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Internet / Re: A website for everything
« on: Yesterday at 04:09:37 PM »
And what I think is that (as I said already in that grammar topic): Next bot/bot-like comment of yours will lead to ban. 100% ban. (It's a forum for everything and we need useful, unique, informative comments. I hope you understand it...)

学习英语 / Re: Transition words
« on: Yesterday at 04:06:23 PM »
It is interesting, because it's a part of the grammar (in this case -- the English grammar), but your post isn't useful and it hasn't some informative value. Bot (and bot-like) comments are not welcome here. If we wish, we may produce thousands of them, but we don't need it. We need natural, normal, human, unique comments. Next bot/bot-like comment will lead to ban.

Other topics / Watching CCTV 5
« on: Yesterday at 01:36:10 AM »


Watching CCTV 5. Waiting for "Tunisia-England" (Group G). If you like football and you're interested, take a look at Russia 2018 World Cup predictions, info, photos and more.

Other topics / gabrielm22,paularnold41 -- deleted!
« on: Yesterday at 01:29:27 AM »

gabrielm22,paularnold41 -- accounts deleted!

2 accounts (gabrielm22,paularnold41) were deleted! REASONS: no posts, multi-accounting!

100% anti-spam control in the omnilogy forum!  8)

EARN MONEY / Re: Business services
« on: Yesterday at 01:24:09 AM »
Oh, really? Very good information! OK. I gave you a better information -- your spamlink/spamlinks are removed. Next spam is leading to BAN! No more spam!!!

Other topics / fbHOME1, SSLAuthentics -- deleted!
« on: June 16, 2018, 03:41:43 AM »

fbHOME1, SSLAuthentics -- accounts deleted!

2 accounts (fbHOME1, SSLAuthentics) were deleted! REASONS: no posts, multi-accounting!

100% anti-spam control in seo-forum-seo-luntan.com!  8)

Other topics / CaliberTec, jonesmarco43, julianberry4 -- deleted!
« on: June 16, 2018, 03:14:17 AM »

CaliberTec, jonesmarco43, julianberry4 -- accounts deleted!

3 accounts (CaliberTec, jonesmarco43, julianberry4) were deleted! REASONS: no posts, multi-accounting!

100% anti-spam control in seo-forum-seo-luntan!!!

Other topics / Predictions (World Cup 2018 predictions)
« on: June 14, 2018, 11:37:52 PM »

