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In my role of moderator I wanted to make sure if really I missed some insults, curses or another violation of the peaceful and harmony oriented "incels without hate" community... And then I asked the dear comrade Zhang from PRC to point me at least some violations. He lies... Pointed to only one general statement that the will-less (he thought it is "willness") soyboys and lazy asses are not going to follow the gymmaxx strategy. Nobody insulted him directly, people in general wants to help him to overcome his problems (mental, cognitive and somatic) but he's just imagine things like someone with hallucinations or illusions...

Ontopic: I worked with many Chinese people. Some were correct and when they say they pay you every month (as it was the deal with comrade Zhang here) they really paid. But others exactly like him, will break the promis and will say "later" which is highly likely "never". So, because we saw he already lied that someone calls him bad name or breaking rules, DON'T trust him easily and don't make deals with comrade Zhang until you don't see your money first!!!

Everyone, be careful with this boy, because we saw he already failed twice. First, couldn't provd his false accusations against other members of the forum. Second, didn't pay his next month's tutorial fee as he promised.


"It is but not for lazy asses and will-less soyboys."

1. I's a general coment. In Englsh i's with plural nouns (did you see the "-s" at the end?) It's not against you.

2. You lied that someone calls you peronally bad names. You lied they break the rules.

Who is toxic?

Did you point at least one example of breaking rules, insults, etc? "Toxicity" is subjective term. Some people also may think your are toxic or schizophrenic but it's their own opinion. You point facts, where, when and who broke the rules here which are the best possible.

Before PageRank complained to some of us here that he is very upset that you had sex "with all of us in the forum but not with him"  ;D He was bitter because he is the weaklig compared to the rest and still... He never compained that his feelings are hurt or someone comment his nick, or what we see here now. I's like a soap opera drama.

So ... I just want a single fact, a link with real broken rules and (or) insults like that will soyboy someting. Come on!

Prove with concrete links who break which rule of the forum towards you and a concrete link where the insult "willingness soyboy" was typed.

About you feel bad, I am sorry but if there were no curses, no insults, no breaking rules, this is subjective. They also felt bad because they believed you are grateful for the help and attention but they were wrong. Still nobody complains against you. You complain against them. So, prove with links the broken rules and the insults and let's take measures. Concrete examples, no common speech.

Prove the accusation and to take measures. A link to the concrete insult "willingness soyboy"!

After you read Seo's 7 important points, answer me just this one:

You knew the rules of the forum and the rules of the incels board. You accepted them. Point at least one person with concrete breaking the rules in this forum towards you. For example, calling you bad names, cursing you, threatening you with hurt or death, sending you illegal stuff ? If you can, we ban him, if you can't... "You hurt my feelings." sounds too childish. You are an adult male.

What an unexpected shocking ingratitude! We are spending hours to read his problems, to try giving him best friendly advises and to be polite praising his new names and he thinks of all our true help and parental like care as surveillance, gaslighting and other devil stuff.

I feel already sorry I read and noticed and cared so much about this boy. He doesn't deserve my attention, my help, my good will. 100% ignore from me here!
Then you just stop your 'helps' and 'cares'. I really don't want them. You(the 'caregivers')  are really not good at them, just to remind. Except knowing MSL, I don't think there is anything that is worth for me to join here.

Brocel, happy birthday to you! Do not want to break your pleasure, enjoy your 23 birthday if I am not wrong!

Only one question, brocel❓- do you think I am also bad at giving answers, care, attention and I am bad to you? If your answer is "yes", and you like only MSL, I promise to stop communicating with you because I believed I do my best to you. Tell me, when you're free pls. Never meant to hurt you.

He said he has a very good memory. If he noticed only one person, it means you are also in the group of those evil surveillance, not good helpers and gaslighting guys. Sorry, you are off too. ;D

I already stopped to talk to most of the Chinese people I knew before. Well, seems here is another one who said our help, care are worthless and we are not good. Okay, happy birthday anyway, but I think it's time to me to stop forever answering in your threads.

Health / Putin claims that Russia is going to have anti-cancer vaccines
« on: February 18, 2024, 03:04:07 AM »

Putin claims that Russia is going to have anti-cancer vaccines

Putin claims that Russia is going to have anti-cancer vaccines. A very short video about this claim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaFq3-aEo1s


Some of the incels are shameless so they don't know which shame is bigger and which is lesser.  ;D

Ontopic. Well, I think it depends on the region of China. It's too big to summarize "all Chinese" vs "all Japanese".
But if the political situation continues to be like this, surely we may expect more aggression, ultranationalism and so on based on the new neoimperialism of Mr Xi.

You got it. It's all right. Moved to the "Eastern things" board.

But you still believe that there is something like CCP that controls China?

It's strange. Why when it comes to Russia or North Korea everyone knows that the real subject of control is Putin or Kim, not the parties. But when it comes to China, many people are blind to see the Xi's full control?

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