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Well, I think it's a good rule. They're just too entitled (they think they may hate and do bad things but the people should like them and the women should be their servants or something). They can't realize that if don't put efforts on self-improvement (gymmaxx, moneymaxx, edumaxx, healtmaxx and so on) they can't be good boyfriends and good fathers too. What sons they may parent? Losers full of hate like them?

Hi, LibGen! How are you doing?

Yes, I am the old, bald, poor incel who gave the opinion to that good currycel bro! :) I really think you're going to ascend because you're looking good, you can learn well and you may add good muscle mass to your body.

Yes, many of the blackpilled communities are lacking brotherhood. They like to have incel cannibalism (instead to help each other and to think how to ascend they just attack each other). This sort of people can't ascend at all because they're rotting in a circle (self-pity - hate - self-pity - hate)... no efforts to improve themselves and at the end of the day they're becoming dadbods bitter Westerners (or others) who're wondering why there is nobody to like them. Terrible. But as you saw, there are good incels here, which are normal -- they study, hit the gym, earn some money, communicate without hate and rudeness. These people may ascend.

Thanks a lot! You see, they're just teenagers and youngcels (maybe the eldest are still in the college) so they can't be so tolerant, understanding and so on; also mostly they're from Western countries where they live non-stop in aggressive environment, which is full of rude words, insults, challenges and lack of politeness. So, don't get surprised when some blackpilled teens and around this age comment like Mazzuro or Vortex. It's just their "style". ;D ;D ;D ;D

Some feedbacks from brocels, please answer them! As I told them "I'll resent your answers and it'll be interesting to see the incelologist's answers to you, brocels."

Here they come,

LadiesMan thinks this:
Woah! They said hello! There's a gigantic gulf between women saying "hi" to you, which is what they do, they are genetically programmed to be more agreeable, and jumping into your bed. The fact that you think it is significant is quite depressing. You must be even lonelier than me.

Mazzuro (known from before with his not that friendly language) said:
You are probably an autistic incel writing this gibberish to establish your moral highground. What gives you the blessed wisdom to guide anyone when you are alone yourself and moreover - you are typing like a seriously handicapped person?

Not to interrupt but nobody's from the USA here currently. Mostly European and Chinese members.

It's interesting that there are unhappy people even in countries that many of us may consider well developed.

Just some of them are bad people like the bad incels. There are good ITs and bad ITs; good incels and bad incels.

I think you're 8/10. If you gym-maxx you'll hit the 9/10 in China.

In USA you'll be 6/10 at most. (美国的女人们就不太喜欢亚洲男人们。他们最喜欢白人,拉丁美洲男人,黑人。很少会有喜欢亚洲的。所以好多在美国华人觉得自己不怎么样。但是你已经决定了只有美国是高级的,所以没有办法的。其实它比瑞士,新加坡,瑞典,日本,等是更差的--天天开枪,好多没有礼貌的人,好多社会的矛盾,经常乱的。) You're educated and richer and so on, but there will be a harsh place for you, especially if you really got autistic issues.

I think I took a right decision not to continue with him. If he reads I'll answer him only here. He
Lmao, it's one of the most autistic circlejerks I have ever seen. I wonder what you are trying to get from it, but whatever, weird fetish.

Autistic is projective, dude. You're projecting your own autism to us here. Believe me that we're much more educated than you. You're just getting to know what's an university but most of us here are graduated in humanitarian fields and we understand the matter much better than you. Maybe 10-20 years later you may realize how childish you are now and if at that time you ascend (because of our good ideas, not because of your degradation caused by the blackpillism) you'll be lucky.

Food / Re: Tortilla Chips -- Restaurant Style
« on: December 13, 2022, 04:01:48 AM »
That's why the body is better and better. 8)

It's obvious that many incels are fakecels, i. e. not truecels. They don't fake it but they're just not sure how attractive in fact they are and they perceive themselves as ugly.

I'll give you an example with a currycel. He was thinking that he is a truecel. There are many currycels that are really truecels. It's a fact. But he isn't. And I gave him my objective opinion:

"Wow, bro! You're such a cute guy! (AGAIN -- I am not a gay, just an older man who study people). So, here we go:

1. You really look like some of the Bollywood actors. REAL POPULARITY POTENTIAL!
2. You guys, like beard, right? I heard some places use it for relig. purposes, but if you are in the West, please SHAVE. This will add you 0.10% handsomeness at least. (Well, some females like beard guys, in that case you can have a beard)
3. Your hair is SUPER COOL, it mogs me, BUT if you're in the west, cut it shorter, especially behind and around the ears.
4. Can't see your body, but you surely can add muscle mass. BELIEVE ME, it makes even those guys like Khans actors more sexy (some females DO masturbate on muscular guys!)
5. Your lips are super sexy for ALL the females.
6. Your nose is okay in the West but in the East (China, Japan, Cambodia, etc. they will say your nose is too small).
SO! My 100% honest rating is: Now you're a 6/10 sexy prettyboy! BUT if you gymmaxx + shave and make good local hairstyle you're surelly hitting 7/10 AT ONCE!!!
Boy... you really mog most of your Bollywood actors! Keep the good lifestyle! GYM, hair-maxx, shave and be healthy!

A similar, to a ricecel: read there.

By the way, he's not 100% lost. I noticed that he's edumaxxing and going to gymmax. Like this, if later he really improve his knowledge + body + personality, maybe he will get some Becky. But currently, even a landwhale is not possible for him. Women with self-respect can't accept just nobody.

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