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It's not that complicated to understand but there are people who can't get it or at least think of it in a wrong way. For example that brocel who said "hypergamy always wins, nonchads lose"... Bro, hypergamy is not only about the looks. Many females are just leaving the poor man for a rich man. This is the main hypergamy - from a lower social status to an upper social status.

She isn't an incel, she just likes to learn and participates in many topics here. :) Also she writes good homeworks like that physics related about the time. 8)

But she said she's not dating now so she can be considered as a volcel (voluntary celibate) which is okay because when people are young they can afford to focus on their study and other development more (exactly as she does, for example with the calligraphy currently).

So, in this case we're talking about a pure and healthy (for her) volceldom. 8) (She is smart and pretty enough and she can find a boy-friend instantly but why to be in hurry? The females usually have no problem to have a boyfriend in any age; it's never late for them, so she did it right -- first study and develop and when she is ready, she can have almost every male she likes. I bet her parents think the same if they're responsible people.)

As a conclusion, I saw many low IQcels and psychocels like this one but this Mazzuro is (so far) the worst one. I hope there will be more people to know him and (no matter males or females) not to interact with him and just let him to rot and rest in peace. It's just a useless creation (which may be harmful if spreading his stupidity, blackpillism and other discouraging ideas which prevent the normal incels to ascend).

Awesome, but who asked? I don't give a fuck what you do in this circlejerk of yours. Seems like you have a weird need of appearing as better than me, I wonder why.

Because you know, happy people don't need to do shit like that.

1. You're reading here (you can't deny, especially after you comment in your PMs things that were posted only here ;D), so stop pretending that you're not reading. Just don't be such a little coward and man up a bit, register and come here to show your low IQ. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
2. I don't need to be a better than some psychocel like you --- you're a nobody compared to me: no degree (I am with a university major), no sport skills (I am doing lots of sports and I am stronger and faster than you, wish I could prove it face-to-face soon!), no logic (obviously not able to discuss a normal thing and proof in a decent manner), no right attitude (just a blackpilled cult follower, lacking ability to see the other pills and the meta!)... Everyone is better than you, because you're just a bottom level incel!
3. If I am not happy than you're a terrible mess leveled. Losercel.

Low IQcel (pl. Low IQcels) are incels who're not well educated, lazy to learn and understand and so on. A fresh example is this hatecel.

Yes, yes. ;D Now he's crying in PMs there like
Why would I even try?
He is completely lost... even lost his words already... only some single words, hardly connected to a sentence. A cry baby... forget about him.

I love west education because it is really intended to cultivate students' thoughts, bodies, knowledges, personalities, etc.

Here I definitely don't agree xD but yes, we treat students pretty equally in the west and that's good. If you want to learn something you can and you're not punished for being worse than others. The problem is school often is like anarcho-capitalism, rules doesn't apply to kids and violence determines your position. And if you don't keep showing your violence you become victim, kids understand only fear and violence, or if you take something from them. Schools don't care about pathology, they sweep it under the carpet and often blame victim when he/she report bullying. Situation in pretty all "west" countries is similar, the further from west Europe the worse.

I was educated in the West (during the socialist period and during the capitalist period). I also was a teacher in China. About the bodies -- I want to say that in China it's better. About the thoughts -- well, the West gives more freedom and pluralism. About the knowledge -- here it's very subjective (if you're a good student, you'll be good in China or in the West; it's up to you how well you follow the teacher and how well you are learning after school). About the personalities -- I don't think the education has to do something with this.

No amount of answers for me will give you sex. Get through this insane stage fast, you appear as pathetic really.

What a low IQcel, what a cowardcel, what a pitycel, what a "it's REALLY over"cel... The pity creature thinks that edumaxxed, gymmaxxed and being in Asia man like me who moneymaxx (and who already had many females) is not going to ascend again! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D No way, I can't agree more that there are those incels like him who will really be truecels more and more! He's getting fatter, weaker, more insane (see his hallucinations about the credit cards, for instance)... such a pathetic boy... thanks god he's not going to ascend. I feel happy that this kind of people have 0% chance to have kids. It's good. 8)

Cowardice isn't the thing you describe. I just don't touch your shithole site - it stinks with retardation, autism and stolen credit cards.

Also, think how in each and every post you need to appear as holier than thou - literally no one gives a shit about that and screaming into the void won't bring you relationship.

You don't realize that fantasizing about philosophy and possible solutions do not work once you are subhuman.

But hey - you mention seamaxxing - meaning you see your possible chances are as high as mine - I am white and going seamaxx would give me sex in no time. The best part - I am not a native English speaker faggot. It's just your retarded pokemon dialect which is barely understandable.

1. It is clear. YOU ARE A COWARD. Don't make this weak try to deny.
2. Retardation is a thing that's only in your small and retarder brain. Not here.
3. Stolen credit cards are only in your schizophrenic hallucinations. What a psycho! Not just an autist, a realy psycho who see stolen cards!
4. If you don't give a shit, why do you answer so regularly? Huh? LOL! So blatant!
5. My relationships aren't big problem because I am stronger, cleverer and richer day by day, but you -- a perperual regress! For you, it IS over!
6. "Subhuman" isn't a normal, real thing. It's a nazi terminology and if you use it, well, you're a trash, but wait, if I am a bit objective, I should say that it may suit people like you: low IQ, full of hate, cowards... Okay, I do agree that you maybe something like a subhuman.
7. Of course, you're not a native English speaker! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D  I just said it in this way to be sure you're reading here and comment something concretely!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D This is just a proof that you pretend you're not reading but you're reading what I answer you and you're visiting here!
Hahaha! Such a low IQcel! Easy to predict, easy to see his nothingness!

