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Very good decision! It's much better (even you're not a romantic person) to be honest. Not like that case, you know, "I am a Korean... I am no a Korean... what if I am half-Korean...", misleading things. Honesty is the best policy. See, there are often practical as well as moral reasons for being honest.

Other topics / Re: Ugh
« on: March 22, 2023, 03:39:03 AM »
The Russian grammar isn't easy even for the people who are native Slavic languages speakers.

Oh, thanks for noticing this. I realized we haven't anything about the Chads in the glossary, so I wrote some. Take a look: Chads. 8)



Chad -- the standard Chad. This word is universal and means all Chads but usually refers to a white male. If you want to specify the race of the Chad then there are these Chads:

1. Chdadpreet -- Indian Chad (also may be another from South Asia like from countries like: Nepal, Pakistan, etc.)
2. Chang -- East Asian Chad (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, etc.)
3. Tyron or Tyrone -- African (or a handsome Black man all around the world) Chad.

Other topics / Re: Ugh
« on: March 18, 2023, 04:50:26 PM »
I suppose that it's more like "Alyona", so it will be "Алена" and if you want it to look 100% Russian you better use the "ё" letter, so I bet her name is "Алёна".

Of course but usually they are having sporty bodies and good reflexes so you're out of danger. 8) :)

The Chads, usually, do not beat girls. :)

Some popular Chads' memes:

1. Chad with Stacies (orbiters) and their orbiters (Melvins)

2. Chad and incel

Well, yes. I had the chance to befriend with 2 Chads before and here is what happened.

The first one was a GigaChad-tier: one of the tallest, strongest, very knowledge oriented at that time and martial arts expert. The friendship with this Chad made me more knowledgeable and more fit, better in some of his martial arts. So, from a 2.5/10 I became a 4.5/10 one. Later he got many girlfriends. During that period I got only one. But those other 2/10s, 3/10s and even the 5/10s around us didn't get any girlfriends, I mean they became real incels during that period. One of them is still an incel I think, another one is divorced, third one somehow got married (probably betabuxx marriage case; i guess)...

The second one was just a Chad-tier: comparatively tall, one of the strongest, comparatively knowledgeable, doing one single martial art and playing music. The friendship with him made me also more knowledgeable than before, more skillful than before, more art-maxxed and kept fit. At that period he couldn't get a girlfriend (because he had a bad minn- problem which was a light mental disorder), only once he had a kiss with one from another town. Me, even being shorter, weaker, less handsome, got 2 serious girlfriends during this period and a short relationship.

So, believe it or not, the maxxing works well and you, even an incel or a nearcel, may get some chadness and be at least a bit chadish if you do all those useful actions and having the good habits.

Other topics / Re: Ugh
« on: March 15, 2023, 09:09:40 PM »
There were days when we had eight per day. Five is just like chilling out. :)

And that's why you're an incel.
Too picky.

Oh, no! :-X Another That's why you're an incel. You really think the life and the love are so simple? I sent a wrong photo -- that's why I am an incel (even when I don't send any photos?!) Someone is just saying that he/she doesn't like you 10/10 much and then "Oh~ that's why you're an incel.' (even if he's okay with a 3/10 girl?!) Come on. Life and love are really more than "just it".

And to show you that I'm not mean to you but really want to give you a piece of mind (honest criticism which may help you to learn about the life&love thing.)

  • Usually there are ">1" (more than 1; greater than 1) reasons for being an incel.
  • We're incels not because of a wrong photo or too picky, we're incels because we're ugly, poor and, probably, in the wrong place.
  • Even we may disagree with you, you're welcome because you're helping us somehow to have a sort of reality check.

And before some incels to say: "If you're a Chad it doesn't matter because they'll say that Chad being needy is attractive or being cocky is attractive too." I'd like to remind them that most of the people aren't Chads and here we're talking about the majority of the cases. :)

I guess the best is to keep it "not too needy" but to avoid being dishonest.

There are some good-looking and/or some sexy girls around. The only good-looking or only sexy are like 4/10 to 7/10. There are some good-looking (I mean their face) + sexy (I mean their body and the style of clothes) and I rate them 8/10. It's very, very rare to see some which may be a ONE-IT-IS but in the recent 12 months I saw two. The first one was with a perfect slim body, long black hair,... almost 9/10. And the second one I saw tonight -- shorter than the first one, with very pretty face that makes me feel I would be happy forever to watch her. I still can't forget her and I dream to meet her again but I don't believe I will be that lucky. Well, this one was 10/10 according to my taste.

And here is my answer: if we're talking about 4/10 to 7/10, I think I'd like different relationships (one by one, to be no cheating). But if it is that 10/10 or even the 9/10 one, I wish I will be only with her. And if it's some of those 8/10, well then depends on the character mostly.

In case you don't know it, some virgin ones have STDs but some non-virgin haven't. Of course, the percentage isn't the same but have to know it.

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