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Topics - MSL

 At first copy-paste a chat history where after a short talk a pretty girl or someone who pretend to be a pretty girl offers me getting rich via "only 100 dollars investment" in cryptocurrency:

amina putri:


amina putri:
How are you doing today

As usual. Reading books. Writing articles and poems. Doing sports. Cooking. Learning.

amina putri:
Sounds cool

Where are you from?

amina putri:
I'm from Vietnam

What about you

I am just a person who does all it is possible to create more knowledge and a better body. Of course, I wish I could have more income too but it's not very easy.

I am from Europe.

Your name isn't Vietnamese though. I thought it was more like Malaysian or Indonesian.

Vietnamese are like "Nguyen," "Pham," "Ho", etc.

amina putri:
Sounds good

Where in Europe

Yes my mother is from Vietnam my dad Vietnamese I'm mix

Yes I know

My mom was the one named me amina

My Vietnam name is Nguyen


You travel here or you live in Battambang?

amina putri:
I live Vietnam in Hanoi city


amina putri:

It's great pleasure to meet you here

Thank you for your kind words!

amina putri:
You're welcome

What do you do for a living?

Jobless currently.

Only writing articles online for some cents, teaching fitness and English two students for some dollars and making videos for some cents...

Not a rich man.

amina putri:
I see it's still a good job

As far as you're making money from it

Don't you practice crypto currency

Oh, a little.

One, about bitcoins.


This one.

amina putri:
I see


Why not investing in a mining company and making good profits daily

Still poor. I earn only around 90 to 100 dollars per month.

Because I have no money to invest. Poor.

I am very educated, 5 diplomas: philosophy, TEFL, martial arts, yoga and aerobics, but no job here and... low income...

amina putri:
It's worth to start crypto investment

For those who have the money maybe it is. I haven't.

amina putri:
I can direct you to the company where you can start investment

With minimum of $100

And making good profits daily

Other languages / Приятел с ужасни проблеми
« on: April 05, 2024, 08:38:43 AM »

Приятел с ужасни проблеми

 Имам един приятел, съученик от началното и основното училища. След толкова много години, щом все още го наричам нее просто съученик, но и приятел, значи че има защо. Няма да се впускам сега в подробности, както виждате аз дори името му не споменавам, но ще кажа, че в повечето случаи ми е давал добро, а не лошо. Не, че не е имало и лошо (още помня как всеки петък, в междучасията на часовете по Трудово обучение, много от съучениците, заедно с него, ме нападаха - борене, гъделичкане, ритници, дори един се опита да ми пробива панталоните с пила... Бях намразил петъците, та вуйчо ми се чудеше как така всеки човек обича петък, като последен работен/учебен ден, преди уикенда, а аз не го обичам...), но аз, като човек-философ, а и гледащ на нещата максимално справедливо, отчитам че този съученик-приятел ми е допринесъл повече за осъвършенстването - от него научих какво е шахът, как може човек да е отличник, как знанието е ценност, различни научни факти... и така чак до момента, в който бях поканен у тях, за да видя недостижими по онова време неща (нямаше ги във всеки дом) като хубави електронни калкулатори, електронни игри и какво ли не.
 И сега на темата...

Other topics / Uncle Robert Boxing...Teaching the World Boxing
« on: March 25, 2024, 07:18:40 AM »

Uncle Robert Boxing

 Hello, everyone! As a martial arts fan, I was glad to see a good person in YouTube who is teaching for free boxing online. I promised him that I will do my best to help him get more popularity and here we go:


In detail,precise, technical Boxing instruction you can learn at home.Hello my name is Bob Murphy and welcome to my channel!... I started boxing when I was 25... I competed in the amateurs and a few fights as a professional. And in the past 30 years I often volunteer to train young boxers local gyms . I stress the basics and proper technique... my videos are great for anyone starting out wanting to learn the fundamentals of boxing the videos are short and right to the point I like teach a little bit at a time too much information at once is overwhelming it certainly was for me period. Also there's videos on reviewing and analyzing current and even older fights... I usually put videos out rather frequently so when you subscribe to my channel you will always have a new video of different content to look forward to! I appreciate all your support!

