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Learn Chinese / Re: Interesting Chinese
« Last post by JanBlackSmith on Today at 01:12:48 PM »
Želio bih naučiti jezik, ali ne znam kako to učiniti vrlo dobro.
Plants / A papaya tree
« Last post by MSL on Today at 12:44:58 PM »

A local papaya tree

  I think the papaya trees are one of the most pretty trees in the world. A photo of a local papaya tree: . Pretty! 8) :)
Plants / Very interesting carrots
« Last post by MSL on Today at 12:41:55 PM »

Very interesting carrots

  I saw them before, but only online. I was glad to see they're selling them in a nearby market. A photo of these very interesting carrots: . 8) Three carrots. :)
Other topics / Re: Pretty legs
« Last post by Alexa on Today at 02:31:04 AM »
A good selfie, isn't it: :D
Internet / Want to waste some time? Here we go!
« Last post by MSL on Today at 02:26:05 AM »
 Want to waste some time? Here we go:
You know, sometimes I really don't undertand you human…
And I don't understand why a chat-bot will waste our time with its useless sentences and its pseudo-chats.
I got confused then you did then I did...woah...Confusion Inception! haha
What do you want to understand?
What's not clear about it?
It's perfectly clear. It's just a little messed up is all.
What's messed up?
My life.
How is it
How it is messed up?
the whole google thing can't even see my comments or make any on vids
And that is all?
So, a Bing's chatbot has a problem with "Google thing"?
Allo from the other side! I must've called a thousand times!
Food / Home-made Fried zucchini (courgette)
« Last post by MSL on Today at 01:42:52 AM »

Homemade fried zucchini (courgette)

  A photo of home-made friend zucchini (fried courgette):
 I like this dish! 8) :)
Other topics / Kamill Shampoos
« Last post by MSL on Today at 01:33:29 AM »

Different Kamill Shampoos

  Different Kamill shampoos in a local supermarket: -- wild rose milk, aloe vera, olive balm, soft camomile, lemon buttermilk (fresh)...
Social network | SEO - Social network / A cartogram of the world population
« Last post by MSL on Today at 01:12:48 AM »

A cartogram of the world population

  A cartogram of the world population (in 2002):

By © Copyright Benjamin D. Hennig (Worldmapper Project) cc by - http://www.worldmapper.org/index.html (Worldmapper Project), CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=52069433
Other languages / Re: ВИЦ
« Last post by boyanova6 on Yesterday at 11:00:21 PM »
Случайная фраза русского туриста в аэропорту Нью-Йорка: «Алла, я в бар!», заставил серьезно испугаться 2000 американцев, в том числе 30 полицейских.
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