Haha! That Vortex (some gopnik level Russiancel) said
You're mental, can't you see?
and I answered him "Сказал человек кто остался в России?! Ну и дела!" (Because my Russian is good. It means "This said a man who remains in Russia?! Oh wow!") I mean, it's not clever to be in Russia when it's so dangerous to be there recently and it's not good to live there, compared with other places, right?

And that low IQcel, cowarcel and hatecel Mazzuro:
He doesn't, that's the problem. He sounds as some weakly programmed AI or mental asylum pensioner.

My reply: Well, of course, to an idiotcel like you I may sound like an AI or a wise pensioner. It's normal, because the lelel... you see, young (and stupid, retarted and so on) man, the difference between me and you is like the distance between the ground and the stars. ;D

This pitycel, cowardcel and low IQcel is trying to post some PM answers to me. Enjoy:

Also, adding -maxx, -cel and bragging about your IQ isn't making you smarter.
Autism is dripping from this message. Seriously, consider your life choices.

As I said,  answer you only there, cowardcel and stupidcel! "-maxx", "-cel" and so on, are mainly inventions of your favorite blackpilled society which is cult-like and dogmatic. It (and brainwashed followers like you) can't accept another point of view and it's leading you to nowhere. But it's okay because we, the good and hard-working incels, are not willing to see people like you reproducing again and again. Autism is something that suits you and maybe not only it.

I do consider my life choices because I can have some, but you, the blackpilled losercel, haven't any. Remember -- this blackpillism is weakening you.

The cowardcel (also a low IQcel) said recently
I suggest going to your pseudoscientific shit hole and considering greater solutions to inceldom - it seems like it didn't solve yours.

My instant reply is: And I suggest your shit hole type brain to learn (or at least to try because your level isn't so good) the difference between "pseudoscientific" and "scientific". For you what is scientific? The ruining, depressing, killing blackpill, right? And this is your curse. Our solutions is to maxx: body, health, knowledge, money -- we're stronger, healthier, cleverer and richer. And you? Weaker, fatter, uglier, poorer and stupider. Guess who will ascend better! :P ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

The new answer of the coward there:
I'm not debating anyone on a site supposed to doxx people. As I said - all you are trying to do is to establish your moral highground, in reality your English, your education, f*ck, even your motivation are way weaker than mine. You appear as someone who knows some greater truth and you are speaking about your "possibility to ascend" - you are lonely bluepilled incel coping on the possibility which will never come. You are writing your retarded takes not to prove us - but to prove yourself that you are not wrong.

Deep down you know that you are older and older and there is no turning back - despite effort of working out, studying, doing shit you lost everything, because you weren't born with good bone structure and genetics.

There is no place for debate, when you are not even having sex - even IT appears as above you in terms of advices.You have a foid on your site - ask her to blow you, because of your greatness. Oh wait, I forgot it will never happen and you know why.

My reply:

1. "Doxx people" is only a product of your schyzophrenic brain! Nothing more!!!
2. Moral highground is something that you need, hatecel low IQcel. Not me, the educated good man.
3. "English", "English"... the only thing that makes you feel secured is your mother tongue?! Pathetic losercel.
4. My education is something that you'll only dream off... but your low IQ isn't sufficient to make you dream of something so high like this.
5. You know nothing about my great will and motivation; you even have no will to register and to debate here, pity coward.
6. We know science and philosophy. Yes, they ARE "greater truth" compared with your blackpill (wait! It's even not yours; you're just a follower of this cult-like low-level "theory").
7. "Bluepilled" when it comes to METApill?! Yeah, the low IQcels can think only in these limited binary categories "blackpill-bluepill", there isn't redpill, whitepill, metapill, purplepill, pinkpill, etc. Too primitive brain!
8. The possibility to ascend is real when you're not a low IQcel who is blackpilled and lazy like you.
9. I am not so lonely as you are. And I am getting more clever, more strong and more optimistic. You? You're rotting and you're going to be a dead-end of your family. The end. And that's for good.
10. I don't need to prove to me nothing; I see the results -- I lost weight, I graduated in more majors and I am stronger than before. I also bought property. I am writing stuff. I am getting paid more and more! And you, loser? Nothing! The nothingness!
11. I am older but better than young fatcels and retardcels like you. I even had some girlfriends before and you're a kissless one. LOL! No room to compare, losercel!
12. Haha! Bone structure, when I am full of muscles?! And bad genetics, when I didn't visit a hospital in the last 30 years?! You're such a fool. Yes, you need to be single forever! The females need at least 500% better than you. You're a nearly absolure 0!!! Who is going to like you?! Come on, rest in peace!
13. I will geomaxx and I will have more than you expect! And you're just going to rot and maybe you'll get ill because lazy, non-sport doing and hateful people like you never remain healthy! A future ill man. Maybe a disabledcel, I don't know but I use the logic: you are really a "it's over"cel.

Incel and 1 Guest are viewing this topic.

Yes, the cowardcel came to see my answers but he's a coward and low IQed so I bet 99.999999999999999999999999999% that he's not going or not able to register here and to have a man-to-man debate with me.

Moderation abuse in s/Incels: I did nothing and ban from nowhere! Moderation abuse 100%. That's it.
I was banned there too (not the first one)! Report it to the admin/admins of Saidit.net for moderation abuse! Don't let 1-2 guys to think they're like gods or something! I was banned for no reason.

Just making some noise for the sake of democracy and free speach... you know.

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