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Psychology / Rejection #29
« on: May 23, 2023, 11:18:12 PM »
Rejection #29

The long story short? Well, it was that "I just don’t have the feeling but you're handsome, don't worry and be confident!"; "Just not my cup of tea, you see?"... I liked her because she was young and her English abilities were good, and also, she sounded like a person who's (sort of) educated... but all my hopes and efforts were fruitless. It's an online story too, so here we go (without some personal details, as usual):

"🐅 1:55:02 PM
Hello, Joy! How are you today?
Joy 2:47:10 PM
Hi! Not bad. How about u?
张艳璐 5:55:50 PM
🐅 5:56:31 PM
Well, just so-so. You know, my life is poor and boring, because I'm just an English teacher in the recent years.
🐅 5:56:49 PM
But I love China and Chinese, anyway, that's for sure.
🐅 6:04:05 PM
If you're in Haikou, let's meet and teach you English once a week. How do you think about it?
张艳璐 8:07:35 PM
Sorry to know this
张艳璐 8:07:45 PM
And thank you for your proposal
张艳璐 8:08:13 PM
But I am in Yangpu two hours away from HaiKou
张艳璐 8:09:05 PM
If I can find a good job in HaiKou, let us meet up when you are free if you’d like to
张艳璐 8:15:07 PM
Two hours’ ride
🐅 11:05:12 PM
OK, I see. So what now? You're searching for job in Haikou, right?
张艳璐 8:19:16 AM
Yes. I am searching for job in YangPu otbHaikou
🐅 12:00:50 PM
Your English is good. Of course you can find a lot of jobs in Haikou. Yangpu is small and I don't know the chances around there.
张艳璐 3:15:48 PM
Thank you for your kind positive feedback on my English
张艳璐 3:16:33 PM
The available opportunities related to English is not much in HaiKou
张艳璐 3:16:44 PM
张艳璐 3:18:08 PM
Btw, can I know your name?
🐅 9:16:42 PM
Non-stop they're searching English teachers in Haikou and some other things like this. Maybe you just didn't search well?
🐅 9:16:57 PM
Yes, I'm xx. And you?
张艳璐 10:35:50 PM
Hi xx! Pls call me Joy
张艳璐 10:36:14 PM
I am looking more for international trade
🐅 10:40:51 PM
That changes the conditions a lot. Because it's a hyponym of "job". Yes, there are many jobs in Haikou, but exactly "international trade"... very specific.
张艳璐 10:38:24 AM
Hahah, yes, you are right. If I cannot find proper job in international trade, I will try to find some opportunities in English teaching
🐅 1:20:25 PM
What I meant is that you may find a lot of jobs in Haikou (especially when you're a Chinese person), but it's not "all kind of jobs". Just don't be very picky and you 100% may have a (some) job.
🐅 1:26:11 PM
What kind of people exactly do you search/need?
张艳璐 1:52:36 PM
张艳璐 1:52:51 PM
Do u mean job?
🐅 1:54:45 PM
No, I just feel you need job + some sort of guy. Because yesterday you tried to speak in the group again. I think you're searching for people.
张艳璐 2:13:37 PM
张艳璐 2:13:41 PM
张艳璐 2:14:01 PM
I just want to find someone to chat in English
🐅 2:15:48 PM
But... I'm chatting with you already (and I'm an English teacher + I'm a foreigner). This should be enough, it's "just someone to chat in English". Maybe you need more special one? Hm, I wonder...
张艳璐 2:17:02 PM
No..., I were just afraid to disturb u and not sure u were available at that time
张艳璐 2:17:15 PM
张艳璐 2:18:32 PM
I am kind of think-too-much guy and always not brave enough to start a chat
🐅 2:18:55 PM
