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 Sure, there are non-stop these situations.

 For example, this one:

 After met once on the street and starting the chat, I am asking (the second chat): "你喜欢做什么?喜欢去什么地方?" (What do you like to do? What places do you like to visit?)
She:  ";D ;D 哈哈问的那么细致嘛" (Ha ha, you asked me so carefully/with precision)

I decided to explain myself and said: "就是要知道你喜欢做什么,爱什么地方。要认识你的喜欢的和不喜欢的。这样可以做更好的朋友。比如如果你不喜欢公园,我不叫你去公园。这样--慢慢认识的。" (Just because I want to know what do you like to do, what places do you like. I'd like to know what you like and what you dislike. Like this we can make better friends. For example, if you dislike parks, I won't call you to go to a park. Like this -- to know each other step by step.) I added a watermelon and a lovely face emoticons too.

She: " ;D 见面就不用了吧" (No need to meet up.)

This disappointed me (I know some PUAs will say it's a common "shit test", i. e. A sort of test that a girl performs on a male by saying or doing something to judge the reaction or response from him. ) but I don't believe very much in this theory. If a girl really likes you (and she isn't a moron) she is not going to blow up her chance with something like this. So I decided to use a "don't waste my time and I don't waste your time" and told her:

"不用聊天,不用见面,什么也不用吗?" (No need to chat, no need to meet, everything "no need"?) and added a question mark emoticon.
"你是不是有男朋友?" (You have a boyfriend, haven't you?)

She: "你猜哈哈" (You guess ha ha)
"只是我觉得我不认识你哦……" (I just feel I don't know you eh...)

Here I decided to be as clear and logical as I can and I told her these:

"所以我慢慢试试了认识你和你认识我。我慢慢问问问题:比如你喜欢什么地方,你做什么工作,你爱什么,你不爱什么。。。。。。 这个方式不是对的吗?" (That's why step by step I tried to know you better and to let you to know me better. Step by step asked you questions: for example, what places do you like, what do you work, what do you like, what do you dislike... This method isn't right or what?) (with a question mark emoticon)

"而且我也自己介绍了--我毕业了什么,我不喝什么,不吸烟,等。我觉得了这样慢慢介绍是对的。可你不喜欢,所以我建议直接见面。"(Also, I also introduced myself -- told you what is my major, told you that I don't drink this and that, told you that I don't smoke, etc. I thought that this gradual way of introduction is right. But you dislike it, so I directly suggested you to meet up.) (with a thumb up emoticon)

"当然,如果你觉得我对你不够帅(好看)还是不够富有,我会理解。不给你压力。你自己决定。我不会浪费你的时间。我是个合理的人。" (Of course, if you think that I am not enough handsome (good-looking) or not enough rich, I will understand. No pressure. You decide. I won't waste your time. I am a reasonable person.) (with a rose emoticon and an OK emoticon)

She didn't say a word.

After around an hour I added: "慢慢考虑你要怎么样子的。" (Take your time and consider it/think about it.)

She answered: " ;D ;D ;D 哈哈我暂时不考虑找哦" (Currently I don't want to consider about searching ah)

Then I asked again some questions to make for myself clear where is the reason (and if there is something that was my fault; to know what to try to improve in myself if possible):




(Do you have a boyfriend?

Or don't you like me?

If you don't like me, may I ask -- is it because you are afraid of foreigners or because my appearance is not satisfying your ideal male attitude?)

She said: "哈哈没有啦


我没那么容易喜欢上别人喔" (Ha ha No

We only met once

I don't like others so easily)

Here I told her:

"因为我不好看,所以肯定不会容易的。" (Because I am not a good-looking one, so of course it can not be easy.)

