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Locked for good.

The best is to think how to cooperate to get more rich, more strong, more healthy, more handsome, more attractive, more secured. The Maslow's hierarchy of needs, you know.
Philipp Guttmann - Own work
Dynamic hierarchy of needs of Abraham Maslow referring to Krech, D./Crutchfield, R. S./Ballachey, E. L. (1962), Individual in society, Tokyo etc. 1962, S. 77

Recently I've been learning Buddhism and I've joined Pureland.
You see? This is what I call a real illusion. Where is that Pureland? We know Iceland, Finland, Poland... but "Pureland"... c'mon, bro!

(For those who already think that the bro is out of his mind, I want to translate and explain a bit: he means "Pure Land" which (according to Wikipedia's authors) is the concept of a "celestial realm" of a buddha or bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism where many Buddhists aspire to be reborn in.)

So... bro, you joined an imaginary "celestial realm"  ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ? And this is not an illusion? Thoughts?

Another interesting thing I am doing is that, I am practicing not to have 'illusion' to keep myself in 'Vipassanā' as long as possible, namely when you see, hear, touch, eat, and smell something, you don't have the corresponding feelings.

Translation? Here we come: "vipassanā is a practice that seeks "insight into the true nature of reality"" (from Wikipedia) well, well, well, so... How do you know that when you see, hear, etc. (the 5 senses) you're not having corresponding feeling? Some ancient Buddhist or Hinduist stated so (in the times when there where even no X-ray machines or microscopes and the people knew nearly nothing about the human nature)? Let's say it's true that the corresponding feeling isn't 100% accurate but... how you will go out of the "illusion"? By entering the worse illusions (devas, karmas, reborn in next life, etc???) It's not the way.

... I hope the bro is not going to end up in a monastery...
Of course I am not going to lol. You think pravrajyā is that easy?

Again, I have to use dictionary because I don't speak any Indian languages... Let me see, "Pravrajyā (प्रव्रज्या) refers to “becoming a monk”" (from https://www.wisdomlib.org/definition/pravrajya) bro... I can't get it. Why instead of "becoming a (Buddhist) monk" you prefer to use Indian words? Maybe it was better to use the Chinese term (出家) at least to help our Chinese (language) learning  :)

Okay, I don't know (and I never wanted to know or learn) about is that easy to become a Buddhist, Christian, etc monk. See, I am too realistic and rely only on science to be that naive becoming a monk.

What if when you are back in Shanghai the war between China and Taiwan start? Are you that brave to go back to the Big jail of the dictator once you're a free man?
Didn't you say to me that this web might be being censorred by CCP huh? :P
I think you'd better stop conversating with me over CCP-related stuffs.

LOL. Good point. Bro, most of us (the team here) already left China so we are now really liberated (not like your religious "liberation") to use free Internet, to criticize openly the bad president and so on. And because the traffic from China is anyway weak I think it worth to risk it for the truth, free speech and the liberty. We like Chinese and pre-Xi China, we hate the crazy man. This is it. And most of the people with sane thoughts think the same. The recent Taiwanese elections show so too... nobody wants to be under a bad dictator.

It's very hard. One told me that have to try in many until receive some approval.

Maybe seemingly propaganda to you, I still want to suggest reading <The Diamond Sutra>, <Adornment Sutra> and <Agama>, to know about what Buddhism is all about.

Well if you still think Buddhism is just a copium... then yeah you do not have 'Buddha-Indriya', so that you are inable to 'liberate' yourself, as well as 'restoring' others.
What seems to me just sophistry is that I need to distract myself from seeking for 'liberation' to gymmaxxing, moneymaxxing, etc., while both of them can obtain me happiness, but because contriving for Nirvana does not require me to 'ascend', Nirvana is a copium.

Isn't the logic very simple here?
  • Option 1: you want women, they like rich and strong men, you're trying to become one.
  • Option 2: you want women, they like rich and strong men, you're giving up, starting to be a Buddha fan, they don't give a damn for your religion, you (no choice) to become a volcel.

