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Topics - Incel

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About the Gymmaxxing (a.k.a. Gymceling)

There is an opinion that the payoff of gymmaxxing plateaus once a gymcel reaches a certain level of regular effort, and plateaus exponentially faster the lower the baseline look level on the decile scale at which it is begun. It can push a 7/10 up to a 9/10 but not a 4/10 into a 6/10. The 4/10 will spend far more effort passing for a 5/10 than a 7/10 will passing for a 9/10.

Do you agree with it?


Am I that short? A shortcel or not?

I am thinking of being a shortcel all the time but a recent "research" of mine shows that there are popular men who are shorter than me (or at least as tall/short as I am)  :D.

So, look at these and tell me if I am a shortcel or a shortcel-tier incel or not?

1. Luka Modrić is a Croatian professional footballer and he's 5' 8" (1.72 m).
2. Olaf Scholz is a German politician and he's 5' 7" (1.70 m).
3. Tom Cruise is a US actor and he's 5' 7" (1.70 m).
4. Jonah Hill is a US actor and he's 5' 7" (1.70 m).
5. Ben Stiller is a US actor and he's 5' 7" (1.70 m).
6. Bolo Yeung is a HK actor and bodybuilder, and he's 5' 6" (1.68 m).
7. Emmanuel Macron is a French politician and he's 5' 8" (1.73 m).
8. Rishi Sunak is a British politician and he's 5' 7" (1.70 m).
9. Rey Mysterio is an American professional wrestler and he's 5' 6" (1.68 m).

So, I don't know. Maybe it's just a cope but also a sort of lifefuel to me.


Some points about why incels (and other men) geomaxx

or being with non-whites

Firstly, I want to explain that the geomaxx and the locationmaxx isn't only about non-white places, regions, countries, states. For example, if a person (incel or another type of man) geomaxxes (locationmaxxes) in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Albania and many other places (even non-European, where there are plenty of white, Caucasian females, like Argentina in South America or New Zealand), he will probably have a white (Caucasian) partner.
 And now, to the main point: why we (white, Caucasian males) do geomaxx (locationmaxx) instead of finding a woman around us (near our birth place or native country). Obviously, it is because our local women do not like us (and in more rare cases because we don't like them, but these cases are really rare!) Well, if you don't like us, why do you mind that we'll find some black, latino, yellow or mixed race girl/woman? Are we supposed to stay single (incels) for the rest of our lives? (This is to these females and some males, even incels, who're questioning our right to find happiness abroad or in some local but different community.) You see, it's simple: for example, there is some Norwegian girl (she is white and I am almost white too) but she's willing to find a taller, a whiter, a richer guy; she even flirts with many others already. So what am I supposed to do? To be her orbiter forever? Of course not! Let her search for her dreadful Chads or Tyrones, or PrettyBoys and let her be happy with them. I am not going to waste my time and resources with her but instead I will search for some cute Asian, shorter, darker, poorer girl, who will see me as a tall, really white and handsome, rich man. And we both will be happy. This is it. Simple. If you mind, let me know!

Just some personal answers, you don't need to read it. I am sure the losercel (hatecel) nicknamed "Mazzuro" (from Saidit.net).

Then f*ck off from this sub retard. Noone cares about this pseudoscientific gibberish which is just a dude with delusions and serious lack of English language basis.

If this works so great for you, why don't you fuck women now? Maybe it's your toxic personality right?

1. You're a retard because you don't value, not don't care about the scientific development of the inceldom problematics!
2. You're very low educated so you're not the one who can make the clear difference between scientific and pseudoscientific.
3. The one and only gibberish are your angry useless posts, hatecel!
4. The delusions are in your head, that's why you're a victim of the blackpillism which leads you to nowhere!
5. Your English sucks but because you have nothing more than English you continue to insist that you can speak English well and the non-native speakers have no basis. In fact, one of the reason you can't get the metapill and the atleastism is that your English is limited! Hahaha! ;D

It's obvious that many incels are fakecels, i. e. not truecels. They don't fake it but they're just not sure how attractive in fact they are and they perceive themselves as ugly.

