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The incel.is's terms are a joke to their moderators. You already know from some of my previous posts here that they failed to keep their wiki's definition of "incel" (if you didn't, read in how this incels forum started).

Now I'd like to add that they (incel.is moderator staff) even don't keep their own terms. In their incels.is/help/terms/ they typed (or just copied from somewhere) that
You agree to not use the Service to submit or link to any Content which is defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, spam or spam-like, likely to offend, contains adult or objectionable content, contains personal information of others, risks copyright infringement, encourages unlawful activity, or otherwise violates any laws whatsoever.

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D What a joke, isn't it?

A fast checking:
1. No hateful content?
There are threads like "This cuck f*ggot from Quora doing something worse than abortion" and "To all low IQ lurking pieces of sh*t here: learn the f*cking difference".

So peaceful and friendly, isn't it?  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

2. No abusive content?

 Look at this "mother-friendly"  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D thread "My stupid mother keeps talking" where the person said that "I'd kill her given a chance."

3. No threatening content.

 Like this: "next fag parade needs to be shot up ( in real life)"? Not threatening at all.  ;D ;D ;D

4. No adult content?

 Oh, sure!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D No need of examples because it's full there of exactly this kind of content!

5. No likely to offend content?

 Oh yeah!  ;D ;D ;D ;D For example, "Mothers should f... their sons if they're virgin at 14"


I don't want to comment anymore. Most of the threads there are totally against their own terms.


What do you expect from this new incels forum?

I'll tell you later what are my expectations. What about yours?

I'd like to add more here. Incels.is is banning many people. Some of them doesn't deserve to be banned.

I was banned because one moderator there (which is probably just a teenager who doesn't understand the definition of the "incel" and is too shortsighted to see (realize, understand) that banning many people is bringing just more enemies and/or more competitors) decided so based on my thread about the Donnelly study (there I saw his ban message which is
100% - Permaban not incel

So, here it is, you decide what's wrong with it (or, better to say, what's wrong with that moderator):

I started with this post:

"Some brocels think that incel = only the kissless virgins. :feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha:
AT THE SAME TIME they don't mind the escorcels who share here how many prostitutes they f*...

I am something in between: I DO NOT use prostitutes but as a nearly 50 years old man I am NOT a kissless or virgin incel.

Just remember that incel = involuntarily celibate. NOT every incel is virgin. Just already around 10 years I can't find a single person to like me (those 2 "landwhales" are an exception).

REMEMBER: the Donnelly study, defined incels as all adults who fail to find a sexual partner for six months or more (Source: https://incels.wiki/w/Main_Page)

(As far as this Wiki is associated with this forum, I think this is the position of the owner of the forum too.)"

(I'm not a sizeist and I am against the discrimination. I use the word "landwhale" as a popular, joking word that describes the very obese people. Also I wanted to make myself there more clear because they audience seems to be youngcels and younger incels.)

One brocel (nickname "Lv99_BixNood") comment with two Chad emoticons and a ban hammer (banhammer) emoticon.

I reacted to this with
Lv99_BixNoodLv99_BixNood, how THE HELL, I am a Chad, when I am:​

- short
- bald
- poor
- old
- loveless ?

Improve your knowledge, bro. A low-tier gymcel as me is NOT a Chad.

Another brocel (nickname: decembrist_kirillov) comment that "what i know is: escortcels are not same as other incels. they are not incel at all." (It's something that I do think -- they're "not very incels", they're nearcels.)

Third brocel (nickname: Mecoja) comment that Bby this definition 90 percent of men are incels and 100 percent of teens and old guys also and asked me "Did they liked you ten years ago? :what:"

Fourth one (brocel with nickname "Monke") gave a good comment which was "Khhv superiority :feelsBox:"

The fifth one (brocel nicknamed "SoloAlex") comment that he agrees with me but six months is a joke. 10+ years is appropriate.