Our World Cup 2018 predictions

1. Russia - Saudi Arabia prediction: Russia wins (55% sure).

2. Egypt - Uruguay prediction: Uruguay wins (75% sure).

3. Morocco - Iran prediction: Iran wins (51% sure).

4. Portugal - Spain prediction: Spain wins (51% sure).

5. France - Australia prediction: France wins (95% sure).

6. Argentina - Iceland prediction: Argentina wins (95% sure).

7. Peru - Denmark prediction: Denmark wins (55% sure).

8. Croatia - Nigeria prediction: Croatia wins (51% sure).

9. Costa Rica - Serbia prediction: Serbia wins (51% sure).

10. Germany - Mexico prediction: Germany wins (60% sure).

11. Brazil - Switzerland prediction: Brazil wins (85% sure).

12. Sweden - Korea prediction: Korea wins (51% sure).

13. Belgium - Panama prediction: Belgium wins (60% sure).

14. Tunisia - England prediction: England wins (95% sure).

15. Colombia - Japan prediction: Colombia wins (60% sure).

16. Poland - Senegal prediction: Poland wins (51% sure).

17. Russia - Egypt prediction: Egypt wins (51% sure).

18. Portugal - Morocco prediction: Portugal wins (60% sure).

19. Uruguay - Saudi Arabia prediction: Uruguay wins (60% sure).

20. Iran - Spain prediction: Spain wins (75% sure).

21. Denmark - Australia prediction: Denmark wins (70% sure).

22. France - Peru prediction: France wins (51% sure).

23. Argentina - Croatia prediction: Argentina wins (51% sure).

24. Brazil - Costa Rica prediction: Brazil wins (80% sure).

25. Nigeria - Iceland prediction: Nigeria wins (51% sure).

26. Serbia - Switzerland prediction: Switzerland wins (51% sure).

27. Belgium - Tunisia prediction: Belgium wins (65% sure).

28. Korea - Mexico prediction: Mexico wins (60% sure).

29. Germany - Sweden prediction: Germany wins (51% sure).

30. England - Panama prediction: England wins (65% sure).

31. Japan - Senegal prediction: Senegal wins (51% sure).

32. Poland - Colombia prediction: Colombia wins (65% sure).

33. Saudi Arabia - Egypt prediction: Egypt wins (55% sure).

34. Uruguay - Russia prediction: Uruguay wins (65% sure).

35. Spain - Morocco prediction: Spain wins (65% sure).

36. Iran - Portugal prediction: Portugal wins (70% sure).

36. Denmark - France prediction: France wins (51% sure).

37. Australia - Peru prediction: Peru wins (55% sure).

38. Nigeria - Argentina prediction: Argentina wins (75% sure).

39. Iceland - Croatia prediction: Croatia wins (51% sure).

40. Korea - Germany prediction: Germany wins (65% sure).

41. Mexico - Sweden prediction: Sweden wins (55% sure).

42. Switzerland - Costa Rica prediction: Costa Rica wins (51% sure).

43. Serbia - Brazil prediction: Brazil wins (90% sure).

44. Japan - Poland prediction: Poland wins (55% sure).

45. Senegal - Colombia prediction: Colombia wins (60% sure).

46. Panama - Tunisia prediction: Panama wins (55% sure).

47. England - Belgium prediction: England wins (51% sure).

Food / Dan dan noodles (dandan noodles, i. e. 担担面)
« on: June 09, 2018, 01:10:40 AM »

About the dan dan noodles (aka dandan noodles, dun dun noodles or dandan mian)

First of all, let me tell you that dan dan noodles is only one of the names of this Chinese dish. Let me show you the others (English, Chinese, etc.), because it'll be more useful for you (not just for your culinary and/or Chinese knowledge, but also for your information searching online and offline about it). Here comes the list:
  • dan dan noodles
  • dandan noodles
  • dun dun noodles
  • dun dun mian
  • dan dan mian
  • dandan mian
  • tan tan noodles
  • tantan noodles
  • tan tan mian
  • tantan mian
  • dan dan mein
  • dandan mein
  • tan tan mein
  • tantan mein
  • dun dun mein
  • dundun mein
  • 担担面 (in simplified Chinese)
  • 擔擔麵 (in traditional Chinese)
  • dàndànmiàn; dàndàn miàn; dàn dàn miàn (in Pinyin)
  • daam1 daam 1 min6 (in Jyutping, i. e. this is the Cantonese pronunciation)
  • dàndār miàn (Chengdu pronunciation, Sichuanese dialect)
  • 탄탄면 (in Korean)
  • 担担麺 (in Japanese)

Dan dan noodles photograph

If you never saw dan dan noodles I'll show you a photograph and you'll be able to recognize this dish in future: By Steven G. Johnson - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4381140 (Dan-dan (dun-dun) noodles served at a Sichuan restaurant in Shanghai, China.)

Facts about this Chinese dish

Dan dan noodles is a noodle dish originating from Chinese Sichuan cuisine. It consists of a spicy sauce containing preserved vegetables (often including zha cai (榨菜), lower enlarged mustard stems, or ya cai (芽菜), upper mustard stems), chili oil, Sichuan pepper, minced pork, and scallions served over noodles...

The name refers to a type of carrying pole (dan dan) that was used by walking street vendors who sold the dish to passers-by. The pole was carried over the shoulder, with two baskets containing noodles and sauce attached at either end. As the noodles were affordable due to their low cost, the local people gradually came to call them dandan noodles, referencing the street vendors. Literally, the name translates as "noodles carried on a pole", but may be better translated as "peddler's noodles"... Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dandan_noodles (Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License).

More about the Sichuan cuisine

If you want to know more dishes from the Sichuan cuisine (in Chinese: 四川菜), you may read it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sichuan_cuisine.

At the end: about the Chinese cuisine: https://www.britannica.com/topic/Chinese-cuisine.


Google removes egg from salad emoji to make it vegan friendly

Google removes egg from salad emoji (to make it vegan-friendly).

More about it: https://www.cnet.com/news/google-removes-egg-from-salad-emoji-making-it-vegan-friendly/

Directory | SEO directory / Right!
« on: May 31, 2018, 09:50:58 PM »
Yeah. Right!


News: new childboards, less boards in seo-forum-seo-luntan.com (The Omnilogy forum)

The development of this forum showed clearly that the boards "Directory", "Alexa" and "PageRank" are better to become just childboards. The "Directory" became a childboard of the "Free Ads" board. And "Alexa" with "PageRank" became childboards of the "SEO" board. I think it's very reasonable. And I think the forum looks better and more user-friendly now. Right.


The longest cave in Asia is in China

China owns the longest cave in Asia. The name of the cave is "Shuanghe" (双河 in Chinese). Shuanghe cave is locate in Guizhou province.

SEO / Re: Should we submit ror.xml in own website?
« on: May 15, 2018, 04:07:29 PM »
If you wish, but the nowadays bots (crawlers) are already smart enough and they're able to craw your website with or without these things.

Well, if you want more information and opinions, you may see some other discussions.


bryanaa69, ThirdEye1, JPhotography, EcoBabyTico -- accounts deleted

bryanaa69, ThirdEye1, JPhotography, EcoBabyTico -- 4 deleted accounts. REASONS: no posts, multi-accounting!

Anti-spam control! 100% anti-spam!!!

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