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Sorry to reply so late about the favourite cope (copes). I'm just pretty busy and want to deal with many things at the same time.

We had a conversation about this with some brocels. What I noticed was that some of them do cope in wrong ways. It's another topic.

I think it's okay here to share about my best cope so far.

"I every time advise the brocels to cope with healthy copes like sport and learning. This is 99% of what I do in my poor lonely life -- sport, reading, sport, reading, sport, reading...

And AT LAST A GREAT COPE which found me from nowhere this summer: I become a home tutor of a high school girl!

Why I am so happy?

1. She is normal, pretty, slim, responsible, no smoking, non-drinking, etc. As a normal person I do like this type of females, not criminals, whores and other female trash.

2. I am a responsible teacher and a real pro. (I never try to do STUPID AND IRRESPONSIBLE things like some non-pro teachers do like: kisses, dirty talks, etc.)
But I'm just really glad that until I teach her (Cambridge books, notebook, pens, pencils) at the same time we're drinking tea served by her parents or her on a big pretty wooden table! SO, IN THIS WAY, I CAN AT LEAST IMAGINE that "I am dating a good girl like her! We're on a date, we drink tea and we're chatting about the English grammar, phonics and vocabulary!" :) :) :)

(Disclaimer: I am NOT crazy and I know it's not a date and for her I'm just a teacher, and I even don't dream very seriously some day a young girl to like me. But... I feel so happy for a while, so I just decided to tell you about this cope.)"

I posted it with many colors in that other forum. Broly said to chill will the colors. and "I see more rainbows here than in FamilyGuy1999@FamilyGuy1999’s room"

I answered "Sorry for the colors, brocel! I just wanted to make the points clear." (Here I didn't use colors because I thing that most of the readers will be more normal and intelligent brocels and noncels who're interested in learning the matter.)

"OK, OK, sorry again about the colors.:feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha:" I repeated because incelerated laughed about it too.

racoon4 had some too "naturalistic" thoughts and supposed that "we all know you j..... off to teacher f......s a student p......, don't even try to hide that you want to f........ her :feelskek::feelskek:"

I don't want to support this kind of thinking at all and also I'm doing my best to obey the local rules and laws so, I told him as friendly as I can that "Haha! Boy, to be honest when I was in Europe I watched some p*rn but in China?! LOL. For some p*rn like that you're talking about I may end up in the jail, so nah... thanks! ALSO, all of the p*rnsites in China are banned, I have no money for VPN, so... no p*rn in my life. Only memories."

98GoinOnDead said that "I wouldn't be able to enjoy that because I would constantly just be thinking about f.... her but you do you ig"

I don't know what's "ig" but I understood most of his opinion. So, yeah, not everyone can have good self-control and to enjoy the simple joys in this hard, for many of us, life. ::)

BurntIvoryKingcel said that "foid worship is too broad. we need a new rule that covers all manners of simping in general."
 ;D ;D ;D In a word he wants that place to become more misogynic than it is now. Good luck with that! Hate more the "foids" and after that wonder more and more why they hate you more and more!

I even didn't bother to answer him there this. But I answered him that "I said some females are trashy, so you can't accuse me of "foid worshipping".

And most of the incels do want a gf, so logically they "worship" the "foids" to some level?...

All I wanted to say is that we should enforce the good females who are NOT whores, criminals and so on. Because we're all human and we need a progress in the society."

I answered to that brocel (with self-control issue) like this: "Well, I suppose I am more old-fashioned so when I really like some girl I prefer to dream of her like "We walk together on the beach and I hold her hand.", "We drink wine and watching the stars talking about the future." and she feels cold and I give her my coat. I just put 100% censorship on any potential sex dreams because I prefer to enjoy the real love fantasies.

Well, maybe I read too much romantic books and romantic manga... But this is me."

More answers from me: "Btw, I don't want to say banning p*rn is 100% good or 100% bad, but after many years in China WITHOUT p*rn, I realized that I miss the s*x less and less (but my libido is still high because I do m*sturbate every day 1-2 times)... What I mean is without p*rn you think less about it and you have more time to dream of REAL LOVE and things like hugs, looking in the eyes, writing a love letter and so on which matters more than the s*x. S*x you can have with a prostitute but this doesn't make you ascended. Escortcel = still incel." (Sort of incel, let's say.)


"Yeah, bro, I know many of the brocels will just think "Oh! I can't have her! She's going to have a Chang soon! So depressing..." but I just think like a scientist "What if"... and use the time during explaining boring (for me) things like "It's "an orange", not "a orange"!" to use my fantasy and to think "What if it was a date and we drink the tea and talking! At least I am so lucky to be 1 meter close to a girl like this one!"

By the way not going to doxx her but her type anthropology is like this one: "Asian good looking female" photo. (Don't want to bother to post here again.)

So, I just follow the philosophy instead to hate and get angry, just relax and enjoy the unique moment. Because some people even can't have a chance to sit on one and the same table with somebody from the female sex. So, as an old man, I just cherish the moment.:whitepill::whitepill:"

OldER asked "What's her body like bro?" and I told him that it is something like 165cm/55kg.

Slimshady91 added "(in a video game)". This is something that some incels often use there to avoid law problems or to show they're really joking. Not very sure.

I added, to make them more aware about the strict laws abroad, that "P*rn in China nowadays is like pork in and vodka in Saudi Arabia. You better don't do it! :D :D"

NoTommERow asked "How old are you?Are you a white teacher in China?"

My answer: "I don't smoke, don't drink alcohol and do sports with healthy diet. Also I do read manga and communicate online with young people like you, so I keep my biological age and mental age young. My body is like a teenager type (except the hair).

I am a white person with some % yellow genes, something like hapa (half yellow, half white, but mostly white)."

To be continued.