Another my comment was
Well, I also think that escortcels are nearcels (at least they have MONEY and they have SOME KiND OF FAKE SEX)... but still, nobody here think they're fakecels... At the same time some bitter brocels complain that if you have had a kiss or some success with a non-prostitute, you're a Chad.:feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha:

Just follow the SCIENTIFIC "INCEL" definition: the Donnelly study, defined incels as all adults who fail to find a sexual partner for six months or more (Source: https://incels.wiki/w/Main_Page)

SoloAlex added that he thinks that that brocel with the 2 Chads and the ban hammer emoticons just made a joke.

(I answered this:
I hope so. :)

I swear again that if I really find one women who loves me and I love her, I will be 99% with her and I am not going to lie the incels here that I'm a loner. The problem is that I am still not good enough and they ghost me or ignore me after a short chat.

A brocel (nickname: I.N.C.E.L.S. Boss) laughed about "six months" in that definition.

I answered that
Well, okay, let's say that 6 months is kind of short. But really, if an adult (not some acne teen who later is going to become a Norman or a Chad) can't find a women in 1 year (even after he tries almost everyday), than he should be considered as an incel. For example, if you try once a week, in a year, this makes 52 rejections. Pretty good number to be considered as an incel.

Acnecels if they're still teenagers can't be perceived as 100% truecels too because after the puberty most of them will be never acnecels again. I don't post this as a gate-keeping. Just want to give them a real and based hope.

I.N.C.E.L.S. Boss asked me "wtf are u doing here then" (because of my statement that "I am NOT a kissless or virgin incel.") I repeated for people like him that
The low IQcels can't get it! ONCE AGAIN:


The category incel is BROADER than "a virgin".


(reposted the intro post; ppl like him really don't read carefully or even when they read they can't understand well the meaning of the tsxts.)

SoloAlex added that if you try almost every day irl, inceldom is not your biggest problem.

Lv99_BixNood added that if one "got laid without paying before you're a low tier normie." He thinks that it's not unusual for lowtier normies to not get s. activity for years.

Answered him with:
- Low-tier gymcel

I work hard but I still can't get the Norman's level. I just mog the fat Normans but most of the tall ones still have more chance than me. So how I am a normie?

Follow the SCIENTIFIC DEFINITION: incel = "no true sex and no true love FOR A LONG TIME".

Remember INCEL is not only the kissless virgins. It a broader category.

I added this too:
For the lowest IQ brocels;

"Animal" is not only "a rabbit". "Animal" = "rabbit + turtle + tiger + panda + fly..."

"Country" is not only "USA". "Country" = "USA + Russia + India + Canada + China + Japan..."

"Incel" is not only "kissless virgins". "Incel" = "virgins, non-virgin husbandcels, non-virgin escorcels, divorced men who didn't have sex for a long time, failed Normans and Chads who became landwhales or extremely poor".

Lack of elementary logic?

Lv99_BixNood send 3 lul emoticons (luls; lulz) about the word "husbandcels". I saw he doesn't know it. So, I educated brocels like him with
Oh, you didn't know some husbands are sexless? Here:


I also asked them "Maybe 90% of the men are incels or nearcels. If you are a grown men and have to masturbate alone for YEARS, aren't you an incel?"

And a brocel (nickname: kaang) comment with "once a sex haver always a sex haver."

I told him and those who may think like him that
This definition limits the incels only to virgins.

Let me give you an understandable example with the Islam:

There are different Islamic countries: Turkey, Iran, Pakistan... but if you say Islam = only Turkey, you're limiting the Islam only to one of its domains.

Ex-sex havers are incels too.

If it's still difficult for some of you I can give you another example -- two homeless people. One was homeless forever the other lost his house recently. They're both homeless.

A brocel nicknamed "the virgin shepherd" asked me a private question "Are you older than Emba@Emba ?" and I answered that
How old is that brocel? I don't know him.
(I keep the non-doxx rules and I don't speak concretely date of birth, but I don't lie you -- I'm close to 50 y. o.)

I realized that no matter how well you keep the rules in Incels.is there is no guarantee that they're not going to ban you. A lot of not reasonable bans there.