  Yes, seems that I was very unavailable at that time: 
张艳璐 2:18:55 PM
So glad to know you like to chat with me
张艳璐 2:20:10 PM
Btw, how about ur weekends?
🐅 2:20:19 PM
Even when a man answers with "Hello", you still thing that he's busy and not stuff?  WOW! You rock!
And I was thinking that I'm the most shy person around.
🐅 2:21:11 PM
Just lonely weekends. Some teaching, some sport... poor, lonely guy. Nothing interesting, in fact.
张艳璐 2:21:19 PM
U reply Hello at 11pm, I were going to sleep
张艳璐 2:21:25 PM
张艳璐 2:21:46 PM
Sorry for the tense mistakes
张艳璐 2:22:01 PM
I see
🐅 2:22:12 PM
Well, I hope you got it. If it's so, you may search me anytime. I'm often online and I'm lonely.
张艳璐 2:22:57 PM
🐅 2:23:07 PM
Yes, there is 1 tense mistake, but it's quite understandable.
🐅 2:23:12 PM
张艳璐 2:23:24 PM
What kind of sport you played often?
🐅 2:24:01 PM
Wushu (kung fu) and ordinary fitness. Just these 2. Well, some running from time to time, but I don't count it.
🐅 2:24:37 PM
I used to be fat. Now my body is getting better and better.
🐅 2:25:25 PM
You see...
🐅 2:25:56 PM
Still not with big muscles, but at least NO MORE FAT! Which makes me feel better and sort of proud.
张艳璐 2:28:39 PM
🐅 2:29:17 PM
Now I eat healthy, drink healthy, do sports. And at least I got a normal body.
张艳璐 2:30:23 PM
Applaud for you🥳🥳   
张艳璐 2:30:39 PM
I hope I can pick up running
张艳璐 2:31:24 PM
I practiced Wushu when I was 9 years old
🐅 2:32:06 PM
A couple of years ago. I met a Chinese girl, who was honest. It's rare to meet honest people, you know. And I asked her to tell me what's my problem? Why so many women DO NOT like me? I'm: clean, nice, lovely, very clever and very educated. And she said it's just because I'm too fat. OK, I lost weight and guess what? STILL NOBODY LIKES ME. No matter what...
张艳璐 2:32:51 PM
Oh no way
🐅 2:32:55 PM
I started when I was 12. But I'm just an average one, not pro. It's mostly for myself and for my harmony.
张艳璐 2:34:21 PM
Maybe your Ms.Right doesn’t come out in ur life
🐅 2:34:43 PM
Yeah, that's the problem. Every time they DISLIKE something in me, but rare someone dares to say what... Last time I asked one TWICE and no response... It's hard to change yourself if you don't know what exactly to change... The only thing I guess is that I'm not rich, but as you can see -- many poor guys may have lovers, girl-friends, etc. So probably it's not the main problem...
张艳璐 2:34:46 PM
Time will give you the best
🐅 2:35:37 PM
In fact there aren't "Right people" in life. There are just "better" and "worse" people. Nobody is "Right". Humans are imperfect.
张艳璐 2:35:46 PM
I think u are honest and candid to yourself and ur relationships
张艳璐 2:36:49 PM
Yeah, but ‘Right’ is the one who finds ur good and accept your imperfections.
张艳璐 2:37:01 PM
And vice versa
张艳璐 2:37:56 PM
Better or worse is a comparison. Right is not a comparison, but a acceptance.
🐅 2:38:12 PM
No. Do you know that? Time will give you less and less usually. For example if now you're ugly, when you get older you'll be MORE ugly. If now you're ill, when you get older you'll get more sick and you'll die early... Time (mostly) is against us, because years later we're getting older, weaker, uglier and so on. Even the job is not easy for the old people. Try if you are a 60 year old woman to find a job and you'll see -- EVERYWHERE there are "Up to 35 year old".
