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Other topics / How to get more happiness
« on: June 04, 2011, 07:13:55 PM »
Friend  2:15:33 PM
life have no prefect
Friend  2:15:42 PM
Me  2:16:22 PM
Yes, I know. It's true. And we have to accept this truth, if we want to be happy. I think it's a part of the happiness.

Friend  2:17:47 PM
yes,in my mind,life have no perfect,just so so is ok
Friend  2:18:13 PM
not so more demand
Me  2:18:46 PM
Yes. I have only simple demands like buy a house or drink some wine.
Friend  2:18:49 PM
matter from ourself,

SEO / So helpful!
« on: June 04, 2011, 07:04:46 PM »
 ...that is so helpful! I "really" can't imagine what we all do without that "discovery".  ;)

Philosophy / The ignorant person fears nothing.
« on: June 04, 2011, 06:42:20 PM »
"The ignorant person fears nothing."

Social network | SEO - Social network / And in English
« on: June 04, 2011, 06:05:08 PM »
 And the same one, in English:


Important Notice: (注意事项)
英文本源自中华人民共和国务院法制局编译, 中国法制出版社出版的《中华人民
当发生歧意时, 应以法律法规颁布单位发布的中文原文为准.
This English document is coming from 'LAWS AND REGULATIONS OF THE
which is compiled by the Brueau of Legislative Affairs of the State
Council of the Peoples Republic of China, and is published by the China
Legal System Publishing House.
In case of discrepancy, the original version in Chinese shall prevail.

Whole Document (法规全文)
(Adopted at the Third Session of the Fifth National Peoples
Congress, promulgated by Order No. 8 of the Chairman of the Standing
Committee of the National Peoples Congress on and effective as of
September 10, 1980)
Article 1
This Law is applicable to the acquisition, loss and restoration ofnationality of the Peoples Republic of China.
Article 2
The Peoples Republic of China is a unitary multinational state; persons
belonging to any of the nationalities in China shall have Chinese
Article 3
The Peoples Republic of China does not recognize dual nationality for any
Chinese national.
Article 4
Any person born in China whose parents are both Chinese nationals or one
of whose parents is a Chinese national shall have Chinese nationality.
Article 5
Any person born abroad whose parents are both Chinese nationals or one of
whose parents is a Chinese national shall have Chinese nationality. But a
person whose parents are both Chinese nationals and have both settled
abroad, or one of whose parents is a Chinese national and has settled
abroad, and who has acquired foreign nationality at birth shall not have
Chinese nationality.
Article 6
Any person born in China whose parents are stateless or of uncertain
nationality and have settled in China shall have Chinese nationality.
Article 7
Foreign nationals or stateless persons who are willing to abide by Chinas
Constitution and laws and who meet one of the following conditions may be
naturalized upon approval of their applications:
(1) they are near relatives of Chinese nationals;
(2) they have settled in China; or
(3) they have other legitimate reasons.
Article 8
Any person who applies for naturalization as a Chinese national shall
acquire Chinese nationality upon approval of his application; a person
whose application for naturalization as a Chinese national has been
approved shall not retain foreign nationality.
Article 9
Any Chinese national who has settled abroad and who has been naturalized
as a foreign national or has acquired foreign nationality of his own free
will shall automatically lose Chinese nationality.
Article 10
Chinese nationals who meet one of the following conditions may renounce
Chinese nationality upon approval of their applications:
(1) they are near relatives of foreign nationals;
(2) they have settled abroad; or
(3) they have other legitimate reasons.
Article 11
Any person who applies for renunciation of Chinese nationality shall lose
Chinese nationality upon approval of his application.
Article 12
State functionaries and military personnel on active service shall not
renounce Chinese nationality.
Article 13
Foreign nationals who once held Chinese nationality may apply for
restoration of Chinese nationality if they have legitimate reasons; those
whose applications for restoration of Chinese nationality have been
approved shall not retain foreign nationality.
Article 14
Persons who wish to acquire, renounce or restore Chinese nationality, with
the exception of the cases provided for in Article 9, shall go through the
formalities of application. Applications of persons under the age of 18
may be filed on their behalf by their parents or other legal