A brocel with nickname "Ehwhatever" comment that "Frankly, the definition a single researcher isn't relevant to whether or not non-virgins who've had voluntary sex should be allowed. That's what this site and/or it's creators (not sure) decided. Voluntary sex is a no no.

Don't get me wrong I agree that some non-virgins, like those who actually lucked out or haven't had sex in decades, should be allowed. I think in some ways you'd be a beneficial user for the site but I guess you'll have to see if the mods like you enough to let voluntary sex slide."

My following 2 comments were:
Of course everything depends on the definition. There are ONLY A FEW INCELOLOGISTS around the world. The incelology is still a baby science.

But, the common sense, tells me that you can't exclude males who do masturbate ALONE for 5-10 years and to say "Long time ago they had sex 2 or 4 times. They're not virgins. So they are single and do masturbate in loneliness, but they're not incels."

It's like homeless.

SOME homeless people were born homeless. BUT MOST of the homeless had home before. If you exclude the ex-home homeless you're killing them. The same with the incels. If you want 100% of the incels to be included, then don't limit them only to "virgin = incel".

If you exclude incels, I think you have to start with the rich escortcels who have some sort of sex... they're the most nearcels.

A failed Norman who masturbates alone for decades is a non-cel? No way.


I know the kissless virgins do think they're "the most incel" and they jealous if some incel 25 years ago had a kiss. But this doesn't make him a non-cel if he has to sleep alone, to masturbate like a teen alone and to think "Am I such a big loser, why no women likes me?"

I also envy the richcels who can at least afford some paid love (even I am not a fan of the prostitution because it's sort of fake and surrogate sex), but... I never ever wanted these pity souls to be kicked off.

I hope all the brocels could support each other no matter that some of us are more lucky than others. We just CAN'T say "Only virgins here".

If this continues like this, well, someone else may create a more liberal Incels' forum where even the nearcels can post... and then what's the benefit for this community?

And I was like a prophet.  ;D We here really created a more liberal incels' forum where even the nearcels can post. Of course we can't allow the abnormal things like rape propagandas, murdering propagandas and so on. That's why we're not 100% liberal. It's impossible.

A brocel with nick "Broly" asked "Only 6 months?" to which I answered him that
Depends on how many you meet in these 6 months. I think so: if every day you try with 1 fem. and you failed, it makes 182-183 rejections for the 6 months. If 100+ women rejected you then YOU = INCEL. Isn't it?

Another brocel (nick: "IncelHeII") said angrily that we don't need to pay attention to the "doncucklly study"  ;D ;D ;D (how creative!) and asked "how bout that. Foids could solve the incel problem but they rather get pump n dumped and wait for rich chad". Honestly, it's a very interesting topic and in the future we may discuss that thing that is known as "s. charity" online.

Some "Balding Subhuman" comment that it's "Inceltear seething"...


And the rest was:

ugly_genius: "lol @ "6 months or more"... :feelsohh:

Then again, I guess most people (even a lot of reasonably ok 'incels') couldn't begin to fathom the exponential rate of decay once the time frame extends way beyond just "6 months". I'd like to see Donnely et al try a study on those who have had absolutely zero female contact - not even hugs or hands - (outside of obvious family hellos and byes). For anything upward of 15 years minimum.

If they were able to collect a big enough sample size, I bet the results would be horrific.

I'm living proof closing in on 40 and absolute zilch. The results are actual physical anatomical deterioration and damage. And on par with cancer.

The mind/soul is a precious thing. Guard it. Treasure any relationships you've ever had the chance to have, no matter how small they may be.

There's a lot of things humans take for granted and don't realize what the implications would be if they were removed."

Well, I only want all the incel bros to be included because the life for every incel is harsh, no matter what was your past, if you NOW have no love, you're a half man...

mechashota: "i think this forum is wayyyy to up their own asses about what constitutes a fakecel , but arguing that you can have sex and be an incel is interesting to say the least" (I also think that many of the incel.is moderators and users have no good idea what really "incel" is.)

The brocel turbosperg said: "31% of 18-22 males in the USA haven't had sex in the previous year.