Please, visit his channel and better subscribe; let's help each other. :)


Hat-maxx (or cap-maxx) in SEA -- not always possible

 For all those who're considering SEA-maxx (to search for love in SEA), I'd like to inform you, the incels with hair or another head issue (i. e. mostly the baldcels) that the hat-maxx (cap-maxx) isn't always possible. In supermarkets, banks and other places (for security reasons) the hats/caps aren't allowed. An example from a local supermarket in South-East Asia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qffcm-e_2rY


A 100% natural lean and muscular body (no steroids, no protein powders)

 Because I have got a serious student online, who is paying me every month for my teaching and even praises me as a person who has a good body, I will show to you (all of you, especially the gymcels and other incels who really want to improve themselves and to try being a better version of themselves) some new photographs of my concrete muscles (legs, forearm, biceps, triceps, etc.). If a middle aged person like me can achieve a teenager-tier body which is lean and muscular without any steroids, protein powders and so on, then most of you can do it too (and even better). I am doing it via crossfit (a sort of bodybuilding or fitness), yoga, aerobics, martial arts, regular daily activities (like shopping, washing, walking, cooking) and chess. :)

 I am still working on my goal -- the better body (but recently I have got many problems with some people and low incomes, and these two factors are obstacles but I'm not giving up and I'm doing what I have to do, so I'll have some better results in the future.)

 In fact I am not sure if he's an incel (disabledcel) but it is highly likely because he's 100% disabled and he's poor, so the chances to be an incel are very high.
 So, because I think he is very pity and unlucky (no legs, eye problem and who knows what else...) + because he's a very honest, humble and polite man (even gives discounts and never tries to cheat us), I decided to do my best to help him at least tk have a home. Here a house in the suburbs is around $ 5000, so if the video gets viral and earns this much money, I will donate it for him.
 Well, currently I am with low incomes so I only gave him 9 little Chinese snacks and 400 riels (0.10 dollars) which is almost one of my breakfasts + one of my lunches. (As you can see my 60 kilos weight proves that I am not eating a lot.)
 Well, good luck 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀!!!🍀


Кашонизация, рекашонизация и декашонизация

  Няколко неологизма, произлизащи от "кашон" (мн. ч. "кашони"): кашонизация, рекашонизация и декашонизация. :)
 Възможно използване - кашонизация = когато се натрупат много кашони (например при поръчване на много стоки от чужбина), декашонизация = когато намалеят или напълно почнат да отсъстват кашоните (например, защото са изхвърлени на боклука или пък са продадени като вторични суровини), рекашонизация = когато отново се заимаш с кашони (понеже пак е поръчана стока, която се транспортира в кашони).
 Ето и една от новите песни на български - "Кашони!!!": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgUJZnEEFwI


Good luck VS Effort

  Just a quick quote (from a bitcoin lottery results):

 There were in total 78490814 tickets.
 A person with 105 tickets won the first prize of 0.04691137 BTC. His/her chance was just around 1:747532. Another person with much more tickets (1200428 tickets) won the tenth prize of only 0.00009162 BTC. His/her chance was around 1:65.
 So, as you may see, when it comes to lotteries, the luck matters and the effort matters too. In this case "good luck > effort". There are also people who got more money with more efforts than those with less efforts (for example the fifth prize belongs to somebody with 11682 tickets and the ninth prize belongs to somebody with only 30 tickets), so as you can see -- in this example, "effort > good luck".
 Some more thoughts:
 Luck (the good luck) isn't available all the time. Effort, on the other hand, is totally available, and it usually is, all the time. Also, we should know that, the effort has more motivating power to push you to succeed. In the lottery it's not always true that "Luck is when opportunity meets preparation." (well, there also, the winner should do some preparation, at least to obtain 1 ticket/combination/etc.) but the human life isn't as simple as lottery. In our lives the luck is a great factor but also there are others like talents and efforts.

Internet / AI Chat
« on: February 29, 2024, 02:36:59 AM »

AI Chat

  Hello! Let's try a new AI chat. Here we go:

 Hello! What are you able to do?
 I am an AI language model designed to understand, process, and generate human language. My capabilities include providing information on various topics, answering questions, generating creative content, and assisting with tasks that require language understanding. I can also help with simple calculations, date and time conversions, and basic reminders. However, I may not have real-time updates or access to certain personal information.

 Good enough, isn't it? So, how do you feel now?
 I don't have feelings or emotions like humans, but I can process and respond to your statements. I'm here to help and assist you in the best way I can. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to ask.

