 (Right, can you help me with a thing to translate it?)

So obvious that she's not caring if I have some problems and why I am staying late; she just re-added me to translate that something for her. But, because I am an experienced man and I know that there are people who do believe that you are their free translator and they're okay to give you long texts that consume 5 or more hours, I said:

2:12:24 AM
你是哪位? ;D  (Who are you?  ;D )
2:12:49 AM
如果没有那么长的,可以现在翻译。 (If it's not very long, I can translate it now.) (added an "OK" emoticon)

Then she didn't wait long and sent it.
Good morning everyone. Nice to meet you. Let me introduce myself to you. My name is __________ . I am _____ years old. I come from ______ . I'm a freshman. I study in ________ school. I can _______ . I like _______ . I'm polite and brave. Thank you.
(Obviously their teacher doesn't care about the exclamation marks. There were also some space errors but this is the level of their school. Not one of the best obviously.) What was my surprise when I saw this simple text? I was like "Wow! So simple, even some from grade 1 or 2 will unerstand it all (or almost all) and they're not going to waste time to search for a translator!" I asked her:

2:15:25 AM
你不懂这些?好简单。(Which ones you don't understand. It's all very simple.)

Then she said that it's simple but to her it's a very complicated text that she doesn't understand because her English isn't good.

I decided to finish it as soon as possible because I didn't want to waste all my night in this way (I am doing much more meaningful things than this at night when I'm online, like learning new skills, knowledge and reading literature, politics, etc.):

2:15:53 AM
你不懂那个单词?问。(Which words are the ones you don't understand? Ask me.)

She answered:
2:16:28 AM
怎么说呢 (I don't know how to explain it.)

 ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) Here I started to think that this girl is really slow! Started to explain her more how to find the words that she doesn't understand:

 2:16:55 AM
你肯定懂good morning和school吧。(You surely understand "good morning" and "school", I am right?)
 She confirmed it. Then I again tried:

2:17:40 AM
所以,你写下哪一个不懂,我告诉你。 (So, now right down which one you don't understand and I will tell you (the meaning).)
2:18:04 AM
比如:name = 名字。(For example, the word "name".)
2:18:21 AM
一个一个看。写下哪一些不懂。(Read (watch) them one by one. Right down which ones you don't understand.)
And then she wrote a whole sentence  ;D ;D ;D which was " I study in ________ school." OMG! I translated for her this sentence:
2:20:45 AM
"我在学习在(什么)学校。" ("I study in (what) school.")

After a while she started to express her sorrow or some another negative emotion with:

2:26:20 AM
服了假期马上要结束了,我英语单词还没学会 (with a crying emoticon) (The vacation is coming to an end. I haven't learned English words yet)

I told her frankly:

2:28:39 AM
如果你还没学了这么简单的,说实话,你不会考过你的英语的考试。你真的要努力学习。这些-- I study 什么的是1年级和2年级的水平。希望你会注意。 (with a thumb-up emoticon) (If you haven't learned such a simple thing, to tell the truth, you won't pass your English exam(-s). You really need to study harder. These -- "I study" and so on are for the level of grade 1 and grade 2. I hope you will pay attention.)
Then I spent some more time to explain her about the dificulty level of the words and what she should learn.

She commented:

 2:30:29 AM
所以啊我现在还不敢睡觉 (So now I don't dare to go to sleep)
 2:31:29 AM
我可不想去老师办公室读英语 (I don't want to go to the teacher's office to read English)
2:36:43 AM
我之前不怎么学英语 (I didn't learn English very much before)

Here was the moment when I reminded her how she lost her chance before:

 而且,我以前告诉了你--我会开始慢慢免费教你英语 ,可是你不要了 。一点都不要了见我(我知道我丑 ,可是免费课是个很好的事儿,好多人会高高兴兴如果有我这样的个哥哥教他们免费的 。我没想到了你不敢见我。 )( Moreover, I told you before -- I will start to teach you English for free slowly (without pressure; gradually), but you didn't want to. I didn't want to meet me at all (I know I'm ugly, but free classes are a good thing. Many people will be happy if a big brother like me teaches them for free. I didn't expect you to not dare to see me.) (and added different emoticons to make it more friendly.)

 Then she started to deflect it in this way:
 2:38:32 AM
我没说我不敢见你啊 (I didn't say I don't dare to meet you ah)

 I: 是的。你没说了。你就不要了。 所以我们不见了。我请了你好多次,你一次都不要了。所以不要说。我懂。 (Yes. You didn't say it. You just didn't want to. So we didn't meet up. I invited you many times. You didn't accept it even once. So, no need to say it. I understand.)

She: 2:43:03 AM
是吗我不记得了 (Really? I don't remember)
2:43:47 AM
那时候是真的不想学英语,但是现在不得不学 (At that time, I really didn't want to learn English, but now I have no choice but to learn it.)

To prove her that she really doesn't want to meet me I made a new invitation:

2:44:55 AM
明天要见吗? (Do you want to meet up tomorrow?)

She started with the excuses:

2:45:55 AM
可是我还有作业没写咯,这几天都在玩 (But I still have to write my homeworks, these days I only played)
2:49:43 AM
而且7号就要回学校了 (On top of that, 7th is the day when we have to go back to school)

This was enough for me to conclude it:

嗯。就是--看到了吗?我请你的时候,你的回答一直是“不行”。 丑的男人的命运就是这样的:无休止的拒绝的。当然这个不是你的错误,是我的。坦白说,我并不怪你。 (Yep. So you saw it? When I invite you, your answer every time is "I can't". The fate of ugly men is like this: endless refusal. Of course, it's not your fault, it's mine. Frankly speaking, I don't blame you.)

Here she started with the typical bluepilled statements (i. e. these platitudes that are not true in most of the cases):

2:55:44 AM
管他长得好不好看做自己就是最好的 (No matter how good he looks, it's the best to be himself)

I tried to give her some redpilled knowledge (i. e. the truth based on frank inceldom studies):

2:57:44 AM
不好看 = 孤独的, 无爱情的, 痛苦的。(Not good-looking=lonely, loveless, painful / hardship.)
2:57:59 AM
没有人会说:“我要当个不好看的人。” (No one will say, "I want to be a bad looking (ugly) person.")
2:58:29 AM
帅,好看,美丽 -- 都是需要的。丑的人们没有好的生活(如果也是穷的。)(Handsome, good-looking, beautiful -- all are needed. The ugly people have no good life (if they are also poor))

She:  3:00:04 AM
我还羡慕你咯成绩那么好哪像我成绩不好长得也不好看 (I envy you. Your grades are so good, which makes me look bad)

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ROFL! Like it matters how good are your grades when nobody thinks she wants to meet you up!

 Then I explained her a bit more; she didn't get it and after another topic (not related to the inceldom and loneliness) in which she demonstrated her full ignorance and naivety (like "If I saw it on TV, then it's 100% true.") I just said "Thank you and bye!"

 As you maybe saw: she sees me only as a free study tool, doesn't even want to meet me once (even when there is such a good benefit like free useful and necessary foreign language) and as Lexi said "leave before it gets worse"! (The worse is that this type of people are getting the feeling that they're more and more entitled to your time, help, emotional efforts, etc., and at the end of the day you're more miserable and more unattractive -- because instead of using this time to do more sports, to learn more, to take showers and search for incomes, you're just stucked with their problems ruining your life).

Another one, more frustrating, was that she just re-add me for helping her for free with some English homework. But I have no time to speak about it now. Next time maybe.

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