I'll give you an example with a currycel. He was thinking that he is a truecel. There are many currycels that are really truecels. It's a fact. But he isn't. And I gave him my objective opinion:

"Wow, bro! You're such a cute guy! (AGAIN -- I am not a gay, just an older man who study people). So, here we go:

1. You really look like some of the Bollywood actors. REAL POPULARITY POTENTIAL!
2. You guys, like beard, right? I heard some places use it for relig. purposes, but if you are in the West, please SHAVE. This will add you 0.10% handsomeness at least. (Well, some females like beard guys, in that case you can have a beard)
3. Your hair is SUPER COOL, it mogs me, BUT if you're in the west, cut it shorter, especially behind and around the ears.
4. Can't see your body, but you surely can add muscle mass. BELIEVE ME, it makes even those guys like Khans actors more sexy (some females DO masturbate on muscular guys!)
5. Your lips are super sexy for ALL the females.
6. Your nose is okay in the West but in the East (China, Japan, Cambodia, etc. they will say your nose is too small).
SO! My 100% honest rating is: Now you're a 6/10 sexy prettyboy! BUT if you gymmaxx + shave and make good local hairstyle you're surelly hitting 7/10 AT ONCE!!!
Boy... you really mog most of your Bollywood actors! Keep the good lifestyle! GYM, hair-maxx, shave and be healthy!

A similar, to a ricecel: read there.

Just happy to see a communist incel online. I met him online and I sent him a PM to visit us here.

I like the communism as an idea because it means that without money you can have a perfect life too. So cool.

 I'll start with some examples of baseless, chauvinistic and racist attacks from people in TALK.LOL (aka voat.xyz).
 1/ When I shared a French link about "Public anger over China’s strict 'Zero-Covid'" I was "warmly welcomed" by some "beece" who accused me for being somebody's alt ("apparent Paul neri alt.") I even don't know who is he!

 2/ An angry low-IQ aggressive BushChuck decided that I'am a "fagg*t" (without any proof), accused this science-education-and-omnilogy forum for being "trash" (baselessly).

 3/ Some SecretHitler (a racist?) full of himself decided that here we're "barely literate" (despite of many of us are with bachelors' and masters' degrees and we are elder people, full of experience) and that this scientific forum is just "trash foreigner". He even doesn't know how to for a sentence. Look at this: "Barely literate post with a couple barely literate responses in the incel subforum of a trash foreigner SEO forum great find. " (No comas, no full stops...)
 4/ The same SecretHitler under a post where I shared a Russian link about those Mongols who attack their government palace, states that "OP is illiterate" and it's just without anything. Just an accusation and he expects the low-level IQed guys to believe it.
 Another one ("Shotinthedark") added that "Mongols" should be "mongolias"  ;D Can you imagine?! 2 mistakes in only one word: "Mongolians" (but with no capital letter and without an "n"). By the was many of those native English speaker have no idea that "Mongols" and "Mongolians" are almost the same words like "Spanish" and "Spaniard", for instance. I do agree that "Mongolians" is more concrete (because it refers to people who are Mongolia's Mongols (and the rest of their citizens like the minority of Kazakhs), "Mongols" refers to Mongols in Russia and China too.) But here is nothing that you can call "illiterate".
 5/ And here comes the most disgusting one (Spaceman84) -- a person with undoubtable mental, cognitive and psychological problems! See why:
 a) under a post about a crime of some 10 y. o. boy who shot his mother, this Spaceman84 posted a schizophrenic "word salad" (it is "a confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases, specifically (in psychiatry) as a form of speech indicative of advanced schizophrenia.") in mixed English and Traditional Chinese where he mentions different things from an animated bear to square.
 Some people noticed this schizophrenical post there and started to ask him if he is one of "the voices"  ;D and that English is a second language for him.
 All he can answer was "Copypasta, nigger"...
 b) under the post about the Mongols (Mongolian Mongols) he started this racist and chauvinistic attacks that "I am a bot" (baselessly), "or some non English speaking Chinkoid or other foreign shitskin." (Here I will emphasize that English is just one of the world languages and it's not something that makes you better or worse. "Chinkoid" comes from "Chink" which is a racist word used against the Chinese. "Shitskin" is another racist word that refers to people with darker skin.
 As you can see, the person is chauvinistic and racist, which only causes anger and I despise him.

c) "OP doesn't actually speak English" (another baseless claim, but no wonder because maybe this racist and chauvinist is also a schizophrenic or a schizoid).

(By the way there are some thoughtful people too but I am giving these trashy ones as an example why if you're a good incel you should be careful which websites do you join.)

There is a brocel who's an oldcel ("Iranianoldcel", Lonely Old Man) and he posted something that I respect and suggest to all of the youngcels and not only to them because there are many other unexperienced elder incels too. Read it carefully!

You can tell if a girl is interested in you in just a few minutes. It doesn't take months to understand if she's into you or not.


Next time just straight up ask your crush out for a coffee or something if you're really into her. If you wanna talk before asking her out,you can do it, but no more than 2 days. otherwise it's a waste of time and energy.