🐅 2:38:27 PM
Sometimes even "to 30"...
张艳璐 2:38:52 PM
🐅 2:38:56 PM
I'm 100% honest and realistic. So I speak the facts. The reality is harsh.
张艳璐 2:39:52 PM
You said out a harsh fact about time
🐅 2:40:52 PM
Let me show you the most popular French handsome male actor - A. Delon: BEFORE: and NOW: . Time gave him the best? NO, time made him look like shit...
张艳璐 2:43:28 PM
张艳璐 2:43:36 PM
I am wrong
张艳璐 2:44:00 PM
Do u try the blind date?
张艳璐 2:44:27 PM
Or attend parties to meet new friends?
🐅 2:45:09 PM
 --- very rare case. And after some years, most of the people starting to find more and more needs and they just separate or divorce, because they see their partners can't give them what they want. People are greedy, mostly... So, you understand why more and more divorces, right? The acceptance is usually temporary (if there is any). More and more people are incels.
张艳璐 2:45:13 PM
Extensive social activities will improve the possibility to find the ‘right’
🐅 2:45:41 PM
* incels = involuntary celibates (n., pl.)
张艳璐 2:47:37 PM
I have confidence in that there are some girls/women who are honest and with a golden heart
2:48:40 PM张艳璐撤回了一条消息
🐅 2:48:43 PM
 --- here, all of them, when I invite them to date they do not come. They're afraid. Or just "busy"...
张艳璐 2:49:29 PM
Maybe u can change another place
张艳璐 2:49:44 PM
Like ShenZhen, Shanghai
张艳璐 2:50:21 PM
These places are more open-minded to foreigners
🐅 2:50:25 PM
 --- I meet new people non-stop, but in 99% of the cases they're already engaged or married. The rest 1% think I'm not okay, because I'm a foreigner or because of some hidden reason, so... just no way... --- To tell you the truth it's not helpful here at all.
🐅 2:51:10 PM
 --- Yeah, I met one only. But she's around 100 kg, so... well... you know. I can't...
🐅 2:52:03 PM
You're right about Shenzhen and Shanghai, but it's not my place. I like clean air and tropical climate, so I'm living already only here. But you're right about it. There people are more educated and more open.
张艳璐 2:53:38 PM
I see
张艳璐 2:54:38 PM
Have u been to Sanya? I think Sanya is also more open than HaiKou
🐅 2:56:12 PM
Yes. 2 years and half. But there the job opportunities are limited, so I had to come back to Haikou.
🐅 2:56:26 PM
The salaries in Sanya are also not so good...
🐅 2:57:11 PM
So, I love the place, but the companies, bosses, etc. there are just not very good... Some of them make people to work almost non-stop and the wages are very low...
🐅 3:06:05 PM
Sometimes I even don't understand why some men (smoking cigs, having a lot of tattoo, speaking bad /cursing/ and so on) are still able to have pretty girls. And I -- so nice, educated, clean, healthy and gifted person -- am just nothing to them... How it comes they do prefer savages?!
🐅 3:12:29 PM
我不知道你明白了我的这个意思。所以我给你这个例子:比如这样的一个男子:又像黑道,又像同性恋者,又像精神病的人。可是好多女人们会说她们喜欢这类的男子: (其实我不认识这个人,只有觉的他是个很好的例子。)
张艳璐 3:13:57 PM
张艳璐 3:14:51 PM
🐅 3:15:39 PM
And I know it's a product (a result) of the subcultural influences (from the US, S. Korea, HK, etc.), but this knowledge do not make me feel better. I just feel I'm a loser, even I have no wrongs...
张艳璐 3:16:01 PM
No, pls feel confident
张艳璐 3:16:51 PM
Everyone should love themselves. Only when they love themselves, they can have the ability to love others
