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Useless and even harmful for a forum

Right now I sent an answer which was "No, thanks! It is useless and even harmful for this forum." What was that about? Well, it was related to this idea: "Do you think it would be good to have a "Board of antichtone"?
Like angry ranting(where you can put a list of people who are bammed)
Plus it should be a lower board where some rules are not applied too.
But this is a suggestion,you can do it or not."

Some notes:

1. "Antichthon" = "Counterearth". It is a hypothetical body of the Solar System that orbits on the other side of the solar system from Earth. A Counter-Earth or Antichthon (Greek: "Ἀντίχθων") was hypothesized by the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Philolaus to support his non-geocentric cosmology, in which all objects in the universe revolve around a "Central Fire" (unseen from Earth and distinct from the Sun which also revolves around it).

2. If we do not apply all of the Google's rules here, we'll lose our Google Ads/income and the forum will go away forever.

Social network | SEO - Social network / The future of the forum
« on: June 02, 2021, 12:57:22 AM »

The future of the forum

I received a question about the future of this forum. A quote:
I have a question.
What will happen to this place in the future?
Will it live on or will it die?
I hope it lives on.

I'm going to answer it here because I do believe many of the readers want to know it too. We also hope that this forum will stay alive in the future. It's already 10+ years old. So probably it will survive. :)

学习英语 / whatsoever和whatever
« on: April 21, 2021, 01:10:39 AM »

whatsoever, whatever


adv.   (用于名词词组后,加强否定陈述)丝毫,任何,无论什么。

adv.   一点儿都(不); 丝毫(不); 什么都(没有); 不管发生什么;
det./pron.   任何; 每一; 任何事物; 一切事物; (表示做什么或发生什么都没关系,因结果都一样)无论什么,不管什么; (用于问句,表示惊讶或困惑)到底是什么,究竟是什么。

"Whatsoever" -- it's an intensive form of "whatever". 8)

UFO / Astronomy Q&A
« on: February 12, 2021, 07:26:08 PM »



Q&A (questions and answers) about different astronomical (relating to astronomy) topics.

-------FREE ADS------- / About the google_vignette
« on: January 27, 2021, 02:23:58 AM »


Maybe some of you noticed already this phenomenon -- google_vignette. So, about the "Google Vignette" -- it is being displayed on both versions desktop and mobile (i. e. support a larger range of screen sizes). These vignette ads are basically full-screen advertisements that appear in the middle of page loads or navigation. They are skippable (can be skipped at any time by the users).

Other languages / ㅈㅈㅈ.ㅇ며ㅡ.ㅜㄷㅅ
« on: January 21, 2021, 02:59:35 AM »


ㅈㅈㅈ.ㅇ며ㅡ.ㅜㄷㅅ? What's that?

I think I know the answer. ㅈㅈㅈ.ㅇ며ㅡ.ㅜㄷㅅ is a Korean typo; it is a result of not switching (changing) from Korean to Latin when you're searching for "www.daum.net".

I hope you understood it.

Internet / @#$%^&*()_+
« on: January 01, 2021, 04:36:19 AM »


I will tell you about the meaning of this "word" -- @#$%^&*()_+. It's a combination of symbols which means cursing (some people use this @#$%^&*()_+ combination when they want to curse but still want to be polite enough) and also it may be used as an expression for something boring or as a "very", "too much", "extremely"... for example, "Oh, it's an @#$%^&*()_+ boring movie!" or "My book is @#$%^&*()_+ boring."


Winter exhibition 2020, Haikou, Hainan, China

Our recent photos from this Winter exhibition:

- the building.

- and the building again.

- and again.

- and again.

- spacefood.

- spacefood.

- spacefood.

- spacefood.

- Thailand expo.

- an amazing village and so many vegetables!

- Pakistan expo.

- another Pakistan expo.

- and another one.

- pretty plants.

- North Korea expo.

  - lychee costume.
- growing mushrooms.

- growing mushrooms.

- traditional Chinese clothes model. A pretty girl.
 To be continued...

Philosophy / About the honesty
« on: September 29, 2020, 02:22:21 AM »


The moral imperative to be honest requires that we speak and act only in a way that creates and justifies trust. An honest person is sincere, tells the truth, does not cheat, does not deceive, does not steal, does not mislead, acts deceitfully or trickily, withholds important information in trust relationships, does not betray the trust of another or betray the trust of another, and is sincere in his intentions.
Honesty is a positive social trait, where we tell the truth, show integrity and be honest with ourselves, others, our family, friends, colleagues - workers, employers, neighbors, colleagues, co-workers, family members and others.
The opposite of this trait is dishonesty, where we can lie, steal or deceive another person or lie and deceive.
No one can stop you from being honest and blunt, but the responsibility lies with you and your responsibility. However, it is possible to be too honest where what you say can hurt your feelings and harm your fellow human beings.
In the eyes of society, this kind of openness and honesty is sometimes a terrible crime, and I hope that you will have the courage to be that honest.
When you begin to build your life on a rock with the cement of faith that good people have in you, you have a real beginning. You become extremely self-confident and grounded when you know that you are always honest with yourself and others, even if it comes at a high price. Because so few people are willing to be brutally authentic, other people see your authenticity and feel attracted to you and forget for a second that they are learning from you because you are a foundation, the rock of honesty and fairness.
Honesty can be a very valuable thing when no one around you is brave enough to give you honest feedback, and if you are, it is an important part of your life.
The ability to be honest even in situations like this is a measure of your integrity, strength and ultimate success.
One way to explore the inner level of true honesty and integrity is to see how much you trust others. If you see the world as you are, you can show more people that they are basically dishonest and that they cannot be trusted. One danger of lying is that not only would you not believe them, but you would also not be believed by others.
Everyone knew Pinocchio would be lying if his nose grew out, but not his eyes and not even his ears.
If honesty seems to be a trait you look for in a person, if you like them as a trait, then I don't think anyone is 100% honest.
Maybe you stretch the truth a little to make the story sound better, because it is second nature and normal, or you don't realize that you often lie. Maybe it is you who is not deliberately lying, but simply telling it as it is, and you commit to saying it even if it makes you unpopular. It's more work to track all your lies because there are so many different ways to tell white lies. You lose friends, you don't get what you want, maybe no one is lying intentionally, only the ones you told.
If you don't know what is right, you can read books about values, listen to others who practice them, and find role models to emulate, or find a role model to emulate. Connect to do the "right thing," even if it's not what you're doing because someone is watching you, not because you're doing it.
Be proud that you can be independent, trustworthy and respectful if you have integrity. People know where to stand with you because they know that you live your life with integrity, not because of what you say or do.
Honesty encourages honesty that improves your relationships and helps you lead a life that is right for you while remaining true to your principles and values. The fact that you are not an honest person does not devalue your worth, even if another person finds out that you have lied to them.
Honesty is a virtue that becomes a habit after years of consistent practice, and the same can be said for dishonesty. Lying is manipulative and no one wants to share their time with someone who is motivated primarily by what suits their own purposes.
Although academic integrity issues are generally about cheating, schools have a responsibility to teach students the importance of honesty as a practical and ethical virtue. In this respect, one would expect that cheating would give educators the opportunity to convey a positive message about honesty and the value of ethical behavior in the classroom. Cheating is most damaging...

Social network | SEO - Social network / "Omnilogy forum" in different fonts
« on: September 22, 2020, 05:58:54 PM »

"Omnilogy forum" in different fonts

The "Omnilogy forum" in different fonts:

𝒪𝓂𝓃𝒾𝓁𝑜𝑔𝓎 𝒻𝑜𝓇𝓊𝓂
𝓞𝓶𝓷𝓲𝓵𝓸𝓰𝔂 𝓯𝓸𝓻𝓾𝓶
𝕆𝕞𝕟𝕚𝕝𝕠𝕘𝕪 𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕦𝕞
ᴏᴍɴɪʟᴏɢʏ ꜰᴏʀᴜᴍ
Omnilogy forum
Ⓞⓜⓝⓘⓛⓞⓖⓨ ⓕⓞⓡⓤⓜ
O⃣   m⃣   n⃣   i⃣   l⃣   o⃣   g⃣   y⃣    f⃣   o⃣   r⃣   u⃣   m⃣
𝐎𝐦𝐧𝐢𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐲 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐮𝐦
𝗢𝗺𝗻𝗶𝗹𝗼𝗴𝘆 𝗳𝗼𝗿𝘂𝗺
𝘖𝘮𝘯𝘪𝘭𝘰𝘨𝘺 𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘶𝘮
𝙊𝙢𝙣𝙞𝙡𝙤𝙜𝙮 𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙪𝙢
𝙾𝚖𝚗𝚒𝚕𝚘𝚐𝚢 𝚏𝚘𝚛𝚞𝚖

Learn Chinese / Chinese-English dictionary
« on: September 05, 2020, 02:08:40 AM »

Chinese-English dictionary

A topic about Chinese-English dictionary. When you need to read or learn Chinese (from Chinese to English) read it here.

Starting with this one:

% % [pa1] /percent (Tw)/
2019冠狀病毒病 2019冠状病毒病 [er4 ling2 yi1 jiu3 guan1 zhuang4 bing4 du2 bing4] /COVID-19, the coronavirus disease identified in 2019/
21三體綜合症 21三体综合症 [er4 shi2 yi1 san1 ti3 zong1 he2 zheng4] /trisomy/Down's syndrome/
3C 3C [san1 C] /abbr. for computers, communications, and consumer electronics/China Compulsory Certificate (CCC)/
3P 3P [san1 P] /(slang) threesome/
3Q 3Q [san1 Q] /(Internet slang) thank you (loanword)/
502膠 502胶 [wu3 ling2 er4 jiao1] /cyanoacrylate glue/
88 88 [ba1 ba1] /(Internet slang) bye-bye (alternative for 拜拜[bai2 bai2])/
996 996 [jiu3 jiu3 liu4] /9am-9pm, six days a week (work schedule)/
A A [A] /(slang) (Tw) to steal/
AA制 AA制 [A A zhi4] /to split the bill/to go Dutch/
AB制 AB制 [A B zhi4] /to split the bill (where the male counterpart foots the larger portion of the sum)/(theater) a system where two actors take turns in acting the main role, with one actor replacing the other if either is unavailable/
ACG ACG [A C G] /acronym for "anime, comics and games"/
A咖 A咖 [A ka1] /class "A"/top grade/
A圈兒 A圈儿 [A quan1 r5] /at symbol, @/
A片 A片 [A pian4] /adult movie/pornography/
A菜 A菜 [A cai4] /(Tw) lettuce (from Taiwanese 萵仔菜, Tai-lo pr. [ue-á-tshài] or [e-á-tshài])/
A貨 A货 [A huo4] /good-quality fake/
B B [bi1] /euphemistic variant of 屄[bi1]/
BP機 BP机 [B P ji1] /beeper (loanword)/pager/
B型超聲 B型超声 [B xing2 chao1 sheng1] /type-B ultrasound/
B格 B格 [bi1 ge2] /variant of 逼格[bi1 ge2]/
B超 B超 [B chao1] /B-mode ultrasonography/prenatal ultrasound scan/abbr. for B型超聲|B型超声[B xing2 chao1 sheng1]/
CP CP [C P] /an imagined romantic relationship between two characters in fiction (or in real life) that one wishes for or fantasizes about (abbr. of "coupling")/
CP值 CP值 [C P zhi2] /cost-performance ratio (Tw)/
C位 C位 [C wei4] /(neologism, c. 2015) (coll.) most prominent position (e.g. in a group photo of entertainers) (loanword from "carry" or "center" or "core")/
C盤 C盘 [C pan2] /C drive or default startup drive (computing)/
C羅 C罗 [C Luo2] /nickname of Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo/
DNA鑒定 DNA鉴定 [D N A jian4 ding4] /DNA test/DNA testing/
E仔 E仔 [E zai3] /MDMA (C11H15NO2)/
G友 G友 [G you3] /see 基友[ji1 you3]/
G弦褲 G弦裤 [G xian2 ku4] /G-string/
G點 G点 [G dian3] /G-spot/
H橋 H桥 [H qiao2] /H bridge (electronics)/
IP IP [I P] /intellectual property (in China, esp. since 2015, often used as an entertainment industry term for a creative work used as the basis of a new product, such as a manga adapted as a tv series, or the image of a cartoon character appearing on merchandise)/
IP劇 IP剧 [I P ju4] /screen adaptation (TV series or movie based on an online novel or video game etc)/
JK製服 JK制服 [J K zhi4 fu2] /(Japanese) high school girl’s uniform/
K人 K人 [K ren2] /(slang) to hit sb/to beat sb/
K仔 K仔 [K zai3] /ketamine (slang)/
K他命 K他命 [k ta1 ming4] /ketamine (C13H16ClNO) (slang)/
K房 K房 [K fang2] /(slang) KTV/KTV room/
K書 K书 [K shu1] /(Tw) to cram (from Taiwanese 齧書, Tai-lo pr. [khè su], lit. to gnaw a book)/to study/see also 啃書|啃书[ken3 shu1]/
K歌 K歌 [K ge1] /karaoke (slang)/
K粉 K粉 [K fen3] /ketamine (slang)/
K線 K线 [K xian4] /candlestick (in a candlestick chart)/
K線圖 K线图 [K xian4 tu2] /candlestick chart/
K金 K金 [K jin1] /see 開金|开金[kai1 jin1]/
L照 L照 [L zhao4] /nude picture (from 裸照[luo3 zhao4])/
MC MC [M C] /(Tw) (coll.) menstruation (from "menstrual cycle")/
MV MV [M V] /desirability as a partner (abbr. for "mate value")/music video/
M巾 M巾 [M jin1] /(coll.) menstrual pad/
NG NG [N G] /(loanword from Japanese "NG", an initialism for "no good") (film and TV) blooper/to do a blooper/
NG片段 NG片段 [N G pian4 duan4] /(film and TV) blooper/
NG鏡頭 NG镜头 [N G jing4 tou2] /(film and TV) blooper/
N久 N久 [N jiu3] /a very long time (etymology: in mathematics, n represents an arbitrarily large number)/
N擋 N挡 [N dang3] /neutral (gear)/
OK繃 OK绷 [O K beng1] /band-aid (Tw)/
OK鏡 OK镜 [O K Jing4] /OK Lens, orthokeratology contact lens that helps reshape the cornea in order to eliminate nearsightedness or myopia/
OS OS [O S] /(in a soap opera or movie) voice-over that makes a character's unspoken thoughts audible to the audience/
O型腿 O型腿 [O xing2 tui3] /bow legs/bow-leggedness/
P P [P] /(slang) femme (lesbian stereotype)/to photoshop/
PA PA [P A] /public area attendant (tasked with cleaning the public areas of a hotel)/marketing assistant/sales assistant/
PA部 PA部 [P A bu4] /hotel staff work unit tasked with keeping the public areas of a hotel clean/
PK PK [P K] /(slang) to take on/to challenge/to go head to head/showdown/comparison/
PO PO [pou1] /(Tw) (Internet slang) to post (online)/
PO文 PO文 [po1 wen2] /(Internet slang) to post a message/
PU PU [P U] /the degree of suspicion that a woman might, after she marries, cheat on her husband (abbr. for "paternity uncertainty")/
P圖 P图 [P tu2] /(Internet slang) to photoshop a picture/photoshopped picture/
P擋 P挡 [P dang3] /park (gear)/program mode (on a digital camera)/
P民 P民 [P min2] /(slang) shitizen/commoner/hoi polloi/
Q Q [Q] /cute (loanword)/(of food) having a pleasant chewiness (like mochi, tapioca pearls, taro balls etc – foods with a springy or gel-like mouthfeel)/(loanword) to cue sb/
QR扣 QR扣 [Q R kou4] /(Tw) (loanword) QR code/
Q勁 Q劲 [Q jin4] /springy mouthfeel/
Q彈 Q弹 [Q tan2] /(of a food's mouthfeel) springy/firm/al dente/
T T [T] /(slang) butch (lesbian stereotype)/
TA TA [ta1] /he or she/
TF卡 TF卡 [T F ka3] /microSD card/
Tony Tony [t o n y] /(slang) hairdresser/
Tony老師 Tony老师 [t o n y lao3 shi1] /(slang) hairdresser/
T台 T台 [T tai2] /runway (for a fashion show etc)/catwalk/
T型台 T型台 [T xing2 tai2] /runway (for a fashion show etc)/catwalk/
T字帳 T字帐 [T zi4 zhang4] /T-account (accounting)/
T字褲 T字裤 [T zi4 ku4] /thong (underwear)/
T恤 T恤 [T xu4] /T-shirt/
T裇 T裇 [T xu1] /T-shirt/
USB手指 USB手指 [U S B shou3 zhi3] /USB flash drive/see also 閃存盤|闪存盘[shan3 cun2 pan2]/
USB記憶棒 USB记忆棒 [U S B ji4 yi4 bang4] /USB flash drive/see also 閃存盤|闪存盘[shan3 cun2 pan2]/
U凸內褲 U凸内裤 [U tu1 nei4 ku4] /contour pouch brief (men's underwear)/
U型枕 U型枕 [U xing2 zhen3] /travel pillow/
U型池 U型池 [U xing2 chi2] /(sports) vert ramp/half-pipe/
U形轉彎 U形转弯 [U xing2 zhuan3 wan1] /U-turn/
U盤 U盘 [U pan2] /USB flash drive/see also 閃存盤|闪存盘[shan3 cun2 pan2]/
U盾 U盾 [U dun4] /USB key used as a security token in Chinese online banking/
VCR VCR [V C R] /video clip (loanword from "videocassette recorder")/
V溝 V沟 [V gou1] /low neckline that reveals the cleavage/décolleté/gully/
XO醬 XO酱 [X O jiang4] /XO sauce, a spicy seafood sauce invented in Hong Kong in the 1980s/
X光 X光 [X guang1] /X-ray/
cos cos [c o s] /(Internet slang) cosplay/to cosplay/to dress up as/
mua mua [m u a] /(onom.) mwah (sound of a kiss)/
w w [w] /(Internet slang) ten thousand (abbr. for 萬|万[wan4])/
word word [w o r d] /my (Internet slang variant of 我的[wo3 de5])/
word姐 word姐 [w o r d jie3] /my big sister (Internet slang version of 我的姐[wo3 de5 jie3])/
π日 π日 [Pai4 ri4] /World Pi Day, a celebration of the mathematical constant π on March 14 each year/
□ □ [biang4] /(Tw) (coll.) cool/awesome/(etymologically, a contracted form of 不一樣|不一样[bu4 yi1 yang4])/often written as ㄅㄧㄤˋ/
□ □ [biu1] /(onom.) pew! (sound of a bullet fired from a gun)/also pr. [biu4]/
□ □ [ging1] /uptight/obstinate/to awkwardly force oneself to do sth/(Taiwanese, Tai-lo pr. [king], often written as ㄍㄧㄥ, no generally accepted hanzi form)/
○ ○ [ling2] /character used in Taiwan as a substitute for a real name (like "X" in English)/variant of 〇[ling2]/
⺮ ⺮ [zhu2] /"bamboo" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 118)/
々 々 [xx] /iteration mark (used to represent a duplicated character)/
〇 〇 [ling2] /zero/
〡 〡 [yi1] /numeral 1 in Suzhou numeral system 蘇州碼子|苏州码子[Su1 zhou1 ma3 zi5]/
〢 〢 [er4] /numeral 2 in Suzhou numeral system 蘇州碼子|苏州码子[Su1 zhou1 ma3 zi5]/
〣 〣 [san1] /numeral 3 in Suzhou numeral system 蘇州碼子|苏州码子[Su1 zhou1 ma3 zi5]/
〤 〤 [si4] /numeral 4 in Suzhou numeral system 蘇州碼子|苏州码子[Su1 zhou1 ma3 zi5]/
〥 〥 [wu3] /numeral 5 in Suzhou numeral system 蘇州碼子|苏州码子[Su1 zhou1 ma3 zi5]/
〦 〦 [liu4] /numeral 6 in Suzhou numeral system 蘇州碼子|苏州码子[Su1 zhou1 ma3 zi5]/
〧 〧 [qi1] /numeral 7 in Suzhou numeral system 蘇州碼子|苏州码子[Su1 zhou1 ma3 zi5]/
〨 〨 [ba1] /numeral 8 in Suzhou numeral system 蘇州碼子|苏州码子[Su1 zhou1 ma3 zi5]/
〩 〩 [jiu3] /numeral 9 in Suzhou numeral system 蘇州碼子|苏州码子[Su1 zhou1 ma3 zi5]/
〻 〻 [xx5] /iteration mark (used to represent a duplicated character)/
ㄅㄧㄤˋ ㄅㄧㄤˋ [xx5 xx5 xx5 xx5] /(Tw) (coll.) cool/awesome/pr. [biang4]/(etymologically, a contracted form of 不一樣|不一样[bu4 yi1 yang4])/
㍻ ㍻ [xx5] /平成[Ping2 cheng2] written as a single character/
㍼ ㍼ [xx5] /昭和[Zhao1 he2] written as a single character/
㍽ ㍽ [xx5] /大正[Da4 zheng4] written as a single character/
㍾ ㍾ [xx5] /明治[Ming2 zhi4] written as a single character/
㐄 㐄 [kua4] /component in Chinese characters, mirror image of 夂[zhi3]/
㐅 㐅 [wu3] /archaic variant of 五[wu3]/
㐆 㐆 [yin3] /component in Chinese character 殷[yin1]/
㐌 㐌 [ta1] /variant of 它[ta1]/
㐖 㐖 [xie2] /see 㐖毒[Xie2 du2]/
㐖毒 㐖毒 [Xie2 du2] /India (archaic)/
㐜 㐜 [chou2] /variant of 仇[chou2]/
㐡 㐡 [nuo4] /archaic variant of 懦[nuo4]/
㐤 㐤 [qiu2] /archaic variant of 求[qiu2]/
㐫 㐫 [xiong1] /old variant of 凶[xiong1]/
㐰 㐰 [xin4] /old variant of 信[xin4]/
㐺 㐺 [zhong4] /old variant of 眾|众[zhong4]/
㑳 㑇 [zhou4] /(old) beautiful/clever/
㑺 俊 [jun4] /old variant of 俊[jun4]/
㒳 㒳 [liang3] /old variant of 兩|两[liang3]/
㒸 㒸 [sui4] /archaic variant of 遂[sui4]/
㒺 罔 [wang3] /old variant of 罔[wang3]/
㓂 寇 [kou4] /old variant of 寇[kou4]/
㔾 㔾 [jie2] /"seal" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 26)/
㕁 却 [que4] /old variant of 卻|却[que4]/
㕑 厨 [chu2] /old variant of 廚|厨[chu2]/
㕘 参 [can1] /variant of 參|参[can1]/
㕥 㕥 [shen1] /old variant of 呻[shen1]/
㕥 以 [yi3] /old variant of 以[yi3]/
㕯 㕯 [ne4] /old variant of 訥|讷[ne4]/
㕻 㕻 [pou3] /variant of 咅[pou3]/also pr. [tou4]/
㗂 㗂 [sheng3] /variant of 省[sheng3]/tight-lipped/to examine/to watch/to scour (esp. Cantonese)/
㗎 㗎 [jia4] /sentence-final particle, contraction of "嘅呀" (Cantonese)/see also 嘅[kai4]/
㘭 坳 [ao4] /variant of 坳[ao4]/
㚻 㚻 [ji1] /see 㚻姦|㚻奸[ji1 jian1]/
㚻姦 㚻奸 [ji1 jian1] /variant of 雞奸|鸡奸[ji1 jian1]/
㛂 㛂 [nuo3] /graceful/frail and petite/
㝄 㝄 [chun2] /old variant of 純|纯[chun2]/
㝇 㝇 [chun2] /old variant of 鶉|鹑[chun2]/
㝛 宿 [su4] /old variant of 宿[su4]/
㝠 冥 [ming2] /old variant of 冥[ming2]/
㝡 最 [zui4] /variant of 最[zui4]/
㝵 㝵 [ai4] /variant of 礙|碍[ai4]/
㝵 㝵 [de2] /to obtain/old variant of 得[de2]/
㞎 㞎 [ba3] /(baby talk) poop/see 㞎㞎[ba3 ba5]/
㞎㞎 㞎㞎 [ba3 ba5] /(baby talk) poop/
㞗 㞗 [qiu2] /(dialect) penis/dick/
㞙 㞙 [niao4] /old variant of 尿[niao4]/
㞞 𪨊 [song2] /(coll.) semen/weak and incompetent/
㟁 岸 [an4] /variant of 岸[an4]/
㠀 岛 [dao3] /variant of 島|岛[dao3]/
㠯 以 [yi3] /old variant of 以[yi3]/
㠶 帆 [fan1] /variant of 帆[fan1]/
㡌 帽 [mao4] /old variant of 帽[mao4]/
㢘 廉 [lian2] /old variant of 廉[lian2]/
㢠 迥 [jiong3] /variant of 迥[jiong3]/
㢲 㢲 [xun4] /variant of 巽[xun4]/
㢴 㢴 [xi1] /old variant of 西[xi1]/
㣟 㣟 [xi4] /to go/to walk/
㤅 㤅 [ai4] /archaic variant of 愛|爱[ai4]/
㤙 恩 [en1] /variant of 恩[en1]/
㥁 㥁 [de2] /variant of 德[de2]/
㥏 㥏 [tian3] /ashamed/
㥦 惬 [qie4] /variant of 愜|惬[qie4]/
㥯 㥯 [yin3] /cautious/
㦂 㦂 [chang2] /old variant of 常[chang2]/
㧯 㧯 [lao3] /round-bottomed wicker basket/(dialect) to lift/to carry on one's shoulder/
㧱 拿 [na2] /old variant of 拿[na2]/
㨃 㨃 [dui3] /variant of 懟|怼[dui3]/
㨗 捷 [jie2] /variant of 捷[jie2]/quick/nimble/
㨪 晃 [huang3] /variant of 晃[huang3]/
㨿 据 [ju4] /variant of 據|据[ju4]/
㩐 㩐 [den4] /variant of 扽[den4]/
㩗 携 [xie2] /old variant of 攜|携[xie2]/
㩜 㨫 [lan3] /variant of 擥[lan3]/
㩦 携 [xie2] /old variant of 攜|携[xie2]/
㪃 㪃 [he2] /to beat/to hit/
㪋 㪋 [han4] /variant of 捍[han4]/
㪚 散 [san4] /variant of 散[san4]/
㪟 敦 [dun1] /variant of 敦[dun1]/
㫺 㫺 [xi1] /old variant of 昔[xi1]/
㬉 暖 [nuan3] /old variant of 暖[nuan3]/
㬎 㬎 [xian3] /old variant of 顯|显[xian3]/visible/apparent/
㮎 㮎 [bei1] /variant of 杯[bei1]/
㮚 㮚 [li4] /old variant of 栗[li4]/
㮸 㮸 [song4] /variant of 送[song4]/
㯭 橹 [lu3] /variant of 櫓|橹[lu3]/
㯳 㯳 [qing2] /variant of 檠[qing2]/
㱃 饮 [yin3] /old variant of 飲|饮[yin3]/
㱾 㱾 [gai1] /a kind of metal or jade ornament worn in ancient times to ward off evil spirits/
㲈 㲈 [shao2] /variant of 韶[shao2]/
㲈 㲈 [tao2] /variant of 鞀|鼗[tao2]/
㲋 㲋 [chuo4] /ancient name for an animal similar to rabbit but bigger/
㲱 㲱 [lie4] /old variant of 鬣[lie4]/
㲾 㲾 [yu3] /old variant of 雨[yu3]/
㳂 㳂 [yan2] /variant of 沿[yan2]/
㳄 涎 [xian2] /variant of 涎[xian2]/
㳒 法 [fa3] /variant of 法[fa3]/
㳮 㳮 [niao4] /old variant of 尿[niao4]/
㴱 深 [shen1] /old variant of 深[shen1]/
㵎 涧 [jian4] /variant of 澗|涧[jian4]/
㵪 㵪 [xian2] /variant of 涎[xian2]/
㵮 㵮 [chun2] /clear water/
㶸 㶸 [xie2] /(precise meaning unknown, relates to iron)/variant of 協|协[xie2]/
㷖 㷖 [zhao4] /old variant of 照[zhao4]/
㷭 㷭 [feng1] /old variant of 烽[feng1]/
㹠 㹠 [tun2] /old variant of 豚[tun2]/
㹢 㹢 [jia1] /see 玃[jue2]/
㹴 㹴 [geng3] /fierce dog/
㹴犬 㹴犬 [geng3 quan3] /variant of 梗犬[geng3 quan3]/
㺢 㺢 [huo4] /see 㺢㹢狓[huo4 jia1 pi1]/
㺢㹢狓 㺢㹢狓 [huo4 jia1 pi1] /okapi/also written 霍加狓[huo4 jia1 pi1]/
㺵 㺵 [jiu3] /variant of 玖[jiu3]/black jade/
㻽 㻽 [xuan2] /variant of 璿|璇[xuan2]/also pr. [sui4]/
㼝 碗 [wan3] /variant of 碗[wan3]/
㽞 留 [liu2] /old variant of 留[liu2]/
㽮 㽮 [xing1] /old variant of 星[xing1]/
㿜 瘪 [bie3] /variant of 癟|瘪[bie3]/
㿝 㿝 [xiang1] /old variant of 香[xiang1]/
䂖 䂖 [shi2] /variant of 石[shi2]/
䂲 䂲 [fa3] /variant of 砝[fa3]/
䂶 䂶 [jie2] /variant of 蜐[jie2]/
䃉 䃉 [min2] /old variant of 珉[min2]/
䅵 䅵 [zhuo2] /chaff/bran/
䇲 䇲 [ce4] /variant of 筴|策[ce4]/
䈰 筲 [shao1] /pot-scrubbing brush made of bamboo strips/basket (container) for chopsticks/variant of 筲[shao1]/
䊀 糊 [hu2] /variant of 糊[hu2]/
䍃 䍃 [yao2] /(archaic) vase/pitcher/
䍹 䍹 [shan1] /variant of 羶[shan1]/
䒗 䒗 [qi4] /old variant of 芞[qi4]/
䔢 䔢 [hua2] /old variant of 華|华[hua2]/
䕭 䕭 [qian2] /a variety of grass/nettle/
䕭 䕭 [xian2] /a kind of vegetable/
䖟 䖟 [meng2] /old variant of 虻[meng2]/
䖸 䖸 [e2] /variant of 蛾[e2]/
䗈 䗈 [meng2] /old variant of 虻[meng2]/
䗥 䗥 [zong1] /see 螉䗥[weng1 zong1]/
䗪 䗪 [zhe4] /Chinese ground beetle (Eupolyphaga sinensis)/
䗬 蜂 [feng1] /variant of 蜂[feng1]/
䗶 䗶 [la4] /old variant of 蠟|蜡[la4]/
䘏 恤 [xu4] /variant of 恤[xu4]/
䘑 脉 [mai4] /old variant of 脈|脉[mai4]/
䘚 卒 [zu2] /variant of 卒[zu2]/
䛐 词 [ci2] /old variant of 詞|词[ci2]/
䛟 䛟 [jia2] /variant of 唊[jia2]/
䝓 䝓 [lie4] /old variant of 鬣[lie4]/
䝔 獾 [huan1] /variant of 獾[huan1]/
䞓 䞓 [cheng1] /old variant of 赬|赪[cheng1]/
䟆 䟆 [bi4] /old variant of 蹕|跸[bi4]/
䟖 䟖 [zhi3] /erroneous variant of 趾[zhi3]/
䠀 䠀 [chang3] /to squat/to sit/
䠀 趟 [tang1] /old variant of 趟[tang1]/
䠞 䠞 [cu4] /variant of 蹙[cu4]/
䠶 射 [she4] /old variant of 射[she4]/
䤈 䤈 [xi1] /old variant of 醯[xi1]/
䥑 鿏 [mai4] /meitnerium (chemistry)/
䥥 镰 [lian2] /old variant of 鐮|镰[lian2]/
䥯 䥯 [ba4] /plow/
䦉 䦉 [si4] /variant of 肆[si4]/
䦕 䦕 [peng1] /variant of 閛[peng1]/
䩦 䩦 [tiao2] /variant of 鞗[tiao2]/
䫏 䫏 [qi1] /mask of a god used in ceremonies to exorcise demons and drive away pestilence/(archaic) ugly/
䬃 飒 [sa4] /variant of 颯|飒[sa4]/
䬠 䬠 [fei1] /old variant of 霏[fei1]/
䬪 䬪 [bo2] /variant of 餺|馎[bo2]/
䭾 驮 [tuo2] /variant of 馱|驮[tuo2]/
䯝 䯝 [sui3] /variant of 髓/marrow/essence/quintessence/pith (soft interior of plant stem)/
䰟 魂 [hun2] /old variant of 魂[hun2]/
䰾 鲃 [ba1] /see 䰾魚|鲃鱼[ba1 yu2]/
䰾魚 鲃鱼 [ba1 yu2] /barbel (fish)/
䲔 䲔 [jing1] /old variant of 鯨|鲸[jing1]/
䳗 䳗 [e2] /variant of 鵝|鹅[e2]/
䳘 鹅 [e2] /variant of 鵝|鹅[e2]/
䴉 鹮 [huan2] /spoonbill/ibis/family Threskiornithidae/
䴉嘴鷸 鹮嘴鹬 [huan2 zui3 yu4] /(bird species of China) ibisbill (Ibidorhyncha struthersii)/
䴸 麸 [fu1] /variant of 麩|麸[fu1]/
䵹 䵹 [zhi1] /old variant of 蜘[zhi1]/
䶊 衄 [nu:4] /old variant of 衄[nu:4]/
䶑 䶑 [ti4] /variant of 嚏[ti4]/
一 一 [yi1] /one/1/single/a (article)/as soon as/entire/whole/all/throughout/"one" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 1)/also pr. [yao1] for greater clarity when spelling out numbers digit by digit/
一一 一一 [yi1 yi1] /one by one/one after another/
一一對應 一一对应 [yi1 yi1 dui4 ying4] /one-to-one correspondence/
一一映射 一一映射 [yi1 yi1 ying4 she4] /bijective map (i.e. map between sets in math. that is one-to-one and onto)/one-to-one correspondence/
一丁不識 一丁不识 [yi1 ding1 bu4 shi2] /illiterate/ignorant/
一丁點 一丁点 [yi1 ding1 dian3] /a tiny bit/a wee bit/
一下 一下 [yi1 xia4] /(used after a verb) give it a go/to do (sth for a bit to give it a try)/one time/once/in a while/all of a sudden/all at once/
一下兒 一下儿 [yi1 xia4 r5] /erhua variant of 一下[yi1 xia4]/
一下子 一下子 [yi1 xia4 zi5] /in a short while/all at once/all of a sudden/
