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Author Topic: What on earth can this mean and why is my friend so clueless about who my Bf is?  (Read 258 times)

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So I have recently been talking with “A” a good male friend of mine from university, and I was talking about myself and that I had a boyfriend (“S” ) for some time now, this and that…., and “A” happens to know my boyfriend from university because they studied the same career( the thing is that “A” had no clue or never knew that “S” and I were boyfriend and girlfriend.

It would not cross his mind in a million years, because he transfered to another univeristy so he lost contact with all his previous student friends. My boyfriend “S” lived with a male roommate named(“R” ) because it was cheaper, and “A” happened to be their door to door neighbor some time ago.“A” was not their friend, he just knew them from university and because they were neighbors and happen to study the same career, they talked casually and that's it.

So I mentioned to “A” , ” By the way I think you know who my boyfriend is” and he said No, what is his name?” and I said “S” , remember the guy with very dark hair, and he replied, "I don’t remember him to be honest” and I said, "how could you not remember if I saw you two speak from time to time in our studying center” This is extremely weird considering that I saw both of them talk with my own eyes, for real, as I said maybe they were not friends but they had the ocassional talk and one time we were all sitting in the sofa talking and this guy has the nerve to say that he does remember him,Im lost here.

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