🐅 3:17:02 PM
The same. Shy or confident, they don't care that much. The most they care about looks (外貌协会) and money (+ status)...
🐅 3:17:20 PM
I have no problem with my love ability.
张艳璐 3:17:22 PM
I think u are a nice man and u deserve better
🐅 3:17:29 PM
I loved a person many years before.
🐅 3:17:48 PM
I walked (on foot) several hours for another person before.
张艳璐 3:17:52 PM
Then u should not be changed by their world view
张艳璐 3:18:01 PM
🐅 3:18:08 PM
I spend day and night to write a home-work for third person before.
🐅 3:19:27 PM
I gave all of my heart, energy and emotions. So I do love 100%, but... seems these ingrats do not care about it... All of them found another men -- rich men, popular men or just ordinary men, but not me.
🐅 3:21:48 PM
So, these things are platitudes (confidence, love ability, etc.) The females cares mostly for: look (are you handsome, tall, muscular, white), status (what do you work, what are your parents) and money (how much you're able to spend for them).
🐅 3:22:44 PM
My look is just so-so. I'm just an ordinary teacher (nobody cares about my Uni's degree) and my parents are not rich... So? What do I expect? Should I?
张艳璐 3:27:30 PM
Have u bought a house in HaiKou?
🐅 3:29:01 PM
No. I have to wait until my father die. Then I can inherit his house abroad and then I can buy one here. I'm too poor to buy now. You see, how much is 1 sq. m. now? RMB 10 000 and more. Too expensive for an ordinary person like teacher.
🐅 3:29:10 PM
Being poor sucks.
张艳璐 3:29:12 PM
U know, there are many bad stories about foreigner man+Chinese girl like the girl got pregnant and that man abandoned when he came back to his own country
张艳璐 3:30:17 PM
So maybe Chinese girls become more conservative when it comes to date a foreigner
张艳璐 3:31:08 PM
Abandoned her and their children
🐅 3:31:44 PM
张艳璐 3:32:13 PM
🐅 3:33:08 PM
张艳璐 3:33:15 PM
🐅 3:34:06 PM
张艳璐 3:34:53 PM
🐅 3:34:55 PM
问题是,人家,大多数不爱看书,不爱学习,不爱想好。他们只有知道“老外这样,那样”。偏见,偏见,偏见。。。。。。 没办法的。
张艳璐 3:35:01 PM
张艳璐 3:35:06 PM
🐅 3:35:57 PM
张艳璐 3:36:34 PM
🐅 3:37:30 PM
I'm objective. But most of the people are not objective. They just make easy and wrong conclusions about the life, countries, males and females, etc. Most of the people around the world are stupid. Maybe only 20% of the population is clever or almost clever. So, it's hard to feel good around ignorants.
🐅 3:37:56 PM
Thank you. But most of the ppl will never get what I mean.
🐅 3:42:26 PM
Back to the house problem: right now 1 sq. m. equals around 5 average salaries. So? If you want a 60 sq. m. apartment, how many salaries you'll need? 25 years' salaries! And can you save all your salaries? No... So, if you're poor, there is no option to buy it. Well, only if you want to be a 房奴。
3:49:45 PM张艳璐撤回了一条消息
🐅 3:50:30 PM
Very funny... When your salary is LOW, does it matter how hard you work?
张艳璐 3:50:40 PM
Ur words make me want to work hard and earn money
张艳璐 3:51:02 PM
Maybe change another company
🐅 3:51:04 PM
Only if you find a good salary job... Otherwise?
张艳璐 3:51:14 PM
张艳璐 3:51:21 PM
The living cost is so high now
张艳璐 3:51:32 PM
Fruit and food is expensive
🐅 3:52:02 PM
They're paying almost the same. They just follow the current levels. For example if they can pay you only 100, they'll never pay you 200. They're like this -- natural capitalists.
