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Psychology / Rejection #75
« on: June 16, 2023, 06:04:30 AM »
Rejection #75

Well, one of many ghosted ones: "蒋芳菲" ("写真哦~是不是很美呢!喜欢的还有更厉害的哦~"):

 8:06:28 PM
 3:47:33 PM
 2:43:19 PM
Happy Valentine's Day! (情人节快乐!)
 2:25:27 AM
 Ghosted me so long that I even don't remember where and how we met. Offline or only online. All I know (see) she's someone from Hunan and she's 30. No idea if the info is legit. But how cares? When you're ghosted usually this is forever.

Psychology / Rejection #74
« on: June 16, 2023, 02:09:46 AM »
Rejection #74

Ghosted but for good because when I'm watching this profile again I see it's a scam. Those kind that they promise you a lot of money if the woman get pregnant. In this profile we read: "王琪30岁,本人是浙江人,嫁富商,至今未有儿女,夫妻二人做检查,结果老公患有先天性不孕,爱人家财万贯,实在接受不了财产无子女继承。故夫妻商量决定来异地寻一个健康男士,帮我圆母亲梦,有缘合作前期付你60万,怀孕成功付你200百万,电话详谈188-xxxxxxxxxxxxx
" ("Wang Qi is 30 years old. She is from Zhejiang Province, married to a rich businessman, and has no children so far. The husband and wife had an examination, and the result was that his husband suffered from congenital infertility, and his wife has a wealth of money. He really cannot accept the inheritance of property without children. So the couple discussed and decided to come to a different place to find a healthy man to help me fulfill my mother's dream. They were destined to work together and pay you 600000 yuan in the early stage. If they were successful in pregnancy, they would pay you 200 million yuan. They will talk about it over the phone at 188-xxxxxxxxxxxxx"). LOL.

The current nickname is "期待真爱的到来" ("本人王琪,寻找一位健康的男士一起生活2个月,怀孕重谢,有心帮助我电话联系我188-xxxx" ("I, Wang Qi, am looking for a healthy man to live with for 2 months, getting pregnant and would like to thank you for your help. Please contact me by phone at 188-xxxx")).

I sent messages as usual:

 8:09:05 PM
 7:11:26 PM
过年好! Meet well the Chinese Mouse Year!   
 3:53:59 PM
 2:45:04 PM
Happy Valentine's Day! (情人节快乐!)
 8:55:34 AM
(Happy B-day e-card.)
 4:30:07 PM
 11:35:03 PM

Ghosted for good. Not liking to chat with scammers!

Other topics / Re: Letters & Numbers; Numbers & Letters
« on: June 16, 2023, 02:09:35 AM »


And I wonder...

I wonder about all those youngcels (and young incels) who're now rotting, crying, complaining about a single issue or two. Like "Wahhhh, I am a shortcel!" or "I am a framecel and poorcel!"... What they're going to do when they start to have more issues later? Look at me: I'm getting an oldcel, a baldcel but still, I do gymmaxx, dietmaxx, edumaxx, artmaxx, going to geomaxx too... How they're going to adapt themselves if now can't deal (can't cope) with a single inceldom trait like just being shortcel or poorcel or locationcel? Think well about it: later all of you will be older and many of you balder. If you don't maxx know later you'll be in much more difficult stage (situation) to ascend.

-------FREE ADS------- / Re: What ad can you see now?
« on: June 15, 2023, 08:22:48 PM »
Nanopositioning and Metrology
Linear stages, rotation stages, complex 6 DoF systems, goniometers,
wow  8)...

Psychology / Rejection #73
« on: June 15, 2023, 08:19:54 PM »
Rejection #73

Just a "hi" and never answered anymore. I even can not call it ghosting. It never began!

Some nicknamed "和伊苏":

"和伊苏 9:59:21 PM
 8:05:52 PM
 8:06:08 PM
 3:47:19 PM
 2:43:07 PM
Happy Valentine's Day! (情人节快乐!)
 2:39:28 AM

No comment. Inceldom. That's it.