Psychology / Rejection #6
« on: July 23, 2022, 02:22:18 PM »
Rejection #6

There was that ethnic girl (I suppose related to south Asians). I usually don't care about the origin of the people so I didn't ask her exactly about her parents or grandparents. She was a bit chubby (not very fat) and sort of attractive. According to my low standards that time (now maybe they're even lower than before!) she was a 4/10 to 5/10 Becky.

So, we went to have a date and she ordered some expensive drink. I am a poor person but I paid it and then we went to my hope. I tried to kiss her but she stopped me. It was something like a semi-kiss. And that was all. After some minutes she said she wants to go home. Never called back. Maybe she was that type of person "I can order everything on a first date but you can't kiss me on a first date."

Since that time I learned a lesson never to try something more intimate on the fist dates. Well, some guys do it but if you're not at least a Chidlite and with other attractive and valuable capitals like popularity, money, etc. don't risk your future relationship in this "fast mode" date. Better wait until there is some proper period of time because it is really stupid to lose your chance and to lose some (potentially) good female just because you was in a rush and made her think that you're not serious or dangerous and other negativities.

Where are the oldcels? Most of them figured out to ascend. This is what we discussed with some brocels before in another forum.

I told them, in short: the uncles and granpas are ascending better than the youngcels. It's not so simple, I'll link the whole article of the incelologist for those of you who want to read the details: (we already have the link above so, I'm not going to overlink it again) A redpill, a blackpill, whatever! The facts are as simple as this. Metapill theory. But concretely, my personal opinion -- if I wasn't so poor, with my gymmaxxed and edumaxxed old body + romantic abilities and personality, I could find someone who'll at least try to love me. (In fact, biologically, I am not very old at all. The biological age is what matters.)

Mecoja said that they don't care anymore. He highly doubts it they ascended. "At older age you have zero options, half of them are married, other half is f........ with married men."

RuudVanNistelrooy said that betabuxxing will soon be a thing of the past.

I answered them "Not everyone" (and showed them many photos of the elder males who have got intimate relationships with some Asian, African and European women. Geomaxxed elder guys.)

I.N.C.E.L.S. Boss had a very good question (sort of philosophical) - define "old".

I calculated it in this manner: The maximum human lifespan (around 120?)/2 = 60 (around?) years old , so "old" = "after 60"?

Well, you can use another formula. For example if in some region the average lifespan is, let's say, 84 years, then just divide it in 2 and you'll get it - 42 years old+ is already getting older or old. But remember, the biological age matters, not this one.

tulasdanslos said about it "Gen X and earlier then. They had all the cards in their hand, they could betabuxx or be degenerate easily because no dating apps existed. Virgins among them are probably 3 to 5% if I had to guess."

Well, I am a gen X.  ;D At least I'm not the oldest old. I am an younger old. ;D An younger oldcel. Oh, yeah!!! :D ;D 8) ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

No kidding. I'm from the generation X. :D

bagofshit99, about the photos, said: "lolol yup

tThey all made their money and then SEAmaxxed :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek:
It don't take long to figure out that's the best option".

And because my examples weren't only about SEAmaxx (it's my favorite geomaxx, but anyway), I had to explain that some of them - with Africans and Slavs too. Maybe there are terms concretely for these? Like Africamaxx and Slavmaxx (a sort of Euromaxx or EUmaxx/E-Umaxx?)

happiless asked about one of these elder men "I'd like to do exactly whatever he did up to that point in his life".

Transcended Trucel answered him that "He apparently is very spiritual and relaxed. You need learn the psychological tricks these spiritualists and some cultist have. It is very hard for autistics like us to do. :feelsrope:"

I don't think that incels have to follow fake things like spiritualism. Follow only the science, brocels! Don't fall for non-science things.

Autistic Uggo agreed about the betabuxxing with the opinion that as polygamy and the Chad harems grow, there will be plenty of oldcels.

the.oracle said that Mmost men are desperate and would rather settle for betabuxxing and being a cuck to a (here he used some vulgar words which I'll not quote because we're a clean and hateless incels' community) past the wall than being alone.
He added he's 27 and is it enough to be called an oldcel. ;D Gosh, from my perspective 27 is so young! Of course for someone who is 14 it may look "very old". ;D

happiless reacted to that spiritual and spiritualistic opinion with "Oh f... sake :feelscry:"  ;D

Emba said that they have just to betabuxx.

oldcel101 shared his, looks like, honest opinion that was "Oldcel with money. Would SEasianmaxx, but mental health has always been an issue and would probably get worse if I went over. Want to escortcel, but not many options for that where I’m at."

I think that being an escortcel isn't exactly being an incel.

BardakTheGreat reacted to that opinion that the oldcels don't care anymore (which I don't think is true about all of the oldcels) with a blackpill emoticon. And I answered: "Some of them do care, brocel."

IchWillSterben said only "Roped".

I never understood that guy...

And, because I stand with the facts, I said that "Most men are desperate and would rather settle for betabuxxing"...  is just true. This is the reality.

And another comment of mine: "Money is a must, brocel."

ogleman said "Here." (Didn't get it. Maybe he means that there are many of the oldcels... I don't know.)

jerkjocky said "You''re not gonna see many 30+ here, not because they ascended, but because the blackpill was simply not present in the form it is now in their generation. You will see a lot of 30+ here in 5 years when all of us mid 20s cels hit 30s.
It's generational."

I disagree with this. In fact years ago there were blackpilled people (i. e. pessimistic who knew simple things like "I am too ugly and poor. They like handsome and rich.") And it's not good to be blackpilled because most of the blackpilled are not trying at all to improve themselves. The best is to be redpilled and the optimal is to be metapilled.

