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Other topics / 127
« on: June 19, 2014, 12:20:51 AM »



Other topics / A Red Plus Size Jumpsuit
« on: June 18, 2014, 11:09:56 PM »

Red Plus Size Jumpsuit

  Well, after the white plus size jumpsuit and the black plus size jumpsuit, let's see a red one. I think it's a good designed jumpsuit.


Traditional, pretty and nice kitchen

  Antique white cabinets. Good design. I like this kitchen. WOW, so good decoration!
 Look at the bottles and the glasses. Remind me a bar! :) Very good.
 And the plants. Exactly the places where I like them to be, when it comes to kitchen!
 Hey, the things above the window! Amazing! I had a friend. Her home was decorated with a lot of this kind of things. Oh, memories!... :):) Sweet!


An Amazing Kitchen

  I think this is an amazing kitchen. Two sinks, comfortable, stairs. Classic and innovative design! :-*


Pretty Antique White Kitchen With Interesting Interior

 I like this kitchen. So interesting design. Look at these interesting lights. Innovative shapes.


Very nice kitchen with wooden cabinets and ceiling

  Good kitchen. These wooden cabinets and the wooden ceiling are very pretty, from my point of view. It's a warm feeling for me. Good table, chairs and fridge as well. Good lights. I think I can feel very well sitting there. Good design and warm decoration! Did you notice the lovely baskets above? :)

Other topics / Have you seen?
« on: June 14, 2014, 05:40:58 PM »
  Have you seen the two man on TV this afternoon? One of them said "好茶! 好茶!"...  :)


Another point of view of this kitchen

  I think we already saw this kitchen. And this is another point of view of the same kitchen. Now I like it even more, because of that lovely small table and chairs around there. Perfect interior and decoration!


Another Amazing, Pretty Kitchen

 Really. I think many of us will like it. I admire this design! It's so convenient! The interior of this kitchen is astonished! I like how they decorate it. Plants, chairs, table, lights... all so pretty! :-*


Bright Beautiful Kitchen With Solid,

White Wood Cabinets

  Very pretty and well designed kitchen. Beautiful interior! I'd like to have a kitchen like this. It should be amazing. I like the way they store bottles and plates. Good ornaments! Comfortable shelves and cabinets. Perfect neatness! I love this kitchen!


Another Interesting Kitchen Scheme

  I like this kitchen scheme: . It is also with a sink in the middle of the kitchen, which is impressive and makes me like it. The kitchen color is making the interior attractive, I think. :)

  This suits very well for an antique white kitchen:
    and, btw, this pottery... so pretty! :) The picture -- too.


Antique White Kitchen With Sink In The Middle

 It's an interesting design idea -- the sink is in the middle of the kitchen. I like this interior. The lampshades are pretty and suit well here. :)


A Wonderful White Kitchen

  I was astonished when I saw this spacy white wonderful kitchen:
  I imagined I have it and I spend a lot of time on this pretty chairs. This room looks like a kitchen and more. I feel it's like a dining room and even like e cafe, as well. :) Inspiring design and pretty interior. It's very important to have some plant in the kitchen. I like the one here. And yes, so many cabinets. It's really convenient! I like this antique style. :-*

Other topics / 125
« on: June 12, 2014, 08:28:09 PM »



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