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I sent him this:
Don't tell me what to do, loser!
and I expected that he, as a person with a low IQ and a hatecel won't just realize his bad behaviour and mistake. He'll continue to answer. So predictable, like a frog or even a simpler life form. And he did!

He said:
will if I want to - you are some f*ggot larper typing about shit you have no clue about.

Go f^ck foids if your magic solutions work and move on.

And here comes my answer (Yes, that's right! I am answering you here, you coward! Come there to debate if you dare!):

1. If you often use the homosexual insults it shows that you're probably a gay yourself or a hidden homosexual who projects his own homosexuality to the heterosexual people like me.

2. You have no clue about because you're a victim of the worst possible pill -- the blackpill, which limits and reduces the chances of the good incels to ascend. Your IQ is so low that you're not capable to understand anything else and you're rotting. But, as others said, it's good to see that people like you are not going to have kids and to reproduce the hate, stupidity and so on. Rest in peace!

3. I am old, bald, short and poor and it limits me but still, I do gymmaxx, edumaxx and moneymaxx, so I will ascend, but you -- even young and already so loser?! You have less chances than me, youngcel loser lowIQcel and hatecel!

Just some personal answers, you don't need to read it. I am sure the losercel (hatecel) nicknamed "Mazzuro" (from Saidit.net).

Then f*ck off from this sub retard. Noone cares about this pseudoscientific gibberish which is just a dude with delusions and serious lack of English language basis.

If this works so great for you, why don't you fuck women now? Maybe it's your toxic personality right?

1. You're a retard because you don't value, not don't care about the scientific development of the inceldom problematics!
2. You're very low educated so you're not the one who can make the clear difference between scientific and pseudoscientific.
3. The one and only gibberish are your angry useless posts, hatecel!
4. The delusions are in your head, that's why you're a victim of the blackpillism which leads you to nowhere!
5. Your English sucks but because you have nothing more than English you continue to insist that you can speak English well and the non-native speakers have no basis. In fact, one of the reason you can't get the metapill and the atleastism is that your English is limited! Hahaha! ;D

I believe 100% of Chinese girls will run for the face that is closer to a Caucasian face.

I was rejected many times by Chinese who said they:

- like only Chinese guys.
- they like non-Chinese, but only Koreans.
- they like non-Chinese, but even a white guy, you should be from a rich country like: Canada, Australia, USA, Great Britain, France.
- they like something rare (lesbians, only black males, volceldom, etc.)

So, it's not that simple.

There was that rude incels who said to a mayocel something like this: "You're so ugly that even your JBW (just be white) can't save you."  ;D

The point is that if you're only relying on Caucasian (white) things and you're nothing more, you're "over". Like those who jealous the tall guys. OK, man! Being tall (the heightpill) is a good thing but can you make it only with being tall? How many tall losers are over there? 

I found out one thing, that even if your face was flawless, your would not be rated highly if your face was not quasi-Caucasian or Caucasian.

I am a Caucasion and still there are tons of Asians with female admirers and girlfriends, lovers (小三) and so on... and me with 0 of it.

By the way, if you're rich (like 土豪 (native rich guys),富二代 (sons and daughters of these),星二代 (stars' generation), 商人 (businessmen) ) you're having a lot of females to like you around even you're 100% Asian with no Caucasian similarities.
 Also, if you're a muscle man (肌肉男), usually you'll have at least 1-2 girls who will want to be with you! (Also, without any Caucasian similarities)...
 So, just moneymaxx and/or gymmmax and don't dream of racepill like this.

You juse have to stop thinking about your past experience and think about your present development. Think after 10 years how more knowledgeable and how more strong you will be. This is a good goal.

I do the same -- everyday learning and sport, learning and sport. Even I am old, I do believe that it's better to become strongher and cleverer than to think about my past fails. Life is short, use it wise.

OMG😜😅 Brocel, my classmates tried to rape me with a hammer behind just because I had good marks and they were mad at me because their parents wanted them to be like me. Also another time one classmate nearly killed me and another from the same school was stabbed in the back with a knife. And all this when we lived in a secured communist country. Now when there are drugs and more weapons in the bad capitalist society more kids are losing their lives and health. Sorry to say that but if you were in some European or American school you were not going to survive more than a week or two. You're too sensitive and... not in a very good shape so lucky you were in China.👍

 Yes. Ago, in that incels.is (full of aggressive and bad, blackpilled incels and only a few reasonable ones), I saw a thread about a "based gookcel". I know "gook" comes from the Korean "state" and I guess it's about a Korean incel. Because I am a fan of the Korean culture I read it but he wasn't based at all, he was terribly biased (calling for rapes, murders and cannibalism), so my honest comments were:

 1. Yeah... and then some brocels ask "Why they hate us?" Because of the few % aggressive and mental disordered incels (and trolls) they think all of us are freaks.
 After Lv99_BixNood answered me that this is what inceldom does to your brain and that if you're not mad you're not a trucel. I said:

 2. And mad = to call the brocels to kill and to rape and to go to jail? Sorry, but only the idiotcels are doing this. The decent incels can't ruin their lives and those of the brocels.

 I am proud of being normal guy!!! 8)

Well, I think it's a good rule. They're just too entitled (they think they may hate and do bad things but the people should like them and the women should be their servants or something). They can't realize that if don't put efforts on self-improvement (gymmaxx, moneymaxx, edumaxx, healtmaxx and so on) they can't be good boyfriends and good fathers too. What sons they may parent? Losers full of hate like them?

Hi, LibGen! How are you doing?

Yes, I am the old, bald, poor incel who gave the opinion to that good currycel bro! :) I really think you're going to ascend because you're looking good, you can learn well and you may add good muscle mass to your body.

Yes, many of the blackpilled communities are lacking brotherhood. They like to have incel cannibalism (instead to help each other and to think how to ascend they just attack each other). This sort of people can't ascend at all because they're rotting in a circle (self-pity - hate - self-pity - hate)... no efforts to improve themselves and at the end of the day they're becoming dadbods bitter Westerners (or others) who're wondering why there is nobody to like them. Terrible. But as you saw, there are good incels here, which are normal -- they study, hit the gym, earn some money, communicate without hate and rudeness. These people may ascend.

Thanks a lot! You see, they're just teenagers and youngcels (maybe the eldest are still in the college) so they can't be so tolerant, understanding and so on; also mostly they're from Western countries where they live non-stop in aggressive environment, which is full of rude words, insults, challenges and lack of politeness. So, don't get surprised when some blackpilled teens and around this age comment like Mazzuro or Vortex. It's just their "style". ;D ;D ;D ;D

Some feedbacks from brocels, please answer them! As I told them "I'll resent your answers and it'll be interesting to see the incelologist's answers to you, brocels."

Here they come,

LadiesMan thinks this:
Woah! They said hello! There's a gigantic gulf between women saying "hi" to you, which is what they do, they are genetically programmed to be more agreeable, and jumping into your bed. The fact that you think it is significant is quite depressing. You must be even lonelier than me.

Mazzuro (known from before with his not that friendly language) said:
You are probably an autistic incel writing this gibberish to establish your moral highground. What gives you the blessed wisdom to guide anyone when you are alone yourself and moreover - you are typing like a seriously handicapped person?

Not to interrupt but nobody's from the USA here currently. Mostly European and Chinese members.

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