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Author Topic: Why most of the educated foreigners in China are just English teachers  (Read 53 times)

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Why most of the educated foreigners in China are just English teachers

Some Chinese persons think that only the less educated and trashy foreigners are teaching English in China. The same think some Westerners as well. Yesterday one in another website said: "Don't be such a trash ass useless foreigner surviving off the teaching centers bucks?"

I'll explain: 1) I'm living in China since 2004 and I do love China. I met many foreigners who were journalists, preachers, sinologists, engineers, etc., but there is NO Chinese job for them because most of the companies in China DO NOT NEED these PROFESSIONS and/or they haven't applied for the right to hire foreigners.
2) I'm a Philosopher (Master's degree, graduated in one of the best European universities), but in the place, I live there is NO "Philosophy" as major in the universities and colleges. I don't mind to be even a cleaner, but they are NOT hiring foreigners. So, the one and only choice is to be a language teacher (once you're not rich to have own business and you're not a CEO of some foreign company).
In a word: if you love China and want to be here, you have no other choice (no matter what's your major -- history, geography, philosophy, chemistry, etc.), because most of the Chinese businesses don't need foreigners and/or don't have the right to hire foreigners.
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I know this reasonably But the advice from somebody anyway
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What do you know and what kind of advise you are talking about? ::)
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