LesscoBlob: "This:yes:. It's extremely rare for men aged 40+ to be virgins, but in 10-15 years, it will become much more common."

I think that's possible. Of course nobody can predict the future. It's just a trend.

To be continued. Sorry, I have to sleep. Tomorrow have to go be a workcel and a busycel. ;D

Psychology / Rejection #5
« on: July 22, 2022, 04:43:48 AM »
Rejection #5

It's a short story but with morals. From that phone conference line I had a date with one young woman who worked in some Xerox (copy services) garage. She said I may go to see her there, in her work place. Seems it was a good idea, to her, because in this way she can just see the person and decide if she likes him or not without the need to spend with him more time somewhere and to suffer in case she feels that he is ugly or has another problem.

So, I went there and I saw she was an ethnic girl (or someone with mixed blood) -- more dark than the average people in that city. I like this type of skin. And also she was with a long black hair, slim body, cool face. I liked her at once. Then I went there again, after some days, but I found out that she's not interested. She didn't like me at all. I got upset and told her with judgmental tone:
You don't like me!
She answered with rude tone but what she said made me realize for the first time a blackpill or a redpill truth and to start to respect people's decisions when it comes to choice. Her rude toned but meaningful answer was that short:
And is it mandatory to like you?!

Is is mandatory if you like somebody the same one to like you too? Just because you like her/him? Well, obviously it's not. Later I learned more about the things like love is a bilateral process, consent and so on.

Well, till the present days, I still feel "not in fair" that some females that I like will go after another man (who is stupider, less educated, less polite, less healthy and so on). But I'm trying to say to myself "You also don't want to be forced to be with some woman that you dislike, do you?" so, usually, I am telling them that "I understand that they don't like me and I'll do my best to improve myself; wishing them happiness...", etc. I'm not going to criticize or to press them. The incels who insult women for not willing to be with them are very wrong. They really make the things worse. Because if they accept the women decision with patience and not aggressively later they have much more chance to find someone, even the girl that they liked before. Leaving bad memories is not the good choice. Leave good memories to have more chance later and to have a better image; not to have a ruined one.

We had a discussion about it in that other forum.

My opinion is that if you refuse some females (for example those very obese ones; very fat ones, known as "landwhales" or "land whales". No offense to fat people; I am not a supporter of sizeism; just don't want to date someone like them.) you're not a volcel. You may be a standardcel but it... still, doesn't mean that an incel has to be standardless. I don't think that such people do exist (no matter what are they, incels or not.)

So, I did a thread named "The difference between FAKECELS and STANDARDCELS"

Well let me explain the terms: a fakecel is someone who is not an incel but pretends that he is or someone who thinks/believes that he is an incel but in fact he isn't. A standardcel is someone who has very high standards so he's single. And a volcel is someone who wants to keep celibacy.

Here is the discussion. I started with:

"Brocels, don't tell me that rejecting this kind of women makes you a fakecel:
(gave an example with a photo of an overobese woman.)
. A standardcel -- maybe.

Having some taste doesn't make you a fakecel. We can't just accept each and everyone just because she is a female!

What if she is THAT FAT or she is a crazy Stacy who wants to pee in your mouth and to shit on your head during the sexual activity time?!

Some minimal standards are okay, aren't they?"

Because I wasn't sure if all the brocels are able to get it; many of them are just teenagers or young men without very big experience, I added this: "If some brocel thinks that the shitting example was unreal, here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coprophilia

Some women and men are REALLY that sick!"

nice_try said "Yes, they are. We already discussed this a billion times." (About the minimal standards.) I didn't know that they discussed this "1 000 000 times". ;D ;D ;D I hope this forum to become also that popular and to collect 1 million posts. ;D :D :) 8) 8)

HateCurry said that "I know a stacy fat foid. Literally the only obese woman I was ever attracted to, and when I'm attracted to someone they have to be extremely good looking. She had overall awesome genetics she remained to look so sexy even though she's obese."

I answered him that "Oh, I don't mind if some brocels can accept some of these super obese women. I'm only against that "If you don't accept EVERY women, you're a fakecel."

In fact, as we counted before, most of us like Beckies, so our standards are not high at all: incels.is/threads/is-it-true-that-most-of-us-prefer-beckies.379161/"

Broly added that "If having standards and not wanting to be with a hideous female makes me a fakecel or volcel, I’d take that label with pride."  :) Well said.

decembrist_kirillov said that he wants at least his looksmatch.

coping_manlet said that considering the standards women have in modern society, not wanting a 70 year old who weights 600 pounds and has 20 k in debt from food bills should be acceptable.

Moeggels posted to the brocel with the "1 million times": "You don’t seem to understand that."  ;D

RobTenekin quoted that about the looksmatch.

And Pillow City Rev quoted that about the pride.

LeFrenchCel said that f....... someone who barely looks human can't be considered as ascension.

Monke joked about that super obese female that "I need to see her naked :ahegao::ahegao::ahegao:

Just to ensure shes a woman. Right now its not clear. :feelspuke::feelspuke::feelspuke:" He means that it's difficult when someone (I'd add -- male or female, doesn't matter) is too fat to see the thing that in biology is known as "sexual dimorphism".

nice_try asked (to) "understand what"?

Moeggels answered him honestly "That having standards is okay".

And the nice_try answered "I literally said that having standards is okay.
They just can't be high if you're an incel."

With this I agreed and said "Good point, bro."

So, yeah, we can't be too picky, indeed. Too picky = no chance, i. e. a real standardcel = forever incel. Of course, not a volcel but sort of fakecel, only in case that his standards are super unrealistic.



People who know the incels' communities maybe know the term life fuel (LifeFuel). What is your favorite one?


NEVER kill yourself because you're getting older!