一不做,二不休 一不做,二不休 [yi1 bu4 zuo4 , er4 bu4 xiu1] /don't do it, or don't rest (idiom); either give up, or go through to the end/Since we started, we must carry it through whatever happens./in for a penny, in for a pound/
一世 一世 [yi1 shi4] /generation/period of 30 years/one's whole lifetime/lifelong/age/era/times/the whole world/the First (of numbered European kings)/
一丘之貉 一丘之貉 [yi1 qiu1 zhi1 he2] /jackals of the same tribe (idiom); fig. They are all just as bad as each other./
一並 一并 [yi1 bing4] /variant of 一併|一并, to lump together/to treat along with all the others/
一中一台 一中一台 [yi1 Zhong1 yi1 Tai2] /one China and one Taiwan (policy)/
一中原則 一中原则 [yi1 zhong1 yuan2 ze2] /One-China principle, the official doctrine that Taiwan is a province of China/
一之為甚 一之为甚 [yi1 zhi1 wei2 shen4] /once is more than enough (idiom)/
一之謂甚 一之谓甚 [yi1 zhi1 wei4 shen4] /see 一之為甚|一之为甚[yi1 zhi1 wei2 shen4]/
一乾二淨 一干二净 [yi1 gan1 er4 jing4] /thoroughly (idiom)/completely/one and all/very clean/
一了百了 一了百了 [yi1 liao3 bai3 liao3] /once the main problem is solved, all troubles are solved/death ends all one's troubles/
一事無成 一事无成 [yi1 shi4 wu2 cheng2] /to have achieved nothing/to be a total failure/to get nowhere/
一二 一二 [yi1 er4] /one or two/a few/
一二八事變 一二八事变 [Yi1 Er4 ba1 Shi4 bian4] /Shanghai Incident of 28th January 1932, Chinese uprising against Japanese quarters of Shanghai/
一五一十 一五一十 [yi1 wu3 yi1 shi2] /lit. count by fives and tens (idiom); to narrate systematically and in full detail/
一些 一些 [yi1 xie1] /some/a few/a little/(following an adjective) slightly ...er/
一人得道,雞犬升天 一人得道,鸡犬升天 [yi1 ren2 de2 dao4 , ji1 quan3 sheng1 tian1] /lit. when a man achieves the Dao, his poultry and dogs rise to Heaven (idiom)/fig. to ride on sb else's success/Once one man gets a government position, all his cronies get in too/Once sb has cracked the problem, every Tom, Dick and Harry can do it/
一介不取 一介不取 [yi1 jie4 bu4 qu3] /to not even take a penny (as a bribe)/
一代 一代 [yi1 dai4] /generation/
一代不如一代 一代不如一代 [yi1 dai4 bu4 ru2 yi1 dai4] /to be getting worse with each generation/
一併 一并 [yi1 bing4] /to lump together/to treat along with all the others/
一來 一来 [yi1 lai2] /firstly, .../
一來二去 一来二去 [yi1 lai2 er4 qu4] /gradually/little by little/in the course of time/
一個中國政策 一个中国政策 [yi1 ge4 Zhong1 guo2 zheng4 ce4] /one China policy/
一個人 一个人 [yi1 ge4 ren2] /by oneself (without assistance)/alone (without company)/
一個個 一个个 [yi1 ge4 ge4] /each and every one/
一個勁 一个劲 [yi1 ge4 jin4] /continuously/persistently/incessantly/
一個勁兒 一个劲儿 [yi1 ge4 jin4 r5] /erhua variant of 一個勁|一个劲[yi1 ge4 jin4]/
一個半 一个半 [yi1 ge5 ban4] /one and a half/
一個天南,一個地北 一个天南,一个地北 [yi1 ge5 tian1 nan2 , yi1 ge5 di4 bei3] /to live miles apart (idiom)/
一個巴掌拍不響 一个巴掌拍不响 [yi1 ge5 ba1 zhang3 pai1 bu4 xiang3] /lit. one palm alone cannot clap (proverb)/fig. it takes two persons to start a dispute/it takes two to tango/it's difficult to achieve anything without support/
一個幽靈在歐洲遊蕩 一个幽灵在欧洲游荡 [Yi1 ge4 you1 ling2 zai4 Ou1 zhou1 you2 dang4] /Ein Gespenst geht um in Europa./the opening sentence of Marx and Engels' "Communist Manifesto"/
一個接一個 一个接一个 [yi1 ge5 jie1 yi1 ge5] /one by one/one after another/
一個樣 一个样 [yi1 ge5 yang4] /same as 一樣|一样[yi1 yang4]/the same/
一個蘿蔔一個坑 一个萝卜一个坑 [yi1 ge4 luo2 bo5 yi1 ge4 keng1] /lit. every turnip to its hole (idiom)/fig. each person has his own position/each to his own/horses for courses/every kettle has its lid/
一個頭兩個大 一个头两个大 [yi1 ge5 tou2 liang3 ge5 da4] /(coll.) to feel as though one's head could explode (Tw)/
一倡三歎 一倡三叹 [yi1 chang4 san1 tan4] /(of literature, music) deeply moving (idiom)/
一側化 一侧化 [yi1 ce4 hua4] /lateralization/
一傳十,十傳百 一传十,十传百 [yi1 chuan2 shi2 , shi2 chuan2 bai3] /news pass quickly from mouth to mouth (idiom)/an infectious disease spreads quickly (old meaning)/
一價 一价 [yi1 jia4] /monovalent (chemistry)/
一元 一元 [yi1 yuan2] /single variable (math.)/univariate/
一元化 一元化 [yi1 yuan2 hua4] /integration/integrated/unified/
一元復始 一元复始 [yi1 yuan2 fu4 shi3] /a new year begins (idiom)/
一元論 一元论 [yi1 yuan2 lun4] /monism, belief that the universe is made of a single substance/
一元醇 一元醇 [yi1 yuan2 chun2] /methyl alcohol CH3OH/
一共 一共 [yi1 gong4] /altogether/
一再 一再 [yi1 zai4] /repeatedly/
一准 一准 [yi1 zhun3] /certainly/also written 一準|一准[yi1 zhun3]/
一刀兩斷 一刀两断 [yi1 dao1 liang3 duan4] /lit. two segments with a single cut (idiom)/fig. to make a clean break (idiom)/
一刀切 一刀切 [yi1 dao1 qie1] /lit. to cut all at one stroke (idiom); to impose uniformity/one solution fits a diversity of problems/one size fits all/
一分一毫 一分一毫 [yi1 fen1 yi1 hao2] /a tiny bit (idiom)/an iota/
一分為二 一分为二 [yi1 fen1 wei2 er4] /one divides into two/to be two-sided/there are two sides to everything/to see both sb's good points and shortcomings (idiom)/
一分熟 一分熟 [yi1 fen1 shu2] /rare (of steak)/
一分耕耘,一分收穫 一分耕耘,一分收获 [yi1 fen1 geng1 yun2 , yi1 fen1 shou1 huo4] /you get what you put in/you reap what you sow/
一分錢一分貨 一分钱一分货 [yi1 fen1 qian2 yi1 fen1 huo4] /nothing for nothing/you get what you pay for/
一分錢兩分貨 一分钱两分货 [yi1 fen1 qian2 liang3 fen1 huo4] /high quality at bargain price/
一切 一切 [yi1 qie4] /everything/every/all/
一切事物 一切事物 [yi1 qie4 shi4 wu4] /everything/
一切向錢看 一切向钱看 [yi1 qie4 xiang4 qian2 kan4] /to put money above everything else/
一切如舊 一切如旧 [yi1 qie4 ru2 jiu4] /everything as before/
一切就緒 一切就绪 [yi1 qie4 jiu4 xu4] /everything in its place and ready (idiom)/
一切險 一切险 [yi1 qie4 xian3] /all risks (insurance)/
一刻千金 一刻千金 [yi1 ke4 qian1 jin1] /time is gold/every minute counts/
一則 一则 [yi1 ze2] /on the one hand/
一則以喜,一則以憂 一则以喜,一则以忧 [yi1 ze2 yi3 xi3 , yi1 ze2 yi3 you1] /happy on the one hand, but worried on the other (idiom)/
一動不動 一动不动 [yi1 dong4 bu4 dong4] /motionless/
一勞永逸 一劳永逸 [yi1 lao2 yong3 yi4] /to get sth done once and for all/
一匙 一匙 [yi1 chi2] /spoonful/
一千零一夜 一千零一夜 [Yi1 qian1 Ling2 Yi1 Ye4] /The Book of One Thousand and One Nights/
一半 一半 [yi1 ban4] /half/
一半天 一半天 [yi1 ban4 tian1] /in a day or two/soon/
一卡通 一卡通 [Yi1 ka3 tong1] /Yikatong (Beijing public transport smart card)/
一去不回 一去不回 [yi1 qu4 bu4 hui2] /gone forever/
一去不復返 一去不复返 [yi1 qu4 bu4 fu4 fan3] /gone forever/
一去無影蹤 一去无影踪 [yi1 qu4 wu2 ying3 zong1] /gone without a trace/
一反常態 一反常态 [yi1 fan3 chang2 tai4] /complete change from the normal state (idiom); quite uncharacteristic/entirely outside the norm/out of character/
一反往常 一反往常 [yi1 fan3 wang3 chang2] /contrary to usual/unlike what usually happens/
一口 一口 [yi1 kou3] /readily/flatly (deny, admit and so on)/a mouthful/a bite/
一口吃不成胖子 一口吃不成胖子 [yi1 kou3 chi1 bu4 cheng2 pang4 zi5] /lit. you cannot get fat with only one mouthful (proverb)/fig. learn to walk before you run/
一口吃個胖子 一口吃个胖子 [yi1 kou3 chi1 ge5 pang4 zi5] /lit. to want to get fat with only one mouthful (proverb)/fig. to try to achieve one's goal in the shortest time possible/to be impatient for success/
一口咬定 一口咬定 [yi1 kou3 yao3 ding4] /to arbitrarily assert/to allege/to stick to one's statement/to cling to one's view/
一口氣 一口气 [yi1 kou3 qi4] /one breath/in one breath/at a stretch/
一口氣兒 一口气儿 [yi1 kou3 qi4 r5] /erhua variant of 一口氣|一口气[yi1 kou3 qi4]/
一古腦兒 一古脑儿 [yi1 gu3 nao3 r5] /variant of 一股腦兒|一股脑儿[yi1 gu3 nao3 r5]/
一句 一句 [yi1 ju4] /a line of verse/a sentence/
一句話 一句话 [yi1 ju4 hua4] /in a word/in short/
一同 一同 [yi1 tong2] /along/together/
一吐為快 一吐为快 [yi1 tu3 wei2 kuai4] /to get sth off one's chest/
一向 一向 [yi1 xiang4] /always (previously)/a period of time in the recent past/
一周 一周 [yi1 zhou1] /one week/all the way around/a whole cycle/
一味 一味 [yi1 wei4] /blindly/invariably/
一呼百應 一呼百应 [yi1 hu1 bai3 ying4] /a hundred answers to a single call (idiom)/to respond en masse/
一呼百諾 一呼百诺 [yi1 hu1 bai3 nuo4] /one command brings a hundred responses (idiom); having hundreds of attendants at one's beck and call/
一命嗚呼 一命呜呼 [yi1 ming4 wu1 hu1] /to die (idiom)/to breathe one's last/to give up the ghost/
一命歸天 一命归天 [yi1 ming4 gui1 tian1] /see 一命嗚呼|一命呜呼[yi1 ming4 wu1 hu1]/
一命歸西 一命归西 [yi1 ming4 gui1 xi1] /see 一命嗚呼|一命呜呼[yi1 ming4 wu1 hu1]/
一命歸陰 一命归阴 [yi1 ming4 gui1 yin1] /see 一命嗚呼|一命呜呼[yi1 ming4 wu1 hu1]/
一品 一品 [yi1 pin3] /superb/first-rate/(of officials in imperial times) the highest rank/
一品紅 一品红 [yi1 pin3 hong2] /poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)/
一品鍋 一品锅 [yi1 pin3 guo1] /dish containing a variety of meats and vegetables arranged in a broth in a clay pot/chafing dish/
一哄而散 一哄而散 [yi1 hong1 er2 san4] /to disperse in confusion (idiom)/
一哄而起 一哄而起 [yi1 hong1 er2 qi3] /(of a group of people) to rush into action/
一哭二鬧三上吊 一哭二闹三上吊 [yi1 ku1 er4 nao4 san1 shang4 diao4] /to make a terrible scene (idiom)/to throw a tantrum/
一唱一和 一唱一和 [yi1 chang4 yi1 he4] /to echo one another (idiom)/
一唱三嘆 一唱三叹 [yi1 chang4 san1 tan4] /see 一倡三歎|一倡三叹[yi1 chang4 san1 tan4]/
一問三不知 一问三不知 [yi1 wen4 san1 bu4 zhi1] /lit. to reply "don't know" whatever the question (idiom)/fig. absolutely no idea of what's going on/complete ignorance/
一回事 一回事 [yi1 hui2 shi4] /one thing/the same as/
一回生二回熟 一回生二回熟 [yi1 hui2 sheng1 er4 hui2 shu2] /unfamiliar at first, but well accustomed soon enough (idiom)/
一回生兩回熟 一回生两回熟 [yi1 hui2 sheng1 liang3 hui2 shu2] /see 一回生二回熟[yi1 hui2 sheng1 er4 hui2 shu2]/
一國兩制 一国两制 [yi1 guo2 liang3 zhi4] /one country, two systems (PRC proposal regarding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)/
一團亂糟 一团乱糟 [yi1 tuan2 luan4 zao1] /a chaotic mess/
一團和氣 一团和气 [yi1 tuan2 he2 qi4] /to keep on the right side of everyone (idiom)/warm and affable/
一團漆黑 一团漆黑 [yi1 tuan2 qi1 hei1] /pitch-black/(fig.) to be completely in the dark/
一團火 一团火 [yi1 tuan2 huo3] /fireball/ball of fire/
一團糟 一团糟 [yi1 tuan2 zao1] /chaos/bungle/complete mess/shambles/
一堆 一堆 [yi1 dui1] /pile/
一場空 一场空 [yi1 chang2 kong1] /all one's hopes and efforts come to nothing/futile/
一塊 一块 [yi1 kuai4] /one block/one piece/one (unit of money)/together/in the same place/in company/
一塊兒 一块儿 [yi1 kuai4 r5] /erhua variant of 一塊|一块[yi1 kuai4]/
一塌糊塗 一塌糊涂 [yi1 ta1 hu2 tu5] /muddled and completely collapsing (idiom); in an awful condition/complete shambles/a total mess/
一塵不染 一尘不染 [yi1 chen2 bu4 ran3] /untainted by even a speck of dust (idiom); selfless and incorruptible/spotless/
一壁 一壁 [yi1 bi4] /one side/at the same time/
一壁廂 一壁厢 [yi1 bi4 xiang1] /see 一壁[yi1 bi4]/
一夔已足 一夔已足 [yi1 kui2 yi3 zu2] /one talented person is enough for the job (idiom)/
一夕 一夕 [yi1 xi1] /overnight/instantly/very quickly/
一夕數驚 一夕数惊 [yi1 xi1 shu4 jing1] /one scare after another (idiom)/in a constant state of tension/
一多對應 一多对应 [yi1 duo1 dui4 ying4] /one-to-many correspondence/
一夜之間 一夜之间 [yi1 ye4 zhi1 jian1] /(lit. and fig.) overnight/
一夜情 一夜情 [yi1 ye4 qing2] /one night stand/
一夜爆紅 一夜爆红 [yi1 ye4 bao4 hong2] /to become popular overnight/
一夜露水 一夜露水 [yi1 ye4 lu4 shui5] /one-night stand/ephemeral/
一大早 一大早 [yi1 da4 zao3] /at dawn/at first light/first thing in the morning/
一大早兒 一大早儿 [yi1 da4 zao3 r5] /erhua variant of 一大早[yi1 da4 zao3]/
一天一個樣 一天一个样 [yi1 tian1 yi1 ge5 yang4] /to change from day to day/
一天到晚 一天到晚 [yi1 tian1 dao4 wan3] /all day long/the whole day/
一夫一妻 一夫一妻 [yi1 fu1 yi1 qi1] /lit. one husband one wife/monogamy/
一夫多妻 一夫多妻 [yi1 fu1 duo1 qi1] /polygamy/
一夫當關,萬夫莫開 一夫当关,万夫莫开 [yi1 fu1 dang1 guan1 , wan4 fu1 mo4 kai1] /one man can hold the pass against ten thousand enemies (idiom)/
一失足成千古恨 一失足成千古恨 [yi1 shi1 zu2 cheng2 qian1 gu3 hen4] /a single slip may cause everlasting sorrow (idiom)/
一套 一套 [yi1 tao4] /suit/a set/a collection/of the same kind/the same old stuff/set pattern of behavior/
一如 一如 [yi1 ru2] /to be just like/
一如往常 一如往常 [yi1 ru2 wang3 chang2] /as usual/
一如所料 一如所料 [yi1 ru2 suo3 liao4] /as expected/
一如既往 一如既往 [yi1 ru2 ji4 wang3] /just as in the past (idiom); as before/continuing as always/
一妻制 一妻制 [yi1 qi1 zhi4] /monogamy/
一孔之見 一孔之见 [yi1 kong3 zhi1 jian4] /partial view/limited outlook/
一字 一字 [yi1 zi4] /in a row/in a line/
一字一淚 一字一泪 [yi1 zi4 yi1 lei4] /each word is a teardrop (idiom)/
一字不差 一字不差 [yi1 zi4 bu4 cha1] /word for word/verbatim/
一字不提 一字不提 [yi1 zi4 bu4 ti2] /to not mention a single word (about sth) (idiom)/
一字不漏 一字不漏 [yi1 zi4 bu4 lou4] /without missing a word/
一字不落 一字不落 [yi1 zi4 bu4 la4] /see 一字不漏[yi1 zi4 bu4 lou4]/
一字不識 一字不识 [yi1 zi4 bu4 shi2] /totally illiterate/
一字之師 一字之师 [yi1 zi4 zhi1 shi1] /one who can correct a misread or misspelt character and thus be your master/
一字兒 一字儿 [yi1 zi4 r5] /in a row/in a line/
一字千金 一字千金 [yi1 zi4 qian1 jin1] /one word worth a thousand in gold (idiom)/(in praise of a piece of writing or calligraphy) each character is perfect/each word is highly valued/
一字巾 一字巾 [yi1 zi4 jin1] /headband/strip of cloth worn around the head/
一字褒貶 一字褒贬 [yi1 zi4 bao1 bian3] /dispensing praise or blame with a single word (idiom)/concise and powerful style/
一定 一定 [yi1 ding4] /surely/certainly/necessarily/fixed/a certain (extent etc)/given/particular/must/
一定要 一定要 [yi1 ding4 yao4] /must/
一家 一家 [yi1 jia1] /the whole family/the same family/the family ... (when preceded by a family name)/group/
一家之主 一家之主 [yi1 jia1 zhi1 zhu3] /master of the house/family head/
一家人 一家人 [yi1 jia1 ren2] /household/the whole family/
一家子 一家子 [yi1 jia1 zi5] /the whole family/
一審 一审 [yi1 shen3] /first instance (law)/
一寸光陰一寸金 一寸光阴一寸金 [yi1 cun4 guang1 yin1 yi1 cun4 jin1] /lit. An interval of time is worth an ounce of gold. (idiom)/fig. free time is to be treasured/
一寸光陰一寸金,寸金難買寸光陰 一寸光阴一寸金,寸金难买寸光阴 [yi1 cun4 guang1 yin1 yi1 cun4 jin1 , cun4 jin1 nan2 mai3 cun4 guang1 yin1] /lit. An interval of time is worth an ounce of gold, money cannot buy you time. (idiom)/fig. Time is precious and must be treasured./
一對 一对 [yi1 dui4] /couple/pair/
一對一鬥牛 一对一斗牛 [yi1 dui4 yi1 dou4 niu2] /one-on-one basketball game/
一對兒 一对儿 [yi1 dui4 r5] /a pair/a couple/
一小撮 一小撮 [yi1 xiao3 cuo1] /handful (of)/
一小部分 一小部分 [yi1 xiao3 bu4 fen4] /a small part/a small section/
一小陣兒 一小阵儿 [yi1 xiao3 zhen4 r5] /very brief period of time/
一展身手 一展身手 [yi1 zhan3 shen1 shou3] /to showcase one's (unique) talents/to display one's (individual) prowess/
一層 一层 [yi1 ceng2] /layer/
一山不容二虎 一山不容二虎 [yi1 shan1 bu4 rong2 er4 hu3] /lit. the mountain can't have two tigers (idiom)/fig. this town ain't big enough for the two of us/(of two rivals) to be fiercely competitive/
一己 一己 [yi1 ji3] /oneself/
一帆風順 一帆风顺 [yi1 fan1 feng1 shun4] /propitious wind throughout the journey (idiom)/plain sailing/to go smoothly/have a nice trip!/
一席之地 一席之地 [yi1 xi2 zhi1 di4] /(acknowledged) place/a role to play/niche/
一席話 一席话 [yi1 xi2 hua4] /the content of a conversation/words/remarks/
一帶 一带 [yi1 dai4] /region/district/
一帶一路 一带一路 [Yi1 dai4 Yi1 lu4] /Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese government plan to provide finance and engineering expertise to build infrastructure across Eurasia and northeast Africa, unveiled in 2013/
一帶而過 一带而过 [yi1 dai4 er2 guo4] /to skate around/to skip over/to skimp/
一年之計在於春 一年之计在于春 [yi1 nian2 zhi1 ji4 zai4 yu2 chun1] /the whole year must be planned for in the spring (idiom)/early planning is the key to success/
一年到頭 一年到头 [yi1 nian2 dao4 tou2] /all year round/
一年半 一年半 [yi1 nian2 ban4] /a year and a half/
一年半載 一年半载 [yi1 nian2 ban4 zai3] /about a year/
一年四季 一年四季 [yi1 nian2 si4 ji4] /all year round/
一年多 一年多 [yi1 nian2 duo1] /more than a year/
一年期 一年期 [yi1 nian2 qi1] /one year period (in a contract or budget)/
一年生 一年生 [yi1 nian2 sheng1] /annual (botany)/
一年被蛇咬十年怕井繩 一年被蛇咬十年怕井绳 [yi1 nian2 bei4 she2 yao3 shi2 nian2 pa4 jing3 sheng2] /bitten by a snake in one year, fears the well rope for ten years (idiom); once bitten twice shy/
一度 一度 [yi1 du4] /for a time/at one time/one time/once/
一廂情願 一厢情愿 [yi1 xiang1 qing2 yuan4] /one's own wishful thinking/
一式二份 一式二份 [yi1 shi4 er2 fen4] /in duplicate/
一彈指頃 一弹指顷 [yi1 tan2 zhi3 qing3] /a snap of the fingers (idiom); in a flash/in the twinkling of an eye/
一往情深 一往情深 [yi1 wang3 qing2 shen1] /deeply attached/devoted/
一往無前 一往无前 [yi1 wang3 wu2 qian2] /to advance courageously (idiom)/to press forward/
一往直前 一往直前 [yi1 wang3 zhi2 qian2] /see 一往無前|一往无前[yi1 wang3 wu2 qian2]/
一律 一律 [yi1 lu:4] /same/uniformly/all/without exception/
一徑 一径 [yi1 jing4] /directly/straightaway/straight/
一心 一心 [yi1 xin1] /wholeheartedly/heart and soul/
一心一德 一心一德 [yi1 xin1 yi1 de2] /of one heart and one mind (idiom)/
一心一意 一心一意 [yi1 xin1 yi1 yi4] /concentrating one's thoughts and efforts/single-minded/bent on/intently/
一心二用 一心二用 [yi1 xin1 er4 yong4] /to do two things at once (idiom)/to multitask/to divide one's attention/
一心多用 一心多用 [yi1 xin1 duo1 yong4] /to multitask/