She added: "

没有对外国人有偏见喔" (Ha ha, I don't pay attention to the looks

No prejudice against foreigners)

I didn't believe this version so I decided to be frank how pity I am and how pity I feel but, still, how reasonable and clever I am:

"我就不行。。。。。。我是个失败者。。。。。。可是我试试,因为如果不试试就生活一点都没有意思的。可是,我觉得,已经要放弃,因为没有什么用。天天读书,锻炼,吃健康的,喝健康的,洗澡,洗手--一辈子都是努力,努力,努力当个帅的男人,可是看来我的外貌,我的身体--都是差的。" (I just can't do it (I am not good for you)... I'm a loser...... But I try, because if I don't try, life is meaningless. However, I feel that I have to give up because it is useless. Day by day reading, exercising, eating healthily, drinking healthily, bathing, and washing hands -- I've worked hard all my life to become a handsome man, but it seems that my appearance and my body are insufficient.)

She: "为啥觉得自己是个失败者呢" (Why do you think you are a loser?)

I answered: "好看的帅哥们--都会有女友。富有的叔叔们--也是。我--又穷,又丑。没门的。我除了我的知识和浪漫的心--什么都没有。" (All good-looking guys have girlfriends. Rich uncles -- too. I am poor and ugly. No way. I have nothing but my knowledge and romantic heart.)

She: "努力生活就很棒呀" (Trying hard in your life is great ah!/ Living and trying hard to achive the things in your life is great!)

I: "因为没有人会见我的。" (Because there is no one who wants to have date with me.)
"缺爱的,没有人喜欢我的生活就是个垃圾的生活吧。" (Loveless life, a life where nobody likes you is just a trash life, isn't it?)
"没关系。你是美丽的,有教育的。肯定会找到男朋友。我--就是个失败者。算了。不好意思麻烦你了。" (But it's okay. You are pretty, educated. Surely you will find a boyfriend. I -- I am just a loser. Forget it. Sorry for bothering you.) (Sweating emoticon and a rose emoticon)

She: "


" (Don't talk about yourself like this.
People who work hard are great.)

And I ended it with a great sentence  8) (I am sure many incels will like it!  8) )

"但是看来很棒对你不够。。。。。。大家不要很棒,大家要帅的和有钱的。"(But it seems that being great isn't enough for you... Nobody cares about "great", everybody wants handsome and rich.)

Social network | SEO - Social network / One hidden user
« on: October 01, 2022, 04:12:40 AM »

A hidden user

For the first time in this forum as long as I remember:
630 Guests, 5 Users (350 Spiders, 1 Hidden)
   :o Wooooooow! 1 hidden user! I wonder who can be? :P

Other topics / Re: Hello!
« on: October 01, 2022, 04:02:09 AM »
Okay. I know. Stop repeating this here and there; I am tired of it.

I don't understand what she means. I didn't "do" something. Sounds like I met her and did something with/to her. Nothing special. Just she didn't like a photo. That's all. And blocked me after saying that want to be friends. It's okay.

I even didn't mention it's you. You decided to show up and share it was you. Anyway, the private data removed. Keep privacy well. Don't worry. I am okay.

Psychology / Rejection #15
« on: October 01, 2022, 03:42:54 AM »
Rejection #15

It's a very fresh one. Literally from the last few minutes. She found me first. Sent me a PM. We started to chat about this and that. She said she's even eager to come to visit me. I thought we're getting close and shared with her something more intimate but seems like it was a mistake. Well, she decided to friendzone me. In fact, there are true friendzones and fake friendzones. In make case, it was a fake one because she even blocked me after she said that she want to make friends with me (what kind of friendship is it if you even block a person's ability to communicate with you?) But, of course, I'm not surprised. This is what my life is: a perpetual loneliness.


That was brutal: friendzoned + blocked

Hi, there brocels! For all of you who like the brutal rejections, sad stories and the so-called "ragefuel", here is a brutal one from me.

Well, we're incels without hate so I do not welcome rude, hateful or other comments but the story is so fresh, recent, so it worth to share.