Some are virgins, but many had sex more than 12 months ago. They are incels too.

Just like someone who is jobless for 6 months is a fucked-up jobless, even if they've had a gig 6 months ago by some luck of life."

I answered him
@turbospergturbosperg very good example, brocel! This is what I am trying to tell them.

I added about the other one:
"can have sex and be an incel"

Only the escortcels can have it. Otherwise, even many of the husbandcels can't receive sex from their wives (who cheat on them or are just really frigid.)

After these - Lux: (I'll edit the most sensitive words) "An incel is a virgin guy or guy that did not had a sexual contact involving his p. or the c. of a female. Does not have to be KHHV, but HAS to be VIRGIN."

Indari: "autistic gatekeeping definitions are autistic, yet normgroids will use the malleability of the definition to portray inklers in the worst light always"

Emba: "Six months is a gdmf dry spell!

I know Normie's with that amount of time between gfs!

only If you measure it in decades do you get realcels! ButbA few years? It's only technically incel! But IRL that's pretty common too! And not incel...

As far as time period for legit inceldom, I say 1+ or maybe 2 decades! Depends on age.

A drunk one night stand should count! (Since subconsciously she accepted you! Unless it was rape...)

And raping you're sister doesn't count!
(Does rape count? "Asking for a fren" lol!)

I think I still qualify as legit incel, because I count whores as voluntary sex! And it's been 2+ decades!

Too bad this idiot could not be more PC! Ic? Rules? Read them!"

I don't understand who is the "idiot" in question. Hope it's not me because I'm too educated to be called so. If someday Emba come here, I'll be glad he to explain what he meant!


The words that we, the normal incels and the normal netizens, should avoid

Well, you already saw the rules, didn't you?

Let's add the words that we all, as normal incels (or other kind of normal netizens) should avoid to use.


The so-called "n word" or "N word".

Well, it's a word that many people think is racist and offensive. "N" is for "nigger", which some spell like "nigga", "neggar", "negga" and so on.
 Yes, I know many black people use it between themselves and some non-black use it as a joke or as a friendly and non-racist slang. But still, better to avoid it and instead to use words like:

- boy
- man
- fellow (fella)
- bro (brother)
- guy
- colleague
- comrade
- mister
- sir
- something else which is polite and non-racist.


The word "noodlewhore" (pl. "noodlewhores")

 In some incel communities there is a slang (jargon) which points to different races and/or nationalities of incels and females. Many of them are acceptable because they're not having some offensive connotation (for example many East-Asian incels are cooking rice so they're "ricecels" or "rice-cels". India is famous with its curry, so the Indian, Nepali and other incels are known as "currycels" or "curry-cels").
 OK, but when in some word there is a dirty and/or offensive part like "-whore" we should avoid it. Many impolite (or just not enough educated) incels call the East-Asian and other mongoloid women "noodlewhores" or "noodle-whores". Obviously it's offensive and misogynistic. Yes, noodles are a part of the Eastern cuisine -- from Japan to Tatarstan but you can't imply that all the Asian females are with bad sexual moral! So, if you want to call them with a slang (jargon) word, use the word "noodlefoids" or "noodlefems". As far as "foid" comes from "female human/humanoid" it may be considered as a neutral slang word, so it's okay.
The same about "currywhores" and others like "-sluts".


"ER" (as a verb like "to ER them")

ER as a noun is just the abbreviation of "Elliot Roger" (a fakecel killer who made the bad popularity for all of the incels around the world and who doesn't deserve even to be noted here but there is no way because we want to avoid the problems). When some radical incels or "incels" (incel extremists, fakecel trolls, psycho incels and others) use it as a verb "to ER" it means "to kill" or "to mass kill", to "do a terrorist attack". So we can't use violence and hate speech that's why all these "ER them", "to ER", "will ER" and so on, should be banned.



 A racist, offensive word which some impolite or badly educated incels, including racists, use to call the African (Black; negroid) females. It comes from baboon (a primate, a monkey) so it's not a good word. Avoid this word, please!