一念之差 一念之差 [yi1 nian4 zhi1 cha1] /momentary slip/false step/ill-considered action/
一意 一意 [yi1 yi4] /focus/with complete devotion/stubbornly/
一意孤行 一意孤行 [yi1 yi4 gu1 xing2] /obstinately clinging to one's course (idiom)/willful/one's own way/dogmatic/
一應 一应 [yi1 ying1] /all/every/
一應俱全 一应俱全 [yi1 ying1 ju4 quan2] /with everything needed available/
一成不變 一成不变 [yi1 cheng2 bu4 bian4] /nothing much changes (idiom); always the same/stuck in a rut/
一房一廳 一房一厅 [yi1 fang2 yi1 ting1] /one bedroom and one living room/
一手 一手 [yi1 shou3] /a skill/mastery of a trade/by oneself/without outside help/
一手交錢,一手交貨 一手交钱,一手交货 [yi1 shou3 jiao1 qian2 , yi1 shou3 jiao1 huo4] /lit. one hand exchanges the cash, the other the goods (idiom)/fig. to pay for what you want in cash/simple and direct transaction/
一手包辦 一手包办 [yi1 shou3 bao1 ban4] /to take care of a matter all by oneself/to run the whole show/
一手遮天 一手遮天 [yi1 shou3 zhe1 tian1] /lit. to hide the sky with one hand/to hide the truth from the masses/
一打 一打 [yi1 da2] /dozen/
一技之長 一技之长 [yi1 ji4 zhi1 chang2] /proficiency in a particular field (idiom)/skill in a specialized area (idiom)/
一把好手 一把好手 [yi1 ba3 hao3 shou3] /expert/dab hand/
一把屎一把尿 一把屎一把尿 [yi1 ba3 shi3 yi1 ba3 niao4] /to have endured all sorts of hardships (to raise one's children) (idiom)/
一把手 一把手 [yi1 ba3 shou3] /working hand/member of a work team/participant/(short form of 第一把手[di4 yi1 ba3 shou3]) the boss/
一把抓 一把抓 [yi1 ba3 zhua1] /to attempt all tasks at once/to manage every detail regardless of its importance/
一把死拿 一把死拿 [yi1 ba3 si3 na2] /stubborn/inflexible/
一把眼淚一把鼻涕 一把眼泪一把鼻涕 [yi1 ba3 yan3 lei4 yi1 ba3 bi2 ti4] /with one's face covered in tears (idiom)/
一把鑰匙開一把鎖 一把钥匙开一把锁 [yi1 ba3 yao4 shi5 kai1 yi1 ba3 suo3] /One key opens one lock./There is a different solution for each problem. (idiom)/
一抓一大把 一抓一大把 [yi1 zhua1 yi1 da4 ba3] /a dime a dozen/a great deal of/
一折兩段 一折两段 [yi1 zhe2 liang3 duan4] /to split sth into two (idiom)/
一抿子 一抿子 [yi1 min3 zi5] /a little bit/
一拍兩散 一拍两散 [yi1 pai1 liang3 san4] /(of marriage or business partners) to break up (idiom)/to separate/
一拍即合 一拍即合 [yi1 pai1 ji2 he2] /lit. to be together from the first beat (idiom)/to hit it off/to click together/to chime in easily/
一掃而光 一扫而光 [yi1 sao3 er2 guang1] /to clear off/to make a clean sweep of/
一掃而空 一扫而空 [yi1 sao3 er2 kong1] /to sweep clean/to clean out/
一排 一排 [yi1 pai2] /row/
一探究竟 一探究竟 [yi1 tan4 jiu1 jing4] /to check out/to investigate/
一掬同情之淚 一掬同情之泪 [yi1 ju1 tong2 qing2 zhi1 lei4] /to shed tears of sympathy (idiom)/
一揮而就 一挥而就 [yi1 hui1 er2 jiu4] /to finish (a letter, a painting) at a stroke/
一撥兒 一拨儿 [yi1 bo1 r5] /group of people/
一擁而上 一拥而上 [yi1 yong1 er2 shang4] /to swarm around/flocking (to see)/
一擁而入 一拥而入 [yi1 yong1 er2 ru4] /to swarm in (of people etc) (idiom)/
一擊入洞 一击入洞 [yi1 ji1 ru4 dong4] /hole in one (golf)/
一擲千金 一掷千金 [yi1 zhi4 qian1 jin1] /lit. stake a thousand pieces of gold on one throw (idiom); to throw away money recklessly/extravagant/
一攬子 一揽子 [yi1 lan3 zi5] /all-inclusive/undiscriminating/
一改故轍 一改故辙 [yi1 gai3 gu4 zhe2] /complete change from the old rut (idiom); dramatic change of direction/a volte-face/to change old practices/
一敗塗地 一败涂地 [yi1 bai4 tu2 di4] /failed and wiped over the floor (idiom); to fail utterly/a crushing defeat/beaten and in a hopeless position/
一文不值 一文不值 [yi1 wen2 bu4 zhi2] /worthless (idiom)/no use whatsoever/
一文不名 一文不名 [yi1 wen2 bu4 ming2] /to be penniless/
一斑 一斑 [yi1 ban1] /lit. one spot (on the leopard)/fig. one small item in a big scheme/
一方 一方 [yi1 fang1] /a party (in a contract or legal case)/one side/area/region/
一方面 一方面 [yi1 fang1 mian4] /on the one hand/
一旁 一旁 [yi1 pang2] /aside/to the side of/
一族 一族 [yi1 zu2] /social group/subculture/family/clan/see also 族[zu2]/
一日三秋 一日三秋 [yi1 ri4 san1 qiu1] /a single day apart seems like three seasons (idiom)/
一日三餐 一日三餐 [yi1 ri4 san1 can1] /to have three meals a day/
一日不如一日 一日不如一日 [yi1 ri4 bu4 ru2 yi1 ri4] /to be getting worse by the day/
一日不見,如隔三秋 一日不见,如隔三秋 [yi1 ri4 bu4 jian4 , ru2 ge2 san1 qiu1] /one day apart seems like three years (idiom)/
一日之計在於晨 一日之计在于晨 [yi1 ri4 zhi1 ji4 zai4 yu2 chen2] /make your day's plan early in the morning (idiom)/early morning is the golden time of the day/
一日之雅 一日之雅 [yi1 ri4 zhi1 ya3] /lit. friends for a day (idiom)/fig. casual acquaintance/
一日千里 一日千里 [yi1 ri4 qian1 li3] /lit. one day, a thousand miles (idiom); rapid progress/
一日為師,終身為父 一日为师,终身为父 [yi1 ri4 wei2 shi1 , zhong1 shen1 wei2 fu4] /lit. teacher for one day, father for ever (idiom)/
一旦 一旦 [yi1 dan4] /in case (sth happens)/if/once (sth happens, then...)/when/in a short time/in one day/
一早 一早 [yi1 zao3] /early in the morning/at dawn/
一星半點 一星半点 [yi1 xing1 ban4 dian3] /just the tiniest bit/a hint of/
一是一,二是二 一是一,二是二 [yi1 shi4 yi1 , er4 shi4 er4] /lit. one is one, two is two (idiom)/fig. things are (or ought to be) perfectly clear-cut/unequivocal/
一時 一时 [yi1 shi2] /a period of time/a while/for a short while/temporary/momentary/at the same time/
一時半刻 一时半刻 [yi1 shi2 ban4 ke4] /a short time/a little while/
一時半晌 一时半晌 [yi1 shi2 ban4 shang3] /a short time/a little while/
一時半會 一时半会 [yi1 shi2 ban4 hui4] /a short time/a little while/
一時半會兒 一时半会儿 [yi1 shi2 ban4 hui4 r5] /a short time/a little while/
一時半霎 一时半霎 [yi1 shi2 ban4 sha4] /a short time/a little while/
一時瑜亮 一时瑜亮 [yi1 shi2 Yu2 Liang4] /two remarkable persons living at the same period (as 周瑜[Zhou1 Yu2] and 諸葛亮|诸葛亮[Zhu1 ge3 Liang4])/
一時間 一时间 [yi1 shi2 jian1] /for a moment/momentarily/
一晃 一晃 [yi1 huang3] /(of passing time) in an instant/(of a sight) in a flash/
一暴十寒 一暴十寒 [yi1 pu4 shi2 han2] /one day's sun, ten days' frost (idiom, from Mencius); fig. to work for a bit then skimp/sporadic effort/short attention span/
一曝十寒 一曝十寒 [yi1 pu4 shi2 han2] /one day's sun, ten days' frost (idiom, from Mencius); fig. to work for a bit then skimp/sporadic effort/lack of sticking power/short attention span/
一更 一更 [yi1 geng1] /first of the five night watch periods 19:00-21:00 (old)/
一會 一会 [yi1 hui4] /a moment/a while/in a moment/also pr. [yi1 hui3]/
一會兒 一会儿 [yi1 hui4 r5] /a moment/a while/in a moment/now...now.../also pr. [yi1 hui3 r5]/
一月 一月 [Yi1 yue4] /January/first month (of the lunar year)/
一月份 一月份 [yi1 yue4 fen4] /January/
一望無垠 一望无垠 [yi1 wang4 wu2 yin2] /to stretch as far as the eye can see (idiom)/
一望無際 一望无际 [yi1 wang4 wu2 ji4] /as far as the eye can see (idiom)/
一望而知 一望而知 [yi1 wang4 er2 zhi1] /to be evident at a glance (idiom)/
一朝一夕 一朝一夕 [yi1 zhao1 yi1 xi1] /lit. one morning and one evening (idiom)/fig. in a short period of time/overnight/
一朝天子一朝臣 一朝天子一朝臣 [yi1 chao2 tian1 zi3 yi1 chao2 chen2] /new emperor, new officials (idiom)/a new chief brings in new aides/
一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井繩 一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳 [yi1 zhao1 bei4 she2 yao3 , shi2 nian2 pa4 jing3 sheng2] /once bitten by a snake, ten years in fear of a well rope/once bitten, twice shy (idiom)/
一木難支 一木难支 [yi1 mu4 nan2 zhi1] /lit. a single post cannot prop up a falling house (idiom)/fig. one is helpless alone/
一本正經 一本正经 [yi1 ben3 zheng4 jing1] /in deadly earnest/deadpan/
一本萬利 一本万利 [yi1 ben3 wan4 li4] /small capital, huge profit (idiom); to put in a little and get a lot out/
一杯羹 一杯羹 [yi1 bei1 geng1] /lit. a cup of soup/fig. to get part of the profits/one's share of the action/
一東一西 一东一西 [yi1 dong1 yi1 xi1] /far apart/
一板一眼 一板一眼 [yi1 ban3 yi1 yan3] /lit. one strong beat and one weak beats in a measure of music (two beats in the bar) (idiom); fig. follow a prescribed pattern to the letter/scrupulous attention to detail/
一板三眼 一板三眼 [yi1 ban3 san1 yan3] /lit. one strong beat and three weak beats in a measure of music (four beats in the bar) (idiom); fig. scrupulous attention to detail/
一枝獨秀 一枝独秀 [yi1 zhi1 du2 xiu4] /lit. only one branch of the tree is thriving (idiom)/fig. to be in a league of one's own/outstanding/
一柱擎天 一柱擎天 [yi1 zhu4 qing2 tian1] /lit. to support the sky as a single pillar (idiom)/fig. to take a crucial responsibility upon one's shoulders/
一根筋 一根筋 [yi1 gen1 jin1] /stubborn/inflexible/one-track minded/
一根繩上的螞蚱 一根绳上的蚂蚱 [yi1 gen1 sheng2 shang4 de5 ma4 zha5] /see 一條繩上的螞蚱|一条绳上的蚂蚱[yi1 tiao2 sheng2 shang4 de5 ma4 zha5]/
一桿進洞 一杆进洞 [yi1 gan1 jin4 dong4] /(golf) hole in one/
一條心 一条心 [yi1 tiao2 xin1] /to be of one mind/to think or act alike/
一條繩上的螞蚱 一条绳上的蚂蚱 [yi1 tiao2 sheng2 shang4 de5 ma4 zha5] /lit. grasshoppers tied together with a piece of string (idiom)/fig. people who are in it together for better or worse/people who will sink or swim together/
一條路走到黑 一条路走到黑 [yi1 tiao2 lu4 zou3 dao4 hei1] /lit. to follow one road until dark (idiom)/fig. to stick to one's ways/to cling to one's course/
一條道走到黑 一条道走到黑 [yi1 tiao2 dao4 zou3 dao4 hei1] /to stick to one's ways/to cling to one's course/
一條龍 一条龙 [yi1 tiao2 long2] /lit. one dragon/integrated chain/coordinated process/
一條龍服務 一条龙服务 [yi1 tiao2 long2 fu2 wu4] /one-stop service/
一棍子打死 一棍子打死 [yi1 gun4 zi5 da3 si3] /to deal a single fatal blow/(fig.) to totally repudiate sb because of a minor error/
一概 一概 [yi1 gai4] /all/without any exceptions/categorically/
一概而論 一概而论 [yi1 gai4 er2 lun4] /to lump different matters together (idiom)/
一槌定音 一槌定音 [yi1 chui2 ding4 yin1] /variant of 一錘定音|一锤定音[yi1 chui2 ding4 yin1]/
一模一樣 一模一样 [yi1 mu2 yi1 yang4] /exactly the same (idiom)/carbon copy/also pr. [yi1 mo2 yi1 yang4]/
一樣 一样 [yi1 yang4] /same/like/equal to/the same as/just like/
一次 一次 [yi1 ci4] /first/first time/once/(math.) linear (of degree one)/
一次函數 一次函数 [yi1 ci4 han2 shu4] /linear function (math.)/
一次又一次 一次又一次 [yi1 ci4 you4 yi1 ci4] /repeatedly/over and over again/
一次性 一次性 [yi1 ci4 xing4] /one-off (offer)/one-time/single-use/disposable (goods)/
一次方程 一次方程 [yi1 ci4 fang1 cheng2] /linear equation/
一次方程式 一次方程式 [yi1 ci4 fang1 cheng2 shi4] /linear equation (math.)/
一次生,兩次熟 一次生,两次熟 [yi1 ci4 sheng1 , liang3 ci4 shu2] /unfamiliar at first but you get used to it/strangers are first meeting, but soon friends/an acquired taste/
一次總付 一次总付 [yi1 ci4 zong3 fu4] /lump-sum (finance)/
一步一個腳印 一步一个脚印 [yi1 bu4 yi1 ge4 jiao3 yin4] /one step, one footprint (idiom); steady progress/reliable/
一步一趨 一步一趋 [yi1 bu4 yi1 qu1] /see 亦步亦趨|亦步亦趋[yi4 bu4 yi4 qu1]/
一步到位 一步到位 [yi1 bu4 dao4 wei4] /to settle a matter in one go/
一步登天 一步登天 [yi1 bu4 deng1 tian1] /reaching heaven in a single bound (idiom); (esp. with negative: don't expect) instant success/
一步裙 一步裙 [yi1 bu4 qun2] /pencil skirt/
一毛不拔 一毛不拔 [yi1 mao2 bu4 ba2] /stingy (idiom)/
一氣 一气 [yi1 qi4] /at one go/at a stretch/for a period of time/forming a gang/
一氣之下 一气之下 [yi1 qi4 zhi1 xia4] /in a fit of pique/in a fury/
一氣呵成 一气呵成 [yi1 qi4 he1 cheng2] /to do something at one go/to flow smoothly/
一氧化二氮 一氧化二氮 [yi1 yang3 hua4 er4 dan4] /nitrous oxide N2O/laughing gas/
一氧化氮 一氧化氮 [yi1 yang3 hua4 dan4] /nitric oxide/
一氧化碳 一氧化碳 [yi1 yang3 hua4 tan4] /carbon monoxide CO/
一水兒 一水儿 [yi1 shui3 r5] /(coll.) of the same type/identical/
一決雌雄 一决雌雄 [yi1 jue2 ci2 xiong2] /to have a show-down/to fight for mastery/to compete for a championship/
一波三折 一波三折 [yi1 bo1 san1 zhe2] /calligraphic flourish with many twists/fig. many twists and turns/
一波未平,一波又起 一波未平,一波又起 [yi1 bo1 wei4 ping2 , yi1 bo1 you4 qi3] /before the first wave subsides, a new wave rises (idiom); a new problem arises before the old is solved/many twists and turns to a story/one thing after another/
一派胡言 一派胡言 [yi1 pai4 hu2 yan2] /a bunch of nonsense/
一派謊言 一派谎言 [yi1 pai4 huang3 yan2] /a pack of lies/
一流 一流 [yi1 liu2] /top quality/front ranking/
一清二楚 一清二楚 [yi1 qing1 er4 chu3] /to be very clear about sth (idiom)/
一清二白 一清二白 [yi1 qing1 er4 bai2] /perfectly clean/blameless/unimpeachable (idiom)/
一清如水 一清如水 [yi1 qing1 ru2 shui3] /lit. as clear as water (idiom)/fig. (of officials etc) honest and incorruptible/
一清早 一清早 [yi1 qing1 zao3] /early in the morning/
一準 一准 [yi1 zhun3] /certainly/
一溜煙 一溜烟 [yi1 liu4 yan1] /like a wisp of smoke/(to disappear etc) in an instant/
一潭死水 一潭死水 [yi1 tan2 si3 shui3] /a pool of stagnant water/stagnant or listless condition/
一炮打響 一炮打响 [yi1 pao4 da3 xiang3] /to win instant success (idiom)/to start off successfully/
一炮而紅 一炮而红 [yi1 pao4 er2 hong2] /to win instant success (idiom)/to become an instant hit/
一無所動 一无所动 [yi1 wu2 suo3 dong4] /totally unaffected/unimpressed/
一無所有 一无所有 [yi1 wu2 suo3 you3] /not having anything at all (idiom); utterly lacking/without two sticks to rub together/
一無所獲 一无所获 [yi1 wu2 suo3 huo4] /to gain nothing/to end up empty-handed/
一無所知 一无所知 [yi1 wu2 suo3 zhi1] /not knowing anything at all (idiom); completely ignorant/without an inkling/
一無所聞 一无所闻 [yi1 wu2 suo3 wen2] /unheard of/
一無所長 一无所长 [yi1 wu2 suo3 chang2] /not having any special skill/without any qualifications/
一無是處 一无是处 [yi1 wu2 shi4 chu4] /not one good point/everything about it is wrong/
一物降一物 一物降一物 [yi1 wu4 xiang2 yi1 wu4] /lit. one object bests another object/every item has a weakness (idiom)/there is a rock to every scissor, a scissor to every paper, and a paper to every rock/
一犯再犯 一犯再犯 [yi1 fan4 zai4 fan4] /to keep doing (the wrong thing)/
一琴一鶴 一琴一鹤 [yi1 qin2 yi1 he4] /carrying very little luggage (idiom)/honest and incorruptible (government officials)/
一瓶子不響,半瓶子晃蕩 一瓶子不响,半瓶子晃荡 [yi1 ping2 zi5 bu4 xiang3 , ban4 ping2 zi5 huang4 dang5] /lit. a full bottle makes no sound; a half-filled bottle sloshes (idiom)/fig. empty vessels make the most noise/
一生 一生 [yi1 sheng1] /all one's life/throughout one's life/
一生一世 一生一世 [yi1 sheng1 yi1 shi4] /a whole lifetime (idiom); all my life/
一甲 一甲 [yi1 jia3] /1st rank or top three candidates who passed the imperial examination (i.e. 狀元|状元[zhuang4 yuan2], 榜眼[bang3 yan3], and 探花[tan4 hua1], respectively)/
一甲子 一甲子 [yi1 jia3 zi3] /sixty years/
一畝三分地 一亩三分地 [yi1 mu3 san1 fen1 di4] /a piece of land of 1.3 mu 畝|亩[mu3]/(fig.) one's turf/
一病不起 一病不起 [yi1 bing4 bu4 qi3] /to fall gravely ill, never to recover (idiom)/
一瘸一拐 一瘸一拐 [yi1 que2 yi1 guai3] /to limp/to hobble/
一發不可收拾 一发不可收拾 [yi1 fa1 bu4 ke3 shou1 shi5] /once it gets started there's no stopping it/
一發而不可收 一发而不可收 [yi1 fa1 er2 bu4 ke3 shou1] /to be impossible to stop once started/
一百一 一百一 [yi1 bai3 yi1] /faultless/impeccable/
一盤散沙 一盘散沙 [yi1 pan2 san3 sha1] /lit. like a sheet of loose sand/fig. unable to cooperate (idiom)/
一目了然 一目了然 [yi1 mu4 liao3 ran2] /obvious at a glance (idiom)/
一目十行 一目十行 [yi1 mu4 shi2 hang2] /ten lines at a glance (idiom)/to read very rapidly/
一目瞭然 一目了然 [yi1 mu4 liao3 ran2] /obvious at a glance (idiom)/
一直 一直 [yi1 zhi2] /straight (in a straight line)/continuously/always/from the beginning of ... up to .../all along/
一直以來 一直以来 [yi1 zhi2 yi3 lai2] /in the past always/for a long time now/until now/
一直往前 一直往前 [yi1 zhi2 wang3 qian2] /straight ahead/
一相情願 一相情愿 [yi1 xiang1 qing2 yuan4] /one's own wishful thinking/
一眨眼 一眨眼 [yi1 zha3 yan3] /in a wink/
一眼 一眼 [yi1 yan3] /a glance/a quick look/a glimpse/
一眼望去 一眼望去 [yi1 yan3 wang4 qu4] /as far as the eye can see/
一眼看穿 一眼看穿 [yi1 yan3 kan4 chuan1] /to see through something at first glance (idiom)/
一睹 一睹 [yi1 du3] /to look/to have a glimpse at/to observe (sth's splendor)/
一瞥 一瞥 [yi1 pie1] /glance/glimpse/
一瞬 一瞬 [yi1 shun4] /one instant/very short time/the twinkle of an eye/
一瞬間 一瞬间 [yi1 shun4 jian1] /split second/
一矢中的 一矢中的 [yi1 shi3 zhong4 di4] /to hit the target with a single shot/to say something spot on (idiom)/
一知半解 一知半解 [yi1 zhi1 ban4 jie3] /lit. to know one and understand half (idiom); a smattering of knowledge/dilettante/amateur/
一石二鳥 一石二鸟 [yi1 shi2 er4 niao3] /to kill two birds with one stone (idiom)/
一碗水端平 一碗水端平 [yi1 wan3 shui3 duan1 ping2] /lit. to hold a bowl of water level (idiom)/fig. to be impartial/
一神教 一神教 [yi1 shen2 jiao4] /monotheistic religion/monotheism/
一神論 一神论 [yi1 shen2 lun4] /monotheism/unitarianism (denying the Trinity)/
一秉虔誠 一秉虔诚 [yi1 bing3 qian2 cheng2] /earnestly and sincerely (idiom); devoutly/
一秘 一秘 [yi1 mi4] /first secretary/
一種 一种 [yi1 zhong3] /one kind of/one type of/
一空 一空 [yi1 kong1] /leaving none left/(sold etc) out/
一窩蜂 一窝蜂 [yi1 wo1 feng1] /like a swarm of bees/everyone swarms around pushing and shouting/a hornet's nest/
一窮二白 一穷二白 [yi1 qiong2 er4 bai2] /impoverished/backward both economically and culturally/
一窺端倪 一窥端倪 [yi1 kui1 duan1 ni2] /to infer easily/to guess at a glance/to get a clue/
一竅不通 一窍不通 [yi1 qiao4 bu4 tong1] /lit. doesn't (even) enter a single aperture (of one's head)/I don't understand a word (idiom)/it's all Greek to me/
一站式 一站式 [yi1 zhan4 shi4] /one-stop (service, shop etc)/
