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Title: The Leading Ways to Make Money Online (With Your Website/-s)
Post by: SEO on December 25, 2017, 03:00:23 AM

The Leading Ways to Make Money Online

(with your website/-s)

I'd like to point to some leading ways to make money online (with a website). If you know more ways (leading or not leading, doesn't matter), please, share them here.

I'll contribute with these ways:

1. Google AdSense (and contextual ads) -- get paid when your users click an ad to go to another website, driven by contextual relevancy (and get paid when your users are viewing the ads). This is the easiest business model, but is also likely a low earner (if you haven't enough and quality traffic).

2. Ad sales -- sell ads directly (or as a part of an ad-network). It is more work managing ad sales, as far as I know (still no personal experience about it).

3. Affiliate programs -- get paid a commission when your readers perform an action or buy something from another site. Easy, but difficult and sort of unstable income.

4. Sell products and (or) services -- easy, when you have the right products and/or the right services.

5. Conditional Advertising -- if you need to learn more about it -- a link: https://sites.google.com/site/amitsciscozone/home/bgp/bgp-conditional-advertisement

6. Selling websites -- once you get a good, profitable website, you may sell it. (But the question is "Why you will sell something, if it's good and profitable?" :P)

7. Begging for money -- I'm not a fan of the online begging, but this is the reality: it exists online and it's a way, so I do mentioned it here as a fact, to help your knowledge and to enrich our omnilogy content over here.

Share more, if you can and wish. :)