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Yeah, that dude certainly got very fit. I'm something like him now. I don't work that much (probably not more than 2 hours per day: washing, sweeping, shopping, carrying heave bags) but I do much more sports and I am getting that model-tier body; people often tell me that obviously I'm doing some sports.

Still, my body is far from perfect.  B. J. Gupta said "Hard work doesn’t guarantee success, but improves its chances." so I stick to it; I'm not sure if all this hard working (chores and sports + all those diets) is going to make me more V-shaped and looking like a bodybuilder (I want to look like Brad Pitt in "Fight Club" at least)... but I don't give up and I keep believing that hard work pays off someday.

Yes. Almost. I think it depends on the geomaxx first and foremost. Of course you can't ignore the gymmaxx (plus healthmaxx; it's a part of it) and the moneymaxx, especially in the more competitive place (and just in case).


Some truisms about the Chads' bodies

The incels know that Chads have got not only attractive and masculine faces; they know that being a Chad = having a strong, muscular, huge body too.

I see a problem here. There are those "Everything is genetic lottery, bro!" incels who do believe that the Chads just have muscles "genetically". They can't understand that even the best genetically gifted Chads will become fatties if they just eat, drink and do not do any sport activity! These incels are so uninformed about the biology of the human body that they believe that a real Chad body isn't attainable without putting in some serious effort!

Even their image (concept) of "untrained Chad" is a Chad with body that is impossible without diets and fitness:

The Classic Untrained Chad VS. Gym-maxxed incel


 Isn't it pretty obvious that if there is a Chad with this kind of body he may be not gymmaxxed but for sure he is fitness or cross-fitness maxxed and on low-calorie diet?

At least some of the incels know that if a Chad is inactive, lazy, hence obese he's not a Chad (there is that term "Chad in disguise").



Yesterday it was mentioned in this board's visa girls topic. So I think it's a good idea to have more clarity about the terminology of it.

Betabux (aka betabuxx) is a popular term in the incelosphere.


Betabux (betabuxx) is a form of cacography and contraction of "beta bucks". It means a "beta male provider".  Betabux is a male in a romantic ("romantic"?) relationship which is mostly predicated on him being an "ATM machine", "food ticket", housing and the like.

Betabuxing (betabuxxing) is a high-investment reproductive strategy using own resources to make up for the otherwise low looks, status, etc.

A betabux isn't an incel. Obviously the term is used to describe a man who manages to find a partner. Many incels believe this only happens due to that partner "hitting the wall", which refers to the time at which women start to lose SMV and decide to settle for a man who can support them (moslty financially). This is not true because there are a lot of young females who also are going after rich males (rich Chads or rich nearcels, for them doesn't matter because they want the money first).

Many incels tend to dislike men who betabuxxes, and dismiss the idea of attracting a woman later in life in this way because of the fear of being treated in this feelingless materialistic way.

The skill (quality or trait) alone doesn't equate to success. You (in the majority of the cases) need more than one to succeed.

It's not misogyny or something similar, just stating the facts: there are many females like the Chinese one above (and they are from all around the world). I had similar stories with some from Europe, Russia and China. I heard of similar ones from Spain... so it's a world problem. The incels and the guys without experience should know that there are many, many females who are cheaters and you never can be sure. Don't be too paranoid but keep your eyes open and don't trust easily, remain vigilant.

Psychology / Rejection #11
« on: August 31, 2022, 02:48:43 AM »
Rejection #11

  One of my latest rejections abroad. There was that woman who assumed (without asking me where I am from) that I'm from the USA. Just because I am white and worked as an English teacher?! Well, some people just have this limited logic like "Yellow = Chinese", "Black = African" and "White = American". I can't call it 100% rejection because I even wasn't sure if there will be a day when I can (probably, theoretically) feel something towards her and then to ask her out. She was an elder 3/10 auntie.
 She wanted me to teach her swimming and I started to teach her but after 2 lessons she sticked to "her way" which was to keep her head long under the water and to use my pinkies as "swim ring" or something when she is trying to swim. I am a person who trains his fingers, including his pinkies, because I like Tiger style kungfu (虎拳 ) and still her heavy body and long holding and pulling of my pinkies gave me pain which continued for weeks.
 The situation was similar to the previous one ("Rejection #10"). In this case I am not sure if the auntie was also after visas (citizenships) but when she learned that I am not from the US she said one disappointed "Ohhhh..." and after that I saw how all her smiles, interest, friendliness and other positive traits disappeared. Well, I didn't feel very sad or something like that but it was really another ridiculous experience.