一笑了之 一笑了之 [yi1 xiao4 liao3 zhi1] /to laugh away (instead of taking seriously)/
一笑置之 一笑置之 [yi1 xiao4 zhi4 zhi1] /to dismiss with a laugh/to make light of/
一筆不苟 一笔不苟 [yi1 bi3 bu4 gou3] /lit. not even one stroke is negligent (idiom)/fig. to write characters (calligraphy) in which every stroke is placed perfectly/
一筆勾銷 一笔勾销 [yi1 bi3 gou1 xiao1] /to write off at one stroke/
一筆抹殺 一笔抹杀 [yi1 bi3 mo3 sha1] /to blot out at one stroke/to reject out of hand/to deny without a hearing/
一筆抹煞 一笔抹煞 [yi1 bi3 mo3 sha1] /variant of 一筆抹殺|一笔抹杀[yi1 bi3 mo3 sha1]/
一等 一等 [yi1 deng3] /first class/grade A/
一等獎 一等奖 [yi1 deng3 jiang3] /first prize/
一箭之仇 一箭之仇 [yi1 jian4 zhi1 chou2] /a wrong suffered (idiom)/old grievance/previous defeat/
一箭雙鵰 一箭双雕 [yi1 jian4 shuang1 diao1] /lit. one arrow, two golden eagles (idiom)/to kill two birds with one stone/
一節詩 一节诗 [yi1 jie2 shi1] /stanza/
一籌莫展 一筹莫展 [yi1 chou2 mo4 zhan3] /to be unable to find a solution/to be at wits' end/
一籮筐 一箩筐 [yi1 luo2 kuang1] /bucketloads of/in large quantities/extremely/
一粒老鼠屎壞了一鍋粥 一粒老鼠屎坏了一锅粥 [yi1 li4 lao3 shu3 shi3 huai4 le5 yi1 guo1 zhou1] /lit. a piece of rat feces spoiled the whole pot of congee (idiom)/fig. one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch/
一系列 一系列 [yi1 xi4 lie4] /a series of/a string of/
一紙空文 一纸空文 [yi1 zhi3 kong1 wen2] /a worthless piece of paper (idiom)/
一級 一级 [yi1 ji2] /first class/category A/
一級士官 一级士官 [yi1 ji2 shi4 guan1] /corporal (army)/
一級方程式 一级方程式 [Yi1 ji2 Fang1 cheng2 shi4] /Formula One/
一級棒 一级棒 [yi1 ji2 bang4] /first-rate/excellent (loanword from Japanese 一番, ichiban)/
一級頭 一级头 [yi1 ji2 tou2] /first stage (diving)/
一統 一统 [yi1 tong3] /to unify/unified/
一絲一毫 一丝一毫 [yi1 si1 yi1 hao2] /one thread, one hair (idiom); a tiny bit/an iota/
一絲不掛 一丝不挂 [yi1 si1 bu4 gua4] /not wearing one thread (idiom); absolutely naked/without a stitch of clothing/in one's birthday suit/
一絲不苟 一丝不苟 [yi1 si1 bu4 gou3] /not one thread loose (idiom); strictly according to the rules/meticulous/not one hair out of place/
一維 一维 [yi1 wei2] /one-dimensional (math.)/
一網打盡 一网打尽 [yi1 wang3 da3 jin4] /lit. to catch everything in the one net (idiom)/fig. to scoop up the whole lot/to capture them all in one go/
一線 一线 [yi1 xian4] /front line/
一線之間 一线之间 [yi1 xian4 zhi1 jian1] /a hair's breadth apart/a fine line/a fine distinction/
一線之隔 一线之隔 [yi1 xian4 zhi1 ge2] /a fine line/a fine distinction/
一線希望 一线希望 [yi1 xian4 xi1 wang4] /a gleam of hope/
一線微光 一线微光 [yi1 xian4 wei1 guang1] /gleam/
一總 一总 [yi1 zong3] /altogether/in all/
一而再,再而三 一而再,再而三 [yi1 er2 zai4 , zai4 er2 san1] /again and again/
一聲 一声 [yi1 sheng1] /first tone in Mandarin (high, level tone)/
一聲不吭 一声不吭 [yi1 sheng1 bu4 keng1] /to not say a word/
一聲不響 一声不响 [yi1 sheng1 bu4 xiang3] /to keep totally silent/noiselessly/
一肚子 一肚子 [yi1 du4 zi5] /bellyful (of sth)/full of (sth)/
一肚皮 一肚皮 [yi1 du4 pi2] /bellyful (of sth)/full of (sth)/
一股子 一股子 [yi1 gu3 zi5] /a whiff of/a taint of/a thread of/
一股腦 一股脑 [yi1 gu3 nao3] /all of it/lock, stock and barrel/
一股腦兒 一股脑儿 [yi1 gu3 nao3 r5] /erhua variant of 一股腦|一股脑[yi1 gu3 nao3]/
一胎制 一胎制 [yi1 tai1 zhi4] /the one-child policy/
一胎化 一胎化 [yi1 tai1 hua4] /practice of allowing only one child per family/
一脈相承 一脉相承 [yi1 mai4 xiang1 cheng2] /traceable to the same stock (idiom); of a common origin (of trends, ideas etc)/
一腔 一腔 [yi1 qiang1] /full of (zeal, anger etc)/
一臉茫然 一脸茫然 [yi1 lian3 mang2 ran2] /puzzled/bewildered/
一致 一致 [yi1 zhi4] /unanimous/identical (views or opinions)/
一致字 一致字 [yi1 zhi4 zi4] /consistent phonogram(s)/
一致性 一致性 [yi1 zhi4 xing4] /consistency/
一致性效應 一致性效应 [yi1 zhi4 xing4 xiao4 ying4] /consistency effect/
一致資源定址器 一致资源定址器 [yi1 zhi4 zi1 yuan2 ding4 zhi3 qi4] /uniform resource locator (URL), i.e. web address/
一舉 一举 [yi1 ju3] /a move/an action/in one move/at a stroke/in one go/
一舉一動 一举一动 [yi1 ju3 yi1 dong4] /every movement/each and every move/
一舉兩得 一举两得 [yi1 ju3 liang3 de2] /one move, two gains (idiom); two birds with one stone/
一舉成功 一举成功 [yi1 ju3 cheng2 gong1] /success at one go/to succeed at the first attempt/
一舉手一投足 一举手一投足 [yi1 ju3 shou3 yi1 tou2 zu2] /every little move/every single movement/
一般 一般 [yi1 ban1] /same/ordinary/so-so/common/general/generally/in general/
一般人 一般人 [yi1 ban1 ren2] /average person/
一般來說 一般来说 [yi1 ban1 lai2 shuo1] /generally speaking/
一般來講 一般来讲 [yi1 ban1 lai2 jiang3] /generally speaking/
一般原則 一般原则 [yi1 ban1 yuan2 ze2] /general principle/
一般性 一般性 [yi1 ban1 xing4] /general/generality/
一般而言 一般而言 [yi1 ban1 er2 yan2] /generally speaking/
一般見識 一般见识 [yi1 ban1 jian4 shi5] /to lower oneself to sb's level/to argue with sb less well-informed/
一般規定 一般规定 [yi1 ban1 gui1 ding4] /ordinary provision (law)/
一般說來 一般说来 [yi1 ban1 shuo1 lai2] /generally speaking/in general/
一般貿易 一般贸易 [yi1 ban1 mao4 yi4] /general trade (i.e. importing and export without processing)/
一落千丈 一落千丈 [yi1 luo4 qian1 zhang4] /lit. to drop a thousand zhang in one fall (idiom)/fig. (of business, popularity etc) to suffer a sudden, devastating decline/to take a dive/
一葉知秋 一叶知秋 [yi1 ye4 zhi1 qiu1] /lit. the falling of one leaf heralds the coming of autumn (idiom)/fig. a small sign can indicate a great trend/a straw in the wind/
一葉障目 一叶障目 [yi1 ye4 zhang4 mu4] /lit. eyes obscured by a single leaf (idiom)/fig. not seeing the wider picture/can't see the wood for the trees/
一著不慎,滿盤皆輸 一着不慎,满盘皆输 [yi1 zhao1 bu4 shen4 , man3 pan2 jie1 shu1] /One careless move and the whole game is lost. (idiom)/
一號 一号 [yi1 hao4] /first day of the month/toilet/(slang) top (in a homosexual relationship)/
一號木桿 一号木杆 [yi1 hao4 mu4 gan1] /driver (golf)/
一號電池 一号电池 [yi1 hao4 dian4 chi2] /D size battery/
一行 一行 [yi1 xing2] /party/delegation/
一衣帶水 一衣带水 [yi1 yi1 dai4 shui3] /(separated only by) a narrow strip of water/
一見傾心 一见倾心 [yi1 jian4 qing1 xin1] /love at first sight/
一見如故 一见如故 [yi1 jian4 ru2 gu4] /familiarity at first sight/
一見鐘情 一见钟情 [yi1 jian4 zhong1 qing2] /love at first sight (idiom)/
一見高低 一见高低 [yi1 jian4 gao1 di1] /lit. to fight it out with sb to see who is best (idiom)/fig. to cross swords with/to lock horns/
一視同仁 一视同仁 [yi1 shi4 tong2 ren2] /to treat everyone equally favorably (idiom); not to discriminate between people/
一親芳澤 一亲芳泽 [yi1 qin1 fang1 ze2] /to get close to/to get on intimate terms with/
一覺醒來 一觉醒来 [yi1 jiao4 xing3 lai2] /to wake up from a sleep/
一覽 一览 [yi1 lan3] /an overview/at a glance/
一覽無遺 一览无遗 [yi1 lan3 wu2 yi2] /be plainly visible/
一覽無餘 一览无余 [yi1 lan3 wu2 yu2] /to cover all at one glance (idiom)/a panoramic view/
一覽眾山小 一览众山小 [yi1 lan3 zhong4 shan1 xiao3] /(last line of the poem 望岳 by Tang poet Du Fu 杜甫[Du4 Fu3]) with one look I shall see all the smaller mountains down below (from the summit of Mt Tai 泰山[Tai4 Shan1])/(fig.) awe-inspiring view from a very high place/
一角銀幣 一角银币 [yi1 jiao3 yin2 bi4] /dime/
一觸即潰 一触即溃 [yi1 chu4 ji2 kui4] /to collapse on the first encounter/to give way at once/
一觸即發 一触即发 [yi1 chu4 ji2 fa1] /could happen at any moment/on the verge/
一言 一言 [yi1 yan2] /one sentence/brief remark/
一言一動 一言一动 [yi1 yan2 yi1 dong4] /(one's) every word and deed (idiom)/
一言一行 一言一行 [yi1 yan2 yi1 xing2] /every word and action (idiom)/
一言不發 一言不发 [yi1 yan2 bu4 fa1] /to not say a word (idiom)/
一言九鼎 一言九鼎 [yi1 yan2 jiu3 ding3] /one word worth nine sacred tripods (idiom); words of enormous weight/
一言以蔽之 一言以蔽之 [yi1 yan2 yi3 bi4 zhi1] /one word says it all (idiom, from Analects); to cut a long story short/in a nutshell/
一言千金 一言千金 [yi1 yan2 qian1 jin1] /one word worth a thousand in gold (idiom); valuable advice/words of enormous weight/
一言抄百總 一言抄百总 [yi1 yan2 chao1 bai3 zong3] /to cut a long story short/
一言既出,駟馬難追 一言既出,驷马难追 [yi1 yan2 ji4 chu1 , si4 ma3 nan2 zhui1] /lit. once said, a team of horses cannot unsay it (idiom); a promise must be kept/
一言為定 一言为定 [yi1 yan2 wei2 ding4] /(idiom) it's a deal/that's settled then/
一言為重 一言为重 [yi1 yan2 wei2 zhong4] /each word carries weight/a promise must be kept (idiom)/
一言難盡 一言难尽 [yi1 yan2 nan2 jin4] /hard to explain in a few words (idiom); complicated and not easy to express succinctly/
一語不發 一语不发 [yi1 yu3 bu4 fa1] /to not say a word (idiom)/
一語中的 一语中的 [yi1 yu3 zhong4 di4] /to hit the mark with a comment (idiom)/to say sth spot on/
一語成讖 一语成谶 [yi1 yu3 cheng2 chen4] /(idiom) to have one's words turn out to be (tragically) prophetic/
一語破的 一语破的 [yi1 yu3 po4 di4] /see 一語中的|一语中的[yi1 yu3 zhong4 di4]/
一語道破 一语道破 [yi1 yu3 dao4 po4] /one word says it all (idiom)/to hit the nail on the head/to be pithy and correct/
一語雙關 一语双关 [yi1 yu3 shuang1 guan1] /to make a pun/to have a double meaning/double entendre/
一說 一说 [yi1 shuo1] /an expression of opinion/according to some/
一諾千金 一诺千金 [yi1 nuo4 qian1 jin1] /a promise worth one thousand in gold (idiom); a promise that must be kept/
一貧如洗 一贫如洗 [yi1 pin2 ru2 xi3] /penniless/
一貫 一贯 [yi1 guan4] /consistent/constant/from start to finish/all along/persistent/
一走了之 一走了之 [yi1 zou3 liao3 zhi1] /to avoid a problem by walking away from it/to quit/
一起 一起 [yi1 qi3] /in the same place/together/with/altogether (in total)/
一路 一路 [yi1 lu4] /the whole journey/all the way/going the same way/going in the same direction/of the same kind/
一路來 一路来 [yi1 lu4 lai2] /all the way/all along/since the start/
一路平安 一路平安 [yi1 lu4 ping2 an1] /to have a pleasant journey/Bon voyage!/
一路順風 一路顺风 [yi1 lu4 shun4 feng1] /to have a pleasant journey (idiom)/
一路風塵 一路风尘 [yi1 lu4 feng1 chen2] /to live an exhausting journey/
一蹴即至 一蹴即至 [yi1 cu4 ji2 zhi4] /to get there in one step (idiom); easily done/success at a stroke/to get results overnight/
一蹴可幾 一蹴可几 [yi1 cu4 ke3 ji3] /to succeed at the first try (idiom)/easy as pie/one can do it at once/
一蹴而就 一蹴而就 [yi1 cu4 er2 jiu4] /to get there in one step (idiom); easily done/success at a stroke/to get results overnight/
一蹴而得 一蹴而得 [yi1 cu4 er2 de2] /to get there in one step (idiom); easily done/success at a stroke/to get results overnight/
一蹶不振 一蹶不振 [yi1 jue2 bu4 zhen4] /one stumble, unable to rise (idiom); a setback leading to total collapse/ruined at a stroke/unable to recover after a minor hitch/
一躍而起 一跃而起 [yi1 yue4 er2 qi3] /to jump up suddenly/to bound up/to rise up in one bound/
一身 一身 [yi1 shen1] /whole body/from head to toe/single person/a suit of clothes/
一身兩役 一身两役 [yi1 shen1 liang3 yi4] /one person taking on two tasks simultaneously/
一身是膽 一身是胆 [yi1 shen1 shi4 dan3] /devoid of fear (idiom)/intrepid/
一身汗 一身汗 [yi1 shen1 han4] /sweating all over/
一較高下 一较高下 [yi1 jiao4 gao1 xia4] /to compete against/to measure oneself against/to go head to head (see who is best)/
一輩子 一辈子 [yi1 bei4 zi5] /(for) a lifetime/
一輪 一轮 [yi1 lun2] /first round or stage (of a match, election, talks, planned policy etc)/
一轉眼 一转眼 [yi1 zhuan3 yan3] /in a wink/
一辭莫贊 一辞莫赞 [yi1 ci2 mo4 zan4] /left speechless by sth perfect (idiom)/
一退六二五 一退六二五 [yi1 tui4 liu4 er4 wu3] /lit. 1 divided by 16 is 0.0625 (abacus rule)/fig. to deny responsibility/to pass the buck/also written 一推六二五[yi1 tui4 liu4 er4 wu3]/
一通百通 一通百通 [yi1 tong1 bai3 tong1] /grasp this fundamental point and all the rest will follow (idiom)/
一逞獸欲 一逞兽欲 [yi1 cheng3 shou4 yu4] /to give way to one's beastly lust/
一連 一连 [yi1 lian2] /in a row/in succession/running/
一連串 一连串 [yi1 lian2 chuan4] /a succession of/a series of/
一遍 一遍 [yi1 bian4] /one time (all the way through)/once through/
一遍又一遍 一遍又一遍 [yi1 bian4 you4 yi1 bian4] /over and over/
一過性 一过性 [yi1 guo4 xing4] /transient/
一道 一道 [yi1 dao4] /together/
一遞一個 一递一个 [yi1 di4 yi1 ge4] /one after another/
一遞一聲 一递一声 [yi1 di4 yi1 sheng1] /(of singers etc) one answering the other/
一邊 一边 [yi1 bian1] /one side/either side/on the one hand/on the other hand/doing while/
一邊倒 一边倒 [yi1 bian1 dao3] /to have the advantage overwhelmingly on one side/to support unconditionally/
一部二十四史,不知從何說起 一部二十四史,不知从何说起 [yi1 bu4 er4 shi2 si4 shi3 , bu4 zhi1 cong2 he2 shuo1 qi3] /It's a long and intricate story, I hardly know where to start./
一部分 一部分 [yi1 bu4 fen5] /portion/part of/subset/
一醉方休 一醉方休 [yi1 zui4 fang1 xiu1] /to get thoroughly drunk (idiom)/to get plastered/
一針見血 一针见血 [yi1 zhen1 jian4 xie3] /lit. to draw blood on the first prick (idiom)/fig. to hit the nail on the head/
一錘子買賣 一锤子买卖 [yi1 chui2 zi5 mai3 mai4] /a one-off, short-sighted deal/a one-shot, all-out attempt/
一錘定音 一锤定音 [yi1 chui2 ding4 yin1] /lit. to fix the tone with a single hammer blow/fig. to make the final decision/
一錢不值 一钱不值 [yi1 qian2 bu4 zhi2] /not worth a penny/utterly worthless/
一錢如命 一钱如命 [yi1 qian2 ru2 ming4] /stingy/penny-pinching/
一錯再錯 一错再错 [yi1 cuo4 zai4 cuo4] /to repeat errors/to continue blundering/to make continuous mistakes/
一鍋端 一锅端 [yi1 guo1 duan1] /see 連鍋端|连锅端 [lian2 guo1 duan1]/
一鍋粥 一锅粥 [yi1 guo1 zhou1] /(lit.) a pot of porridge/(fig.) a complete mess/
一門式 一门式 [yi1 men2 shi4] /one-stop (service, shop etc)/
一門心思 一门心思 [yi1 men2 xin1 si5] /to set one's heart on sth (idiom)/
一閃念 一闪念 [yi1 shan3 nian4] /sudden idea/flash of insight/
一閃而過 一闪而过 [yi1 shan3 er2 guo4] /to flash past/to flit by/
一陣 一阵 [yi1 zhen4] /a burst/a fit/a peal/a spell (period of time)/
一陣子 一阵子 [yi1 zhen4 zi5] /a while/a spell/a short time/a burst/
一雨成秋 一雨成秋 [yi1 yu3 cheng2 qiu1] /a sudden shower towards the end of summer brings an abrupt arrival of autumn (idiom)/
一霎 一霎 [yi1 sha4] /in a flash/
一霎時 一霎时 [yi1 sha4 shi2] /in an instant/
一霎眼 一霎眼 [yi1 sha4 yan3] /suddenly/in an instant/
一霎間 一霎间 [yi1 sha4 jian1] /in a flash/
一靈真性 一灵真性 [yi1 ling2 zhen1 xing4] /soul/spirit/
一面 一面 [yi1 mian4] /one side/one aspect/simultaneously... (and...)/one's whole face/
一面之交 一面之交 [yi1 mian4 zhi1 jiao1] /to have met once/casual acquaintance/
一面之詞 一面之词 [yi1 mian4 zhi1 ci2] /one side of the story/one-sided statement/
一面倒 一面倒 [yi1 mian4 dao3] /to be entirely on one side/one-sided/lopsided/partisan/overwhelmingly on one side/
一項一項地 一项一项地 [yi1 xiang4 yi1 xiang4 de5] /one by one/
一頭 一头 [yi1 tou2] /one head/a head full of sth/one end (of a stick)/one side/headlong/directly/rapidly/simultaneously/
一頭栽進 一头栽进 [yi1 tou2 zai1 jin4] /to plunge into/to run headlong into/
一頭霧水 一头雾水 [yi1 tou2 wu4 shui3] /to be confused/to be baffled/
一顆老鼠屎壞了一鍋湯 一颗老鼠屎坏了一锅汤 [yi1 ke1 lao3 shu3 shi3 huai4 le5 yi1 guo1 tang1] /lit. a piece of rat feces spoiled the whole pot of soup (idiom)/fig. one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch/
一顆老鼠屎壞了一鍋粥 一颗老鼠屎坏了一锅粥 [yi1 ke1 lao3 shu3 shi3 huai4 le5 yi1 guo1 zhou1] /see 一粒老鼠屎壞了一鍋粥|一粒老鼠屎坏了一锅粥[yi1 li4 lao3 shu3 shi3 huai4 le5 yi1 guo1 zhou1]/
一類 一类 [yi1 lei4] /same type/category 1 (i.e. class A)/
一類保護動物 一类保护动物 [yi1 lei4 bao3 hu4 dong4 wu4] /class A protected animal/
一顰一笑 一颦一笑 [yi1 pin2 yi1 xiao4] /every frown and every smile/
一飲而盡 一饮而尽 [yi1 yin3 er2 jin4] /to drain the cup in one gulp (idiom)/
一飽眼福 一饱眼福 [yi1 bao3 yan3 fu2] /to feast one's eyes on (idiom)/
一馬勺壞一鍋 一马勺坏一锅 [yi1 ma3 shao2 huai4 yi1 guo1] /one ladle (of sth bad) spoils the (whole) pot (idiom)/one bad apple spoils the barrel/
一馬平川 一马平川 [yi1 ma3 ping2 chuan1] /flat land one could gallop straight across (idiom); wide expanse of flat country/
一馬當先 一马当先 [yi1 ma3 dang1 xian1] /to take the lead/
一驚一乍 一惊一乍 [yi1 jing1 yi1 zha4] /frightened/flustered/
一骨碌 一骨碌 [yi1 gu1 lu5] /with a rolling or twisting movement/in a single movement/in one breath/
一體 一体 [yi1 ti3] /an integral whole/all concerned/everybody/
一體兩面 一体两面 [yi1 ti3 liang3 mian4] /lit. one body two sides (idiom)/fig. a situation with two sides to it/
一體化 一体化 [yi1 ti3 hua4] /integration/incorporation/unification/
一鬨而散 一哄而散 [yi1 hong4 er2 san4] /see 一哄而散[yi1 hong1 er2 san4]/
一鱗半爪 一鳞半爪 [yi1 lin2 ban4 zhua3] /lit. one scale and half a claw (idiom); only odd bits and pieces/
一鳴驚人 一鸣惊人 [yi1 ming2 jing1 ren2] /to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat (idiom); an overnight celebrity/
一黑早 一黑早 [yi1 hei1 zao3] /at dawn/early in the morning/
一點 一点 [yi1 dian3] /a bit/a little/one dot/one point/
一點一滴 一点一滴 [yi1 dian3 yi1 di1] /bit by bit/every little bit/
一點一點 一点一点 [yi1 dian3 yi1 dian3] /little by little/bit by bit/gradually/
一點不 一点不 [yi1 dian3 bu4] /not at all/
一點兒 一点儿 [yi1 dian3 r5] /erhua variant of 一點|一点[yi1 dian3]/
一點就通 一点就通 [yi1 dian3 jiu4 tong1] /a hint is all that is needed/understanding each other without the need to explain/
一點水一個泡 一点水一个泡 [yi1 dian3 shui3 yi1 ge4 pao4] /honest and trustworthy (idiom)/
一點鄰域 一点邻域 [yi1 dian3 lin2 yu4] /(math.) neighborhood of a point/
一點點 一点点 [yi1 dian3 dian3] /a little bit/
一黨 一党 [yi1 dang3] /one-party (state)/
一黨專制 一党专制 [yi1 dang3 zhuan1 zhi4] /one party dictatorship/
一鼓作氣 一鼓作气 [yi1 gu3 zuo4 qi4] /in a spurt of energy/