张艳璐 3:52:03 PM
Much higher thank Dongguan and Shenzhen
🐅 3:52:17 PM
🐅 3:52:40 PM
I know.
3:52:57 PM张艳璐撤回了一条消息
张艳璐 3:53:06 PM
Bosses care every penny
🐅 3:53:16 PM
True. 100% capitalists.
🐅 3:53:30 PM
All around the world.
张艳璐 3:53:37 PM
张艳璐 3:54:03 PM
I really like this song, it is a healing
张艳璐 3:55:15 PM
张艳璐 3:55:33 PM
This song is also great
🐅 3:59:56 PM
They're old, but evergreen Western songs. I know them.
🐅 4:00:34 PM
Well, I have to go to teach 2 classes now. I'm a "working poor". See you later online!
🐅 10:01:08 PM
"Working poor" = “穷忙族”
🐅 10:28:55 PM
What are you doing recently?
张艳璐 9:04:06 AM
Looking for a job
张艳璐 9:04:10 AM
🐅 2:23:47 PM
As usual, I see.
🐅 3:03:23 PM
Like me... All time long I'm "as usual"... No change...
🐅 3:03:40 PM
And I can't achieve it... no matter how hard I try.
张艳璐 4:45:47 PM
Seems u are in a struggle now
🐅 4:46:09 PM
I'm just without choice now.
🐅 4:47:21 PM
🐅 4:47:49 PM
🐅 4:48:33 PM
🐅 4:49:00 PM
It's just nothing left to struggle...
张艳璐 4:49:41 PM
Maybe one year later, the environment in HaiKou will be better
张艳璐 4:49:56 PM
Coz HaiKou is a FTZ
张艳璐 4:50:10 PM
Free trade district
🐅 4:50:47 PM
Yes. I hope about it already for MANY years. It's good to hope, but it's bad when you see you're hoping more than 10 years and nothing is coming good to you...
张艳璐 4:51:01 PM
And many companies are planning to set up sub-company
张艳璐 4:51:13 PM
I am struggling
张艳璐 4:51:26 PM
To find a good job in HaiKou
🐅 4:51:35 PM
And they'll need me? The humanitarian, the ordinary teacher? He-he-he... You're such an optimist.
张艳璐 4:52:01 PM
U know several languages
🐅 4:52:36 PM
Even you, a Chinese person with Chinese ID card and with good English may see how difficult is it. Do you know how far more difficult is for me as a foreigner to get working visa and job? I bet you have no idea...
🐅 4:52:42 PM
And? What?
张艳璐 4:52:46 PM
Maybe u can try to take some business lessons like: project management
🐅 4:53:11 PM
If the companies CAN'T hire foreigners, what if I know these many languages?
张艳璐 4:53:37 PM
Have u thought to do some international trade?
张艳璐 4:54:13 PM
By using ur multi-cultural background
张艳璐 4:54:50 PM
I like philosophy: 我喜欢叔本华,尼采,黑塞和加缪
🐅 4:54:57 PM
Really? And then what? Without this university certificate AND/OR without a company who wants a foreigner, what I'll do with this management knowledge? 你真的不懂:好多公司又不要老外又不会做工作的签证。对我们不是容易的。我没有中国国籍。
张艳璐 4:55:23 PM
张艳璐 4:55:43 PM
🐅 4:55:58 PM
Yes! But they said to register a trade company you need to pay 500 000+ yuan. I am poor. I can't do it. (而且他们说老外不会做个体户。)
张艳璐 4:56:11 PM
张艳璐 4:56:22 PM
Maybe we can cooperate
🐅 4:56:22 PM
张艳璐 4:56:28 PM
🐅 4:56:39 PM
OK, tell me how to cooperate and I will do it.
张艳璐 4:56:46 PM
张艳璐 4:57:06 PM
张艳璐 4:57:35 PM
🐅 4:57:47 PM
 --- Me too, but once you have no capital, it's sort of pointless... It doesn't improve your life. And most of the guys just don't care about it.
张艳璐 4:58:38 PM
张艳璐 4:59:03 PM
yeah, now I realise the importance to make enough money
🐅 5:05:07 PM
合作-我喜欢,可是问题是我们会不会有合作的机会。因为在现代的世界最重要的是钱(资本)。比如没有钱,就不会开始商店,学校,等等。那里都要好多钱。比如以前跟另外的中国人要了做学校,可是他们说:你要100 000 人民币在银行 + 要200平方米(租产地)+其他钱。谁会有那么多钱?!所以我们的学校主意失败了。
张艳璐 5:07:04 PM
🐅 5:07:11 PM
做个简单的外国菜饭店也要好多钱。比如20平方米的小吃:需要付多少钱?一年的租产地,如果1个平方米是6000元就是120 000 人民币。A lot of money!