?Article 15
Nationality applications at home shall be handled by the public security
bureaus of the municipalities or counties where the applicants reside;
nationality applications abroad shall be handled by Chinas diplomatic
representative agencies and consular offices.
Article 16
Applications for naturalization as Chinese nationals and for renunciation
or restoration of Chinese nationality are subject to examination and
approval by the Ministry of Public Security of the Peoples Republic of
China. The Ministry of Public Security shall issue a certificate to any
person whose application has been approved.
Article 17
The nationality status of persons who have acquired or lost Chinese
nationality before the promulgation of this Law shall remain valid.
Article 18
This Law shall come into force on the day of its promulgation.



The law about it:

中国政府门户网站 www.gov.cn   2005年05月25日   来源:全国人大法规库



  第一条 中华人民共和国国籍的取得、丧失和恢复,都适用本法。

  第二条 中华人民共和国是统一的多民族的国家,各民族的人都具有中国国籍。

  第三条 中华人民共和国不承认中国公民具有双重国籍。

  第四条 父母双方或一方为中国公民,本人出生在中国,具有中国国籍。

  第五条 父母双方或一方为中国公民,本人出生在外国,具有中国国籍;但父母双方或一方为中国公民并定居在外国,本人出生时即具有外国国籍的,不具有中国国籍。

  第六条 父母无国籍或国籍不明,定居在中国,本人出生在中国,具有中国国籍。

  第七条 外国人或无国籍人,愿意遵守中国宪法和法律,并具有下列条件之一的,可以经申请批准加入中国国籍:




  第八条 申请加入中国国籍获得批准的,即取得中国国籍;被批准加入中国国籍的,不得再保留外国国籍。

  第九条 定居外国的中国公民,自愿加入或取得外国国籍的,即自动丧失中国国籍。

  第十条 中国公民具有下列条件之一的,可以经申请批准退出中国国籍:




  第十一条 申请退出中国国籍获得批准的,即丧失中国国籍。

  第十二条 国家工作人员和现役军人,不得退出中国国籍。

  第十三条 曾有过中国国籍的外国人,具有正当理由,可以申请恢复中国国籍;被批准恢复中国国籍的,不得再保留外国国籍。

  第十四条 中国国籍的取得、丧失和恢复,除第九条规定的以外,必须办理申请手续。未满十八周岁的人,可由其父母或其他法定代理人代为办理申请。

  第十五条 受理国籍申请的机关,在国内为当地市、县公安局,在国外为中国外交代表机关和领事机关。

  第十六条 加入、退出和恢复中国国籍的申请,由中华人民共和国公安部审批。经批准的,由公安部发给证书。

  第十七条 本法公布前,已经取得中国国籍的或已经丧失中国国籍的,继续有效。

  第十八条 本法自公布之日起施行。

Stars / More Li Na people
« on: June 04, 2011, 05:55:49 PM »
  Look. There are more people who are named Li Na:

Li Na may refer to:

Li Na (Tang Dynasty), general of Tang Dynasty
Li Na (diver), Chinese diver who won a gold and silver medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics.
Li Na (fencer), Chinese fencer
Li Na (daughter of Mao Zedong), daughter of Mao Zedong, founding leader of the People's Republic of China.
Li Na (cyclist) (born 1982), Chinese 2002 world cycling champion in keirin


Other languages / ВИЦ - виртуална страст
« on: June 03, 2011, 02:39:30 PM »
  С нея опитахме всичко - бавно, бързо; изредихме всякакви пози...накрая тя свърши и отиде offline.