一鼻孔出氣 一鼻孔出气 [yi1 bi2 kong3 chu1 qi4] /lit. to breathe through the same nostril (idiom); fig. two people say exactly the same thing (usually derog.)/to sing from the same hymn sheet/
一齊 一齐 [yi1 qi2] /at the same time/simultaneously/
丁 丁 [Ding1] /surname Ding/
丁 丁 [ding1] /fourth of the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干[shi2 tian1 gan1]/fourth in order/letter "D" or Roman "IV" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc/ancient Chinese compass point: 195°/butyl/cubes (of food)/
丁丁 丁丁 [Ding1 ding1] /Tintin, cartoon character/
丁丁 丁丁 [zheng1 zheng1] /sound of chopping wood, chess pieces hitting the board etc/
丁丁炒麵 丁丁炒面 [ding1 ding1 chao3 mian4] /chopped fried noodles/
丁丑 丁丑 [ding1 chou3] /fourteenth year D2 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1997 or 2057/
丁二烯 丁二烯 [ding1 er4 xi1] /butadiene C4H6/biethylene/
丁二醇 丁二醇 [ding1 er4 chun2] /butyl glycol/
丁亥 丁亥 [ding1 hai4] /twenty-fourth year D12 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 2007 or 2067/
丁克 丁克 [ding1 ke4] /Dual Income, No Kids (DINK) (loanword)/
丁內酯 丁内酯 [ding1 nei4 zhi3] /butyrolactone/
丁冬 丁冬 [ding1 dong1] /(onom.) ding dong/jingling of bells/clanking sound/
丁加奴 丁加奴 [Ding1 jia1 nu2] /Terengganu, northeast state of mainland Malaysia/
丁卯 丁卯 [ding1 mao3] /fourth year D4 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1987 or 2047/
丁卯戰爭 丁卯战争 [Ding1 mao3 Zhan4 zheng1] /first Manchu invasion of Korea (1627)/
丁卯胡亂 丁卯胡乱 [Ding1 mao3 Hu2 luan4] /first Manchu invasion of Korea (1627)/
丁型肝炎 丁型肝炎 [ding1 xing2 gan1 yan2] /hepatitis D/
丁基 丁基 [Ding1 Ji1] /Ding Ji (1917-1944), real name Li Baicen 李百岑, journalist based in Yanan, martyr of the revolution/
丁基 丁基 [ding1 ji1] /butyl group (chemistry)/
丁夫 丁夫 [ding1 fu1] /(in ancient times) a man old enough for corvée or military service/
丁字 丁字 [ding1 zi4] /T-shaped/
丁字尺 丁字尺 [ding1 zi4 chi3] /T-square/set square (carpenter's tool)/
丁字梁 丁字梁 [ding1 zi4 liang2] /T-girder/
丁字步 丁字步 [ding1 zi4 bu4] /T-step (basic dance position, with the feet forming a T shape)/
丁字街 丁字街 [ding1 zi4 jie1] /T-junction/
丁字褲 丁字裤 [ding1 zi4 ku4] /thong (underwear)/
丁字鎬 丁字镐 [ding1 zi4 gao3] /hammer pick/
丁客 丁客 [ding1 ke4] /see 丁克[ding1 ke4]/
丁寧 丁宁 [ding1 ning2] /variant of 叮嚀|叮咛[ding1 ning2]/
丁寵家庭 丁宠家庭 [ding1 chong3 jia1 ting2] /double income family who have pets rather than children (see also 丁克[ding1 ke4])/
丁巳 丁巳 [ding1 si4] /fifty-fourth year D6 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1977 or 2037/
丁巳復辟 丁巳复辟 [Ding1 si4 Fu4 bi4] /Manchu Restoration of 1917, see 張勳復辟|张勋复辟[Zhanɡ1 Xun1 Fu4 bi4]/
丁憂 丁忧 [ding1 you1] /(literary) to be in mourning after the death of a parent/
丁是丁,卯是卯 丁是丁,卯是卯 [ding1 shi4 ding1 , mao3 shi4 mao3] /lit. to keep ding (the fourth heavenly stem) distinct from mao (the fourth earthly branch) (idiom)/fig. meticulous/conscientious/unambiguous/
丁未 丁未 [ding1 wei4] /forty-fourth year D8 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1967 or 2027/
丁汝昌 丁汝昌 [Ding1 Ru3 chang1] /Ding Ruchang (1836-1895), commander of the Qing North China Navy/
丁烯 丁烯 [ding1 xi1] /butene or butylene C4H8/
丁烷 丁烷 [ding1 wan2] /butane/
丁玲 丁玲 [Ding1 Ling2] /Ding Ling (1904-1986), female novelist, author of novel The Sun Shines over the Sanggan River 太陽照在桑乾河上|太阳照在桑干河上, attacked during the 1950s as anti-Party/
丁磊 丁磊 [Ding1 Lei3] /Ding Lei (1971-), founder and CEO of NetEase 網易|网易[Wang3 yi4]/
丁糖 丁糖 [ding1 tang2] /tetrose (CH2O)4, monosaccharide with four carbon atoms/
丁肇中 丁肇中 [Ding1 Zhao4 zhong1] /Samuel C. C. Ting (1936-), American physicist, 1976 Nobel Prize laureate in physics/
丁艱 丁艰 [ding1 jian1] /(literary) to be in mourning after the death of a parent/
丁酉 丁酉 [ding1 you3] /thirty-fourth year D10 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1957 or 2017/
丁醇 丁醇 [ding1 chun2] /butanol/butyl alcohol C4H9OH/
丁醛 丁醛 [ding1 quan2] /butyraldehyde/butanal/
丁零噹啷 丁零当啷 [ding1 ling5 dang1 lang1] /ding-a-ling/(onom.) for sound of bell/
丁青 丁青 [Ding1 qing1] /Dêngqên county, Tibetan: Steng chen rdzong, in Chamdo prefecture 昌都地區|昌都地区[Chang1 du1 di4 qu1], Tibet/
丁青縣 丁青县 [Ding1 qing1 xian4] /Dêngqên county, Tibetan: Steng chen rdzong, in Chamdo prefecture 昌都地區|昌都地区[Chang1 du1 di4 qu1], Tibet/
丁韙良 丁韪良 [Ding1 Wei3 liang2] /William A.P. Martin (1827-1916), American missionary who lived 62 years in China between 1850 and 1916, and helped found many Chinese colleges, first president of Peking University/
丁香 丁香 [ding1 xiang1] /lilac (Syringia vulgaris)/clove (Eugenia aromatica)/
丁骨牛排 丁骨牛排 [ding1 gu3 niu2 pai2] /T-bone steak/
丁鯛 丁鲷 [ding1 diao1] /tench/
丁鱥 丁鱥 [ding1 gui4] /tench (Tinca tinca)/
丁點 丁点 [ding1 dian3] /tiny bit/
丂 丂 [kao3] /"breath" or "sigh" component in Chinese characters/
七 七 [qi1] /seven/7/
七七事變 七七事变 [Qi1 Qi1 Shi4 bian4] /Marco Polo Bridge Incident of 7th July 1937, regarded as the beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War 抗日戰爭|抗日战争[Kang4 Ri4 Zhan4 zheng1]/
七七八八 七七八八 [qi1 qi1 ba1 ba1] /almost/nearing completion/bits and piece/of all kinds/
七上八下 七上八下 [qi1 shang4 ba1 xia4] /at sixes and sevens/perturbed state of mind/in a mess/
七上八落 七上八落 [qi1 shang4 ba1 luo4] /see 七上八下[qi1 shang4 ba1 xia4]/
七事 七事 [qi1 shi4] /the Seven Duties of a sovereign, namely: offering sacrifice 祭祀, giving audience 朝覲|朝觐, administering jointly 會同|会同, receiving guests 賓客|宾客, running army 軍旅|军旅, attending to farm work 田役, mourning ceremonial 喪荒|丧荒/
七分之一 七分之一 [qi1 fen1 zhi1 yi1] /one seventh/
七分熟 七分熟 [qi1 fen1 shu2] /medium well (of steak)/
七十 七十 [qi1 shi2] /seventy/70/
七十七國集團 七十七国集团 [Qi1 shi2 qi1 Guo2 Ji2 tuan2] /Group of 77, loose alliance of developing countries, founded in 1964/
七十年代 七十年代 [qi1 shi2 nian2 dai4] /the seventies/the 1970s/
七台河 七台河 [Qi1 tai2 he2] /see 七台河市[Qi1 tai2 he2 shi4]/
七台河市 七台河市 [Qi1 tai2 he2 shi4] /Qitaihe prefecture level city, Heilongjiang province/
七和弦 七和弦 [qi1 he2 xian2] /seventh (musical cord)/
七喜 七喜 [Qi1 xi3] /7 Up (soft drink)/Hedy Holding Co., PRC computer manufacturer/
七嘴八張 七嘴八张 [qi1 zui3 ba1 zhang1] /see 七嘴八舌[qi1 zui3 ba1 she2]/
七嘴八舌 七嘴八舌 [qi1 zui3 ba1 she2] /lively discussion with everybody talking at once/
七國集團 七国集团 [Qi1 guo2 Ji2 tuan2] /G7, the group of 7 industrialized countries: US, Japan, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Canada (now G8, including Russia)/
七堵 七堵 [Qi1 du3] /Chitu district of Keelung City 基隆市[Ji1 long2 shi4], Taiwan/
七堵區 七堵区 [Qi1 du3 qu1] /Chitu district of Keelung City 基隆市[Ji1 long2 shi4], Taiwan/
七夕 七夕 [Qi1 xi1] /double seven festival, evening of seventh of lunar seventh month/girls' festival/Chinese Valentine's day, when Cowherd and Weaving maid 牛郎織女|牛郎织女 are allowed their annual meeting/
七夕節 七夕节 [Qi1 xi1 jie2] /Qixi Festival or Double Seven Festival on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month/girls' festival/Chinese Valentine's day, when Cowherd and Weaving maid 牛郎織女|牛郎织女[niu2 lang3 zhi1 nu:3] are allowed their annual meeting/
七大姑八大姨 七大姑八大姨 [qi1 da4 gu1 ba1 da4 yi2] /distant relatives/
七大工業國集團 七大工业国集团 [qi1 da4 gong1 ye4 guo2 ji2 tuan2] /G7, the group of 7 industrialized countries: US, Japan, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Canada (now G8, including Russia)/
七姊妹星團 七姊妹星团 [Qi1 zi3 mei4 xing1 tuan2] /Pleiades M45/
七孔 七孔 [qi1 kong3] /the seven apertures of the human head: 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 1 mouth/
七層架構 七层架构 [qi1 ceng2 jia4 gou4] /seven layer architecture (OSI)/
七巧板 七巧板 [qi1 qiao3 ban3] /tangram (traditional Chinese block puzzle)/
七帶石斑魚 七带石斑鱼 [qi1 dai4 shi2 ban1 yu2] /Epinephelus septemfasciatus/
七年之癢 七年之痒 [qi1 nian2 zhi1 yang3] /seven-year itch/
七弦琴 七弦琴 [qi1 xian2 qin2] /guqin or seven-stringed zither/
七彩 七彩 [qi1 cai3] /seven colors/a variety of colors/multi-colored/rainbow-colored/
七律 七律 [qi1 lu:4] /abbr. for 七言律詩|七言律诗, verse form consisting of 8 lines of 7 syllables, with rhyme on alternate lines/
七情 七情 [qi1 qing2] /seven emotional states/seven affects of traditional Chinese medical theory and therapy, namely: joy 喜[xi3], anger 怒[nu4], anxiety 憂|忧[you1], thought 思[si1], grief 悲[bei1], fear 恐[kong3], fright 驚|惊[jing1]/seven relations/
七手八腳 七手八脚 [qi1 shou3 ba1 jiao3] /(idiom) with everyone lending a hand (eagerly but somewhat chaotically)/
七扭八歪 七扭八歪 [qi1 niu3 ba1 wai1] /misshapen/crooked/uneven (idiom)/
七拼八湊 七拼八凑 [qi1 pin1 ba1 cou4] /assembled at random/a motley collection/
七政四餘 七政四余 [qi1 zheng4 si4 yu2] /seven heavenly bodies and four imaginary stars (in astrology and feng shui)/
七方 七方 [qi1 fang1] /(Chinese medicine) the seven kinds of prescriptions 大方, 小方, 缓方, 急方, 奇方, 偶方 and 重方 or 复方/
七日熱 七日热 [qi1 ri4 re4] /leptospirosis/
七旬老人 七旬老人 [qi1 xun2 lao3 ren2] /septuagenarian/
七星 七星 [Qi1 xing1] /Qixing district of Guilin city 桂林市[Gui4 lin2 shi4], Guangxi/
七星區 七星区 [Qi1 xing1 qu1] /Qixing district of Guilin city 桂林市[Gui4 lin2 shi4], Guangxi/
七星瓢蟲 七星瓢虫 [qi1 xing1 piao2 chong2] /seven-spotted ladybug (Coccinella septempunctata)/
七曜 七曜 [qi1 yao4] /the seven planets of premodern astronomy (the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn)/
七月 七月 [Qi1 yue4] /July/seventh month (of the lunar year)/
七月份 七月份 [qi1 yue4 fen4] /July/
七武士 七武士 [Qi1 wu3 shi4] /Seven Samurai (movie)/
七河州 七河州 [Qi1 he2 zhou1] /Semirechye region of Kazakhstan, bordering Lake Balkash 巴爾喀什湖|巴尔喀什湖[Ba1 er3 ka1 shi2 Hu2]/
七爺八爺 七爷八爷 [Qi1 ye2 Ba1 ye2] /see 黑白無常|黑白无常[Hei1 Bai2 Wu2 chang2]/
七碳糖 七碳糖 [qi1 tan4 tang2] /heptose (CH2O)7, monosaccharide with seven carbon atoms/
七竅 七窍 [qi1 qiao4] /the seven apertures of the human head: 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 1 mouth/
七竅生煙 七窍生烟 [qi1 qiao4 sheng1 yan1] /lit. spouting smoke through the seven orifices (idiom)/fig. to seethe with anger/
七級浮屠 七级浮屠 [qi1 ji2 fu2 tu2] /seven floor pagoda/
七美 七美 [Qi1 mei3] /Qimei or Chimei township in Penghu county 澎湖縣|澎湖县[Peng2 hu2 xian4] (Pescadores Islands), Taiwan/
七美鄉 七美乡 [Qi1 mei3 xiang1] /Qimei or Chimei township in Penghu county 澎湖縣|澎湖县[Peng2 hu2 xian4] (Pescadores Islands), Taiwan/
七老八十 七老八十 [qi1 lao3 ba1 shi2] /in one's seventies (age)/very old (of people)/
七聲 七声 [qi1 sheng1] /tones of the musical scale/
七聲音階 七声音阶 [qi1 sheng1 yin1 jie1] /heptatonic scale/
七股 七股 [Qi1 gu3] /Chiku township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县[Tai2 nan2 xian4], Taiwan/
七股鄉 七股乡 [Qi1 gu3 xiang1] /Chiku township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县[Tai2 nan2 xian4], Taiwan/
七葉樹 七叶树 [qi1 ye4 shu4] /Chinese horse chestnut (Aesculus chinensis)/
七葷八素 七荤八素 [qi1 hun1 ba1 su4] /confused/distracted/
七號電池 七号电池 [qi1 hao4 dian4 chi2] /AAA battery (PRC)/Taiwan equivalent: 四號電池|四号电池/
七角形 七角形 [qi1 jiao3 xing2] /heptagon/
七言律詩 七言律诗 [qi1 yan2 lu:4 shi1] /verse form consisting of 8 lines of 7 syllables, with rhyme on alternate lines/abbr. to 七律/
七邊形 七边形 [qi1 bian1 xing2] /heptagon/
七里河 七里河 [Qi1 li3 he2] /Qilihe District of Lanzhou City 蘭州市|兰州市[Lan2 zhou1 Shi4], Gansu/
七里河區 七里河区 [Qi1 li3 he2 Qu1] /Qilihe District of Lanzhou City 蘭州市|兰州市[Lan2 zhou1 Shi4], Gansu/
七里香 七里香 [qi1 li3 xiang1] /orange jasmine (Murraya paniculata)/"chicken butt", popular Taiwan snack on a stick, made of marinated "white cut chicken" butt/
七零八碎 七零八碎 [qi1 ling2 ba1 sui4] /bits and pieces/scattered fragments/
七零八落 七零八落 [qi1 ling2 ba1 luo4] /(idiom) everything broken and in disorder/
七項全能 七项全能 [qi1 xiang4 quan2 neng2] /heptathlon/
七魄 七魄 [qi1 po4] /seven mortal forms in Daoism, representing carnal life and desires/contrasted with 三魂 three immortal souls/
七鰓鰻 七鳃鳗 [qi1 sai1 man2] /lamprey (jawless proto-fish of family Petromyzontidae)/
七龍珠 七龙珠 [Qi1 long2 zhu1] /Dragon Ball, Japanese manga and anime series/
丄 丄 [shang4] /old variant of 上[shang4]/
丅 丅 [xia4] /old variant of 下[xia4]/
丆 丆 [xx5] /one of the characters used in kwukyel (phonetic "myeon"), an ancient Korean writing system/
万 万 [Mo4] /see 万俟[Mo4 qi2]/
万俟 万俟 [Mo4 qi2] /polysyllabic surname Moqi/
丈 丈 [zhang4] /measure of length, ten Chinese feet (3.3 m)/to measure/husband/polite appellation for an older male/
丈二和尚,摸不著頭腦 丈二和尚,摸不着头脑 [zhang4 er4 he2 shang5 , mo1 bu5 zhao2 tou2 nao3] /lit. like a three-meter high monk, you can't rub his head (idiom)/fig. at a total loss/
丈二金剛摸不著頭腦 丈二金刚摸不着头脑 [zhang4 er4 Jin1 gang1 mo1 bu5 zhao2 tou2 nao3] /see 丈二和尚,摸不著頭腦|丈二和尚,摸不着头脑[zhang4 er4 he2 shang5 , mo1 bu5 zhao2 tou2 nao3]/
丈人 丈人 [zhang4 ren2] /wife's father (father-in-law)/old man/
丈八蛇矛 丈八蛇矛 [zhang4 ba1 she2 mao2] /ancient spear-like weapon 18 Chinese feet 尺[chi3] in length, with a wavy spearhead like a snake's body,/
丈夫 丈夫 [zhang4 fu5] /husband/CL:個|个[ge4]/
丈母 丈母 [zhang4 mu3] /wife's mother/mother-in-law/
丈母娘 丈母娘 [zhang4 mu3 niang2] /wife's mother/mother-in-law/same as 丈母/
丈量 丈量 [zhang4 liang2] /to measure/measurement/
三 三 [San1] /surname San/
三 三 [san1] /three/3/
三C 三C [san1 C] /see 3C[san1 C]/
三K黨 三K党 [San1 K dang3] /Ku Klux Klan/KKK/
三P 三P [san1 P] /(slang) threesome/
三七 三七 [san1 qi1] /pseudoginseng (Panax pseudoginseng), hemostatic herb/
三七二十一 三七二十一 [san1 qi1 er4 shi2 yi1] /three sevens are twenty-one (idiom)/the facts of the matter/the actual situation/
三七仔 三七仔 [san1 qi1 zi3] /(slang) pimp/
三七開 三七开 [san1 qi1 kai1] /ratio seventy to thirty/thirty percent failure, seventy percent success/
三七開定論 三七开定论 [san1 qi1 kai1 ding4 lun4] /thirty percent failure, seventy percent success, the official PRC verdict on Mao Zedong/
三三兩兩 三三两两 [san1 san1 liang3 liang3] /in twos and threes/
三下五除二 三下五除二 [san1 xia4 wu3 chu2 er4] /three, set five remove two (abacus rule)/efficiently/quickly and easily/
三下兩下 三下两下 [san1 xia4 liang3 xia4] /quickly and effortlessly (idiom)/
三不 三不 [san1 bu4] /the three no's (abbreviated catchphrase)/
三不五時 三不五时 [san1 bu4 wu3 shi2] /(Tw) from time to time/frequently/
三不沾 三不沾 [san1 bu4 zhan1] /air ball (basketball)/
三不知 三不知 [san1 bu4 zhi1] /to know nothing about the beginning, the middle or the end/to know nothing at all/
三不管 三不管 [san1 bu4 guan3] /of undetermined status/unregulated/
三世 三世 [san1 shi4] /the Third (of numbered kings)/
三中全會 三中全会 [San1 Zhong1 Quan2 hui4] /third plenum of a national congress of the Chinese Communist Party/
三九天 三九天 [san1 jiu3 tian1] /the twenty seven days after the Winter Solstice, reputed to be the coldest days of the year/
三五 三五 [san1 wu3] /several/three or five/
三五成群 三五成群 [san1 wu3 cheng2 qun2] /in groups of three or four (idiom)/
三井 三井 [San1 jing3] /Mitsui (Japanese company)/
三亞 三亚 [San1 ya4] /Sanya prefecture level city, Hainan/
三亞市 三亚市 [San1 ya4 shi4] /Sanya prefecture level city, Hainan/
三人成虎 三人成虎 [san1 ren2 cheng2 hu3] /three men talking makes a tiger (idiom); repeated rumor becomes a fact/
三人行 三人行 [san1 ren2 xing2] /(slang) threesome/
三人行,則必有我師 三人行,则必有我师 [san1 ren2 xing2 , ze2 bi4 you3 wo3 shi1] /If three walk together, one of them can teach me sth (Confucius)/
三人行,必有我師 三人行,必有我师 [san1 ren2 xing2 , bi4 you3 wo3 shi1] /lit. if three walk together, one can be my teacher (idiom, from the Analects of Confucius)/you have sth to learn from everyone/
三仇 三仇 [san1 chou2] /animosity or resentment towards three groups (the bureaucrats, the wealthy, and the police) due to perceived abuse of power/
三代 三代 [san1 dai4] /three generations of a family/the three earliest dynasties (Xia, Shang and Zhou)/
三代同堂 三代同堂 [san1 dai4 tong2 tang2] /three generations under one roof/
三令五申 三令五申 [san1 ling4 wu3 shen1] /to order again and again (idiom)/
三件套式西裝 三件套式西装 [san1 jian4 tao4 shi4 xi1 zhuang1] /three-piece suit/
三伏 三伏 [san1 fu2] /three periods forming the hottest periods of summer, from mid-July to mid-August, namely: 初伏 (mid-July), 中伏 (late July to early August), 末伏 (mid-August)/
三伏天 三伏天 [san1 fu2 tian1] /three periods forming the hottest periods of summer, from mid-July to mid-August, namely: 初伏 (mid-July), 中伏 (late July to early August), 末伏 (mid-August)/
三位一體 三位一体 [San1 wei4 Yi1 ti3] /Holy Trinity/trinity/
三位博士 三位博士 [san1 wei4 bo2 shi4] /the Magi/the Three Wise Kings from the East in the biblical nativity story/
三俠五義 三侠五义 [San1 xia2 wu3 yi4] /Sanxia wuyi (lit. Three knight-errants and five righteous one), novel edited from stories of late Qing dynasty pinghua 評話|评话 master storyteller Shi Yukun 石玉昆/
三個世界 三个世界 [San1 ge5 Shi4 jie4] /the Three Worlds (as proposed by Mao Zedong), i.e. the superpowers (USA and USSR), other wealthy countries (UK, France, Japan etc), and the developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America/
三個代表 三个代表 [San1 ge4 Dai4 biao3] /the Three Represents enunciated by Jiang Zemin 江澤民|江泽民 as the duty of the Chinese Communist party in 2001, namely: to represent productivity of an advanced society, forward progress of advanced culture and the fundamental interests of the people/