张艳璐 5:07:26 PM
张艳璐 5:07:52 PM
张艳璐 5:08:00 PM
🐅 5:08:44 PM
张艳璐 5:08:46 PM
张艳璐 5:08:54 PM
张艳璐 5:09:09 PM
🐅 5:09:19 PM
张艳璐 5:09:24 PM
张艳璐 5:09:25 PM
🐅 5:09:40 PM
🐅 5:09:51 PM
🐅 5:09:59 PM
张艳璐 5:10:05 PM
张艳璐 5:10:16 PM
张艳璐 5:10:41 PM
🐅 5:17:33 PM
张艳璐 5:19:36 PM
🐅 5:19:39 PM
张艳璐 5:19:55 PM
张艳璐 5:20:06 PM
🐅 5:20:07 PM
🐅 5:20:40 PM
🐅 5:21:08 PM
🐅 5:21:40 PM
🐅 5:21:56 PM
张艳璐 5:25:13 PM
张艳璐 5:25:13 PM
张艳璐 5:25:13 PM
张艳璐 5:25:22 PM
张艳璐 5:25:44 PM
🐅 5:28:09 PM
🐅 5:28:28 PM
Wish you good luck. Hope you'll be safe and successful.
张艳璐 5:32:19 PM
张艳璐 5:32:34 PM
张艳璐 5:33:00 PM
🐅 5:34:55 PM
🐅 5:35:29 PM
🐅 5:36:07 PM
张艳璐 5:44:27 PM
张艳璐 5:44:54 PM
张艳璐 5:45:16 PM
张艳璐 5:45:39 PM
italki 教语言,赚外快
张艳璐 5:46:25 PM
🐅 10:44:54 PM
 <---- Yes... but it's not very good to oppose the Chinese restrictions. I like to abide the law (守法).
🐅 10:45:48 PM
Yes, I know it. I was an online tutor before. I prefer teaching offline (outside). I avoid use computers/phones too long, because it's bad for the health. ”健康第一。“
🐅 11:15:10 PM
About that way, I asked a Chinese partner. She said she thinks it's not legal and it's avoiding the official laws for export. I have got the similar feeling.
张艳璐 8:15:24 AM
Yeah, I got it
张艳璐 8:16:09 AM
I am not that sure. Coz someone I knew operated like that to do international trade
🐅 1:43:40 PM
Of course, there are MANY people who never abide the laws and don't care about the laws. I'm sure that there are a lot of illegal or semi-legal companies... Often we can see this happens on the news - for example a kindergarten without ANY documents and permissions.
But if you want to be safe, you should ask at least in 公安局 is that okay to proceed so.
🐅 2:02:13 PM
And, if you already gave up finding trade jobs in Haikou, let me tell you which schools need Chinese Eng. teachers. There you may be able to start as soon as you wish.
张艳璐 6:25:01 PM
Well, I take ur kind advice and thank you
张艳璐 6:25:35 PM
About teaching, u know I don’t have much experience in English teaching
张艳璐 6:26:09 PM
And I don’t have English-teaching certificate
张艳璐 6:27:09 PM
I am not sure any institute would like to give me some necessary training
🐅 10:04:24 PM
Most of them don't teach so high level as you imagine, so probably they'll accept you, but before try, you never know...
🐅 10:10:25 PM
Today I saw a job about selling mobile phones. 5000 yuan salary. It's good for Haikou. If you want, let me know.
张艳璐 10:47:48 AM
Yeah, I need to try
张艳璐 10:48:34 AM
About selling mobile phone, I am not very interested coz there is nothing with my advantage.
张艳璐 10:59:59 AM
thank you a lot~
🐅 2:45:44 PM
No problem. I see you just want that one-and-only job (the trade stuff). You're picky. And it's good, but doesn't have many chances to find exactly this job and exactly in Haikou or in that other place.
🐅 2:46:16 PM
But, I suppose that you're not in hurry, because you have parents (and/or a man) to provide you money.
张艳璐 3:59:02 PM
Non, I just have some savings from last job
张艳璐 4:00:23 PM
If I cannot find proper job in international trade, I will try to find a job in teaching institution or selling houses
🐅 4:39:36 PM
Okay, it's a good plan.
🐅 4:40:34 PM
What topics do you like (to chat about)?
🐅 11:13:34 PM
We can chat about everything. Including love, romance and sexual desires. 100% all.
🐅 6:47:54 PM
