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Internet / Re: Forums without registration
« on: July 18, 2024, 06:22:29 AM »
Because of the dangerous mentally challenged and criminally behaving incel Zhang we also had to limit a bit the "without registration" levels.

12. Cannibalism desires. The sick person posted that he thinks that Desi's body liquids (namely "cerebrospinal fluid and menstrual blood") can be mixed with wine and will "taste better" if "keep it frozen":


"Human cannibalism" in Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_cannibalism

Yes, he is a sick, dangerous, insane and disturbing person. Don't hesitate to report him.

网上赚钱 / Re: 代发文章要小心甄别
« on: July 17, 2024, 08:40:06 PM »
真可怜 :'(

So right, as usual. 8) :-*

I lifted his bans to only "read only". This will make his life easier if for him is that important to visit us so often but still we will be protected and safe from his attacks.

太棒了! 8) 8) 8)

Did it. I did it  8)
User is currently banned
This user is currently affected by the following bans:
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张杰! 哈哈哈!

Such a great and high IQ idea! 💡

Yes, it's him for sure. It's so cool that MSL has the astonishing abilities to see earlier what's going to happen and predicts many troubles.

Well, because this new Zhangcel (criminal and mental incel Zhang Jie from SH, CN) account is going to post soon his violent, obscene, schizophrenic and, overall, low IQ criminal posts... what I can think is to ban him preemptively, in that “read only" way. 8) :-*

Btw, read about his paranoia as well: http://www.seo-forum-seo-luntan.com/a-forum-for-incels-who-are-normal-people-no-terrorists-no-rapists-no-racists-no-pedophiles-no-haters-and-so-on/zhang-s-mental-disorders-and-crimes-so-far/msg53458/#msg53458

10. Paranoia.

He is changing his profile names (nicknames) like crazy and it's obvious and and obviously for people to notice his new image, new ideas or what else. And when you try to compliment him, to make him feel good that you notice his new change, he is reaching angrily, paradoxically: he is telling you that he feels under "surveillance."

Another similar case that explicitly shows his paranoia is that he was frustrated and upset that MSL sent him photos from South-East Asia. Zhang was like "Why did you send me South-East Asian photos? Because you want me to leave China huh?"

Not a big deal when it's against inexperienced, not very educated, not clever at all evilcels.

I didn't mean MSL isn't visionary and genial indeed but I mean that evilcels like the one we suffer from aren't so educated, experienced and clever to be able to bother us for a long time.

Rejected ⭐! Saved our members from his aggression, insults, hallucinations and lies again!!! Thank to MSL's great analysis!

You are a really good visionary and a cool philosopher detective. 8)

We are familiar with those facts and even more. Just go to take a rest!

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