Those "-skin" words

Well, there are some words who are not perceived as offensive amongst the incels in some communities but they sound/look racist or at least colorist (colourist). Use normal words like "white skin/pale skin", "dark skin", "yellow skin", "black skin", "brown skin", not those disgusting "shit-skin" (they use it for the darker, brownish skinned people), "cum-skin" (for the white, European, Caucasian people)...


Common and well-known non-incel slang words which are offensive too

At the end, I can't think of other incel slang (jargon) related words so let's just finish it with the rest of the offensive words that everybody knows. Don't use "moron", "idiot", "retard", "autist" and so on.

I was thinking about the escortcels. We should include as more as possible categories of incels here: fatcels, femcels, shortcels, baldcels, husbandcels... plus noncels (like Chads (handsome and successful males), Normans (average males), nearcels, researchers, females with boyfriends and husbands, feminists who want to share their thinking and views, etc.) but... the escortcels will be a sort of problem because:

1/ the adult content here is forbidden and they want to share their adult experience... they'll be banned if they do so.
2/ being an escortcel makes you already almost ascended (yes, it's not a true escaping the inceldom because the escorts are providing you surrogate s. activity but still, what "celibate" is it if you're a "s. haver'?!) To me they're something like nearcels. I wouldn't call them "fakecels" and I'm against the door keeping (I wish everyone who is good to be included but just to inform them earlier that it'll be not a good idea if they're escortcels and they share their concrete s. experience here).

Psychology / Rejection #2
« on: July 16, 2022, 11:05:22 PM »
Rejection #2

It was late, around 10:00 p. m. Walking alone to home after a long working day. I prefer to walk, instead of all those buses, taxis, bike and so on. I have no car too. Walking gives me a way to burn some calories (of course only this is not enough to lose weight but it's like an additional help). I felt a girl (a bit younger than me, that time, it was around 2005) walking behind me. Soon she started to walk next to me. I felt she is interested to have some chat with me. We said "Hi" to each other. Later we exchanged our e-mails.

After some e-mails we had a date. The date was simple, in a local Mc Donald's. I paid a hamburger for her and a soft drink. We talked and she said she'll call me again.

I was glad. Even started to prepare some topics for our next date. Started to think where to take her next time. What clothes to wear. I was much naive that time and I believed that if a person say "I will call you again and we'll meet again." it's 100% true. Later I realized that many people like her don't care about honesty. She never call me again, never sent a single e-mail again. I was totally ghosted and rejected!

Months later I met her in the chat (we used mIRC that time). She said nothing about her dishonest behavior. The same nothing happened. Instead she tried to introduce me some uglier friend of her (probably a girl who nobody wants to date). I didn't mind to date an uglier girl because I'm not so into the looks. I value things beyond the looks (like hygiene, honesty, education, same hobbies and so on) but I was so disappointed that I refused to meet her and her uglier female friend. I even told her something like

"Don't bother me please! I have a girlfriend now. Probably going to get married soon."

Her answer was highly impudent like: "Oh, yeah? Then may we (me and my friend) meet you both and to join your wedding."

I deleted this person and never ever wanted to chat with her again.


How about a new incel forum to compete with that discriminative Incels.is?

The problem: there is that incels.is which is very discriminative towards different groups of incels. They ban people arbitrarily too. They don't care about the aggression either. We need a clean, scientific and good incel oriented community where even the females are able to democratically express their point of view.

Some recent info from there:
I sent this to the admins here. You may resent it to the brocels who as about me;
Caesercel ban me for nothing and created a new competitor for this forum

Caesercel ban me for nothing and created a new competitor for this forum.
Not going to ask for unban because I'm a 50 y. o. person with dignity.
Just to inform you that I'm going to create my own forum/community for incels and you're having a new competitor because of your "good" moderators.

My messages to that mod Caesercel:
I'm bald old poor short gymcel. No gf, no love, nothing. But you decided to ban me. OK. Soon I'll create my own forum about the incels where we'll have more scientific understanding about the matter and we'll be your competitors. :)

Just letting you know. Don't ask for un-ban. I'll never post here again. As a 50 y. o. uncle I have some dignity and not going to beg boys for anything.