Wow, you have iPhone8 . You're just a rich girl, you know...
张艳璐 8:55:40 PM
张艳璐 8:55:46 PM
How are u today?
张艳璐 8:56:13 PM
I have no idea about topics
张艳璐 8:57:17 PM
I used to have 7500/month salary
张艳璐 8:58:26 PM
So I bought a iPhone8 from HongKong when the exchange rate HK/RMB was close to 0.8
张艳璐 8:59:06 PM
Right now, iPhone8 is not expensive
张艳璐 8:59:55 PM
🐅 12:44:17 AM
Yes. Just around 2 of my salaries.
🐅 1:58:45 PM
Many guys in Haikou are happy, if they can earn at least 3000 per months. The salaries here are low...
🐅 2:05:20 PM
Some girls and boys are working in weekends just for 50 yuan/day...
张艳璐 3:21:38 PM
I think the average salary is too low
张艳璐 3:21:46 PM
And the living cost is too high
张艳璐 3:22:11 PM
Higher than Shenzhen but salary much lower
张艳璐 3:23:17 PM
I guess that is the reason why ShenZhen, DONGGUAN, Guangzhou can attract young people
🐅 5:29:26 PM
Yes. If I wasn't a fan of the clean air, the sea and the warm weather here, I could move to some of those polluted cities, because there the economy standard is as you said.
🐅 5:30:50 PM
Usually the island provinces are like Hainan. I heard that the situation is similar in Hawaii -- high prices and the people over there have to work 2 or 3 jobs at the same time...
🐅 12:17:51 AM
张艳璐 1:44:40 PM
张艳璐 1:44:46 PM
🐅 1:46:08 PM
 Still not. It'll land here tonight.
🐅 1:46:46 PM
I miss you. How are you doing?
🐅 2:19:55 PM
Send me some photograph of yours.
🐅 3:47:49 PM
🐅 10:22:36 PM
Why no chatting these days? Are you okay?
张艳璐 10:54:38 AM
Hello xx! I am Okay
张艳璐 10:55:51 AM
Sorry for a late response. I have been learning online courses this week and didn’t check QQ messages
🐅 1:05:33 PM
You should check it often, because I miss you!
张艳璐 5:37:20 PM
🐅 9:57:43 PM
Yes. And, also, you know that I'm the most clever foreigner around. So, it's the best for you to chat with me often.
🐅 1:42:40 PM
Send me some pic, okay?
🐅 1:54:29 PM
I'm missing you more and more!
🐅 3:33:01 PM
So, come on, please!
张艳璐 4:31:47 PM
Why pics?
张艳璐 4:31:59 PM
I am an ordinary looking guy
🐅 11:28:40 PM
Just to know you better and to enjoy your face.
🐅 11:37:01 PM
Seems you're not interested in me...
🐅 11:37:41 PM
So, maybe I can send you my photos and let you to decide is it worth to keep in touch?
🐅 11:37:54 PM
Maybe you may like me?
🐅 1:49:09 PM
OK, so let have a try. I'll show you two of my photos in China. They're 2 photos with my Chinese ex-gf:  . So, if you think I'm attractive enough for you, let's continue our communication.
🐅 5:26:04 PM
🐅 5:26:20 PM
🐅 5:26:26 PM
Do you like me?
🐅 5:56:43 PM
🐅 5:57:02 PM
张艳璐 8:29:47 PM
张艳璐 8:29:51 PM
张艳璐 8:30:14 PM
Sorry for I missed your call
张艳璐 8:31:15 PM
Sometimes I cut off stream to keep the network attraction away
张艳璐 8:36:40 PM
We can be friends, but not deeper
张艳璐 8:37:09 PM
I think u are handsome and u will find the right lady someday
🐅 10:36:07 PM
What's wrong with you? Why you're not the right? I think it's just because I'm not rich and because you don't think I'm handsome enough.
张艳璐 7:42:53 AM
no, u are good and u should be confident
张艳璐 7:43:21 AM
I just don’t have the feeling
🐅 10:26:53 PM
How to be confident when everyone speaks like you?
🐅 2:11:04 PM
And I think that I don't need to waste your time anymore. You dislike me. So, let me delete you. Best wishes to you!

