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Some authors even doubt if there is something like love (real love).

My ontopic short answer now... See, after in China showing bad economy data and even expressing simple criticism towards the economy issues isn't welcome and it may be even dangerous you can't expect to know if really in Shanghai or wherever the data is accurate. What we see for sure that under Xi it's getting worse economy wise, freedom wise, business wise and peace wise...

Am I wrong or in these posts there is really nothing about the incels, inceldom or at least something about the volcels?

How this Shanghai and economics topic should help the incels or will attract some to come here?  ??? ::)

Wow, man... I don't think we should focus on China so much because it's an international forum but because you mentioned the mainland China: how you are going to feel if someone's accusing you or your father that you didn't become rich because of the property deal but because you break the laws and you deceived the consumers? 🙃🫥

I add up only this one question, why you don't want the mankind to exist? Antinatalism for what sake? If humans are disgusting in your eyes, then how and then why others (flees, cockroaches, mosquitoes or apes) are better?

But if you want she to be also emotionally attracted to you, you should looksmaxx too: good diet for keeping skin smooth, for not getting fat; sport efforts to build up masculine body (not becoming a soft ball like dadbod feminine icelish daddy) and good style.

If only money, diplomas and status, this gives you only betabuxxing reality. To ascend for real you need looks attraction added to status, capitals and education.

Other topics / Re: Hi
« on: February 07, 2024, 06:54:52 AM »
Hi 👋😊

Harvard edumaxx, maybe but all of the edumaxx, how?! I mean it: if you're not educated well, then the average females are going to think of you as a dumbass and regardless of your looks it will ruin your overall image.

Philosophy / The deductive method
« on: February 06, 2024, 11:16:55 PM »
Once upon a time, the English writer Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of the image of the brilliant Sherlock Holmes, an educational doctor, came to Paris. At the station, a taxi driver approached him with a decisive view, silently took his suitcase, pushed him into the trunk and, only when he got behind the wheel, he learned:
- So where shall I take you, Mister Conan Doyle?
- How, do you know me? - the writer was pleasantly surprised.
- It's the first time I see it," the driver admitted.
- How did they find out who I am then?
- Yes, using the deductive method you described, - said the taxi driver proudly. - First of all, I read in the newspapers that Arthur Conan Doyle is on vacation with us for two weeks in the French Riviera. Secondly, I noted to myself that the train from which you got off was Marseille. Then I realized that you have a tan that you can only buy after spending at least ten days on the Mediterranean coast. From the fact that you have an unwashable ink stain on the middle finger of your right hand, I concluded that you are a writer. In the manner of behavior you are a doctor, and the dress cover is London. Thus, putting all observations together, I said to myself: here he is, Conan Doyle, the glorified creator of the great detective Sherlock Holmes! After hearing the taxi driver's explanations, the writer was shocked.
- You are almost Sherlock Holmes yourself! - exclaimed enthusiastically, - when they managed to draw such a conclusion on such insignificant details!
"That's how it is," suddenly the driver switched. - But I noticed one more small detail.
- Which one is this?!
- A label sticked to your suitcase. Your name and surname was printed on it!


Nah, the bro isn't going to give money. :P The bro will teach them how everything is "emptiness" and the "suffering is illusion." This is effortless and easier but if it comes to donate some money to us, the poorer, nah, nah, nah.

The freshest example: instead to say, "Guys, I see you're poor and I am rich, so let me donate some "rambos" to your PayPal.", he is talking about the "Srotāpanna". He even doesn't care much how many people will read it; he's not knowing that likely most of the readers are not speaking Pali or Sanskrit. ;D (By the way if you want to know about it, it's like a fairy tale for little kids Sotāpanna = " is a person who has seen the Dharma and thereby has dropped the first three fetters (Pāli: samyojana, Sanskrit: saṃyojana) that bind a being to a possible rebirth  ;D ;D ;D in one of the three lower realms (animals, hungry ghosts ;D ;D ;D, and beings suffering in and from hellish states ;D ;D ;D), namely self-view (sakkāya-ditthi), clinging to rites and rituals (sīlabbata-parāmāsa), and skeptical indecision (Vicikitsa).")

What I mean, shortly is... the bro is going only to give you fake stories about hungry ghosts, hellish states, rebirths  ;D ;D ;D  because it's easy to mess with somebody's head but... if it is about to really help you to buy some rice, vegetables, noodles... eh, uh, see... I can't...

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