Bye and be healthy!

Because the pity man has no arguments he only said "Thx" and then I informed him what I sent to their administration:
This I sent to the Administration of this forum:

Caesercel ban me for nothing and created a new competitor for this forum.
Not going to ask for unban because I'm a 50 y. o. person with dignity.
Just to inform you that I'm going to create my own forum/community for incels and you're having a new competitor because of your "good" moderators.

You're welcome!

My last post there:
Brocels, it was a pleasure to be with you. BUT some moderator decided that I'm not an incel. Well, as a almost 50 years old bald poor and short gymcel I think it's not right but there is nothing I can do. You know where you can find me.

In the future, if I have more free time, I will create a more free and liberal INCEL forum where all kind of incels will gather together. This forum obviously has no future with these TONS OF bans for nothing.

Not going to post here anymore even they unban me. I have some dignity. I'll be glad to become a competitor of this forum with my own incels forum!

To which some low IQ guy nicknamed "The Enforcer" comment with "I wish you and your 6 other sex haver members luck :feelshaha: I don't think we'll notice the competition though. Consider making a group chat on discord instead."

Stupid, isn't it? First he has no idea how many members we have got here. Second, he has no idea who is incel and who is "sex haver". He don't believe the competition will be strong enough. Well, we'll do our best, at least me. Right?

A brocel invited me to his websites:

You can join my site

But I said to him
Ah, thanks! The problem is I am in China and not every website is working here. I'll try.
So, is it ***.su and ***.club ?

He answered
Yes bro, you can use a vpn for ***.su

I sent this to the admins here. You may resent it to the brocels who as about me;
Caesercel ban me for nothing and created a new competitor for this forum

Caesercel ban me for nothing and created a new competitor for this forum.
Not going to ask for unban because I'm a 50 y. o. person with dignity.
Just to inform you that I'm going to create my own forum/community for incels and you're having a new competitor because of your "good" moderators.

And also me:
Too poor for VPN, bro. Can't find a good free VPN for my old Windows XP computer.

The brocel:
How will you make a competitor site? My *** site costs almost 30 dollars a month to keep it running, and every year you have to pay the xenforo software license. I don't think China bans n c u though.

I don't know. At least I'll convince the Omnilogy forum to make me a mod with own Incels section there. I am just not leaving this without a decent answer. They ban me = I do make a compete content online.

Thanks for reading! I still don't understand why this stupid moderator decided that I am a "sex haver" or not incel... but we can't expect much of these people. I suppose they're 11-15 y. o. guys who still don't make difference what is good and what is bad for their forum. To ban so many users and to kill such a great potential shows a low IQ.

So, who is with me?

Psychology / "500 Rejections"
« on: July 15, 2022, 07:24:08 PM »

500 Rejections

by Poor Bald Short Gymcel

"The First Ever Incel Oriented Free E-book"

 To the brocels (incels who I feel like my "fate brothers") who really want to get some experience. As an older incel I got some to share. This is helpful for the young incels and for the incelologist and other scientists who're going to make efforts in the future to help the society to solve the problem called "inceldom".


I met a girl in the bus. She was something like 26 years old. I told her to add my chat if she wants. And later she really did it. We chatted for a few days or a week. Then I asked her if she has a boy-friends. She answered negatively and then I asked her if she would like to meet me. She said "Yes but with one condition." I asked her what's that condition and her answer was like: "Well, I have a rule that I follow 100% with all of the males who like me. The rule is simple: we start to date but the first 6 months there will be no sexual activity, no kiss and even no hugging."

My immediate answer was: "Agree! But I also have got one condition. During these 6 months I don't invite you to cinemas, dinners, travel spots, etc. We only go to run in the park, to sit in a garden or to walk on the main streets. Is it okay?"


Later I tried to explain her that only stupid guys will spend tons of money in half a year for nothing. She even can't promise that she will become a real girl-friend (which means at least some intimacy like a hug or a kiss) after that period. What if she's just using these guys to pay her bills? And what if she already has another boyfriend?