People who know the incels' communities may notice that some incels are too depressed and they often talk about suicides, "rope", etc. Here we're a normal incels' forum, for the incels who're normal and not indoctrinated (radicalized). So, obviously, we should prevent the suicidal thinking and tendencies, i. e. for us the natural thing is the so-called "life fuel" (aka "LifeFuel", "Lifefuel").

Here comes one of my positive and objective threads that I posted in other forums too.

Hi, brocels. Maybe you know I'm an oldcel who now looks better than when he was younger. (Except the f*cking hair.) It's a pity the selfies here are forbidden and I can't prove you.
But there is another example. This Asian guy is 50+ years old and managed to look like 20 something. So, if you're having sporty and healthy life you can look better when you're older: PHOTOS (https://www4.bing.com/images/search?q=50+years+old+singaporean&form=HDRSC2&first=1&tsc=ImageHoverTitle) and an article about him: https://www.trueactivist.com/50-year-old-singapore-man-who-looks-20-wows-the-internet-shares-his-youthful-secrets/.

Here I'll add some comments/reactions from brocels in those other forums:

Eunuch said that 60 years old Chad smvmogs a 20 years old "subhuman" (he means "incel". It's bad that some incels call themselves and the other brocels "subhuman". I am against it so at once I told him that "True. I just don't use terms like "subhuman" because we're all equal.") About the rest I think he's right. For those who're new and don't know the terminology (jargon; slang) I'll explain that "smv" is "sexual market value" and mog (mogs) means someone or something to be better than another one or another thing. Of course the age is a factor but if you keep your real (biological) age low you'll be okay. And, all over, Pretty elder > ugly younger (Handsome elder > ugly younger), according to many actual choices of the human beings.

wei#3959 said that it's just cosmetics though and that all of our balls are gonna sag more and our bodies aren't gonna be the same in like 20, 30 years.

Here I am adding the same: it depends on how you manage your ageing. Some people age like wine, others like milk. It's another big topic which worth to be created and discussed here.

hateful insul posted this

I think it's wrong because 1/ the uglycels and the uglier people aren't subhuman. It's a bad nazi word. Avoid it. 2/ I'm not that handsome, I just healthmaxx and gymmaxx, studymaxx, etc. so I'm an improved incel who is giving you real copes and real hopes to ascend, brocels!

DrainGangEnthusiast said that some reddit post calls this guy (the young looking Singaporean man) out for being a "fake natty".

And I think that's not likely because he is popular and for sure people can meet him irl and to prove he's real. Also his body is perfect so even the face isn't that young in reality, he still looks perfect for a 50 or 50+ years old.

DrainGangEnthusiast also said that "I think if you want to look young when you are old its possible if you can afford, roids and surgery. But the lie that a natural healthy life can make you a Greek god at an old age is ruining for young people."

I think it's wrong to call me liar, you know? 1. Because I never said a person will look like a Greek god. 2. It's not ruining for young people if you make them to work hard and to keep healthy; then when they're old they'll really look better than their youngselves especially when now they're too fat, too skinny, too muscleless, too ill, etc. 3. Looking well (or at least "better than before") is possible without roids and surgeries.

More from me, I added this
Yep, the hair can be a real problem but some ppl like The Rock, Vin Diesel, Kurt Angle can still be nearly Gigachads even bald.

Then I'll post my pics (with hidden face; I hope it's not a problem here) and I'll ensure you that it's really possible to manage to look better when you're 50 compared with when you're 20, especially when when you was young was a tired, fat, only studying nerd...

OK, as I promised -- photos (not selfies, because I didn't took them by myself) and with edited face (in order to keep the rules). Just to prove that even around 50 years of life without roids and surgeries, just via healthy life (no drugs, no smoking, no hard alcohol, diet rich in vegetables and fruit) and sport, one can look better than when he was younger. (And, hey, I'm even trying to face Captain America! :incel: :D :D )

The Grinch quoted that about the 60 years old Chad. Probably he agrees with that. Good because really the ageing shouldn't stop us to keep trying to improve ourselves in the right ways and, hopefully, to ascend.

TheNEET said that the body doesn't matter much (besides just not being scrawny or fat), and that he wonders how he (the Singaporean man) keeps his face young looking (and supposed that since everyone focuses on his body, maybe he unapologetically just uses filters).

 But, still, I think with or without filters, he looks pretty good in reality and his body is enough to be a noncel (if not a volcel, for example). He just shows us that if you have the opportunity and use it working hard this thing is possible. I hope when I am exactly 50 years old to look at least 75% as he looks in his 50s. 8) :D

 Izayacel said it's because of the good genes ("God genes , Strike yet again".) but I think that the genes are only the base. With only genes you can't be that good-looking! Even some of the genetic disorders are preventable with healthy life, sport and so on. Don't be a "genes determinist" or "genes fatalist".

 Something similar (race oriented, i. e. also related with some of the human genes) said BarrelStuffer: "Some Asians just age really well and don’t look old until their 60s." and "Also sunscreen, tretinoin, and surgery".

 I think that it's not so Asian thing. I saw people who manage to age well from all the races. And I don't like surgeries, so I promote only softmaxxing like diets, sports, study (meditations), etc.

 persianoldcel said "I like your motivation for life and it's true some men look better when they get aged." and "Looking good bro."

 Really good comment and wise. This is how the good incels should behave.

 I answered jokingly but seriously that
Thanks! :) In fact I am also surprised from my results. Next level = want to become a Chad. :D
(Of course exactly "Chad" is impossible, but maybe a Brad or a Chadlite? At least a high-tier Norman, oh, I hope so, so much!)

depressedblackcel also had a gene fatalism comment "Incels already have shit genes so this thread is cope honestly".

I hope I am a proof that even with not that great genes the good results are achievable via hard work and healthy choices.

ldargoblin said that he or me, I am not sure,  look 35-40 years old. Anyway, that's it. I even think that can pass for a 28-30 years old. Anyway, the details aren't important.