三個和尚沒水吃 三个和尚没水吃 [san1 ge4 he2 shang5 mei2 shui3 chi1] /see 三個和尚沒水喝|三个和尚没水喝[san1 ge4 he2 shang5 mei2 shui3 he1]/
三個和尚沒水喝 三个和尚没水喝 [san1 ge4 he2 shang5 mei2 shui3 he1] /lit. three monks have no water to drink (idiom)/fig. everybody's business is nobody's business/(If there is one monk, he will fetch water for himself. If there are two, they will fetch water together. But if there are three or more, none will take it upon himself to fetch water.)/
三個女人一個墟 三个女人一个墟 [san1 ge4 nu:3 ren2 yi1 ge4 xu1] /three women makes a crowd/
三個女人一臺戲 三个女人一台戏 [san1 ge5 nu:3 ren2 yi1 tai2 xi4] /three women are enough for a drama (idiom)/
三個臭皮匠,勝過一個諸葛亮 三个臭皮匠,胜过一个诸葛亮 [san1 ge4 chou4 pi2 jiang5 , sheng4 guo4 yi1 ge4 Zhu1 ge3 Liang4] /variant of 三個臭皮匠,賽過一個諸葛亮|三个臭皮匠,赛过一个诸葛亮[san1 ge4 chou4 pi2 jiang5 , sai4 guo4 yi1 ge4 Zhu1 ge3 Liang4]/
三個臭皮匠,合成一個諸葛亮 三个臭皮匠,合成一个诸葛亮 [san1 ge4 chou4 pi2 jiang5 , he2 cheng2 yi1 ge4 Zhu1 ge3 Liang4] /lit. three ignorant cobblers add up to a genius (idiom); fig. collective wisdom/
三個臭皮匠,賽過一個諸葛亮 三个臭皮匠,赛过一个诸葛亮 [san1 ge4 chou4 pi2 jiang5 , sai4 guo4 yi1 ge4 Zhu1 ge3 Liang4] /lit. three ignorant cobblers add up to a genius (idiom); fig. collective wisdom/wisdom of the masses exceeds that of any individual/
三個臭皮匠,賽過諸葛亮 三个臭皮匠,赛过诸葛亮 [san1 ge4 chou4 pi2 jiang5 , sai4 guo4 Zhu1 ge3 Liang4] /lit. three ignorant cobblers add up to a genius (idiom); fig. collective wisdom/wisdom of the masses exceeds that of any individual/
三個臭皮匠,頂個諸葛亮 三个臭皮匠,顶个诸葛亮 [san1 ge4 chou4 pi2 jiang5 , ding3 ge4 Zhu1 ge3 Liang4] /lit. three ignorant cobblers add up to a genius (idiom); fig. collective wisdom/wisdom of the masses exceeds that of any individual/
三倍 三倍 [san1 bei4] /triple/
三催四請 三催四请 [san1 cui1 si4 qing3] /to coax and plead/
三價 三价 [san1 jia4] /trivalent/
三元區 三元区 [San1 yuan2 qu1] /Sanyuan district of Sanming city 三明市[San1 ming2 shi4], Fujian/
三元運算 三元运算 [san1 yuan2 yun4 suan4] /ternary operator (computing)/
三元醇 三元醇 [san1 yuan2 chun2] /propyl alcohol C3H7OH/
三元音 三元音 [san1 yuan2 yin1] /triphthong (such as putonghua uei etc)/
三光 三光 [san1 guang1] /the sun, the moon, and the stars/
三光政策 三光政策 [San1 guang1 Zheng4 ce4] /Three Alls Policy (kill all, burn all, loot all), Japanese policy in China during WWII/
三兩 三两 [san1 liang3] /two or three/
三八 三八 [san1 ba1] /International Women's Day 婦女節|妇女节[Fu4 nu:3 jie2], 8th March/foolish/stupid/
三八大蓋 三八大盖 [San1 ba1 Da4 gai4] /(coll.) Arisaka Type 38 rifle (Japanese army rifle used 1905-1945)/
三八節 三八节 [San1 ba1 jie2] /International Women's Day (March 8)/
三八線 三八线 [san1 ba1 xian4] /38th parallel, forming the DMZ border between North and South Korea/
三公消費 三公消费 [san1 gong1 xiao1 fei4] /see 三公經費|三公经费[san1 gong1 jing1 fei4]/
三公經費 三公经费 [san1 gong1 jing1 fei4] /"three public expenditures" of the PRC government, i.e. air travel, food and entertainment, and public vehicles/
三分 三分 [san1 fen1] /somewhat/to some degree/
三分之一 三分之一 [san1 fen1 zhi1 yi1] /one third/
三分熟 三分熟 [san1 fen1 shu2] /medium rare (of steak)/
三分鐘熱度 三分钟热度 [san1 fen1 zhong1 re4 du4] /brief period of enthusiasm/flash in the pan/
三分頭 三分头 [san1 fen1 tou2] /regular men's haircut/short back and sides/
三包 三包 [san1 bao1] /"three-guarantee service": repair, exchange, refund/
三北 三北 [San1 bei3] /China's three northern regions, 東北|东北[Dong1 bei3], 華北|华北[Hua2 bei3] and 西北[Xi1 bei3]/
三北防護林 三北防护林 [San1 bei3 Fang2 hu4 lin2] /Green Wall of China, a massive afforestation program on the eastern margin of the Gobi Desert aimed at stopping the desert's expansion, started in 1978 and planned to be completed by 2050/
三十 三十 [san1 shi2] /thirty/30/
三十二位元 三十二位元 [san1 shi2 er4 wei4 yuan2] /32-bit (computing)/
三十二相 三十二相 [san1 shi2 er4 xiang4] /the thirty-two physical characteristics of Buddha/
三十八度線 三十八度线 [san1 shi2 ba1 du4 xian4] /38th parallel/dividing line agreed at Yalta between US and Soviet zones of influence in Korea, now the DMZ between North and South Korea/
三十六字母 三十六字母 [san1 shi2 liu4 zi4 mu3] /thirty six initial consonants of Song phonetic theory/
三十六計 三十六计 [san1 shi2 liu4 ji4] /The Thirty-Six Stratagems, a Chinese essay used to illustrate a series of stratagems used in politics, war, and in civil interaction/all the possible schemes and stratagems/
三十六計,走為上策 三十六计,走为上策 [san1 shi2 liu4 ji4 , zou3 wei2 shang4 ce4] /Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is best./see also 三十六計|三十六计[san1 shi2 liu4 ji4]/
三十六計,走為上計 三十六计,走为上计 [san1 shi2 liu4 ji4 , zou3 wei2 shang4 ji4] /see 三十六計,走為上策|三十六计,走为上策[san1 shi2 liu4 ji4 , zou3 wei2 shang4 ce4]/
三十年河東,三十年河西 三十年河东,三十年河西 [san1 shi2 nian2 he2 dong1 , san1 shi2 nian2 he2 xi1] /the river flows thirty years to the East, thirty years to the West (proverb)/change is the only constant/
三十而立 三十而立 [san1 shi2 er2 li4] /thirty years old and therefore independent (idiom, from Confucius)/
三千大千世界 三千大千世界 [san1 qian1 da4 qian1 shi4 jie4] /cosmos (Buddhism)/
三原 三原 [San1 yuan2] /Sanyuan County in Xianyang 咸陽|咸阳[Xian2 yang2], Shaanxi/
三原則 三原则 [san1 yuan2 ze2] /the Three Principles (in many contexts)/
三原縣 三原县 [San1 yuan2 Xian4] /Sanyuan County in Xianyang 咸陽|咸阳[Xian2 yang2], Shaanxi/
三叉戟 三叉戟 [san1 cha1 ji3] /trident/
三叉神經 三叉神经 [san1 cha1 shen2 jing1] /trigeminal nerve/
三反 三反 [san1 fan3] /"Three Anti" campaign (anti-corruption, anti-waste, anti-bureaucracy), early PRC purge of 1951-52/
三反運動 三反运动 [san1 fan3 yun4 dong4] /"Three Anti" campaign (anti-corruption, anti-waste, anti-bureaucracy), early PRC purge of 1951-52/
三句話不離本行 三句话不离本行 [san1 ju4 hua4 bu4 li2 ben3 hang2] /to talk shop all the time (idiom)/
三台 三台 [San1 tai2] /Santai county in Mianyang 綿陽|绵阳[Mian2 yang2], north Sichuan/
三台縣 三台县 [San1 tai2 xian4] /Santai county in Mianyang 綿陽|绵阳[Mian2 yang2], north Sichuan/
三合一 三合一 [san1 he2 yi1] /three in one/triple/
三合一疫苗 三合一疫苗 [san1 he2 yi1 yi4 miao2] /DTP vaccination/
三合土 三合土 [san1 he2 tu3] /mortar/concrete/cement/
三合星 三合星 [san1 he2 xing1] /triple star system/
三合會 三合会 [san1 he2 hui4] /triad, Chinese crime gang/triad society, anti-Manchu secret society in Qing-dynasty China/
三合院 三合院 [san1 he2 yuan4] /residence consisting of structures surrounding a courtyard on three sides/
三味線 三味线 [san1 wei4 xian4] /shamisen, three-stringed Japanese musical instrument/
三和弦 三和弦 [san1 he2 xian2] /triad/musical chord of three notes, such as major triad do-mi-so/
三國 三国 [San1 guo2] /Three Kingdoms period (220-280) in Chinese history/several Three Kingdoms periods in Korean history, esp. from 1st century AD to unification under Silla 新羅|新罗[Xin1 luo2] in 658/
三國史記 三国史记 [San1 guo2 shi3 ji4] /History of Three Kingdoms (Korean: Samguk Sagi), the oldest extant Korean history, compiled under Kim Busik 金富軾|金富轼[Jin1 Fu4 shi4] in 1145. The three kingdoms are Goguryeo 高句麗|高句丽[Gao1 gou1 li2], Baekje 百濟|百济[Bai3 ji4], Silla 新羅|新罗[Xin1 luo2]./
三國志 三国志 [San1 guo2 zhi4] /History of the Three Kingdoms, fourth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史[Er4 shi2 si4 Shi3], composed by Chen Shou 陳壽|陈寿[Chen2 Shou4] in 289 during Jin Dynasty 晉朝|晋朝[Jin4 chao2], 65 scrolls/
三國演義 三国演义 [San1 guo2 Yan3 yi4] /Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong 羅貫中|罗贯中[Luo2 Guan4 zhong1], one of the Four Classic Novels of Chinese literature/a fictional account of the Three Kingdoms at the break-up of the Han around 200 AD, consistently portraying Liu Bei's Shu Han 劉備|刘备, 蜀漢|蜀汉 as virtuous heroes and Cao Cao's Wei 曹操, 魏 as tyrannical villains/
三圍 三围 [san1 wei2] /BWH, abbr. for a woman's three measurements, namely: bust 胸圍|胸围[xiong1 wei2], waist 腰圍|腰围[yao1 wei2] and hip 臀圍|臀围[tun2 wei2]/
三地門 三地门 [San1 di4 men2] /Santimen township in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县[Ping2 dong1 Xian4], Taiwan/
三地門鄉 三地门乡 [San1 di4 men2 xiang1] /Santimen township in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县[Ping2 dong1 Xian4], Taiwan/
三大紀律八項注意 三大纪律八项注意 [San1 Da4 Ji4 lu:4 Ba1 Xiang4 Zhu4 yi4] /the Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention, a military doctrine issued in 1928 by Mao Zedong for the Red Army, which included a number of injunctions demanding high standards of behavior and respect for civilians during wartime/
三天不打,上房揭瓦 三天不打,上房揭瓦 [san1 tian1 bu4 da3 , shang4 fang2 jie1 wa3] /three days without a beating, and a child will scale the roof to rip the tiles (idiom)/spare the rod, spoil the child/
三天兩頭 三天两头 [san1 tian1 liang3 tou2] /lit. twice every three days (idiom); practically every day/frequently/
三天打魚,兩天曬網 三天打鱼,两天晒网 [san1 tian1 da3 yu2 , liang3 tian1 shai4 wang3] /lit. to fish for three days and sun-dry the nets for two days (proverb)/fig. not to persevere in doing sth/to do sth by fits and starts/
三夷教 三夷教 [san1 yi2 jiao4] /the three foreign religions (Nestorianism, Manicheanism and Zoroastrianism)/
三姑六婆 三姑六婆 [san1 gu1 liu4 po2] /women with disreputable or illegal professions (idiom)/
三字經 三字经 [San1 zi4 Jing1] /Three Character Classic, 13th century reading primer consisting of Confucian tenets in lines of 3 characters/
三字經 三字经 [san1 zi4 jing1] /(slang) swearword/four-letter word/
三官大帝 三官大帝 [san1 guan1 da4 di4] /the three gods in charge of heaven, earth and water (Daoism)/
三家村 三家村 [San1 jia1 cun1] /lit. village of three households/name of essay column in Beijing newspaper from 1961-1966, written by Deng Tuo 鄧拓|邓拓, Wu Han 吳晗|吴晗 and Liao Mosha 廖沫沙, criticized as anti-party during the Cultural Revolution/
三寶 三宝 [san1 bao3] /the Three Precious Treasures of Buddhism, namely: the Buddha 佛, the Dharma 法 (his teaching), and the Sangha 僧 (his monastic order)/
三寶太監 三宝太监 [San1 bao3 tai4 jian4] /Sanbao Eunuch, official title of Zheng He 鄭和|郑和[Zheng4 He2]/also written 三保太監|三保太监/
三寶鳥 三宝鸟 [san1 bao3 niao3] /(bird species of China) oriental dollarbird (Eurystomus orientalis)/
三寸不爛之舌 三寸不烂之舌 [san1 cun4 bu4 lan4 zhi1 she2] /to have a silver tongue/to have the gift of the gab/
三對三鬥牛 三对三斗牛 [san1 dui4 san1 dou4 niu2] /three-on-three basketball game/
三小 三小 [san1 xiao3] /(Tw) (vulgar) what the hell? (from Taiwanese 啥潲, Tai-lo pr. [siánn-siâ], equivalent to Mandarin 什麼|什么[shen2 me5])/
三尖杉酯鹼 三尖杉酯碱 [san1 jian1 shan1 zhi3 jian3] /harringtonine (chemistry)/
三屜桌 三屉桌 [san1 ti2 zhuo1] /three-drawer desk (traditional Chinese piece of furniture)/
三山 三山 [San1 shan1] /Sanshan district of Wuhu city 蕪湖市|芜湖市[Wu2 hu2 shi4], Anhui/
三山區 三山区 [San1 shan1 qu1] /Sanshan district of Wuhu city 蕪湖市|芜湖市[Wu2 hu2 shi4], Anhui/
三岔口 三岔口 [San1 cha4 kou3] /At the Crossroads, famous opera, based on a story from 水滸傳|水浒传[Shui3 hu3 Zhuan4]/
三島由紀夫 三岛由纪夫 [San1 dao3 You2 ji4 fu1] /Mishima Yukio (1925-1970), Japanese author, pen name of (平岡公威|平冈公威, Hiraoka Kimitake)/
三峽 三峡 [San1 xia2] /Three Gorges on the Chang Jiang or Yangtze, namely: Qutang Gorge 瞿塘峽|瞿塘峡[Qu2 tang2 Xia2], Wuxia Gorge 巫峽|巫峡[Wu1 Xia2] and Xiling Gorge 西陵峽|西陵峡[Xi1 ling2 Xia2]/Sanxia or Sanhsia town in New Taipei City 新北市[Xin1 bei3 shi4], Taiwan/
三峽大壩 三峡大坝 [San1 xia2 Da4 ba4] /Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River/
三峽水庫 三峡水库 [San1 xia2 Shui3 ku4] /Three Gorges Reservoir on the Changjiang or Yangtze/
三峽鎮 三峡镇 [San1 xia2 zhen4] /Sanxia or Sanhsia town in New Taipei City 新北市[Xin1 bei3 shi4], Taiwan/
三度 三度 [san1 du4] /third (musical interval)/
三廂 三厢 [san1 xiang1] /sedan (automobile body type)/
三廢 三废 [san1 fei4] /three types of waste product, namely: waste water 廢水|废水[fei4 shui3], exhaust gas 廢氣|废气[fei4 qi4], industrial slag 廢渣|废渣[fei4 zha1]/
三弦 三弦 [san1 xian2] /sanxian, large family of 3-stringed plucked musical instruments, with snakeskin covered wooden soundbox and long neck, used in folk music, opera and Chinese orchestra/
三得利 三得利 [San1 de2 li4] /Suntory, Japanese beverage company/
三從四德 三从四德 [san1 cong2 si4 de2] /Confucian moral injunctions for women, namely: obey in turn three men father, husband and son, plus the four virtues of morality 德[de2], physical charm 容, propriety in speech 言 and efficiency in needlework 功/
三心二意 三心二意 [san1 xin1 er4 yi4] /in two minds about sth (idiom)/half-hearted/shilly-shallying/
三思而後行 三思而后行 [san1 si1 er2 hou4 xing2] /think again and again before acting (idiom); consider carefully in advance/
三思而行 三思而行 [san1 si1 er2 xing2] /think three times then go (idiom); don't act before you've thought it through carefully/
三手病 三手病 [san1 shou3 bing4] /repetitive strain injury (resulting from frequent use of one's thumb, wrist etc)/
三拗湯 三拗汤 [san1 ao4 tang1] /san'ao decoction (TCM)/
三振 三振 [san1 zhen4] /to strike out/strikeout (baseball, softball)/(Tw) to ditch/to eliminate from consideration/
三振出局 三振出局 [san1 zhen4 chu1 ju2] /see 三振[san1 zhen4]/
三教 三教 [San1 Jiao4] /the Three Doctrines (Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism)/
三教九流 三教九流 [san1 jiao4 jiu3 liu2] /the Three Religions (Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism) and Nine Schools (Confucians, Daoists, Yin-Yang, Legalists, Logicians, Mohists, Political Strategists, Eclectics, Agriculturists)/fig. people from all trades (often derog.)/
三文治 三文治 [san1 wen2 zhi4] /sandwich (loanword)/
三文魚 三文鱼 [san1 wen2 yu2] /salmon (loanword)/
三族 三族 [san1 zu2] /(old) three generations (father, self and sons)/three clans (your own, your mother's, your wife's)/
三旬九食 三旬九食 [san1 xun2 jiu3 shi2] /lit. to have only nine meals in thirty days (idiom)/fig. (of a family) on the brink of starvation/in dire straits/
三明 三明 [San1 ming2] /Sanming prefecture level city in Fujian/
三明市 三明市 [San1 ming2 shi4] /Sanming prefecture level city in Fujian/
三明治 三明治 [san1 ming2 zhi4] /sandwich (loanword)/CL:個|个[ge4]/
三星 三星 [San1 xing1] /Sanxing or Sanhsing township in Yilan county 宜蘭縣|宜兰县[Yi2 lan2 xian4], Taiwan/Samsung (South Korean electronics company)/
三星 三星 [san1 xing1] /three major stars of the Three Stars 參宿|参宿[Shen1 xiu4] Chinese constellation/the belt of Orion/three spirits 福[fu2], 祿|禄[lu4], and 壽|寿[shou4] associated with the Three Stars 參宿|参宿[Shen1 xiu4] Chinese constellation/
三星鄉 三星乡 [San1 xing1 xiang1] /Sanxing or Sanhsing township in Yilan county 宜蘭縣|宜兰县[Yi2 lan2 xian4], Taiwan/
三星集團 三星集团 [San1 xing1 Ji2 tuan2] /Samsung Group/
三春 三春 [san1 chun1] /the three spring months/
三昧 三昧 [san1 mei4] /Samadhi (Buddhist term)/
三更 三更 [san1 geng1] /third of the five night watch periods 23:00-01:00 (old)/midnight/also pr. [san1 jin1]/
三更半夜 三更半夜 [san1 geng1 ban4 ye4] /in the depth of the night/very late at night/
三曹 三曹 [San1 Cao2] /the Three Caos (Cao Cao 曹操 and his sons Cao Pi 曹丕 and Cao Zhi 曹植), who established the Wei or Cao Wei dynasty 曹魏, and were all three noted poets and calligraphers/
三月 三月 [San1 yue4] /March/third month (of the lunar year)/
三月份 三月份 [san1 yue4 fen4] /March/
三月街 三月街 [San1 yue4 Jie1] /Third Month Fair, traditional festival of the Bai Nationality 白族[Bai2 zu2]/
三朋四友 三朋四友 [san1 peng2 si4 you3] /friends/cronies/
三板 三板 [san1 ban3] /sampan/
三柱門 三柱门 [san1 zhu4 men2] /(sports) (cricket) wicket (set of stumps and bails)/
三框欄 三框栏 [san1 kuang4 lan2] /radical 匚[fang1] (Kangxi radical 22)/
三條 三条 [san1 tiao2] /three of a kind (poker)/
三極管 三极管 [san1 ji2 guan3] /triode (vacuum tube or transistor)/
三權分立 三权分立 [san1 quan2 fen1 li4] /separation of powers/
三權鼎立 三权鼎立 [san1 quan2 ding3 li4] /separation of powers/
三次 三次 [san1 ci4] /third/three times/(math.) degree three, cubic (equation)/
三次元 三次元 [san1 ci4 yuan2] /three-dimensional/the real world (cf. 二次元[er4 ci4 yuan2])/
三次冪 三次幂 [san1 ci4 mi4] /cube (third power, math.)/
三次方 三次方 [san1 ci4 fang1] /cube (third power, math.)/
三次方程 三次方程 [san1 ci4 fang1 cheng2] /cubic equation (math.)/
三次曲線 三次曲线 [san1 ci4 qu1 xian4] /cubic curve (geometry)/
三歸依 三归依 [san1 gui1 yi1] /the Three Pillars of Faith (Buddha, dharma, sangha)/see also 三寶|三宝[san1 bao3]/
三段論 三段论 [san1 duan4 lun4] /syllogism (deduction in logic)/
三毛貓 三毛猫 [san1 mao2 mao1] /tortoiseshell cat/calico cat/
三民 三民 [San1 min2] /Sanmin district of Kaohsiung city 高雄市[Gao1 xiong2 shi4], south Taiwan/
三民主義 三民主义 [San1 min2 zhu3 yi4] /Dr Sun Yat-sen's 孫中山|孙中山 Three Principles of the People (late 1890s)/
三民區 三民区 [San1 min2 qu1] /Sanmin district of Kaohsiung city 高雄市[Gao1 xiong2 shi4], south Taiwan/
三民鄉 三民乡 [San1 min2 xiang1] /Sanmin district of Kaohsiung city 高雄市[Gao1 xiong2 shi4], south Taiwan/
三氟化硼 三氟化硼 [san1 fu2 hua4 peng2] /boron trifluoride/
三氯化磷 三氯化磷 [san1 lu:4 hua4 lin2] /phosphorous trichloride/
三氯化鐵 三氯化铁 [san1 lu:4 hua4 tie3] /ferric chloride FeCl3/
三氯已烯 三氯已烯 [san1 lu:4 yi3 xi1] /trichloroethylene/
三氯已烷 三氯已烷 [san1 lu:4 yi3 wan2] /trichloroethane/
