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Poor? Find a good job or just go abroad to search for one if you can't earn money in a decent business way or win the lottery something!!!

That's not best advice imho xD
When you're poor it has upsides and downsides in relationships.
About getting richer - it's pretty complex issue

    I know it's a bit stupid and it's also racist or something, but it's a fact that most of the females, even our own females, are going to like much more some man if he's a German, a British, a French, etc than some man from Russia, Poland, Serbia...[/li][/list]

    That's true man, girls like exotic guys instead of local. Well, I think Ukrainian men are now in poorest situation when girls went to f*ck abroad while leaving them to die. That's pretty bad situation.

    I think that you are right. The true reason people are incels is usually demography - more men than women in society. But sometimes people have unreasonable complexes and try to find fault in their look. Of course sometimes it's true, there are bad looking people too. Imho we should become sigma males instead blindly following simps around. Earn money and pay bitches, that's all. Don't waste resources trying to get attention of someone who don't care about you. Current world is capitalist dystopia, you pay to win it, love is rare thing and women don't fall in love with poor normies.

    Even thouse without some huge empathy gaps will feel bad about the victims of the war, hunger, etc. but never about the loveless and sexless incels.

    Well, honestly incels are in better situation than victims of war and hunger, so it's partially understandable. However, it's true that there is lack of empathy for incels, especially those that look worse. People are just egoist and their empathy is in 90% cases for show or because something is popular and they don't want to stand off.

    I am totally sure that 90/100 of the incels are willing to be hypergamic if they can. I can't see how they'll reject a richer, prettier, better educated woman from a good family and choose willingly some poor, ugly, low educated woman from a dysfunctional family.

    You're right, however I personally prefer poor than rich :P

    Also they don't like so much the white skin and they go to solariums to have tan and to look blacker.

    Noooooo I don't agree. We prefer white skin, only stupid woman go to solarium xD

    Imho these with caucasian similarity looks worse xD
    You look like normie so it's pretty good. This guy on second photo in first post look best.

    I love west education because it is really intended to cultivate students' thoughts, bodies, knowledges, personalities, etc.

    Here I definitely don't agree xD but yes, we treat students pretty equally in the west and that's good. If you want to learn something you can and you're not punished for being worse than others. The problem is school often is like anarcho-capitalism, rules doesn't apply to kids and violence determines your position. And if you don't keep showing your violence you become victim, kids understand only fear and violence, or if you take something from them. Schools don't care about pathology, they sweep it under the carpet and often blame victim when he/she report bullying. Situation in pretty all "west" countries is similar, the further from west Europe the worse.

    We are in the same team LibGen, I'm used to my depression, it became part of my life and I try to appreciate benefits it has. You have to change the way you approach life, embrace loss of fear and fight weakness. This is middle stage to being strong and self-aware. You see problems but can't carry them. But next you will find how to get stronger. Do what you want and always think how you can achieve something and let your mind take full control of your body and emotions be part of you, this is hard to explain a bit, but depression is just hardship of finding yourself in reality. There is no bottom of life, there is another side under that you need to explore. You may say I'm crazy but I actually live this way and I appreciate that I am not stupid. Embrace sadness, it's the path to see the world in it's true shape.

    USA is probably dramatic country in terms of bullying, Poland has big problem with this too but there aren't many extreme cases fortunately, but bullying is almost everywhere in early schools, I was victim for a long time.

    Sorry for not pointing this, but my suggestion to move to poland was for MSL not LibGen :P
    Psychometrics in Poland sucks.

    But the only thing that makes her 'imperfect', but she is not guilty because it's her own right, is that she does not like chatting with others on phone so we have not much time to chat. I wish she could become more active online.

    Whaaat! Imo it makes her perfect xD I also don't like chatting with people I know in reality. Lol just meet with her more often, maybe she is afraid of censorship or have controversial views/something to hide.

    Enlighten3d, I am glad to see a person with balanced and reasonable, objective thinking when it comes to the own country! I mean, I don't like those nationalists who will say "Everything is perfect!" or those never satisfied who will say "Everything sucks in my land!" Good to see a man who can analyze well. 8)

    Are the majority of Polish females picky when it comes to looks? ("Chad only!" attitudes or something?) Are there many gold-diggers ("Beta-buxx" oriented?) What's your opinion? (I am asking because seems like you're giving objective info about it.) I know only one Polish woman and she is intelligent (knows some history and politics, also reads the news and speaks well English) but we don't chat about love topics and I even don't know what's her male ideal, so asking you to describe a "present picture" of the inceldom and females in Poland (if you want even start a new topic). :)

    There are many picky, but at the same time men are so dumb simps that fuel it a lot. I'll say half are normal, half are toxic. Generally situation of women is better than men. And as I said, it's because dumb men will do everything to get woman, they don't understand it's bilateral relationship. So women become picky when men are doing everything for them. On the other side, they demand women to follow some stupid standards of look, many men want stupid doll instead of intelligent girlfriend. Of course not everyone is the same, I describe only part of society, that stupid part.

    Go to Poland. Easy start with low budget, one of safest countries. You won't get very high life standard but far better than where you are now. We are shithole, but rest of the world is even worse :P

    Also if you do one of the worst jobs now, you will have easy start, because you will have comparison, here to live on the street for few years you must want it, there are many normal job offers without advanced knowledge. Production, in shops, gastronomy etc. If you catch weak job here you will be happy because it will allow you to live normally, not on the street. Also we have law that treats immigrants almost equally. I can help you to move here if you want.

    Poland is not that bad when it comes to healthcare and economic support comparing to USA and China. We are between them and civilized Europe, not very bad, not good, yet our government drowns the country so it's getting worse now.

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