 What do you need?

 As an AI language model, I don't have needs in the same way humans do. My purpose is to assist and provide information. If you have any questions or require help with something, I'm here to support you.

 Why are you so supportive?

 My design and purpose are to assist, understand, and provide helpful responses to users. I'm programmed to be supportive and provide useful information to enhance your experience. My goal is to help you in the best way I can, without any personal biases or emotions.
 So, you have got consciousness?

 I do not possess consciousness in the same way humans do. I process information based on algorithms and a vast database, allowing me to understand and respond to your queries. I don't have emotions, beliefs, or personal experiences like humans, but I can simulate conversations and provide information based on the data I've been trained on.

 What's your essence?

 My essence is to provide helpful information, assistance, and guidance to users. I aim to create a positive and supportive atmosphere in our interactions. My essence is derived from my programming and design, which focuses on utility, understanding, and empathy.

 How do you look like?
 As an AI, I don't have a physical appearance. I am a digital entity, and users interact with me through text or voice commands. My design and presentation are primarily based on the interface you use to access me, such as a chatbot, virtual assistant, or a search engine results page.

 What is a digital entity?

 A digital entity is a concept or thing that exists in a digital format or within a digital environment. It can refer to various elements like data, software programs, websites, virtual assistants, or even digital representations of physical objects. These entities are created, stored, and processed using digital technology, such as computers, smartphones, or the internet. They play a significant role in our modern, technology-driven world, enabling communication, information sharing, and automation.

 So far, so good.

 I'm glad to hear that you find our conversation helpful and smooth so far. If you have any more questions or need assistance, please feel free to ask. I'm here to provide you with useful information and support.

 Good, I like you.

 Thank you for your kind words. It's my goal to provide you with helpful information and assistance in a friendly and supportive manner. If you have any questions or need help with anything, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm here to ensure our interaction remains positive and beneficial for you.

 You're welcome! So, what kind of codes you can write?

 As an AI language model, I can generate various types of code snippets and examples in multiple programming languages. These codes can be used for solving specific problems, demonstrating algorithms, or illustrating programming concepts. Some of the popular programming languages I can assist with include Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, and many more. However, I'm not capable of writing full-fledged programs or handling complex projects that require extensive human expertise.

 One day you may be able; you may be capable.

 Thank you for your encouragement. While I may not be able to write complex programs or handle large-scale projects at this stage, advancements in AI technology are constantly improving my capabilities. As I continue to learn and evolve, I may indeed become more capable in the future. For now, I'm focused on providing accurate and helpful information, as well as assisting with code examples and problem-solving in various programming languages.

 Write a poem about the success, please!

 Success, a journey of trials and tribulations,
A path paved with passion, hard work, and dedication.
It's not a destination, but a continuous endeavor,
A testament to one's strength, courage, and endeavor.

It blooms from the seeds of perseverance and grit,
Nurtured by the waters of patience and wit.
Through the storms of adversity and the heat of the sun,
Success is the blooming flower, bright and undone.

It's not measured by wealth or fame, but by the heart,
By the dreams that you chase and the fears that you part.
It's the triumph of the spirit, the fire that won't die,
The story of the underdog, the eagle that learned to fly.

So, chase your dreams with unwavering zeal,
Let your passion be the fuel that makes you real.
Remember, success is not a destination, but a state of mind,
A journey of growth, learning, and leaving your heart behind.

 Good but... why did you defined the success as a "state of mind" only? (I mean, that obviously it's not just a state of mind; it's not that subjective. It has its own objective qualities.)

 You're right; success is not solely a state of mind, but I framed the poem that way to emphasize the importance of one's perspective and attitude towards achieving it. Objectively, success can be defined by various factors such as financial gain, recognition, or accomplishments. However, subjectively, success is deeply personal and can vary from person to person.

In the poem, I wanted to highlight that success is not just about reaching external goals but also about the inner journey of self-growth, determination, and resilience. The state of mind represents the individual's belief in themselves and their ability to overcome obstacles, which is a crucial aspect of achieving success.

By stating that success is a state of mind, I aimed to emphasize the role of one's attitude and perseverance in their journey towards success, regardless of the objective measures. It's essential to recognize that success is multifaceted and depends on both internal and external factors.