Yes. What is the next? Of course more lifefuel from me! 8) 8) 8) But now is time for going out to gymmaxx, to take some fresh air, to have a healthy walk too... to healthmaxx with some eggs and some vegetables and fruit. So, see you in the next post!  :)


How many of you really approached at least one woman?

A serious question for this inceldom community: How many of you really approached at least one woman (or man)?

I mean, well, some of the incels only complain that they can't find a partner but they never try. If you never try, how do you know that you're really an incel?

About me: 500+ already. The free e-book for the brocels is coming, step by step: http://www.seo-forum-seo-luntan.com/psychology/500-rejections/  8)...

Well, before I wasn't, later I became one. The factors:

- aged. Most of the people are ageists and they do prefer younger ones. Trying to get rid of some elder age typical problems with healthy life and sports.
- got fat. Luckily lost weight and 99% get rid of this problem.
- lost plenty of hair. Male pattern baldness (aka male-pattern hair loss). Not my fault. Difficult to deal with. Most of the women dislike balding and bald men... have to capmaxx, hatmaxx and shavemaxx. I don't want to use medicines which may ruin my health.
- couldn't succeed in moneymaxx. Still, there is hope but who knows... It's difficult to find someone who likes poor men.
- not tall enough (locationmaxx problem, isn't it?)
- small frame (not an excuse for no gymmaxx, so gymmaxx is my goal and one of my best copes) which for many women is not masculine enough.
- some other minor problems I guess (my voice, for instance, isn't deep enough).

Psychology / Rejection #4
« on: July 20, 2022, 02:43:37 AM »
Rejection #4

One of the phone rejections that many of the nowadays incels will call "brutal black pill" or "my first black pill". "Phone rejection" because me and that woman met in a conference line (phone conference line) many years ago when there wasn't internet.

So this is the story. One night, maybe around 2:00 a. m., there were not many people on the phone's conference line. I liked to use it in the late hours (early morning ours) because at that time there weren't so many other males and the competitions was low. Well, this helped me to find the woman in question. She sounded like a young, sexy college girl (probably 21 or 22 years old). We talked around 10 to 15 minutes about different common topics like "Are you from the same city?", "Where do you live?", "Are you sleepy?", "Do you like night conversations?", "How did you learn about this conference line?", "I like this new song... and you?" and then came the "black pill moment". She asked me how tall I am and what's my weight. I answered her honestly. That time I was around 171 cm and around 65 kg. This is something average (or slightly below average) for that area. 45%-50% of the males are around that height and a bit heavier (that time the obesity wasn't that big problem as nowadays). So, I felt okay. I can't say "pretty confident" but I really didn't feel I'm very rejectable because I wasn't fat, I practiced martial arts and I read a lot of books; also I wasn't that old at that time and I was proud of my choice to avoid the alcohol and the cigarettes. So, I felt myself as a young, educated and healthy (and sporty) boy. It wasn't enough for her! She said straightly and honestly (and I am thankful for that) something like "Oh! It's not enough good for me. I like taller, stronger, massive males. Otherwise my vadge is not going to become ready for..."
 It really surprised me (because till that time no female was so straight and so open in the way she explains the things) but I am really thankful and I never felt any hate to this woman because she made me to think that for the females the looks, the body, also do matter and only "Be healthy, be smart, be polite and have a hobby" is not enough.

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« on: July 18, 2022, 06:33:29 PM »
I started to re-read some of the older posts and noticed you again with something insulting like "low IQ", "fag"... As you know by yourself (according to the info you submit on your profile under the avatar and in the signature "~True Autismo~", "Schizos are never alone") you are an abnormal incel (some kind of mentalcel), so I do pity you and I do suggest you to search for psychological and psychiatric help. Maybe they will help you to ascend.

Some of the incels' reactions about it.

When I posted this in another forum some brocels comment it in this way (these ways):

racoon4 said: "like any of us will ever go on a date :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelshmm::feelshmm:"

LeFrenchCel said that if you're having dates, you have nothing to do there.

virginforlife: "Lol, if someone has the hope of dating foid why would they be here? For me I will never get a foid date me as it is impossible for an ugly subhuman curry like me to even make her want to date me." AND (about the free lunch) "They get everything for free no matter how they look being a foid is just enough to live a life, free food, free sex, everything for free, they are the one living their life and we are here rotting in our houses just because we can't get this hypergamous foid".

yez: "There is no incel who dates foid."

Oroborus (one of the very abnormal incels) comment with "Low iq fag.
I could talk for hours the problem is my 'tism, any foid would notice it"

SoloAlex: "" ;D ("going on a date meaning")

BoxCutter: "Really hope I could use that link someday:feelscry:".

My answers:
virginforlife@virginforlife, sure. But many of them complain that their life is hard because have to born kids and to be mothers. :) Some even complain that every month have to suffer the menstruation. So, they feel unlucky, you know? I often hear "In my next life I want to be a man." or "I wish I am a male."

BoxCutter@BoxCutter, good luck bro! I wish you the best one!
(He: "Thanks brocel:feelsokman:")

Bro, I suppose some of the high-tier incels do date but... a date means nothing. Usually you just pay the money for cafe, cinema... and nothing after that.

virginforlife added: "If they say that is hard then what about being an incel like us dying a virgin without even knowing what true love is? Without knowing how a p*ssy feels like? If truly next life exists(I hope it won't I don't want to be in this hell again)& if foids are born as male incel then she will understand how easier being a foid is than dying as an undesirable virgin."

OldER said that it's all about the vibes... What you say no matter so much.

bagofshit99 added something similar to OldER's: "mostly chads just tell stories and foids sit and listen
foids that actually talk are super f*cking annoying (to everybody)"

Loner94 agreed with him saying it's precisely.