三氯氧磷 三氯氧磷 [san1 lu:4 yang3 lin2] /phosphorous oxychloride/
三氯氰胺 三氯氰胺 [san1 lu:4 qing2 an4] /melamine C3H6N6/
三氯甲烷 三氯甲烷 [san1 lu:4 jia3 wan2] /chloroform CHCl3/trichloromethane/
三水 三水 [San1 shui3] /Sanshui district of Foshan city 佛山市[Fo2 shan1 shi4], Guangdong/
三水區 三水区 [San1 shui3 qu1] /Sanshui district of Foshan city 佛山市[Fo2 shan1 shi4], Guangdong/
三水縣 三水县 [San1 shui3 xian4] /Sanshui county in Guangdong/
三江並流 三江并流 [San1 jiang1 bing4 liu2] /Three Parallel Rivers National Park, in mountainous northwest Yunnan World Heritage protected area: the three rivers are Nujian 怒江 or Salween, Jinsha 金沙江 or upper reaches of Changjiang and Lancang 澜沧江 or Mekong/
三江侗族自治縣 三江侗族自治县 [San1 jiang1 dong4 zu2 Zi4 zhi4 xian4] /Sanjiang Dong autonomous county in Liuzhou 柳州[Liu3 zhou1], Guangxi/
三江平原 三江平原 [San1 jiang1 ping2 yuan2] /Sanjiang or Three rivers plain in Heilongjiang, vast wetland watered by Heilongjiang 黑龍江|黑龙江[Hei1 long2 jiang1] or Amur, Songhua 松花江[Song1 hua1 jiang1], Ussuri 烏蘇里江|乌苏里江[Wu1 su1 li3 jiang1]/
三江源 三江源 [San1 jiang1 yuan2] /Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve, high plateau region of Qinghai containing the headwaters of Changjiang or Yangtze, Huanghe or Yellow River and Lancang or Mekong River/
三江生態旅遊區 三江生态旅游区 [San1 jiang1 sheng1 tai4 lu:3 you2 qu1] /Sanjiang ecological tourist area in Wenchuan county 汶川县, northwest Sichuan/
三河 三河 [San1 he2] /Three rivers/Sanhe county level city in Langfang 廊坊[Lang2 fang2], Hebei/
三河市 三河市 [San1 he2 shi4] /Sanhe county level city in Langfang 廊坊[Lang2 fang2], Hebei/
三河縣 三河县 [San1 he2 xian4] /Sanhe county in Beijing/
三法司 三法司 [san1 fa3 si1] /the three judicial chief ministries (in imperial China)/
三洋 三洋 [San1 yang2] /Sanyō, Japanese electronics company/
三流 三流 [san1 liu2] /third-rate/inferior/
三浦 三浦 [San1 pu3] /Miura (Japanese surname and place name)/
三浦梅園 三浦梅园 [San1 pu3 Mei2 yuan2] /MIURA Baien (1723-1789), Japanese neo-Confucian philosopher and pioneer economist, author of The Origin of value 價原|价原[Jia4 yuan2]/
三溫暖 三温暖 [san1 wen1 nuan3] /sauna (loanword) (Tw)/
三灣 三湾 [San1 wan1] /Sanwan township in Miaoli county 苗栗縣|苗栗县[Miao2 li4 xian4], northwest Taiwan/
三灣鄉 三湾乡 [San1 wan1 xiang1] /Sanwan township in Miaoli county 苗栗縣|苗栗县[Miao2 li4 xian4], northwest Taiwan/
三炮 三炮 [san1 pao4] /(Northeastern dialect) simple-minded person/
三焦 三焦 [san1 jiao1] /(TCM) the three truncal cavities (thoracic, abdominal and pelvic), known as the "triple heater" or "San Jiao"/
三牲 三牲 [san1 sheng1] /the three sacrificial animals (originally cow, sheep and pig; later pig, chicken and fish)/
三班倒 三班倒 [san1 ban1 dao3] /three-shift system (work rostering)/
三瓦兩舍 三瓦两舍 [san1 wa3 liang3 she4] /places of pleasure (like brothels, tea houses etc)/
三生有幸 三生有幸 [san1 sheng1 you3 xing4] /the blessing of three lifetimes (idiom)/(courteous language) it's my good fortune.../
三用表 三用表 [san1 yong4 biao3] /instrument console (diving)/
三田 三田 [San1 tian2] /Mita, Sanda, Mitsuda etc (Japanese surname or place name)/
三田 三田 [san1 tian2] /3 annual hunting bouts/3 qi points/
三甲 三甲 [san1 jia3] /3rd rank of candidates who passed the imperial examination/
三略 三略 [San1 lu:e4] /see 黃石公三略|黄石公三略[Huang2 Shi2 gong1 San1 lu:e4]/
三番五次 三番五次 [san1 fan1 wu3 ci4] /over and over again (idiom)/
三疊紀 三叠纪 [San1 die2 ji4] /Triassic (geological period 250-205m years ago)/
三百六十行 三百六十行 [san1 bai3 liu4 shi2 hang2] /all walks of life (idiom)/every trade/
三皇 三皇 [san1 huang2] /Three Sovereigns, between Gods and Emperors in third millennium BC/usually listed as Suiren 燧人[Sui4 ren2], Fuxi 伏羲[Fu2 Xi1], trapping and writing, Shennong or Farmer God 神農|神农[Shen2 nong2]/
三皇五帝 三皇五帝 [san1 huang2 wu3 di4] /three sovereigns 三皇[san1 huang2] and five emperors 五帝[wu3 di4] of myth and legend/the earliest system of Chinese historiography/
三皇炮捶 三皇炮捶 [san1 huang2 pao4 chui2] /Paochui - "Three Emperor Cannon Punch" (Chinese Martial Art)/
三相點 三相点 [san1 xiang4 dian3] /triple point (thermodynamics)/
三硝基甲苯 三硝基甲苯 [san1 xiao1 ji1 jia3 ben3] /trinitrotoluene (TNT)/
三碳糖 三碳糖 [san1 tan4 tang2] /triose (CH2O)3, monosaccharide with three carbon atoms, such as glyceraldehyde 甘油醛[gan1 you2 quan2]/
三磷酸腺苷 三磷酸腺苷 [san1 lin2 suan1 xian4 gan1] /adenosine triphosphate (ATP)/
三秒膠 三秒胶 [san1 miao3 jiao1] /superglue/
三稜草 三棱草 [san1 leng2 cao3] /sedge herb (Cyperus rotundus)/
三稜鏡 三棱镜 [san1 leng2 jing4] /(triangular) prism/
三穗 三穗 [San1 sui4] /Sansui county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture 黔東南州|黔东南州[Qian2 dong1 nan2 zhou1], Guizhou/
三穗縣 三穗县 [San1 sui4 xian4] /Sansui county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture 黔東南州|黔东南州[Qian2 dong1 nan2 zhou1], Guizhou/
三等分 三等分 [san1 deng3 fen1] /trisection (math.)/trisecting an angle/
三等分角 三等分角 [san1 deng3 fen1 jiao3] /trisection (math.)/trisecting an angle/
三節鞭 三节鞭 [san1 jie2 bian1] /three-section staff (old-style weapon)/
三級 三级 [san1 ji2] /grade 3/third class/category C/
三級士官 三级士官 [san1 ji2 shi4 guan1] /staff sergeant/
三級片 三级片 [san1 ji2 pian4] /third category movie (containing sexual or violent content)/
三級跳 三级跳 [san1 ji2 tiao4] /triple jump (athletics)/hop, skip and jump/
三級跳遠 三级跳远 [san1 ji2 tiao4 yuan3] /triple jump (athletics)/hop, skip and jump/
三索錦蛇 三索锦蛇 [san1 suo3 jin3 she2] /copperhead race (Elaphe radiata), kind of snake/
三維 三维 [san1 wei2] /three-dimensional/3D/
三維空間 三维空间 [san1 wei2 kong1 jian1] /three-dimensional space/3D/
三綱五常 三纲五常 [san1 gang1 wu3 chang2] /three principles and five virtues (idiom)/the three rules (ruler guides subject, father guides son and husband guides wife) and five constant virtues of Confucianism (benevolence 仁, righteousness 義|义, propriety 禮|礼, wisdom 智 and fidelity 信)/
三緘其口 三缄其口 [san1 jian1 qi2 kou3] /(idiom) reluctant to speak about it/tight-lipped/
三義 三义 [San1 yi4] /Sanyi township in Miaoli county 苗栗縣|苗栗县[Miao2 li4 xian4], northwest Taiwan/
三義鄉 三义乡 [San1 yi4 xiang1] /Sanyi township in Miaoli county 苗栗縣|苗栗县[Miao2 li4 xian4], northwest Taiwan/
三聚氰胺 三聚氰胺 [san1 ju4 qing2 an4] /melamine C3H6N6/
三聯書店 三联书店 [San1 lian2 Shu1 dian4] /Joint Publishing, bookstore chain and publisher, founded in Hong Kong in 1948/
三聯管 三联管 [san1 lian2 guan3] /triplet/
三胚層動物 三胚层动物 [san1 pei1 ceng2 dong4 wu4] /triploblastic animals (having three germ layers)/
三胞胎 三胞胎 [san1 bao1 tai1] /triplets/
三腳兩步 三脚两步 [san1 jiao3 liang3 bu4] /hurriedly/just a few steps away/
三腳架 三脚架 [san1 jiao3 jia4] /tripod/derrick crane/
三腳貓 三脚猫 [san1 jiao3 mao1] /jack of all trades/
三膲 三膲 [san1 jiao1] /variant of 三焦[san1 jiao1]/
三自 三自 [San1 zi4] /abbr. for 三自愛國教會|三自爱国教会[San1 zi4 Ai4 guo2 Jiao4 hui4], Three-Self Patriotic Movement/
三自愛國教會 三自爱国教会 [San1 zi4 Ai4 guo2 Jiao4 hui4] /Three-Self Patriotic Movement, PRC government-sanctioned Protestant church from 1949/
三自教會 三自教会 [San1 zi4 Jiao4 hui4] /Three-Self Patriotic Movement, PRC government-sanctioned Protestant church from 1949/
三色堇 三色堇 [san1 se4 jin3] /pansy/
三色紫羅蘭 三色紫罗兰 [san1 se4 zi3 luo2 lan2] /pansy/
三色貓 三色猫 [san1 se4 mao1] /calico cat/
三芝 三芝 [San1 zhi1] /Sanzhi or Sanchih township in New Taipei City 新北市[Xin1 bei3 shi4], Taiwan/
三芝鄉 三芝乡 [San1 zhi1 xiang1] /Sanzhi or Sanchih township in New Taipei City 新北市[Xin1 bei3 shi4], Taiwan/
三茶六飯 三茶六饭 [san1 cha2 liu4 fan4] /lit. to offer three kinds of tea and six different dishes/to be extremely considerate towards guests (idiom)/
三菱 三菱 [San1 ling2] /Mitsubishi/
三葉星雲 三叶星云 [San1 ye4 xing1 yun2] /Trifid Nebula M20/
三葉草 三叶草 [san1 ye4 cao3] /clover/trefoil/
三葉蟲 三叶虫 [san1 ye4 chong2] /trilobite/
三藏 三藏 [San1 zang4] /Tripitaka (602-664), Tang dynasty Buddhist monk and translator who traveled to India 629-645/same as 玄奘/
三藏法師 三藏法师 [San1 zang4 fa3 shi1] /Tripitaka (602-664), Tang dynasty Buddhist monk and translator who traveled to India 629-645/same as 玄奘/
三藩之亂 三藩之乱 [san1 fan1 zhi1 luan4] /Three feudatories rebellion against Qing 1673-1681 during the reign of Kangxi/
三藩叛亂 三藩叛乱 [San1 fan1 pan4 luan4] /rebellion against the Qing of 1670s, pacified by Kangxi/
三藩市 三藩市 [San1 fan1 shi4] /San Francisco (California)/
三蘇 三苏 [San1 Su1] /the Three Su father and sons (referring to Northern Song literati Su Xun 蘇洵|苏洵[Su1 Xun2], Su Shi 蘇軾|苏轼[Su1 Shi4] and Su Zhe 蘇轍|苏辙[Su1 Zhe2])/
三號木桿 三号木杆 [san1 hao4 mu4 gan1] /spoon (golf)/
三號電池 三号电池 [san1 hao4 dian4 chi2] /C size battery (PRC)/AA battery (Taiwan)/see 二號電池|二号电池 (C battery in Taiwan) and 五號電池|五号电池 (AA battery in PRC)/
三親六故 三亲六故 [san1 qin1 liu4 gu4] /old friends and relatives/
三角 三角 [san1 jiao3] /triangle/
三角債 三角债 [san1 jiao3 zhai4] /triangular debt/
三角凳 三角凳 [san1 jiao3 deng4] /three-legged stool/
三角函數 三角函数 [san1 jiao3 han2 shu4] /trigonometric function/
三角學 三角学 [san1 jiao3 xue2] /trigonometry/
三角巾 三角巾 [san1 jiao3 jin1] /sling (for a wounded arm)/
三角座 三角座 [San1 jiao3 zuo4] /Triangulum (constellation)/
三角形 三角形 [san1 jiao3 xing2] /triangle/
三角恐龍 三角恐龙 [san1 jiao3 kong3 long2] /triceratops (dinosaur)/
三角戀愛 三角恋爱 [san1 jiao3 lian4 ai4] /love triangle/
三角板 三角板 [san1 jiao3 ban3] /set square/triangle (for drawing right angles)/
三角柱體 三角柱体 [san1 jiao3 zhu4 ti3] /triangular prism (math.)/
三角法 三角法 [san1 jiao3 fa3] /trigonometry (math.)/
三角洲 三角洲 [san1 jiao3 zhou1] /delta (geography)/
三角測量法 三角测量法 [san1 jiao3 ce4 liang2 fa3] /triangulation (surveying)/
三角肌 三角肌 [san1 jiao3 ji1] /deltoid muscle (over the shoulder)/
三角腹帶 三角腹带 [san1 jiao3 fu4 dai4] /athletic supporter/
三角褲 三角裤 [san1 jiao3 ku4] /briefs/panties/
三角褲衩 三角裤衩 [san1 jiao3 ku4 cha3] /briefs/panties/
三角錐 三角锥 [san1 jiao3 zhui1] /triangular pyramid (math.)/
三角鐵 三角铁 [san1 jiao3 tie3] /triangle (musical instrument)/angle iron/
三角關係 三角关系 [san1 jiao3 guan1 xi4] /triangle relationship/a love triangle/
三角龍 三角龙 [san1 jiao3 long2] /triceratops/
三言兩句 三言两句 [san1 yan2 liang3 ju4] /in a few words (idiom); expressed succinctly/
三言兩語 三言两语 [san1 yan2 liang3 yu3] /in a few words (idiom); expressed succinctly/
三論宗 三论宗 [San1 lun4 zong1] /Three Treatise School (Buddhism)/
三貂角 三貂角 [San1 diao1 jiao3] /Cape San Diego or Santiao, easternmost point of Taiwan Island/
三貞九烈 三贞九烈 [san1 zhen1 jiu3 lie4] /(of a widow) faithful to the death to her husband's memory/
三資企業 三资企业 [san1 zi1 qi3 ye4] /foreign, private and joint ventures/
三足烏 三足乌 [san1 zu2 wu1] /three-legged Golden Crow that lives in the sun (in northeast Asian and Chinese mythology)/Korean: samjog'o/
三足金烏 三足金乌 [san1 zu2 jin1 wu1] /three-legged Golden Crow that lives in the sun (in northeast Asian and Chinese mythology)/Korean: samjog'o/
三趾啄木鳥 三趾啄木鸟 [san1 zhi3 zhuo2 mu4 niao3] /(bird species of China) Eurasian three-toed woodpecker (Picoides tridactylus)/
三趾濱鷸 三趾滨鹬 [san1 zhi3 bin1 yu4] /(bird species of China) sanderling (Calidris alba)/
三趾翠鳥 三趾翠鸟 [san1 zhi3 cui4 niao3] /(bird species of China) oriental dwarf kingfisher (Ceyx erithacus)/
三趾鴉雀 三趾鸦雀 [san1 zhi3 ya1 que4] /(bird species of China) three-toed parrotbill (Cholornis paradoxa)/
三趾鷗 三趾鸥 [san1 zhi3 ou1] /(bird species of China) black-legged kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla)/
三跪九叩 三跪九叩 [san1 gui4 jiu3 kou4] /to kneel three times and kowtow nine times (formal etiquette on meeting the emperor)/
三軍 三军 [san1 jun1] /(in former times) upper, middle and lower army/army of right, center and left/(in modern times) the three armed services: Army, Navy and Air Force/
三軍用命 三军用命 [san1 jun1 yong4 ming4] /(of a team) to throw oneself into the battle/
三輪車 三轮车 [san1 lun2 che1] /pedicab/tricycle/
三輪車夫 三轮车夫 [san1 lun2 che1 fu1] /pedicab driver/
三農 三农 [san1 nong2] /see 三農問題|三农问题[san1 nong2 wen4 ti2]/
三農問題 三农问题 [san1 nong2 wen4 ti2] /the three rural issues: agriculture, rural areas and peasants/
三迭紀 三迭纪 [San1 die2 ji4] /Triassic (geological period 250-205m years ago)/also written 三疊紀|三叠纪/
三退 三退 [san1 tui4] /withdrawal from the Communist Party, the Communist Youth League, and the Young Pioneers of China/
三通 三通 [san1 tong1] /T-joint/T-piece/T-pipe/three links/
三連勝 三连胜 [san1 lian2 sheng4] /hat-trick (sports)/
三道眉草鵐 三道眉草鹀 [san1 dao4 mei2 cao3 wu2] /(bird species of China) meadow bunting (Emberiza cioides)/
三邊形 三边形 [san1 bian1 xing2] /triangle/
三部曲 三部曲 [san1 bu4 qu3] /trilogy/
三都水族自治縣 三都水族自治县 [San1 du1 shui3 zu2 Zi4 zhi4 xian4] /Sandu Shuizu autonomous county in Qiannan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture 黔南州[Qian2 nan2 zhou1], Guizhou/
三都縣 三都县 [San1 du1 xian4] /Sandu Shuizu autonomous county in Qiannan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture 黔南州[Qian2 nan2 zhou1], Guizhou/
三酸甘油酯 三酸甘油酯 [san1 suan1 gan1 you2 zhi3] /triglyceride/
三里屯 三里屯 [San1 li3 tun2] /Sanlitun (Beijing street name)/
三里河 三里河 [San1 li3 he2] /Sanlihe (Beijing street name)/
三重 三重 [San1 chong2] /Sanchong or Sanch'ung city in New Taipei City 新北市[Xin1 bei3 shi4], Taiwan/Mie Prefecture in central Japan/
三重 三重 [san1 chong2] /treble/
三重奏 三重奏 [san1 chong2 zou4] /trio (musical ensemble)/
三重市 三重市 [San1 chong2 shi4] /Sanchong or Sanch'ung city in New Taipei City 新北市[Xin1 bei3 shi4], Taiwan/
三重縣 三重县 [San1 chong2 xian4] /Mi'e prefecture in central Japan/
三鍵 三键 [san1 jian4] /triple bond (chemistry)/triple link/
三鐵 三铁 [san1 tie3] /triathlon (Tw)/(athletics) throwing events excluding the hammer throw (i.e. discus, javelin and shot put)/
三長兩短 三长两短 [san1 chang2 liang3 duan3] /unexpected misfortune/unexpected accident/sudden death/
三門 三门 [San1 men2] /Sanmen county in Taizhou 台州[Tai1 zhou1], Zhejiang/
三門峽 三门峡 [San1 men2 xia2] /Sanmenxia prefecture level city in Henan/
三門峽市 三门峡市 [San1 men2 xia2 shi4] /Sanmenxia prefecture level city in Henan/
三門縣 三门县 [San1 men2 xian4] /Sanmen county in Taizhou 台州[Tai1 zhou1], Zhejiang/
三阿姨 三阿姨 [san1 a1 yi2] /auntie, third eldest of sisters in mother's family/
三陪小姐 三陪小姐 [san1 pei2 xiao3 jie5] /female escort/bar girl/
三隻手 三只手 [san1 zhi1 shou3] /pickpocket/
三音 三音 [san1 yin1] /third (musical interval, e.g. do-mi)/
三音度 三音度 [san1 yin1 du4] /third (musical interval)/
三項 三项 [san1 xiang4] /three items/three events/three terms/tri-/trinomial, ternary (math.)/triathlon (abbr. for 三項全能|三项全能)/
三項全能 三项全能 [san1 xiang4 quan2 neng2] /triathlon/
三項式 三项式 [san1 xiang4 shi4] /trinomial (math.)/
三頭六臂 三头六臂 [san1 tou2 liu4 bi4] /lit. to have three heads and six arms (idiom)/fig. to possess remarkable abilities/a being of formidable powers/
三頭肌 三头肌 [san1 tou2 ji1] /triceps muscle/triceps brachii/
三顧茅廬 三顾茅庐 [san1 gu4 mao2 lu2] /lit. three humble visits to a thatched cottage/cf famous episode in the fictional Romance of Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义 in which Liu Bei 劉備|刘备 recruits Zhuge Liang 諸葛亮|诸葛亮 (the Hidden Dragon 臥龍|卧龙) to his cause by visiting him three times/
三馬同槽 三马同槽 [san1 ma3 tong2 cao2] /three horses at the same trough (idiom, alluding to Sima Yi 司馬懿|司马懿[Si1 ma3 Yi4] and his two sons); conspirators under the same roof/
三駕馬車 三驾马车 [san1 jia4 ma3 che1] /troika/
三體 三体 [san1 ti3] /trisomy/
三體問題 三体问题 [san1 ti3 wen4 ti2] /three-body problem (mechanics)/
三魂 三魂 [san1 hun2] /three immortal souls in Daoism, representing spirit and intellect/
三魂七魄 三魂七魄 [san1 hun2 qi1 po4] /three immortal souls and seven mortal forms in Daoism, contrasting the spiritual and carnal side of man/
三鮮 三鲜 [san1 xian1] /three fresh ingredients (in cooking)/
三鹿 三鹿 [San1 lu4] /Sanlu (brand)/
三鹿集團 三鹿集团 [San1 lu4 Ji2 tuan2] /Sanlu Group, Chinese state-owned dairy products company involved in the 2008 melamine poisoning scandal/
三點全露 三点全露 [san1 dian3 quan2 lou4] /(slang) naked/nude/
三點水 三点水 [san1 dian3 shui3] /name of "water" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 85)/see also 氵[shui3]/


At the end of a short "tent story" a polite kid gives a nice surprise

It made me smile.   :)

Electronics / A pro-CCTV opinion
« on: August 04, 2020, 05:05:44 PM »

Pro-CCTV opinion

The people who are scared of the CCTVs are mostly the people who should be watched by CCTVs. For any other people, they are just cameras, which might bring you justice when bad things happen to you without an eyewitness.


Some philosophy from "DICE: The Cube that Changes Everything"

Some philosophy from "DICE: The Cube that Changes Everything".
X (that X kid):
If you roll a die and get a 6, is that special treatment?
Or are all faces of a die supposed to be equal?


Ads slogans, sentences, words, etc. that we like

Well, it's obvious. A topic about the ads that we see somehow and that we notice, and about their slogans, sentences, words that we like. :)

I'll start it with this one:
Tough on germs not on hands. (Hand sanitizer gel with pump)

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