I am proud I didn't fall for this!

To be continued...

Right now one more - terrible advocating of the murders from nystagmuscel:
Kills non incel: deserved
Kills incel: freed from suffering.
Literally no such thing as a bad murder

My answer to this insanity was common: Seems here some brocels really don't think about their future and may end up with criminal records or in the jail. I don't want to answer in this thread anymore. If you need to know my further opinion, you know where to read it.

I really wonder if these kids, teens and young men who type these terroristic, anti-human and criminal posts are serious or just trolls. Exactly these opinions who advocate murders and other aggression are making the incels one of the most pity people in the world. Because on top of their loveless life they have to suffer labeling like that "Some incels said the murder is right, so all of the incels are trash!"

I wish there was some incel society where the hate, aggression and other anti-social speech and deeds are banned. :(

To the abnormal incels (retardcels, idiotcels) who like Elliot Roger and like his crimes.

Maybe you'll not believe it but there are some idiots, retards, psychos, who like killers like Elliot Roger (the fakecel) and support his crimes. Maybe some of them are just trolls, you never know online.

The Grinch said that the victims were "bluepilled incels in denial, like the bunch of Reddit cucks" so he don’t feel bad for them.

I answered him:
I see your point. But I still think that soon some psycho like him can kill me or you, or people who we value. And the INCELS only get bad reputation. Then the police, the politics, etc. may imply more pressure on us. And then we're already 100% discriminated. And why?! Because the rich good-looking hapa Roger (who could have 1000 girlfriends in every Asian country and in most of the East European countries, and in Africa, in Latin America) had ill brain.:feelsbadman:

Eschewcel said that Elliot Roger (ER) "did them a favor."

I tried to explain him in a friendly manner
bro, maybe they could ascend via studymaxx or SEAmaxx. I prefer people to decide by themselves when they want to die.​

Zer0/∞ said something similarly shocking "They were NTs, they deserved to die anyway."

My answer was that the only people who deserve to die are those who never deserved to be born. I hate it someone to decide for others who deserves to die and who deserves to live.

BlkPillPres said something really crazy but to understand what exactly he's saying I have to show you the context:

My topic is anti-Elliot Roger. It said "An incel who kills brocels is not a saint" and my points are:
Here is why do I think that ER is not okay to be accepted as "saint" or "role model". He even killed guys who are obviously incels. (In fact, to be a mass killer is not good at all and only sick minds can like these guys. Like those crazy females who adore the killers in the jails!)

1. Mogs most of the incels facially.
2. Could be considered as a prettyboy in China, Korea, Japan, etc. where they adore the hybrids (white-yellow) men and women.
3. Richer than most of the incels.
4. Most of the people who were killed are worse looking than him and many incels too.

(I suppose so according to their looks.)

Sorry for those who can think that this kind of FAKECEL may be a "saint" or to represent most of us (most of the incels are good people, not like him!)

And here comes the shocking answer of that BlkPillPres guy which I don't want to quote wholly, just some points:

"Incels in denial aren't "brocels", they are our $#@$ enemy."


"These are the guys that would bum-rush you in an attempt to save a woman's life if you did a mass shooting."


"You sound like the kinda retard that would do a mass shooting and let certain guys go because they "look incel", only for those same guys to disarm you and make themselves "heroes" in the media, while you go off to jail to get..."

HERE I ANSWERED THIS BECAUSE I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT I AM STRONGLY AGAINST THE VIOLENCE AND THAT THE REAL RETARDS ARE THOSE WHO MAKE OTHERS TO DIE: WRONG. I'm against killing and against the death of innocent people. I even worry that some of the retardcels here will really go to kill more people and THEY will go off to jail to get what you said.

Only sick people advocate murders.

Every incel who kills makes bad favor to the rest of us (which are mostly normal people) because in this way NOBODY is going to pity us. They'll hate us more and more and we'll lose everything!

"I swear, naive people are just born to fail and suffer, they literally just can't help themselves."