MomoCel asked can he get a tutorial on how to get date first.

I decided to be more humorous with some basic (so-called "bluepilled") advises:
You know: take a shower, be confident and smile.:bluepill::bluepill::bluepill::bluepill::bluepill::bluepill::bluepill::bluepill::bluepill::bluepill::bluepill::bluepill: Sure thing! :D:feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha:

But if we're serious, a date isn't so difficult if you do the right maxxing (moneymaxx + gymmaxx + edumaxx + healthmaxx + socialmaxx).

Oh, if you're a Chad you can just sit there and say "Hi!", then she will surely find a lot of topics. But if you're NOT, then you need to lead the topics otherwise she may decide that "He is not just ugly, he is boring too." and leave.

BraincelsRefugee: "Thanks, I will use this.... Never".

I hope you're wrong. Good luck, bro!


So, that's it. Many of the pessimistic brocels don't believe that they may have a date but better to be ready and not to blow it out just because they didn't prepare what topics to talk about. And remember: a "date" doesn't mean "success".


For those (REALLY LUCKY) incels who're having a date but don't know what to talk

Hi, good brocels!

A brocel in another thread (in another forum) pointed to something really important; he said something like on his date with a girl he has no idea what to talk about.

MAN, CAN YOU IMAGINE IT?! YOU'RE SO LUCKY TO HAVE A REAL DATE (which is a bigger achievment than paying a prostitute because "escortcel = still incel (sort of, let's say "nearcel")" ) AND TO RUIN IT JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN'T FIND A TOPIC.

Here is something that I read days ago and to be honest everyone can use the dozen of topics to complete his first date 100%:

A DOZEN of easy to use topics which are saving your date.

Can you add some more topics if you had some ideas, share to help the brocel (brocels) who is (are) going to have his (theiir) first date or something.

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« on: July 18, 2022, 05:05:59 AM »
Some incel (or a troll, a fakecel or just a not polite and not educated guy) said "Fkecel f*g f*ck" (don't want to quote this vulgarism in 100%).

Obviously Oroborus brocel is not someone with a good IQ. He doesn't understand the definition of the word "incel". He thinks that only the virgin and/or the kissless incels are real incels. In fact it's a broad category. There are even husbandcels, escortcels and so on.

Of course, I don't have some kind of hope for people like him to understand. Maybe after years... and still I'm not sure.

When I was in Incels.is (and before I got banned because one of their moderator has no idea what is the definition of "incel") I wanted to help the incels over there as much as possible -- to prevent their suicidal thoughts, to give them more hopes and copes which are healthy, more lifefuel, etc. I think that most of them are teenagers with a very limited life experience. So I wanted to share with them my rejection experience (in this way they can learn how to avoid some scams, how to be ready for rejections, what to expect in the future and so on).

I tried to be a polite and nice person so I made a poll (and a topic) over there in which I said: (Experiment) "I got rejected more than 500 times in my life. How many of you would like to read about it?"

The poll results were: Share about these 500+ rejections one by one?
Yes, that's useful, I may learn a lot!   Votes: 16   59.3%   
No, what's the point?   Votes: 4   14.8%   
As you wish, I don't care.   Votes: 3   11.1%   
Just start it and if the brocels don't care, stop it later.   Votes: 4   14.8%   

(I cast 1 vote for the last option.)

So, most of them decided that it'll be useful and they may learn a lot.

Before I introduce my new e-book, let me share the details (opinions) that I've got in that conversation with some of the brocels.

Well, I started with
Hi, brocels! Because (maybe) I am the oldest here logically I got rejected more than 500 times so far. :feelshaha:

It's not something to be proud of (except "Wow, what a persistant oldcel!") :feelshaha::feelshaha:

So, because I don't want to bother you with stories of rejections from females (from Europe and Asia mostly + some from the US), at first, just to ask you:

If I start to write about them, one by one, is it going to be useful or interesting to you, or not?

HiddenUzer said that he likes to hear about other people's experience so he doesn't mind.

I answered that
I think I can make the threads about it shorter here and to share the longer stories in a link to another source. Like that the brocels who want to read more will read more; the others who prefer the short type stories will just read the short here and will not getting bored.


Thanks, HiddenUzer@HiddenUzer for the answer. I'll wait to read the opinion of others too and if 50%+ want it, I'll do it. (I really don't want to bother anybody here; only wish to help as much as I can because most of the incels are really good but unlucky guys.)

BlkPillPres said "No, don't care.

If anything I'd say you were "stupid" not "persistent".

Stopping at 50 would have made sense.

Stopping at 100 can be excused.

But continuing past that is no longer a feat of will or intelligence, it's just outright denial of reality, it's just coping. I can just imagine how much money you wasted buying clothes, styling yourself, using hair and skin care products, trying to max out your looks in various ways.

All futile.

Honestly, if I had finally gotten laid after 499 attempts, I wouldn't even feel happy about it or proud. I would likely stop approaching and just start fucking whores, because who the fuck is going to do another 400+ approaches after the current bitch you have leaves you for an upgrade? (that's the most probable outcome for an incel).

The juice isn't worth the squeeze. The returns don't match the investment. It's just not worth the effort."

Then, because I saw he doesn't get it, I answered, the truth, that
Brocel, I never said I am a kissless or a virgin incel. :):feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha: I had some success before.

Then I got fat, older, etc. and already around 10 years I'm loveless lonely incel.

But recently I'm improving myself (gymmaxx, studymaxx, moneymaxx, etc.) so this is meaningful to persist.


Really sorry, if someone thinks that all the incels are virgins. IN THIS FORUM there are many incels who even order prostitutes (escrortcels)...

