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It's simple, when there is a Horn effect, you may even have no chance to give a flower. When there is a Halo effect, you may even don't need to give a flower. :) :)

Internet / Some passwords including "incel"
« on: May 30, 2022, 03:07:26 AM »


If the one and only female who ever likes you is 0/10, are you going to accept her?

Hi, there bros!

I'd add something new now.

We all know that a 0/10 male has practically no chances to be in love. What about the 0/10 females? Think about it, are you going to give a 0/10 chance if she is:

1. 0/10 because she's superobese (even can't stand up from the bed)
2. 0/10 because she's disabled (can't walk for example)
3. 0/10 because she's in the jail (a serial killer or something else similarly terrible)
4. 0/10 because she's brain damaged (the lowest IQ you can imagine)
5. 0/10 because she's having some deadly problem like HIV or something like it.

Are you going to accept some of these kinds?

OK, it's something very similar to what a (looks well educated) brocel said to me earlier (I mean Pepecel). So, he said that my improvement is a nice self-improvement. It feels okay, really.
But if I am really that old (he didn't mean to insult me; even said "sorry" as a real gentleman) then I should maybe start giving up with women and maybe instead try to focus on myself more and spend the money on myself (and the examples he gave were: holidays, cars and whatever) , plus and not always looks but that of course is our own choice (as we know some people just want to look good for themselfes).
Something else that I like is that if you want to get more replies then don't write about too many things in one thread, plus don't write too formal/too long as 90% of that website consists of teenagers with no attention span.

In short: to focus on myself and whatever makes me happy and that's it.

OKAY, but as I said already, there is a problem.The problem is there is no money. :) (Poorcel, as you know.) And because I keep my body young and healthy, my libido is high; when I sleep I often dream some pretty romantic dreams or sexual ones. So, to say "giving up with women" is like "giving up" the air or the water, the food. It's not normal to self-restrict yourself from the natural needs. Also I added "Thanks for the points! You're right about many things."

Well, for me the races are just a bulls... but... as a P.S.: If it matters, I'm an Eurocel (a poor East-European) and he's an Asian Chad (i. e. the so-called "Chang"). I do notice it because many incels (especially the ethnic ones, the ethniccels) think that the white (Caucasian) incels are with some sort of advantage or even fakecels. Well, it's not like this. Maybe in some cases to be a eurocel is better than to be something else, but it's really not that helpful. True story!

Social network | SEO - Social network / Brocels
« on: May 26, 2022, 05:20:42 AM »
Brocels... Good luck, brocels! 8) :-*

Not to be pessimistic but... take it as a sentence of truth about me: A... baldcel, poorcel, shotcel, gymcel and... soon to be an oldcel! Life sucks and then you... you know.


At last it's time to realize how worthy it was to spent all these years (Facing a much younger Chad soon)!

Look, I'm really serious! No jokes, no kidding, no shi*t! I'm going to face the real, real truth soon! May be... maybe!

Okay... well, let's start it normally and from the very beginning. Hi and hello, everyone! I'm comparatively new here and I'm thankful that I can meet so many brocels here (at least like readers. Hey, register if you want! I wish I could chat and discuss with more brocels here! Please!!!)! It's important for me and surely it'll give you a lot of valuable info because the situation is really a kind of "time for the truth"! No shit, no joke! I swear.

 So, here is the long story short: I was surely unlucky because I'm not just an incel, I'm a: shortcel (around 5.6 feet), a baldcel (Norwood 3~4) and a poorcel (nearly indebted, but not yet).

 But well okay, here is the point: I'm soon going to be an oldcel (i.e. I'm nearly 50!), but hey,hey, don't imagine me as a "grandpa"! I managed to look like a post-graduate or something! It's another story. And also, I did my best during the last 5 years to ascend! Bluepill or redpill? Think by yourself:

1. I was really fat as f... but I gave up the yummy food and the sodas. I lost around 89 pounds!
2. Then I improved my martial arts and started to be a real gymcel! The result was that my body became like the one I had in my 20's, and even better! (Without the f... hair, you know!)
3. I added some yoga, aerobics, self-defence and more fitness (even at home). (More gymmaxxing! Hell, yeah! 8))
4. I have got a Master's (humanitarian) degree, but I added 4 more online diplomas (linguistics and some sport (sports)) + I started to learn and play chess. Learned more languages and even started to trade and learn economics!
5. I never stopped to read incels' wikis and forums in order to keep enough real!
 Sorry, if I sound too #%$#%$#~, but I managed to become something like a "superhuman" (or at least a "king of the manlets"; even most of the males outside no matter how tall are they look so ugly, fat and so on, when they are next to my lean, muscular and trained body. No need to say my IQ is above theirs, in most of the cases!)
 The results?
OK, 100% honest with you, bros and brocels:
1. After my improvement all the females started to chat with me, to talk with me. Before they even didn't dare to answer me or to chat with me.
2. Some of these females made some compliments like: "Obviously you like sport!", "Oh-wow! You're so sporty!", "You look not bad, man! What do you practice?"
3. "Oh! You're great!" (When it comes to my degrees and learning or knowledge, but seems it doesn't matter to most of them)... I feel sorry about it, because I wanted the people to be more educated and knowledgeable but... alas...

 Well, don't get me wrong -- still NO girlfriend. (Well, two superobese wanted to be with me, but I refused. Sorry. Does it count? That's all. If you call me a "volcel" for it, I'll accept it and I will due you my apology! :( I'm just willing to be 100% honest with you, bros and brocels!)

And here comes the the hour of the truth: A nearly 30 years younger than me boy (just turned 18) who practiced only 1 year bodybulding and some MMA, is already:

1. Taller than me. (around 1 head above me.)
2. Stronger than me. (Bigger muscles, except the abdominal ones.)
3. Maybe more handsome (surely more hair and less beard.)
4. Braver (extremely brave -- inviting for sparring everyone who is available and most of the time winning!)
5. No need to say that he has at least 2000% females in his social networks who are willing to chat with him and asking him questions like "Who did you fight today?" and "Wow, how well you improved your body!" (A blackpill,...)

OK, and the top of that, the boy (I call him "the boy", because I could be his father, but I'm, obviously, I child-free, so...) would like to have a friendly fight with me. :-0 :-0 :-0 :-0 :-0 :-0 :-0 :-0

So... all I feel is insecure and that he's is 90% mogging me because he's just a natural Chad who is on steroids or something (I avoid it and maybe that's why my progress is so humble!) and who is working hard! (About the IQ, obviously I am mogging him, but who cares?!...)

The conclusion? Work hard, do your best and you'll have it better, but once comes a Chad, then it's really hard!!!

BROS and BROCELS, everything you say is welcome! Tell me what do you think and if I have to try to duel with him?! I know I may lose and I am a wise man who is not going to lose some bone because of a Chad-kid. Even I win against him, I know no female will acknowledge me, so? Let me know!!!


It all sounds reasonable.

How do you think? Every 0.01% counts? Let's just say that there are 2 billion men (your ammount of competition as a male). Amongst those, whatever percentile you lie in, you are competing with around 20 million others. In your life you are either improving or deteriorating. So you're startiting to make the correct dietary decisions, go to the gym and work out well, engage in the work you should be doing responsibly (career, business, college, volunteering), listen to an audiobook if you're lazy/busy to read, as opposed to only listen to music or playing games. Like this, you can literally surpass thousands of others (your competition, within your percentile) in terms of your quality as a man and person. So, every 0.01% counts, isn't it? Yes or no? (It's just a theory I know from $tackThatMoney).

Internet / ASCII art beautiful girl
« on: July 11, 2021, 03:03:20 AM »

An ASCII art beautiful girl.

Internet / 2 ASCII art Hello Kitty
« on: July 11, 2021, 02:16:14 AM »


2 ASCII art "Hello Kitty"s.

Other topics / Re: Japanese girls (pictures of Japanese schoolgirls)
« on: July 11, 2021, 02:12:21 AM »
Japanese schoolgirls wearing short skirts and loose socks. By Lordcolus - Kyoto_20101117_400UC-Roll-07_31, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37991271

Electronics / The blue screen of death prank
« on: July 09, 2021, 01:39:32 AM »
Good to know there are pranks like this (the blue screen of death prank). Let this topic be useful for those who may be victims of the same or similar prank/pranks! I don't like these pranks. :(

Electronics / Re: About the flying cars
« on: July 09, 2021, 01:36:19 AM »
Not bad!!! 8)

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