Nirvana and other imaginary things doesn't require you to ascend, they only require you to become a volcel. Right, the volcels do not want to ascend, because they're voluntary into the celibate. Volceldom on its highest level = Buddhism. We got it.

;D yeah, to reach the Nirvana, right? That's the Cope with a capital letter.  8)
It's impossible to eludicate to you why Nirvana is not a cope, since you have never embarked on learning Buddhism. It will take you a rigmarole to educate yourself why it is not, and why Buddhism is not negative at all, if you think so.

I think I said more than enough of my last post (above this one) but I can't ignore it. Bro, I really TOTALLY do agree with you on this one: for you, the Nirvana is NOT a cope. It is a cope for some incel but you're a volcel. As such the Nirvana isn't a cope. It's your goal as if it's for the rest of the Buddhist volcels. Good luck with it and the "real happiness". ;D (I give you at most 2 years before you're disappointed of the Buddhist sanghas and stuff and becoming something new... maybe next time, a New Age supporter or a vegan... Idk, you are just prone to jump easily from one idea (doctrine) to another. Can't see you as a Buddhist for more than 2 years... my bet...)

"Idk why you think this way as if people were obligatory to be faced with 'Kleshas' so that if you tried any means to escape from them you were being avoidant."

Let me check the dictionary. ;D Kleshas? OK, "in Buddhism, are mental states that cloud the mind and manifest in unwholesome actions." (Wikipedia) Because when you are an incel and your body, your brain lack of sexual and love needs you can't just ignore them as "kleshas". What when the need calls? You'll masturbate? And then? Again?... That's not so easy to ignore. If you're hungry and no food? You'll be like "No, bro! Hunger... it's just some kleshas, let me ignore it. For how long?"

 "If you are thinking Buddhism is a copium because it does not teach you how to 'ascend', then you are deadly wrong."
Oh...  oh, my... It's worse than a copium because it is teaching you how to ignore your needs as a person, to live in an imaginary world, to forget about women, to be a 100% volcel. Of course it's not going to teach you how to ascend, it makes you a 100% volcel. ;D

"What is called 'escape'? When you try any means not to do something you are obligatory to do, which typically harms others when you do not do it, then this behaviour is called 'escape'. "

Idk, depends... what definition you pick up for it but... if you're a victim of the inceldom and instead to fight to go out of it, you embrace it  :o :( :( :( :( :(, then the Buddhism makes you more incel than you were before. Because now you will think that being loveless and sexless is "normal" and you'll be (or already are?) a volcel.

"Am I supposed to be faced with 'Kleshas'? No. "

Are you supposed to search for love? No. Are you supposed to search for food, water?... No. It's up to you. All is Kleshas. Why then to struggle to search for: women, food, water...? Just ignore it and wow, what a "free man"... ups, dead man too... Sorry.

"If you want to say that because Buddhism teaches you how to 'escape' from 'Kleshas' so that you will not be contributing to the world, the society, etc., not complying with 'putra dharma', not studying, etc., you are not still invested enough in Buddhism. "

I don't want to invest in religion, especially such a loser-making like the passive ones. I don't want to be brain-washed by any religion or politics or propaganda of any sort that will teach me how wrong I am for willing to have a better life based on satisfying my true, natural needs. And putra dharma (a person's duty as a son) isn't something I meant. I mean that it will teach you to ignore your true self, your needs, your social life and the end is what? Being in a temple and becoming a monk volcel. Wow, what an achievement.  ;D Bro, you can become a volcel without any religion too. Why bother to learn useless things to obtain the volcelism when you can just say "I gave up, I am defeatist, so from now on I am a volcel and just let me live my life learning about the IQ metrics, geometry and my other nerdy stuff without bothering." Isn't it easier and healthier?

"Buddhism teaches you to hold 'Bodhicitta'."

Translation, again. Okay, "bodhicitta, ("enlightenment-mind" or "the thought of awakening"), is the mind (citta) that is aimed at awakening (bodhi), with wisdom and compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings." (from Wikipedia).