Incel = involuntarily celibate (but even most of the volcels in the monasteries and churches, before they go there have had sex or even love.)

So... I'm just not what you imagined (a kissles and a virgin incel). i'm just incel in the past around 10 years. That's it.

Meanwhile doomed 7 told me to post about them.

I answered with:
OK, I hope more people will vote for it and I'll write every day 2-3 stories. :)

Now I think that 2-3 per day is a bit more because I started to develop this new incels forum over here. But even 1 per day should be enough for the readers. I hope nothing bad is going to happen with me or with this forum so I will be able to finish this big e-book. :)

BoxCutter also said that tbh "I'd like to hear some".

turbosperg posted something interesting; it worth a special discussion because points to important inceldom problems but for now I'll just quote it here: "When you're ugly, your rejections are brutal -- looks of disgust, harsh words, jokes, bullying, etc.

You don't need 500 such experiences to conclude you're unwanted by foids.

The theory that "tHerE's SoMeOnE fOr EvErYoNe" doesn't hold water because mate-seeking behavior doesn't vary within a species.

In the wilderness, the animals that are fucking zebras are zebras. Is there a zebra that would rather fuck a donkey? Perhaps, but highly unlikely they'll pair up in the wild. Likewise, among foids, their mate-selection criteria is the same across the whole species -- looks, money, status.

Maybe a stacy will reject a non-Chad that would still have a chance with a becky. But if foids from all PSL ratings, all abdominal circumferences, all walks of life they all reject you, that's because you're a zebra waiting for a nice-looking donkey to fuck. Not happening."

NoTommERow asked do I feel bad "because you don't have a wife and kids(I assume you don't) ,aka the typical human life?What are your most important regrets in life?"

I think I didn't answer him there because soon the stupid ban came and I had no opportunity to preview all the comments and questions that I've got there. I can answer him here, maybe he'll read it some day, that my most important regrets are that I didn't start much earlier to self-improve (to -maxx: moneymaxx, studymaxx, gymmmax and, maybe, the right geomaxx...)

More of my answers in that poll thread about the "500 Rejections":

The idea is that a person is not just a donkey and he can ascend (up to 50%-60% of the people who're incels have chances after softmaxx like diet, gym, study, money, etc. and the worse cases - trucels - after surgery-maxx and geo-maxx).

I keep trying because now I'm better than before (lost weight, gain muscles, learned more about the people and the life, changed my character). If I was the same I could stop trying. If I became worse (for example fatter I should stop). The idea is that when you are improving yourself you have more chances, so keep trying.


Even with a wife I'd like to remain a child-free person. I have the idea that only super rich people should have kids. If you're poor and can't afford the kid's education, medical security, house, car, etc., why to born a pity kid?! I'm a responsible man. If I am not rich enough, never dream of kids no matter how much I (maybe) will fall in love in the future. DON'T make unhappy kids.


OK, thanks for the voting you all!

I will make it as a free e-book in that science-oriented forum. Here I will post the short stories like #1 rejection, #2 rejection in which to give you the essence of every rejection like "she said that if we date I should have a car, an apartment and own company, but I haven't because I am a poorcel so she said "OMG! If you're so poor why you don't get rich?! I don't date poor guys." and then if someone wants to read the details of the story, can continue to read in the free e-book.

I think this is the best way for everyone. I'll start it today, the staff there gave me permission to post e-book (but without concrete names or sexual details. :feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha:)
No worries, I am a polite man.

Broly also quoted BlkPillPres' "No, don't care." which means that he also doesn't care. (I just told him "OK. :)".)

the virgin shepherd shared a video with the comment "incels.is be like" which I didn't watch, so I had no comment about it.

BlkPillPres shared a video too (with the comment "Coping Incels - "I'm gonna get me a GF one day, BELIEVE IT!"")

I told him and people like him that
It's simple: if you remain fat, poor, non-muscular, dirty, etc. you better stop. If you're getting slimmer, earning a bit more money, getting muscles, improving your hygiene, clothes, character, etc. (you're being like from 2/10 going to be a 5/10) you already mog the dad bod Normans and you can compete with most of the Normans and some of the Chadlites.

So, who improves himself has the ability to try. Who doesn't, better not to try. :):)

UniqueUzername supported the idea that the incels should give up after many tries with ":whitepill:One hundred percent true!!"

doomed 7 asked me to post physique.

My answers to those were as follows
It's not even 50% true because he assumed that I never succeed. I told you, that;
a) I'm not a virgin, nor kissless.
b) I'm getting better recently, so it makes sense to continue.


doomed 7@doomed 7 I had already some posts about it. Like this one: incels.is/threads/dont-kill-yourself-because-youre-getting-older.380222/

BarrelStuffer said that approaching is dumb and doesn’t work anymore unless you’re at least chadlite. He explained it like this: "Every foid is online now so why would she care about some guy approaching her irl when she’s getting attention from several better looking guys on apps and social media? Like would you really be bothering trying to meet girls irl or obsessing over the cute receptionist at the gym if you were getting messaged online from foids calling you handsome every day?
The only way to get laid irl anymore as a non chad is to get into an NT social circle and warm approach since then she actually knows you and you have some social proof."

I think there are some interesting points which worth to be discussed in this forum more. There I just comment, shortly, that
Yes, the Internet made the things difficult. But at least gave us the opportunity to improve ourselves more. If it was easy now would still be obese and maybe already ill. At least the efforts saved my health.

About my improvements (-maxxes):
Visual: because I REALLY GOT BETTER than BEFORE, it makes sense to keep believing I can do it:

More lifefuel from me: years ago:

, recently:

Before:   and now:

And it's only the visual improvement. My knowledge, my income and my character (wisdom) also improved.

