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I do like it to some degree but from an incelic point of view... where are those females who'll accept you as a poor man? Only Marx's wife was something like that she is an aristocrat but she wants to marry a poor clever man... How many are like her now?

@Bytes, glad to see you here, brocel!!!

We started it as a competition to that incels.is terribleness! So, as soon we can overpass them (in traffic and popularity) as better!

Here is a new one!!!

Well, I met that student girl (she is not my student, but she is a student age) around 2 years ago. We exchanged contacts but she deleted me soon after the chats. No idea why. I wasn't obscene or rude. I told her: maybe you're too young; later you'll find out that being friend and giving a chance to a foreign, good, clean and educated man isn't a bad idea. Well, 2 years later she re-added me! WOW! 8) But... only to seek see for help about the foreign language learning.  ;D Okay, well... better than nothing, isn't it? And I am helping her not... But, I really don't want to become just an orbiter and my help will be not endless...

An example of my recent help here:

12:32:23 AM

 12:33:25 AM
这个: "yes ,l  very   busy" 是我懂的。你说“是,我很忙。”但是语法不对,哥哥教你个很容易的课:

 12:33:51 AM
应该是: "Yes, I am very busy."

 12:34:16 AM

 12:34:45 AM
要加个“是”-- "am"

 12:35:07 AM
最后的,要加个点-- "."

 12:37:47 AM

 12:37:52 AM

 12:39:12 AM
2. “l go to school” 这个也懂了。你说"我上学。" 99%是对的。

 12:40:08 AM

 12:40:29 AM
就是个点--------》 "."

 12:41:03 AM
"I go to school."

 12:42:59 AM
所以,你已经知道:前面的--都要大写的,后面都要点(还是问号,如果是问题的话,等), "I am" 是 “我是”。 不要忘记那个"am"的。

 12:44:25 AM


 12:44:57 AM
I am fine, thank you!

 12:45:12 AM

 12:47:54 AM

 说实话,现在好多中国人和在中国的外国人都是这样的。为什么呢?就是因为最近的“疫情”的问题。你可能听过了--好多人的商业失败了,有些人自杀了,其他--润了。。。。。。 原来中国很好,可是最近问题越来越多了。所以你说的那些--真的是正常的。不是只有年纪的问题。

 12:50:16 AM
如果你有什么问题的话,找我吧。我尽力试试帮忙你的。 I like you. 从开始的时候我真的喜欢你, 所以喜欢帮忙你。

 I am ready to teach her even for free but if she is going to use me only as a free teacher (sorry, the time and labour costs money in the capitalistic world where everything and everyone requires/wants money!) I will stop at one point.
 I mean, yes, I am good, I am romantic and I am helpful but not when it's just like "forever" and pro bono. I am not that rich to be a volunteer.

Yes, it's true. As a teacher, who is a pity incel, I always dream that a pretty, good and nice girl which is my students, soon (in 10 years) will be already 18 or 19 and she will like me, then we will become closer friends and we will fall in love. The people grow up fast. But never happened till now.

Maybe someone crazier than Ellior Rodger, I don't know. But I gave him a link. Let him has a chance to read and to reflect about the inceldom. He has right to understand that the blackpillism has a better alternative which is the metapillism (or at least the redpillism). 8)

Just happy to see a communist incel online. I met him online and I sent him a PM to visit us here.

I like the communism as an idea because it means that without money you can have a perfect life too. So cool.

Some of these losers didn't answer me but others come there... well, let me see, let me see.

 beece (the one who accused me of being somebody's alt) instead of realizing his mistake and saying a "sorry", decided to show how "disinterested" he is with a very original comment that his interest in my "bullshit" can be measured in "microgiveashits". What a clever man! If you're so disinterested, beece, why you came to accuse me without any proof? And why you're reading my "bullshit"? Does it some symptom of microbrainianism?  ;D ;D ;D You see? I can invent new words too.

A new one (FacelessOne) comment that I am glowing this morning. (In fact, I was glowing that night, but who cares...) And, yeah, he thinks that I am sort of too sensitive because "Wow you really do post dear diary an internet stranger called me names today..." Ha! Okay, man, it's easy: when they attack you, you can complain but when they attack the others you're like "Oh, come on! Don't be such a cry baby." What do you want me to do? To be a Jesus who is saying "Hit me one more time!"?