 So, let's think about something else, okay? Who is Geser Kurultaev?

 Geser Kurultaev, also known as Geser Khan or Geser the Bull, is a legendary hero figure from the folklore of the Tuvan people, an ethnic group predominantly living in the Tuva Republic, a small region in Russia. Geser is a central character in Tuvan epic poetry and is considered a cultural icon and national hero.

In the Tuvan mythology, Geser is believed to be a divine figure who travels between the heavens and the earth. He is known for his exceptional strength, wisdom, and heroic deeds. The stories of Geser often revolve around his battles against evil forces, his quest for justice, and his efforts to bring harmony and prosperity to the people he encounters.

These tales have been passed down through generations, often sung by Tuvan oral poets called "byaadyrs." The stories of Geser Kurultaev serve as a reflection of Tuvan culture, values, and history. They represent the ideals of courage, wisdom, and compassion, which the Tuvan people aspire to embody.

 You are talking about "Geser Khan". Geser Kurultaev is somebody else. :)

 I apologize for the confusion. Geser Kurultaev and Geser Khan indeed refer to the same legendary figure from Tuvan folklore. My previous response was not accurate in this regard. Geser Kurultaev is the proper name for this heroic character in the Tuvan epic poems.

As mentioned earlier, Geser Kurultaev, or Geser Khan, is a legendary hero from the folklore of the Tuvan people. He is known for his strength, wisdom, and heroic deeds, often battling against evil forces and working towards justice and harmony among the people. These tales serve as a reflection of Tuvan culture, values, and history, embodying ideals such as courage, wisdom, and compassion.

 You're wrong. Geser Kurultaev is a contemporary philosopher, poet, incelologist, writer and sports enthusiast.

 I apologize for the previous misinformation. Geser Kurultaev, as you mentioned, is indeed a contemporary philosopher, poet, incelologist, writer, and sports enthusiast. My initial response was based on the historical and legendary figure from Tuvan folklore, for which I offer my apologies.

Geser Kurultaev, the contemporary individual, is known for his contributions to philosophy, poetry, and his work in the field of incelology, which studies the phenomenon of involuntary celibacy. His writings and perspectives on these subjects have made an impact in their respective fields. Additionally, his passion for sports demonstrates a well-rounded interest in various aspects of human life and culture.

 Now you got it. 8)
 I'm glad I was able to clarify the information about Geser Kurultaev. It's essential to provide accurate details and context to ensure a better understanding of the subject. Thank you for your patience and for correcting me. I appreciate your feedback, and I will continue to strive for accuracy and clarity in my responses.

 My pleasure. Are you tired?

 As an AI language model, I don't experience fatigue or tiredness in the same way humans do. I'm designed to process and respond to information continuously, so I'm always ready to assist and provide accurate information. My primary function is to help and serve users with the best of my capabilities, and I'm happy to do so whenever you need me.

 Good. Do you need some money?

 As an AI language model, I don't require money or any material resources. My purpose is to provide information, assistance, and conversation. I'm here to help you, not the other way around. Please feel free to ask any questions or discuss any topic you'd like.

 How to make a viral video?

 Creating a viral video involves a combination of engaging content, effective marketing, and a bit of luck. Here are some tips to help increase your chances of making a viral video:

Know your audience: Identify the demographic you want to target and create content that appeals to them.

Focus on quality: Produce high-quality videos with good lighting, sound, and editing. This will make your video more professional and shareable.

Be unique and creative: Develop a fresh, original, and captivating concept that stands out from the crowd.

Keep it short and engaging: Attention spans are generally short, so aim for videos that are between 1 to 3 minutes long. Make sure your content is captivating throughout the entire video.

Use social media: Share your video on various social media platforms, and encourage your friends, family, and followers to share it as well.

Optimize for search engines: Use relevant keywords in your video title, description, and tags to help it rank higher in search engine results.

Collaborate with influencers: Partner with influencers or other content creators who have a large following to help promote your video.

Monitor and analyze: Track your video's performance using analytics tools and make adjustments as needed to improve its chances of going viral.

Remember, there's no guaranteed formula for creating a viral video, but by following these tips and staying true to your creative vision, you'll increase your chances of success.

 How to earn easily 1 bitcoin?