So there was that West-European young girl who started to chat with me but then I sent her something she didn't like. Well, I didn't know she is so sensitive and I said:
Glad that it's all alright between us. Sorry for any disturbance.
and then she replied:
Um, I just wanna be friends. That's all I want to be.
So far, okay. Just friendzoned, it happens non-stop. Even a Chad happens to be friendzoned, doesn't he? But here comes the brutal part! After I tried to reply
Of course.
and boom:
User 'xxxx' has blocked your personal message.
Wow! That was fast.

Social network | SEO - Social network / Re: Quick reply
« on: September 30, 2022, 05:20:42 PM »
Smileys and bulletin board code (aka bbcode) but only if you know how to type them because when you're using the "Quick Reply" option there is no smileys and bbcode menu. So you have to type them like
Code: [Select]
type :) to see ":)" or type
Code: [Select]
[u]underline[/u] to see "underline".

Social network | SEO - Social network / Re: Quick reply
« on: September 30, 2022, 05:14:34 PM »
With Quick-Reply you can write a post when viewing a topic without loading a new page. You can still use bulletin board code and smileys as you would in a normal post.

:) Very good!

Social network | SEO - Social network / Quick reply
« on: September 30, 2022, 05:12:24 PM »

Quick reply

About the quick reply in this forum. I never used it. But people should know if they need it.

Social network | SEO - Social network / Re: The shortest book ever written
« on: September 30, 2022, 04:16:03 PM »
Usually bots.

There are incels who doesn't share about their inceldom (except in some incels groups, chats, forums, social networks online, but not every time). Some of them are keeping it a secret. There are those ones who even pretend to had/have a girlfriend or pretend to be volcels.

Why? Because some of them are afraid that they'll be associated wrongly with the worst of the rest (for example with those mass killers or with the rotting pessimists who are proud to be "blackpilled") and being wrongly accused of being crazy and/or stupid and lazy.
Because some of them feel shy to say they're incels and being ridiculed by those tactless and/or rude friends, colleagues, relatives and others.
In a sentence: there are more incels around you than you think/imagine.

The real incel, I suppose, was online (not a volcel, not a femcel, not an incel in denial). A 100% incel, obviously.

I will show you but have to edit it because it's full of some personal info.

He: Hi
You can join my site xxxxx and yyyy.

I: Ah, thanks! The problem is I am in C. and not every website is working here. I'll try.
So, is it xxxx and yyyy?

He: Yes bro, you can use a vpn for xxxx

I: I sent this to the admins here. You may resent it to the brocels who as about me;
Caesercel ban me for nothing and created a new competitor for this forum

Caesercel ban me for nothing and created a new competitor for this forum.
Not going to ask for unban because I'm a XX y. o. person with dignity.
Just to inform you that I'm going to create my own forum/community for incels and you're having a new competitor because of your "good" moderators.

Too poor for VPN, bro. Can't find a good free VPN for my old Windows XP computer.

He: How will you make a competitor site? My xxxx site costs almost 30 dollars a month to keep it running, and every year you have to pay the xenforo software license. I don't think C bans xxxx though.

I: I don't know. At least I'll convince the Omnilogy forum to make me a mod with own Incels section there. I am just not leaving this without a decent answer. They ban me = I do make a compete content online.

Can't open your sites from C, sorry. In future if I got richer, we may cooperate in order to make this forum feeling how bad is it to ban brocels who are able to compete well. Let's show them how wrong they are! Good luck, bro!

He: I can make you a mod on xxxx when you get your vpn. Then we'll see if you can grow it. The rules aren't strict on sex havers there, only on cucks.

I: Thanks! I still don't understand why this stupid moderator decided that I am a sex haver... but we can't expect much of these people. I suppose they're 11-15 y. o. guys who still don't make difference what is good and what is bad for their forum. To ban so many users and to kill such a great potential shows a low IQ.

Then we made this new incels without hate forum here and I added: "The beginning of a new incels community era! :) I am sure they will help me. I am very clever and I will convince them, you'll see. :)" ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

He: I think it's from the gate keeping users who force us to follow that rule that's been around since the beginning of when the forum started. I also think one year without free sex means you're incel, but the problem is when cucks come and brag about getting free pussy in their prime to make life long incels angry.