其它信息 / 脑囊虫病 (cerebral cysticercosis)
« on: June 02, 2011, 03:03:54 AM »



cerebral cysticercosis

2008-11-3 9:17 
脑囊虫病cerebral cysticercosis)是猪带绦虫的幼虫(囊尾蚴)寄生脑组织形成包囊所致,50%-70%的囊虫病累及脑。也可寄生于身体的其他部位以皮下、肌肉、眼、口腔多见,肺、心脏、骨骼少见。



















Foodborne illness

You can see HOW EASY is to catch these foodborne illness:


According to this example (2008/08/31 17:46, Author Chaosdruid) of "Demonstration of bad food hygeine in stored foodstuffs in a refrigerator" we can see that:

a) BROKEN EQUIPMENT (Here the top of the fridge is loose, risking Chemical, Biological and material /such as screws, washers/ contamination).

b) NON FOODSTUFF (This bag has been placed on top of a sauce risking both bacteriological and chemical contamination).

c) RAW MEAT - BURGERS (Uncooked material from this box may contaminate the raw salad underneath, risking bacteriological infection).


e) RAW SALAD (This container has no lid risking contamination).

  That's why we should be careful about our food; we should wash our hands and mouth before eating something with good water and soap.

Other languages / ВИЦ - "Обява"
« on: June 01, 2011, 12:39:13 PM »
Обява: "Млад, здрав и снажен, притежавам две офшорки, яхта, вила на Хаваите, "Порше" и частен самолет! Не купувам и не продавам нищо - просто искам да се похваля!"


  Виждаме все по-често в българското интернет-езиково пространство думи, които обозначават народности и нации да се изписват с главни букви в началото, ДАЖЕ И КОГАТО не са в началото на изречението. Както сме учили в училище - главните (големи) букви се поставят в този случай, само ако даденият народ (нация) е в началото на изречението. Например: "Прабългарите са обект на тази тема." е добре. Но, ако "прабългарите" не са в началото на изречение, то следва да се изписват с малка буква, напр.: "Търся нови материали за прабългарите." или "Чухте ли за новото откритие, свързано с прабългарите?", или "В Хунската империя е имало прабългари и други тюркски народи, както и славянски, германски, фино-угорски, ирански...".
 Защо много хора допускат тази грешка? Както знаем от професор Любен Сивилов и от други философи - за едно и също следствие може да има различни причини (и обратно: една и съща причина да поражда различни следствия). И в този случай е така - някои пишат "прабългари" с главна буква по патриотични причини (независимо дали са или не са запознати с правилото за поставяне на заглавките в българския език); други пишат "прабългари"-те с главна буква под влияние на английския език, където имената на народите и нациите задължително се изписват по този начин, независимо от мястото на въпросните думи в изречението; на трети просто така им е скимнало, че е правилно и си карат така, по навик...Възможно е да има и друга причина или причини, които да ми убягват по време на този анализ. С това приключвам този пост, свързан с прабългарите.

Internet / XE.COM
« on: June 01, 2011, 03:56:27 AM »
http://www.xe.com - Very good currency and foreign exchange site.

Stars / NKOTBSB tour
« on: June 01, 2011, 03:39:55 AM »

 It is about the NKOTBSB tour.

« on: June 01, 2011, 03:30:15 AM »
  New Kids on the Block + Backstreet Boys = NKOTBSB
 It was a good surprise for all music fans. I remember NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) /in my middle teens/ and BSB (Backstreet Boys) /in my late teens and early twenties/. Looks like a super good music marketing to unite these 2 bands and to make a tour in the US and Canada. Congratulations !

Alexa (www.alexa.com) / Welcome again :)
« on: June 01, 2011, 03:15:37 AM »
  Hello! I am alive :) These days I was off-line, because my old laptop (2005) is out of order. Now I have a new, faster, better PC and I am glad that even without me these days the forum is up and up in Alexa ! Good for it ! Well, I am back for good, so we have to expect new speed up!  ;D
 Congratulations, Alexa fans!

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