Psychology / Rejection #72
« on: June 15, 2023, 08:12:58 PM »
Rejection #72

It was with an online female nicknamed "268243" which I met from an online English QQ group. Obviously she was searching for a foreign boyfriend (or something similar as relationship) because she insisted to have video-chats, to watch photos, to know my nationality, age and even the height. But she was the type "Only I can see you/watch you, you can't." and tricked others to send her their photos and nothing in return... so I refused to follow this model ("Only I send you, you just judge my looks and don't show yourself!")... but still, I was too generous to send her a photograph of mine... she insisted to continue giving her more information about me, without showing herself... and at the end she decided to ghost me. Let it be.

 10:01:45 PM
Hi, Barbara! Nice to meet you around!
 10:01:51 PM
How are you?
 10:05:29 PM
Do you speak any English?
 10:05:37 PM
I'm from Europe, a EU person.
Barbara 10:06:04 PM
 10:06:23 PM
Where are you from, Barbara?
Barbara 10:06:42 PM
Barbara 10:06:52 PM
English and Chinese
 10:06:57 PM
I suppose so.
 10:07:04 PM
Are you in Haikou?
Barbara 10:07:10 PM
Which one do you prefer?
Barbara 10:07:13 PM
 10:07:29 PM
English, because my Chinese isn't very good.
 10:07:36 PM
Me too. I live in Haikou.
 10:08:34 PM
What are you working currently?
Barbara 10:12:05 PM
Now I'm in guangzhou
Barbara 10:12:14 PM
But I will back to海口 soon
 10:12:33 PM
It's nice to hear that.
 10:12:49 PM
I'd be glad to be your friend!
Barbara 10:13:14 PM
What's your nationality
Barbara 10:14:41 PM
Are you A student?
 10:16:40 PM
I'm from the EU. I'm a teacher and a writer.
Barbara 10:17:47 PM
What is EU
Barbara 10:18:12 PM
Are you an  English teacher?
 10:18:18 PM
The European Union, it's in Europe. A big thing.
 10:18:36 PM
Yes. My major is "Philosophy". I write books and I do teach English as well.
Barbara 10:19:02 PM
There are 27 countries in EU?
Barbara 10:19:10 PM
Which one is your country?
Barbara 10:20:07 PM
Where have you been to China?
 10:20:41 PM
Yes, there are.
 10:21:26 PM
Well, I'll keep it as a secret for now. Later, if we become good friends, I'll tell you more details about the country. I think it's not important though.
 10:21:54 PM
I've been to Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shanghai, Guangdong, Macao (Aomen) and Hainan.
 10:23:57 PM
The important is people to meet someone who is valuable: for example I don't smoke, don't drink hard alcohol, I'm a sporty man (wushu and fitness), I like to write poems and I do write e-books. This is good. The nationality means nothing.
 10:26:11 PM
By the way, I have white skin, bigger nose, blue-green eyes, brown hair. And I'm not fat.
 10:26:23 PM
Maybe you may like me. You may add me.
Barbara 10:35:29 PM
I'm ugly
Barbara 10:35:39 PM
Neither beautiful nor sexy
 10:36:53 PM
 10:37:22 PM
But I didn't mean that. I don't need a girl to be pretty or sexy... I just value the inner beauty. 
Barbara 10:37:44 PM
I'm lazy and stupid
 10:38:24 PM
Why do you think you're stupid? I don't know about the laziness... but I think you're a clever girl.
Barbara 10:39:41 PM
Where do you get the picture of your head portrait?
 10:39:58 PM
It's my favorite plant. It's in Hainan.
 10:40:23 PM
The photo is taken in Haikou, near the Hairui's palace museum.
 10:40:34 PM
I like plants.
Barbara 10:40:44 PM
Cannot be seen clear
 10:40:46 PM
And I'm a fan of the local, Hainanese nature.
Barbara 10:40:55 PM