Also he tried to explain how Roger hasn't an attractive person (he thinks he was balding and his chin wasn't good enough). I THINK THAT NO MATTER HOW GOOD WERE HIS HAIR AND CHIN, AT LEAST HE WAS A 6/10 PERSON WITH POTENTIAL TO GYM-MAXX HIMSELF TO 7/10 OR 8/10. A REAL FAKECEL PSYCHOPATH. THAT WAS E.R.

Monke maid a serious logical mistake to say that if you're a pro-choice then "you can't argue that murder is wrong". The guy didn't know that exactly the murder is wrong because he doesn't leave any choice of the victims to live or to die.

aGuyAlone said "They were bluepilled cuck truecels who were living in the worst possible time for an Asian man & were tricked into becoming educated and slaving for a society that abandoned them.

ER did them a huge favor by putting them out of there misery.."

 Another person who thinks that someone else can decide who is "miserable" and who will live/die... What if some psychopath decides that this guy or his most beloved ones are miserable and must die? Is he going to be happy with that? Terrible thinking.

If you need a hero incels, here are the real tuecel heroes:

A. Schopenhauer , a philosopher

I. Kant, a philosopher

Not some mass killer who's even better than many of the Normans.

What do you think about Elliot Roger (aka ER) - the mass killer fakecel who brought bad reputation to all the incels?

Here comes more about the bad incels (the part of incels who are bad and even dangerous people) and the so-called labeling theory.
This theory is a sociological perspective developed in 1967 and it focuses on how humans react to others who are labeled as “different” from themselves. The labeled people might be more vulnerable to discrimination, prejudice, and other negative outcomes.

So, after this intro, let me continue with these:

A brocel (SubjectSigma) said that he's glad that I noticed this, because Labeling Theory likely applies in all of these cases: https://www.simplypsychology.org/labeling-theory.html

1. Group gets marginalized by society
2. Deprivation of social resources causes them to deteriorate
3. A few get violent in response
4. All members of marginalized group now labeled as violent, treated even worse by society because normies think it will help the situation; but this just makes the situation worse.

He thinks that "The key is not to prove the morons of society right. Defy their prophecy so our people can rise. :feelsokman:"

I answered him that
I do because I use every free minute to learn something (or to do sports). But most of the people use it to play games, to sleep more or to do something useless (and even harmful like smoking and fighting in bars), so... I don't believe that more than 20% of the ppl will understand the problem.

He answered that in time they'll understand. And that "It is hard to change mindsets but I think the first step of many is to talk with brocels and understand where they're coming from. :feelsYall:"

And something related, also from me:
I'm just against it: because of a few freaks and psychos with guns (usually fakecels like E. Roger who mog most of us visually) all the good brocels (millions of modest, humble, even educated males) to be labeled as "outsiders."

And more: InMemoriam continued that "What you mean haven't you read it already most of shooters were mentalcel, the state of inceldom itself strongly associated with mental disorders and their causations, surely ER wasn't visually impaired like most of us but that doesn't render him a fakecel
When you combine severe and mostly inherited mental disorders with bad looks and consequent situational disorders such as social anxiety disorder and persistent depressive disorder
The probability of committing self harm or an act of violence becomes a matter of time, you'll turn into ticking bomb waiting to explode."

I simply added:
OK, but this is the point: I don't want the normies to think that incels = 100% freaks = all to be banned, etc.

We have enough problems so don't need to add one more "You can't get a girl-friend? Oh, you're bad! We should put in the jail!"

Most of the people are to stupid and lazy to think "Only some incels are mentalcels. Most of them are just ugly and shy." NO WAY. The majority will make the "conclusion": "Incels = Elliot Roger = psycho killer = put them NOW in the jails!" Witch hunting is real.

That! That makes sense. Yeah!
And never forget that there are MANY other factors as: status, capital (money), character, luck, personality, concrete psychology and former experience.

Social network | SEO - Social network / Do you agree with the theory
« on: July 12, 2022, 05:54:52 AM »
Well, there is a theory that pretty boys are more smv-ed that the Chads. How do you think, brocels, incelologists and other fans of the theory?

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