No time to upload photos here. Later if there are more brocels and others participating in this forum, I'll be glad to show them. :)

Animecel2D said, I suppose ironically, "Oh yeah? What type of success did you have…. brocel? Do go into detail about it"

yez added "It has no point. We are incels."

doomed 7 commented something about the gym -- "bro why do you go to crossfit f*ggot gyms and wear tight clothes? reject these gay stuff mate"

I strongly disagree with that. Probably I have to answer more about it if I don't forget in the answers to some incels. I know the brocel didn't mean to hurt me, just thinks it is right and helpful but he's not right.

Another comment of mine is
But most of the incels can ascend. There are so many ways to do so -- the easiest one is the go to some poor country where the locals like you more (geo-maxx). It's not 100% no chance.

There is even a theory (something like a definition) which states that the incels can ascend the truecels can't ascend. Well, I think so, most of the incels are very able to ascend.

Here was an attempt to explain them what is the real meaning of the word "incel":
No doxxing.

Just remember that incel = involuntarily celibate. NOT every incel is virgin. Here some even share how many prostitutes they had sex with (escortcels).

I don't use prostitutes. But also I'm not a virgin or a kissless. Just already around 10 years I can't find a single person to like me (2 "landwhales" are an exception).

REMEMBER: the Donnelly study, defined incels as all adults who fail to find a sexual partner for six months or more (Source: incels.wiki/w/Main_Page)

UniqueUzername said that I am  wasting your time on retard b!tches. And "Accept the reality and invest your time in doing something better."

kaang asked to tell them some success stories first.

The Grinch asked me why didn’t I stop trying after the first 100 rejections.

RuudVanNistelrooy comment "You seem like you're trolling, something off about your writing style. Since you already admit that you are no civ virgin i assume that you're a failed normie."

My answers:

Not exactly. I gymmaxx but I also study science, languages... watch some movies, try more ways to earn money... read some e-books.

I lead a meaningful life.


"tell us some success stories first, brocel."

OK. My first kiss was with a virgin Turkish girl (when I was around 22 years old). She was my FIRST girlfriend, I was her number 3 or 4... She was 14 that time. We never had sex. We broke up because she tried to go to disco club without me to meet other guys and to flirt there. Her aunt helped me to realize the truth.

Later I had to report her to the police too because she tried to blackmail me.


"Why didn’t you stop trying after the first 100?"

because that time I met 2 honest girls who said: "You're ugly. That's why you can't. Lose weight! Build some muscles!"

And they helped me to improve myself to this level. Now at least 2 landwhales so far said they like me, but I can't with them... and now I can have some chats but they ghost me and never agree to date. Still not good enough for them. :(


"You seem like you're trolling"

Boy, I swear to my death mom's grave that I am a nearly 50 years old uncle (who manages to keep his bio age low with sport and diets) , SO for a grown man like me trolling young boys like you is a SHAME.

I want only to help you and to learn something from you. I like to chat with young people like you who have the same problem as me. And also I do practice my English because it's my main income (teaching English) as a poor man without own company.

UniqueUzername wanted to talk to me. I answered him "This forum has private messages. Just send me one or if you can't I will send you, bro." He said that he tried - "I tried to pm you but it says-

Yikes! Something went wrong. Lets unpack this.
You cannot start a private conversation with Poorbaldshortcel.""

I told him "I also got this error. Maybe the forum is too busy. I'll try to reach you, brocel."

Then he: "Now got this....:feelsbadman:

"General chit-chat
The place where you can chat about everything.
You don't have the permission to join this room.""

And I suggested him to come to this Omnilogy forum (which still was without incel board. it was incelless  ;D)
Well, then go to Omnilogy forum register there and search for me (my nickname there is "Incel"). I'm there now to write my free e-book about the 500 rejections.

And, at the end, I thanked them (
THANK YOU ALL for the votes and opinions! I started it:...

There were some aggressive comments which I'm going to answer in the right place mentioned above. You know already where do I answer the bad incels (some of the incels are bad, it's a fact). So, don't want to waste my time and your time in this more important thread about the incel e-book "500 Rejections".

IncelHeII said "nah bruh just sum it up, reject you for height or looks? Or maybe you didn't have confidence and they did not like the "way you carried yourself"?"

And I sum it up like this:
"reject you for height or looks? "

- height

- hair

- money (why no money?????????? :feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha: )

- age

- nationality (why no from USA? I LIKE ONLY AMERICANS! :feelsbadman::feelsbadman::feelsbadman::feelsbadman::feelsbadman::feelsbadman: )

- personality ("Too honest, can't lie.")

- race ("I date only Chinese and Koreans. No Westerners!")

- religion (HOW YOU DARE TO BELIEVE IN SCIENCE? NOT IN GOD! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! You godless piece of scientist :feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha:)

- family story (you're motherless, huh? I need someone with a good family.)

- and some more (like: ALL the westerners are with AIDS! I AM AFRAID!!! :feelsbadman::feelsbadman::feelsbadman::feelsbadman::feelsbadman::feelsbadman::feelsbadman::feelsbadman::feelsbadman:)

Some of the rest (mine) (One of them was the answer to TheGambler2, who said "absolute state of .is :feelsseriously::society:" (he means that most of the incels there are not necessarily kissless, virgins, kissless virgins, etc.) AND "compete for what?? blown out 1000 body count 30+ roastoids? :feelsgah::society:"):
OK, for those who are low IQcels and can't get the definition of INCEL, I created a special topic with simple examples: ...


"compete for what?"

This is a good question (philosophical). I answer: Free will. Everyone decided does it make sense to compete or not. Sometimes maybe it is not worthy. Then, just geomaxx to a place with a bit better females.

That was how it started. And here is a link to the 500 Rejections. The first ever incel oriented free e-book about the rejections. 8)

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