I think Joe_McCarthy post a good answer!!! Even wise in some points. Deserves your attention, seriously:
If guys are going around calling you a Jew, pedo, etc., unprompted or unprovoked they kind of epitomize disruptive elements. It is pretty much only these provocations that will cause me to hurl fed accusations in response. Even if I'm suspicious I'll hold my tongue unless trespassed against first. At worst I come off no worse than they do in hurling unproven charges. Better even as they started it.
Mostly makes sense! I like it.

And some very racist (full of antisemitism for sure) person nicknamed "AryanPrime" posted a very aggressive comment (full of hate like "you should be necked until dead", "bury them all" and so on). This kind of 100% degenerate doesn't deserve any attention here because it's a place which doesn't allow people like him and if I quote more from him I'll be a part of his hate speech. So, no!

That's right. Downvote brigades are everywhere. Even one downgraded person like the one mentioned above is enough to affect (and in some cases, to ruin) your participation.

 I'll start with some examples of baseless, chauvinistic and racist attacks from people in TALK.LOL (aka voat.xyz).
 1/ When I shared a French link about "Public anger over China’s strict 'Zero-Covid'" I was "warmly welcomed" by some "beece" who accused me for being somebody's alt ("apparent Paul neri alt.") I even don't know who is he!

 2/ An angry low-IQ aggressive BushChuck decided that I'am a "fagg*t" (without any proof), accused this science-education-and-omnilogy forum for being "trash" (baselessly).

 3/ Some SecretHitler (a racist?) full of himself decided that here we're "barely literate" (despite of many of us are with bachelors' and masters' degrees and we are elder people, full of experience) and that this scientific forum is just "trash foreigner". He even doesn't know how to for a sentence. Look at this: "Barely literate post with a couple barely literate responses in the incel subforum of a trash foreigner SEO forum great find. " (No comas, no full stops...)
 4/ The same SecretHitler under a post where I shared a Russian link about those Mongols who attack their government palace, states that "OP is illiterate" and it's just without anything. Just an accusation and he expects the low-level IQed guys to believe it.
 Another one ("Shotinthedark") added that "Mongols" should be "mongolias"  ;D Can you imagine?! 2 mistakes in only one word: "Mongolians" (but with no capital letter and without an "n"). By the was many of those native English speaker have no idea that "Mongols" and "Mongolians" are almost the same words like "Spanish" and "Spaniard", for instance. I do agree that "Mongolians" is more concrete (because it refers to people who are Mongolia's Mongols (and the rest of their citizens like the minority of Kazakhs), "Mongols" refers to Mongols in Russia and China too.) But here is nothing that you can call "illiterate".
 5/ And here comes the most disgusting one (Spaceman84) -- a person with undoubtable mental, cognitive and psychological problems! See why:
 a) under a post about a crime of some 10 y. o. boy who shot his mother, this Spaceman84 posted a schizophrenic "word salad" (it is "a confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases, specifically (in psychiatry) as a form of speech indicative of advanced schizophrenia.") in mixed English and Traditional Chinese where he mentions different things from an animated bear to square.
 Some people noticed this schizophrenical post there and started to ask him if he is one of "the voices"  ;D and that English is a second language for him.
 All he can answer was "Copypasta, nigger"...
 b) under the post about the Mongols (Mongolian Mongols) he started this racist and chauvinistic attacks that "I am a bot" (baselessly), "or some non English speaking Chinkoid or other foreign shitskin." (Here I will emphasize that English is just one of the world languages and it's not something that makes you better or worse. "Chinkoid" comes from "Chink" which is a racist word used against the Chinese. "Shitskin" is another racist word that refers to people with darker skin.
 As you can see, the person is chauvinistic and racist, which only causes anger and I despise him.

c) "OP doesn't actually speak English" (another baseless claim, but no wonder because maybe this racist and chauvinist is also a schizophrenic or a schizoid).

(By the way there are some thoughtful people too but I am giving these trashy ones as an example why if you're a good incel you should be careful which websites do you join.)

Some sort of a degenerate... or just a preteen person...

Almost all of them sound like pre-teens and teens who're heavily influenced by bad theories and propagandas like racism, blackpillism and so on.

Often. There are thousands that will use words like "creepy", "scary", "stalker" and so on limiting the chances to meet a really decent man/boy. But due to the halo effect, if the male is an attractive Chad or around it, oh, no problem then! Even the real creeps and criminals are going to have female fans.

The idiotic times (nowadays in many countries around the world) made many of the females more cowardish than usual.

Luckily there are still these moments. Well, like what? Watching favorite webtoon, watching some very interesting movie, sleeping and dreaming something happy. :)

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