A sad story about a brocel's oneitis

All of you can learn a lot from it

A sad story about a brocel's oneitis (you can learn a lot from it and to think about it).

I'll repost it without their personal chats because he described it pretty clear and with a lot of feelings, so you may get the story for sure.

HiddenUzer (the brocel's nick):
"The day I met her was August 11th 2020 on the first day back to school, I was at the start of school ceremony and she caught my eyes. I wasn't sure why. She had brunette hair, and wore a mask, everyone did. It was her eyes that caught my attention, I noticed her left eye were just a tiny bit bigger than her right, I thought it was quite special. When the ceremony ended I attended different classes for the first time, I only had my English class with her, during class kept glancing at her as I was curious what she looked like without a mask. For some reason that day after school I kept on thinking about her maybe it was my curiousity or I was already attracted. The next day I saw her face during lunch she wasn't how I expected to look in fact I was a bit dissapointed. I thought in my mind "oh well another average girl" but I still thought about her, I still glanced at her during class.

The curiosity at first developed into a crush within a month, She was very very kind, we talked sometimes in English class and we had some in common. She'd always volunteer to help teachers, and she wasn't promiscuous. She doesn't use makeup, she doesn't use tiktok, she doesn't post on instagram and she keeps to herself. I knew that was the kind of girl I've been looking for. I started thinking about her daily. She quickly occupied my mind in every moment. When it was Halloween I had plans to invite her to hangout but I never had enough confidence to, I was very insecure. I regret not making my moves early. There was one time I manned up and actually made a move, she had trouble with an assignment and I sat beside her, when I got home I texted her on snapchat that I could help her to do her work, my heart was racing when I sent that message. Immediately after sending that message to her I closed my phone, the next morning I woke up from a notification from her, a message I never saw or opened. I ended up leaving her on delivered for 2 months because my anxiety got so bad I couldn't open her message, when I wanted to check that message snapchat deleted it for me due to leaving it on delievered for too long. I never found out what she sent, but she definitely thought I trolled her.

After that ordeal I stopped talking to her at all and just acted like stranger I was so afraid of making a move I made a plan to have her make the first move, I started moneymaxxing seriously with my father's investment accounts he let me use and I made lots and lots of money. I bought alot of expensive things and flexed alot however it didn't do anything. the entire year flew by and it was the last day of school I wanted to tell her sorry but again I pussied out. I knew I had to do something about my anxiety, I knew it was because of my insecurities, I always hated my body and how skinny I was, I only weighed 100lbs @5'9. I started doing pushups and exercises in my room while motivating myself that I'd eventually get her, I still remember those days. I gained alot of muscle within my first month, I went from 100lbs to 113lbs while still staying very lean and cut.

Near the end of summer I weighed 136lbs and below 12% bodyfat, I also did mewing and my face developed very well, I was very confident and was rated average 6-7/10 online and in real life. I knew it was time I finally tell her everything, this time I manned up and texted her on snapchat, I sent her a paragraph of words that I carefully chose and wrote and edited for over 1 month detailing my journey that lead me to the moment im confessing to her. At the end of that paragraph I included my phone number and told her if she reciprocated the feeling she can text and if she didn't, I told her to just block me on snapchat. It was an intense 10 minute, I got a text message ding (I Knew it was her without a doubt, she's the only one that have my number) God cannot describe how happy I was, I legit cried becasue I was so happy I immediately bragged to all my aquintances and they all congratulated me. Because I was so excited I wanted to read her message the next morning as I was already planning dates and gifts for her. I wrote all my ideas on a piece of paper and slept super well that night.

When it was morning I knew it's time I read the good news, so I opened my messages and saw her text.


You can see how much of a beta male I was when I found out she got back with her bf, I wished her the best and hoped things go well for them, but in reality? I was crying my eyes out, I couldn't believe yesterday's good news was this. I used up 3 rolls of toilet paper in the span of 2 days my eyes were not once dry. Even in my sleep those text messages haunted me. After a whole summer's self improving I was still a betamale in the end, I didnt even tell her how fucking sad I was, instead I lied and wished her happy. What I really wished was she wasnt happy with him, I hoped they fucking break up, I wish her bf dies, im not happy for her at all, I wanna tell her what I wanted to say, but instead I wished her happy, becasue I still loved her and didn't want her to be hurt, I just wanted her to be happy even in the end.