So I cannot recognize what it is
Barbara 10:41:17 PM
But do you wonder the impression of this picture?
Barbara 10:41:23 PM
In China
 10:41:33 PM
 10:42:07 PM
Yes, you may tell me. What's the impression? 
10:42:25 PMBarbara撤回了一条消息
Barbara 10:42:41 PM
In China,Only middle-aged women use this kind of picture as their head portrait
Barbara 10:42:46 PM
Barbara 10:42:50 PM
But you can use
Barbara 10:42:55 PM
Because you are special
Barbara 10:43:01 PM
You can use what you like
 10:43:12 PM
Oh, I see. But I just love plants, so... I'm a romantic man.
 10:43:26 PM
I can use my ex-image then.
Barbara 10:43:39 PM
No you don't need to change
 10:44:03 PM
It's okay. 
 10:44:15 PM
I like when people are honest to me!
Barbara 10:44:17 PM
 10:47:49 PM
What are you sorry for? I'm glad you said it. I love the honesty!
 10:48:05 PM
Because I'm a very straight and honest, frank man too.
10:48:23 PM
This is my ex-avatar. That time I was heart-broken.
 10:48:34 PM
But, I can find something else...
Barbara 10:49:07 PM
What is avatar?
 10:50:10 PM
The picture like that 
 10:50:24 PM
But the original meaning of "avatar" is a Buddhist thing.
 10:50:53 PM
It shows "a god, who was born as a man on Earth", to protect people. It's according to the Buddhism.
 10:51:45 PM
I've changed my avatar. This is a dish of food. I can cook some simple dishes like this one.
Barbara 10:57:49 PM
Tomato and potato
 10:57:50 PM
Barbara 11:00:58 PM
(She tries to make a video-call, to see/watch me)
Barbara 11:01:48 PM
Barbara 11:02:00 PM
 11:02:09 PM
Brb. Wait. I started to take a shower right now... BRB.
 11:10:05 PM
I'm back.
 11:10:21 PM
Well, yes, it's the exactly what you said.
Barbara 11:10:34 PM
Can I see you
 11:10:35 PM
Mashed potatoes and tomatoes.
 11:10:50 PM
Sure, we may exchange photos, if you wish so.
 11:11:02 PM
Barbara 11:11:06 PM
Cannot be video call?
 11:11:36 PM
Not now, because it's late and the neighbors may feel not comfortable. I am very silent at night.
Barbara 11:11:59 PM
Are not you live along?
 11:13:55 PM
 11:14:07 PM
And I'll send you a photo without beard.
Barbara 11:14:18 PM
Barbara 11:14:48 PM
May I know your height
Barbara 11:15:06 PM
And your age
 11:15:38 PM
 (A photo of mine.)
 11:16:07 PM
OK. Sure. But now let me first see your photos. Step by step. One thing in a time.
Barbara 11:16:14 PM
You are teaching children english?
 11:16:27 PM
Yes. And also I'm a poet and a writer.
Barbara 11:16:38 PM
Is English your mother tongue?
Barbara 11:16:43 PM
You are so brilliant
 11:17:06 PM
Waiting for your photos.
Barbara 11:17:21 PM
But I never promise you to change photo
 11:17:52 PM
Thanks! I have a lot of hobbies.而且除了英语,我会几门外语的。
 11:18:39 PM
 11:19:11 PM
如果你只有要我发给,我回答你,但是你不要公平的,我也不会的。The choice is yours.
 11:22:24 PM
对了。我问你个问题:如果我们做VIDEO-chat, 我能看见你吗?还是只有你要看我的?
 11:23:57 PM
对了。我问你个问题:如果我们做VIDEO-chat话, 我能看见你吗?还是只有你要看我的?
Barbara 11:28:10 PM
 11:29:14 PM
Barbara 11:30:04 PM
You are too serious
 11:32:44 PM
Barbara 11:49:45 PM
But I never send my picture to stranger
 11:51:28 PM
Barbara 11:58:50 PM
Barbara 12:06:15 AM
Do you like share your private event with others?
Barbara 12:28:14 AM
What can I get if I see you?
Barbara 12:28:18 AM
 12:39:03 AM
So, why did you lie the other person?
 12:39:29 AM
 12:39:48 AM
 12:40:15 AM
 12:41:52 AM
 12:45:10 AM
 4:48:42 PM
今天我可以给你words of wisdom ..."
 That was all. Nothing more.
 A very selfish person. But she said it about herself too: "lazy and stupid". This is a good self-portrait. Nothing of value was lost. No regrets.