That site doesn't seem very popular, and the name is too hard to remember.

I: One wise man said to me years ago "Don't make enemies, make friends." They create tons of enemies with these bans... and they do kill their own potential. Their problem.

I'll just do the competition there because I can access it from C without problem. It's a big omnilogy forum. Right now they proceed what kind of section to give me. And the good part is that there the moderators get paid. At last I am getting richer. :)

He: Based. When you can afford a vpn make an account on xxxx, and bring your skills to the most uncucked site on the web.

I: In future I hope.

Now they'll create is like that Incels without hate where the normal incels would be able to participate and also other people who are interested in incels.

Btw my second chapter is ready: http://www.seo-forum-seo-luntan.com/index.php?topic=8713.msg45349

He: You want to make it like incels without hate?

I: Yes. They already made it. To show the world that there are incels who are not terrorists, pedos, rapists and so on.

To make the people see that the crazy incels (who kill, rape and do bad things) are only a small part of us. I want people to see us as normal people and to pity us, not to think every incel is a killer like Elliot Roger or sick pedo and motherfucker like some of the guys in this forum.

He: It's not my responsibility to do that. Retards will always believe what they want no matter what, incels without hate on reddit hasn't changed anything. Plus, I think f^cking foids who are pubescent and 13+ is fine. Not hating whoredom and cuckdom is cucked.

I: Yes, in many countries 14 is the age of consent. To like 14 y. o. is not a pedophilia.
Retards, yes. But many normies are right that if you're a killer or rapist, etc. you're not a good incel.
I just want a clean place where don't need to read how that guy wants to rape his mother.:feelshaha::feelshaha: Or some other how plans to go to search primary school girls :feelsbadman: ... and the islamists who want to kill all the world...

I want to have normal discussion (life fuel) with normal brocels who search the ways to ascend. I am result oriented. I have to be in hurry because after 10 years I am XX and then it's already almost late to ascend. So, in hurry, no time for me...

He: That's reasonable. But talking about raping whores or killing is just part of free speech. Users on IT don't mind saying we deserve to be raped in prison and tortured and killed, or should rope, so we're just returning the favor. Being without hate in this type of cucked environment will only let whores and cucks think we'll just bend over to them while they talk shit to us. Incels without hate hasn't changed their incel hating behavior, so it's useless to try and convince them anything they don't want to believe.

I: Oh, if some IT comes there and use hatred and other crime speech will be banned at once. Free speech have to be combined with responsibility.

All I want is people like me to be perceived like pity and needy people, not like Elliot Roger. For example, a cancer man needs pity and help, not normies to say "Hey! The cancer guys are killers and psychos!"

So, it will be a peaceful place for brocels who help each other to ascend + discuss with normies, feminists and others their situation but without hate and dirty words. Just high level forum.

We already set up the rules there. Now I think about which words to be banned (like "nigger", "noodlewhore" and so on.)

He: Might as well try, but it's been done before and hasn't helped improve the image of incels, and got normies to pity us instead of hate. They ignore all the good incels, and only focus on the small bad minority which will always be around, because they don't like to sympathize with low status men, they believe we are privileged and just crazy.

I: Well, yes. At least for me will be more healthy to stay away from psychos and low IQcels who only ruin my image.

You see? For example you like anime and go to chat in a forum for anime. But if there the anime fans are mostly psychos and low IQ and make you to feel shame of course you will set up your own anime community at least to save your own image.

That's it. At least I will feel better there because noone will call to "bomb the foids" or call my Chinese oneitis "noodleWHORE"... I am too educated and cultured for this kind of low level discussions.

Tbh I even don't know how I stand it here so long. Have to thank the moderator who banned me. :feelshaha:

He: That makes sense if that's how you feel. Personally, I like that normies and cucks are scared of us.

And here I stopped answer because I don't want to fall in endless controversy. :) But I think he is sort of intelligent man who later will manage to ascend.

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