Well the rest of my life has just been a downhill slope, I couldn't move on from her, I tried many times I even tried with other girls to forget about her but they didn't work. In the end she was still on my mind every moment of my day even in my sleep. I started going to the gym and hit it like it's gonna magically get me her, I wanted to show her Im able to dedicate myself for her, that Im a better partner. I went to the gym everyday, not a day I didn't go, not even when I was sick. I eventually started using steroids, I was only fucking 16. Counting to now I've accumlated thousands of syringes and used up vials. I fucked myself up pretty hard this summer, I wanted to be the biggest boy in the school to impress her, I did become the biggest guy. But at what cost? I blasted huge dosage of steroids, oral and injected form as well as anciliary drug, near the end of my cycle I was throwing up everyday, depressed every moment of my existence. Constant suicidal thoughts, thats when an aquintance said to me "Hey your an incel!" thats when I first discovered the word incel, I went on the internet and searched and found IT and Incels.is. The next week I joined and here I am now, life hasn't gotten any better.

I know it's over for me, I most likely won't try a second time because it's pretty pointless, although my feelings havn't decreased by a single bit I will try and forget her, I'll start by hating her for what she's done to me, for destroying me. There are lots of parts I skipped here but this is basically my story with her"

Don't miss this one too: If you want to have some chances with your oneitis, read this


"That's why you're an incel"

The brocels are familiar with all those bluepilled platitudes like "You're an incel because you don't take enough showers.", "Because you're not wearing fashionable clothes.", "Because you're not learning PUA (pick-up artist methods).", "Because you're not smiling." They attribute your inceldom to (regard your inceldom as being caused by) only one single cause (and usually it's wrong because most of the incels do take showers, do have good clothes, do smile, etc.)

One of the most popular is coming from those angry, frustrated or sad females who will just say "That's why you're an incel!" and will point to something insignificant like "You're against the feminism." or "You sent me an erotic photo!"

Why they're wrong?

1/ If someone is attractive as a Chad or similar they're not going to pay attention to his views that much. For example, they just answer "I don't like it but I respect all views so you can be what you like! Do you want to have a date?"  ;D

2/ If someone is attractive as a Chad or similar, they'll not mind (and even sometimes will ask for) those erotic photos (and there are those who willingly are sending theirs or inviting for cam activities... you know).

3/ But let's come back to the incels problems. Well, we're ugly, not attractive despite of the efforts and miserable compared to Chads, GigaChads, PrettyBoys and even to Normans... but still, it's not the real reason -- are you really going to believe that you're incel because you did something simple as "I will show you a picture." or "I am against the nowadays feminism."? They even don't know that in most of the rest of your conversation you don't send a single picture and you don't talk topics like feminism or capitalism!

Social network | SEO - Social network / One hidden user
« on: October 01, 2022, 04:12:40 AM »

A hidden user

For the first time in this forum as long as I remember:
630 Guests, 5 Users (350 Spiders, 1 Hidden)
   :o Wooooooow! 1 hidden user! I wonder who can be? :P


That was brutal: friendzoned + blocked

Hi, there brocels! For all of you who like the brutal rejections, sad stories and the so-called "ragefuel", here is a brutal one from me.

Well, we're incels without hate so I do not welcome rude, hateful or other comments but the story is so fresh, recent, so it worth to share.

So there was that West-European young girl who started to chat with me but then I sent her something she didn't like. Well, I didn't know she is so sensitive and I said:
Glad that it's all alright between us. Sorry for any disturbance.
and then she replied:
Um, I just wanna be friends. That's all I want to be.
So far, okay. Just friendzoned, it happens non-stop. Even a Chad happens to be friendzoned, doesn't he? But here comes the brutal part! After I tried to reply
Of course.
and boom:
User 'xxxx' has blocked your personal message.
Wow! That was fast.

Social network | SEO - Social network / Quick reply
« on: September 30, 2022, 05:12:24 PM »

Quick reply

About the quick reply in this forum. I never used it. But people should know if they need it.

There are incels who doesn't share about their inceldom (except in some incels groups, chats, forums, social networks online, but not every time). Some of them are keeping it a secret. There are those ones who even pretend to had/have a girlfriend or pretend to be volcels.

Why? Because some of them are afraid that they'll be associated wrongly with the worst of the rest (for example with those mass killers or with the rotting pessimists who are proud to be "blackpilled") and being wrongly accused of being crazy and/or stupid and lazy.
Because some of them feel shy to say they're incels and being ridiculed by those tactless and/or rude friends, colleagues, relatives and others.
In a sentence: there are more incels around you than you think/imagine.


Do you feel the same?

Do you feel the same? You're going out with a hope to meet a lonely pretty girl. But all you meet is a single, lonely man like you or some happy (or not that happy) couple? Do you sometimes feel that the world around you is full mostly of couples and incels like you? ;D

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