-------FREE ADS------- / Re: What ad can you see now?
« on: June 15, 2023, 07:45:20 PM »
A very pretty ad:
Planning the Future
The structural entity thus conceived is easily able to exceed the
height of 1000m

Other topics / Re: Letters & Numbers; Numbers & Letters
« on: June 15, 2023, 07:44:15 PM »

Internet / 🌻
« on: June 15, 2023, 07:25:17 PM »


🌻. A sunfower. 🌻 8) 8)

Psychology / Rejection #71
« on: June 15, 2023, 07:18:49 PM »
Rejection #71

Ghosted type one. Met her in a KFC and gave her a business card. After some short chats, well... ghosted. Surprised?

Nicknamed "向日葵":

🌻 1:29:28 AM
 1:29:43 AM
 2:52:25 PM
 7:26:03 PM
 7:26:20 PM
🌻 7:26:33 PM
🌻 7:26:42 PM
🌻 7:26:47 PM
 7:27:22 PM
 7:27:45 PM
 7:27:54 PM
 7:28:25 PM
 7:30:36 PM
 7:30:41 PM
🌻 7:30:46 PM
🌻 7:30:49 PM
🌻 7:31:02 PM
🌻 7:31:05 PM
 7:31:21 PM
 7:32:08 PM
🌻 7:32:32 PM
 10:38:48 PM
过年好! Meet well the Chinese Mouse Year!   
 3:44:26 PM
🌻 6:08:14 PM
 7:20:17 PM
🌻 9:29:52 PM
 9:31:32 PM
 3:05:25 PM
 3:05:57 PM
 2:41:01 PM
Happy Valentine's Day! (情人节快乐!)
 4:42:12 PM
(a pic)
 6:53:53 PM
 9:31:45 PM
 (a call attempt)"

 She said we can meet but later didn't do it. Just ghosted me. Not good enough for her. Incelish...

Other topics / Re: Letters & Numbers; Numbers & Letters
« on: June 15, 2023, 07:14:56 PM »

Psychology / Rejection #70
« on: June 15, 2023, 06:53:22 PM »
Rejection #70

For the readers I'm trying to make this e-book more interesting, not very boring and thus I try to diversify the ghosted type rejctions with ones who happened offline. Here comes one of them. There was one with a dubious marriage (never saw her husband around; not clear if she is married or separated or divorced). She agreed to meet up and to chat. We met in a kind of public area. She was still busy with her business talks, chats, actions so the conversation wasn't smooth. Later, online, step by step she started to ghost me and I just saw it: maybe she expected something more (not especially the looks, but maybe, in this case -- the income, the personality, I don't know... or just suddenly changed her mind). And that was all. No regrets. It was just a 3.5/10 auntie type person.

Psychology / Rejection #69
« on: June 15, 2023, 06:30:19 PM »
Rejection #69

Ghosted type rejection. As usual. Done by someone nicknamed "﹏ㄨ青春如此纠结 ﹏ㄨ青" ("我爱的人选择了他爱的人,爱我的人选择了不爱他的人。", "※ 我只记得你转身以后我哭了,我只想说我会让你后悔的"). As usual, I sent many messages, years of fruitless communication:

 8:12:57 PM
 10:35:54 PM
过年好! Meet well the Chinese Mouse Year!   
 3:49:28 PM
 2:47:27 PM
Happy Valentine's Day! (情人节快乐!)
 2:47:37 PM
Happy Valentine's Day! (情人节快乐!)
 2:47:47 PM
 8:10:39 AM
(Happy Birthday e-card.)
 1:50:14 AM
 3:32:55 AM
Ghosted to oblivion.

Other topics / Re: Letters & Numbers; Numbers & Letters
« on: June 15, 2023, 06:26:24 PM »

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