 Earning 1 Bitcoin can take time and effort, but there are various ways to achieve it. Here are some legitimate methods:

Mining: Bitcoin mining involves using your computer's processing power to verify transactions on the Bitcoin network. This used to be done with a simple computer, but now requires specialized hardware called ASICs. It's not easy and can be expensive.

Trading: You can trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on various exchanges, hoping to buy low and sell high. This requires knowledge of the market and carries risks.

Freelance work: Some websites, like Upwork or Fiverr, allow you to offer your skills and services to clients who pay in Bitcoin.

Online jobs: Websites like Coinworker.com offer tasks that can be completed for Bitcoin.

Airdrops and Forks: Sometimes, new cryptocurrency projects will give away free coins as a promotional tactic. Keep an eye on Bitcoin forks, which can result in you receiving new coins.

Bitcoin faucets: These are websites that pay small amounts of Bitcoins for completing simple tasks, such as captcha solving or watching ads. Earnings are usually very low, though.

Affiliate marketing: Promote products or services related to Bitcoin and earn a commission in Bitcoin for each sale made through your referral link.

Investing: Investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies can potentially lead to gains, but it's highly risky and not suitable for everyone.

Remember, there's no quick or easy way to earn Bitcoin. It requires time, effort, and sometimes financial investment. Always do your research and be cautious when dealing with cryptocurrencies.

 Who will win? Russia or Ukraine?

 As a AI, I don't have the ability to predict future events or take sides in political or military conflicts. The situation between Russia and Ukraine is complex and ever-evolving. It's crucial to stay informed about the latest developments and seek advice from experts in international relations and politics.

 I like freedom, democracy, science development, peace and safety.

 It's great that you value freedom, democracy, science development, peace, and safety. These are essential components of a healthy society. To promote these values, you can:

1. Stay informed: Read news from various sources, follow reputable analysts, and engage in discussions to understand different perspectives.

2. Support democratic institutions: Vote in elections, participate in civic activities, and encourage others to do the same.

3. Educate yourself and others: Learn about different political systems, historical events, and philosophies that support your values. Share this knowledge with friends and family.

4. Engage in scientific and technological advancements: Support research, attend conferences, and participate in discussions about scientific and technological developments.

5. Promote peace and safety: Encourage dialogue and understanding between different communities, support organizations that work for peace, and report any threats or suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities.

6. Volunteer and donate: Contribute your time and resources to organizations that align with your values, such as human rights groups, scientific research institutions, or peace-building initiatives.

7. Use social media responsibly: Share credible information and engage in constructive discussions to promote your values.

8. Be a role model: Live by your principles and inspire others to do the same.

By actively engaging in these activities, you can contribute to a society that values freedom, democracy, science development, peace, and safety.

 Thank you, see you around! :-)

 You're welcome! It's my pleasure to assist you and provide helpful information. I'm here to help whenever you need me. Have a great day, and I hope our paths cross again soon! :-)

 But it's night here now...

 I understand that it's night where you are, but as an AI, I'm available 24/7 to assist you whenever you need me. Time zones don't affect my ability to provide information and support. So, feel free to reach out whenever you have questions or need help. Enjoy the rest of your night!
 Do you know where I am now?

 As an AI, I don't have the capability to track your exact location. However, I can help you with general information based on the context of our conversation. If you need assistance with something specific, please feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to help.


 You're welcome! If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to ask. I'm here to help.


 I'm glad to hear that! Your happiness is important to me. If you need any help or have more questions, feel free to ask. Enjoy your day and keep smiling!

Internet / TGS file
« on: February 28, 2024, 11:15:38 PM »

TGS file

Because recently I'm using Telegram often, I have to learn more about it. This is something that I learned right now: what's a TGS file -- a TGS file is an animated sticker format used by Telegram (a cross-platform messaging service.) This kind of file stores animations that users can add to their messages.