Psychology / Rejection #10
« on: August 31, 2022, 01:59:21 AM »
Rejection #10

  One of my first rejections abroad. There was that girl (a young colleague) who was very nice and sweet to me. I was impressed how polite, warm and tender can be a female person. Well, she become a cold and avoiding me person just after that moment when she realized that I'm not from Britain but from a smaller, poorer and not that popular country. I don't know why she was thinking that I am a British. Maybe just because I am white and I speak English. Whatever. Once she got the information from me that I'm not from Britain she showed a very disappointed face, became speechless and it was clear that all her warmness, tenderness and politeness were just a product of her hope to impress well a British guy not me personally. I suppose she was a kind of a visa girl (for her the British or some similar visa and/or citizenship is more important than the holder of this citizenship).
 I couldn't call it 100% rejection because I even didn't ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend. I waited for an opportunity and I wanted it to be more warm approach (to know her better and she to know me better). Well, at the end of the day, I really started to know her better and I'm glad I didn't get involved with someone who only chases the the visas (citizenships).

By the way this is something "blackpilled". His (MSL's) "oneitis" (after 10+ years of fruitless love) became his net-friend and even sent him some virtual love signs but at the end of the day married to a taller and richer son of a politician. Even the science Chads are losers sometimes... ::)

Honestly, I thought that it's only me and some more guys. I thought it's easy for everyone to have a girlfriend. When I started to read incels' boards, subreddits, forums, groups and so on, I was like "Wow, there are so many incels!" :o



In the biggest mistake when you tried to ascend I spoke about the Chadfishing. This remind me to make this thread here because it's an important about and for the incelology.

If you already know "Chad" (not the country but Chad as a symbol of one of the most handsome males) and " catfishing" you will easily understand that "Chadfishing" is portmanteau (of "Chad" and "catfishing").

It has famously been used in Tinder and other online experiments to prove that personality does not matter once you're a Chad. (Some experiments supported it others not so much and some failed.)

"To chadfish" is a verb. This verb can also be used in noun form ("a chadfish").


Due to my unique experience and strong will to try again and again, once more and once more.

What was my biggest mistake when I tried to ascend with a girl I like?

In my personal experience it was once when I thought that one will like my special oral skills in s. and I told her that I can do it well (I tried it because I heard that there are many females who complain that their boyfriends, lovers, husbands and other kinds of partners do not want to orally respect them. I wanted to show that I'm an orally respectful person.) But she was that kind of "I had a better opinion about you! You're not what I thought. And I am not what you're thinking."

(I still don't know if she really was that moral or just because I am not a Chad. If it was a really attractive Chad, could she say the same to him? Or she could accept him?

According to those experiments online where someone shows a Chad photo (photos)/profile and speaks dirty and highly disrespectfully, there are many females who are accepting this rudeness, dirtiness and even willing to get closer with him... (it is knows as "Chadfishing" online you know... ) I bet that highly likely the problem was that I'm not a Chad, Chang, Chadpreet or something around these levels.

But because there is a probability that she was really very moral, I do admit it as a mistake of mine and even my biggest one.)

Psychology / Rejection #9
« on: August 28, 2022, 03:54:23 PM »
Rejection #9

 In this chapter I'll make a bit clear about these two moments which I mentioned in the previous chapter:
I am not a hooligan and that time I wasn't as strong and sporty as I am now because I was at the very beginning of my sports development. But I was ready to fight with him...
I was with a knife in my pocket that time (in the country I grew up there are many dangerous guys outside and often we wear different weapons for self-protections) and I wasn't sure if he start to attack me how long I could protect myself without using the knife.
There was a university mate (an educated and cultured person) who said ones "From all people I know I am the one and only who still didn't buy a weapon." Since that time I decided to buy some simple weapons like knives.
 Later I met a rap oriented guy who wanted to be my friend. He even had a gas gun (gas pistol). Later I bought one too.
 So this rap guy and I went to meet 3 girls. The result was that they decided to give us back a call and to say if they like us or not because they feel shy to give us a real life straight answer.
 I was more handsome and more educated than this guy; also with better manners. But the girls said (phone call): "One of us don't like both of you. The rest two like only that rap man."
 The "rap man" was flattered (he got 2/3 likes and I got 0/3) but didn't like those 2 girls and nothing happened after this. I was like "Oh, gosh... at least he also didn't get 3/3 likes, so there is some subjectiveness and I have chances next time."

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