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Author Topic: New Very Cheap Naming Service: domain names, names, slogans in many languages  (Read 533 times)

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New and very cheap naming service: domain names, names, slogans (in different languages)

We're starting our new service here: a very cheap naming service. It's useful for you, if you want to find good, interesting, unique, amazing names for your business, companies, products, goods, services, domains, pets, babies, fictional characters (i.e. the ones in a narrative work of art such as a novel, play, television series, or movies), etc.

"How much?" (Our current prices)

Our business naming service, company naming service costs as little as $10 (per name). And if you need domain naming service, name (nickname, pet's name, baby's name, etc.) service or slogan name service it's just as little as $1 (per name). For novel's name, movie's name, play's, TV serial's names (titles) the price is as little as $20.

Which languages?

Currently we may provide good, interesting, unique and amazing names in English, Chinese (Mandarin + Cantonese), Russian, Spanish, Bulgarian (+ Macedonian), Turkish, Korean, Tatar, French, Italian and Romanian.

Why this cheap naming service?

Here is why. What makes our naming service good (other than its obvious risk-free model -- you pay us only, if you like our names) is:

  • Most of us are well educated and creative persons.
  • It's fast. You may start receiving suggestions within minutes to hours (usually in less than 24 hours).
  • You may get as many ideas as possible.
  • You may get amazing and interesting nuances that probably nobody else can offer you.
:)Welcome! :)
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