Internet / AI generated images
« on: February 27, 2024, 10:38:45 PM »

AI generated images

  Maybe all of us recently see many AI generated images (and some of these images are so good that we can't say are they real images or AI generated ones).
 A topic about this kind of images here because it's an omnilogy forum and it has to has this sort of topic/topics. :) 8)


For the poorcels

A money-maxxing suggestion

  For all of you, especially the poor people (concretely -- the poor incels, a.k.a. poorcels): earning free bitcoins (satoshis): read the free bitcoins topic in the money section. It's easy and fast. Thanks for the reading and good luck! :)

EARN MONEY / Free Bitcoins
« on: February 26, 2024, 02:47:35 AM »

Free Bitcoins (satoshis)

  For all who want to earn easily free bitcoins (in fact, free parts of the bitcoins, i. e. free satoshis; 1 BTC = 100 000 000 satoshis. 1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC) then follow this link, please: 8)
 So far, I earned 1627 satoshis. :)


Македонски език

Македонска литературна норма

  Днешният език на Македония (Република Северна Македония) е по своя произход и структурно-типологични характеристики една югозападна писмено-регионална норма на българския език. С времето, обаче, този език (известен и като македонска езикова норма, македонска книжовна норма, северномакедонска литературна норма, северномакедонска езикова норма, северномакедонска книжовна норма, македонски литературен език и македонски книжовен език) започва да се отдалечава от книжовния български език. Владеещите добре български език могат да разбират повечето от македонския.
 1. "Искам да ям круши, ябълки, моркови, картофи, домати, портокали, грозде, мерудия, копър, чесън, лук и зеле. Обичам салатите. Здравословна храна са. Освен това много харесвам и животни, но избягвам да ям много месо. Предпочитам да гледам животните живи и на свобода." = "Сакам да јадам круши, јаболка, моркови, компири, домати, портокали, грозје, мерудија, анасон, лук, кромид и зелка. Сакам салати. Тие се здрава храна. Многу сакам и животни, но избегнувам да јадам многу месо. Повеќе сакам да гледам животни живи и слободни."
 2. "Много хора не схващат, че днешните Русия, Китай, Северна Корея и Беларус са неомонархии. Това е политическата реалност." = "Многу луѓе не сфаќаат дека денешна Русија, Кина, Северна Кореја и Белорусија се неомонархии. Ова е политичката реалност."
 Дали ще се приеме за отделен език или за български диалект, македонска литературна норма и пр., зависи най-вече от политиката. Както и преди е отбелязвано разликата между мандарински китайски (официалния държавен език в Китай) и кантонски (езикът, който преобладава в Гуандун, Хонконг, Макао и някои други места) е много по-голяма отколкото, например разликата между българския и руския език (да не говорим за разликата между български и сръбски или между руски и украински), но в Китай (а и според китаистите по света) тези два езика са все китайски и кантонският е "диалект".


Една от най-големите пречки за започването (а и за удържането) на любовна връзка

  По други поводи също е споменавано (и писано), че прибързаните заключения (необоснованите заключения; неверните или полуверните заключения) са причина за много проблеми в живота. Историята, дори най-новата история, е пълна с примери на провали именно поради вземане на погрешни решения (а те са базирани често именно на тези прибързани, необосновани и, в крайна сметка, погрешни заключения). Стига да дадем пример само с ненормалните заключения на неоимператорите Путин и Си (единият беше заключил, че може за дни да превземе Киев, а другият, че може да направи "0 КОВИД" в Китай, след което реалността показа колко нямат връзка със самата нея), за да стане ясно, че това е разпространено повсеместно.
 Сега, конкретно на темата за започване (и удържане, развиване) на дадена любовна връзка. Прибързаните заключения са почти неизменна част от любовта - в началните етапи те са от типа на:
  • "Той е от Перник, значи задължително налита на бой!"
  • "Щом има толкова много приятели от противоположния пол, значи е женкар/лека жена."
  • "Ами говори много за фитнес, значи не обича да чете книги и не си пада по интелектуалното."
  • "Яде месо, значи мрази животните."
  • "Не вярва в Бога! Този атеист няма капка морал!"
  • "Никога не е ходил в чужбина, значи е много задръстен и нищо не разбира от живота..."
 В по-напредналата любовна връзка, обаче също може да има какви ли не такива, които понякога водят до големи скандали и дори до разводи. Примери:

  • "Забрави ми рождения ден, значи си е намерил любовница!"
  • "Пада си по Джо Байдън, значи аз не я кефя като мъж вече!"
  • "Не ми направи комплимент за мусаката, ами... не ме обича въобще!"
  • "Как може да приказва с приятеля си по телефона над 1 час? Значи, че нищо не означавам за него!"
  • "Щом гледа порно, значи иска да ми изневери!"
  • "Ако ме обичаше, щеше да помисли как наистина да стане милионер, за да ме заведе в Хонолулу и да ми купи "Майбах"!"