Wisdom and compassion? And how the wisdom is coming without education, science? You have to learn, to experience, to study, to think. It's not as easy as reading religion books and becomg a monk. And about the compassion, you can have it (practice it) without sunk in religious cults and nonsenses.

"Yeah Buddhism thinks it's better to 'restore' people, but it's also good to 'benefit' people by any means, including publishing breaking studies what I am now managing to accomplish. Buddhism never said the latter was not good."

And how they (Buddhist monks) are benefiting me when they come to knock the door for giving them something? Being a beggar isn't something useful for the community. They're making me poor (if I give them something). Why they don't give me, to make me richer? You see? This is the problem. The religions doesn't produce anything but propaganda and lies. Of course, there are some who organize charitable actions and stuff but again, mostly begging others to give, give, give... Even some kids produce more than a monk because they can help parents to clean the street or to go shopping.

"What I think you may feel 'negative' about Buddhism is that it negatively sees Gymmaxxing or else"

Not everyone? Or Shaolin (the perfect example of giga-gymmax and martial arts) is a Muslim temple? ;D Nothing to do with the gymmaxx. I just feel that Buddhism and inceldom are very related -- being a Buddhist already makes you a volcel or at least an incel who tends to give up easier than the atheistic incels and others.

"since it is an indication of 'ātma-grāha' in the perspective of Buddhism, but Buddhists seek for 'real happiness'

Oh, yes. Our happiness is the real one. (We heard it before. Every propaganda is teaching you that its happiness is the best. Xi Jinping's 吃苦-ism (chiku-ism) is also, according to him, something that is real happiness...) Being loveless, sexless, kissless is the "real" happiness. Ah, forgot: no meat too! What a happy life! Meat-less, love-less, girlfriend-less... do you feel how "happy" you are? :P

"while common people seek for 'fake happiness'"

 Yes, sure. Having a tasty meal with meat, having love and living outside of a boring 100%-male community is a fake happiness. I feel you, bro. ;)

"I don't think it's 'escapism' when you are seeking for 'real happiness', distracting yourself from Gymmaxxing or smth, since per se you are not supposed to seek for 'fake happiness' instead of 'real happiness'. "

With this thinking you are ready to even join some aggressive army (like Putin's one) where they will easily teach you that to die for your Putin (or Xi, Kim...?) is the "real happiness". Come on, you're one of the most intelligent incels I met. Are you really so naive to fall for "only my happiness is real, because I am a Buddhism man"? I am speechless. ;D

"Correct me if I am wrong. Well I've not learned Buddhism for a long while so I may have said something absurd, or that 'does not uphold the dharma', if I put it by the terminology of Buddism."

Nothing wrong bro... just say it shortly: "I lost it, I became a volcel. Wish me good luck with it." ;)

Eastern things / I'm glad to have Google Translate
« on: January 18, 2024, 05:49:10 AM »
When in SEA, I am glad to have Google Translate and other similar translators too. Right now I had to use one of them for this: "អ្នក​ជា​នរណា?  ហេតុអ្វីបានជាអ្នកបន្ថែម Telegram របស់ខ្ញុំ?" Some unknown added me, sent some strange messages. Then disappeared suddenly...

EARN MONEY / Re: Are they scammers?
« on: January 17, 2024, 06:05:24 AM »
I don't know but a friend who is into this stuff said that this looks to him as 100% scam.

One clear, related video in YouTube all about this Telegram bot: https://youtu.be/m2vZLFG1zJs?si=nsBfu257fJMPZdJ-

Sounds like the greatest copium ever.  :D Bro, this will just distract you from your problem how to asend.

I think you look better. More normal, more male. This guy is more like a cartoon or TV star but with girlish and (or) childish appearance. So, how he can be 8/10 if the Chads are 7/10 to 9/10 and the GigaChads are 10/10? Could pass the 6/10 in some J-pop, K-pop, Q-pop fan communities probably.

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