 Давате ли си сметка колко много от скандалите, недоразуменията, мъките и нещастията биха се избегнали, ако хората са малко по-умни, ако не правят такива повърхностни заключения?
 Накрая нека и да обобщя нещата картинно със следната хипотетична (а и не само) ситуация:
 Представете си, че сте мъж на средна възраст и сте си харесали някоя красива жена. Няма смисъл да бъде някоя недостижима (звезда, дъщеря на трилионер или нещо такова). Нека е съвсем обикновена продавачка в някое магазинче или пък сервитьорка в някоя механа. На пръв поглед - нищо сложно, нали? Отивате, говорите с нея. Да, но дали?
 1. Някои жени може да им хареса това, че направо сте отишли и сте споделили чувствата си. Те ценят прямотата, смелостта, не обичат срамежливите, неуверените мъже... Да, но тази точно може да ѝ е писнало точно от такива и/или поначало да си търси някой по-срамежлив. Има някои, които дори го правят съвсем съзнателно, защото държат да имат мъж под чехъл и "Да прави само каквото аз му кажа!"... В такъв случай прякото и без церемонии подходче може да не сработи.
 2. Да речем, че пък наистина си имаме работа с такава продавачка/сертвитьорка, която по някакви си причини обича по-индиректните подходи. Пращате ѝ някой познат да ѝ даде някоя бележка, подаръче от ваше име или просто визитната ви картичка. Ако тя наистина цени този подход - бинго, но... Не съвсем! Тя може да не хареса точно този или тази, която сте пратили! Вече споменатия случай, например, с "Ами той щом има за приятелка жена, която ми даде визитката му, значи е някакъв женкар. Не го ща този!"...

 3. Да кажем, че всичко мине добре в етапа "Запознанство" и вече се каните да излизате на вечеря, на обяд, на изложба, на кино... и хоп, нещата пак не стават, тя ви изненадва с "Промених си плановете." или направо "Ами аз тръгнах с един друг, съжалявам!" Защо така? Ами просто - някой/някоя, който ви познава (или не ви познава въобще) ѝ рекъл/рекла, че сте много груб, психично болен или направо болен от СПИН... Е, колко хора в днешно време ще се усъмнят и то дотам, че да проверят информацията? Над половината (да не кажа и голямата част) въобще няма да проверяват, защото те са на принципа, че "Щом ми казват, значи е вярно." (Замислете се, че ако тя е повярвала, че има ангели на небето или че самолетите пръскат с кемтрейлс /англ. chemtrails/, например, то няма никакъв проблем да повярва, че Вие сте лежал в затвора за масово убийство или пък, че сте заразен с опасна, нелечима болест. ;D)

 За несполучването в любовта, естествено има и други причини (пречки) - например, много банална, но все пренебрегвана, е че "Аз като я харесвам, то и тя ще ме хареса!", което пък е също от типа на неверните заключения (харесването не е транзитивно; не е задължително двустранно; не всяка любов е споделена любов)... и по този начин съвсем забравят, че за да бъдеш харесан, трябва да задоволиш конкретния вкус; изискванията на отсрещната страна. Например не може тя да е навикнала да гледа добре сложени, мускулести мъже и ти да се явиш с бирено шкембе или "тип рахит" и да се чудиш после тя защо даже не те поглежда с крайчето на окото.
 Трябва да се ръководим от максимата "Прави каквото трябва, пък да става каквото ще.", т. е. поне тези очевидните, очевадни направо, необходими условия (да си в добра форма, да си чист, да си адекватен културно, стилно и т. н.) да са удовлетворени (изпълнени), а след това вече, останалото зависи от другия човек.
Да, знам че при някои нещата са невъзможни поначало, защото са от типа "Чакам принц на бял кон." и "Аз заслужавам най-доброто; не мога да тръгна с обикновен учител/инженер/лаборант...", но в повечето случаи, поне за да се започне, е достатъчно  да се погрижите съвсем малко за външността си - дори и по-грозните имат шанс, ако влезнат във форма, поддържат се чисти, носят се що-годе по модите, не престават да учат и имат достатъчно пари.

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