Just the reasons, as I see them: poorcel for sure as number one, and her high standards (I guess she is at least like "Chadlite at least") when it comes to the looks.

Psychology / Re: "500 Rejections"
« on: May 23, 2023, 08:59:45 PM »
That's a decent position! Thanks for it! Appreciations! And a karma + for you! 8)

Other topics / Re: Turkish Döner Kebab in China
« on: May 23, 2023, 08:51:51 PM »
A really rare thing to see in China (at least in the places where I went and where I am currently).

Other topics / Re: HELLO!
« on: May 23, 2023, 06:35:54 AM »
In general, yes, I suppose so because most of the population isn't gay (homosexual). Even if you sum up the homosexuals and the bisexuals the straight ones are the vast majority. So you're right about the in general thing.

-------FREE ADS------- / Re: What ad can you see now?
« on: May 23, 2023, 06:04:50 AM »
A Korean language ad: "알파라발의 탄소중립 솔루션
기후 위기라는 큰 도전에 직면 탄소중립과 지속가능한 성장을 이루기
위한 글로벌 전문 솔루션



Straightcel (pl. straightcels) -- the incels who are straight, i. e. straight males; a straightcel = a straight incel.

Me too! Never gaymaxx! To ascend is okay but not to ascend with gays. I am saying it from the position of a straightcel (straight incel).

Other topics / Re: HELLO!
« on: May 23, 2023, 05:31:50 AM »
And this is tge reason I am doing efforts to develop some gay content.

No. Don't.

I am a 100% straight male and I am middle aged, and I will never go to visit some gay 'Pride' or something... but still I'm not going to say "no" or to limit the gays' free speech or something. So, I wonder, why you (who're much younger and open I suppose) are showing this... how to call it, sort of anti-gay position?

Psychology / Rejection #28
« on: May 23, 2023, 04:46:52 AM »
Rejection #28

It was one of the most pretty teenage girls I ever met (a schoolgirl who I met in a central KFC) and I hoped we can be at least some friends, to start some Platonic love and later, maybe, more but she ghosted me after some days of chat that I enjoyed more or less because I was full of joy and some hope.

Here are it is (without the very personal details):

That time she was nicknamed in another way, recently, just a "-" (下次是哪次 改天是哪天)
10:48:30 PM
 10:52:12 PM
错过. 6:41:56 AM
哈哈哈哈 好呀
11:15:11 PM
11:16:08 PM
 11:16:26 PM
错过. 11:16:28 PM
错过. 11:16:30 PM
 11:16:55 PM
错过. 11:17:27 PM
 11:17:31 PM

错过. 11:17:35 PM
  (sweating) (sweating)
11:17:55 PM
错过. 11:18:05 PM
11:18:38 PM
错过. 11:18:46 PM
错过. 11:18:58 PM
 11:19:29 PM
看我的3笨书: , , 。
错过. 11:19:48 PM
这个这个 我看不懂
错过. 11:19:50 PM
 (surprised) (surprised)
 11:20:24 PM
错过. 11:20:55 PM
11:21:13 PM
我的英语的名字叫 ... 。
11:21:21 PM
错过. 11:21:21 PM
错过. 11:21:24 PM
11:21:43 PM
你问我叫什么,我说我叫 ... 。
11:21:59 PM
我的英文的名字。我的书本的是 ... 。
 11:22:26 PM
错过. 11:22:57 PM
  (surprised) (surprised)
11:22:58 PM
错过. 11:23:41 PM
11:24:02 PM
错过. 11:24:17 PM
错过. 11:24:21 PM
 (confused) (confused)
11:24:25 PM
错过. 11:24:38 PM
11:24:41 PM
11:25:01 PM
错过. 11:25:11 PM
错过. 11:25:29 PM
你帮我弄个  (shy) (shy)
11:25:40 PM
错过. 11:25:57 PM
哦 我知道了
11:26:06 PM
错过. 11:26:15 PM
11:26:17 PM
错过. 11:26:17 PM
错过. 11:27:10 PM
那个单元我们没学过 要自己先预习
11:27:32 PM
错过. 11:27:35 PM
11:28:09 PM
错过. 11:28:15 PM
错过. 11:28:41 PM
错过. 11:28:41 PM
11:28:47 PM
错过. 11:29:42 PM
是呀 我都能听懂好多
11:30:16 PM
11:30:32 PM
错过. 11:30:50 PM
错过. 11:30:56 PM
错过. 11:31:10 PM
错过. 11:31:14 PM
11:31:39 PM
错过. 11:31:52 PM
11:32:20 PM
错过. 11:32:26 PM
11:32:34 PM
3:29:33 PM
3:29:51 PM
吻甜. 3:29:58 PM
吻甜. 3:30:11 PM
3:30:20 PM
 3:30:41 PM
吻甜. 3:31:52 PM
3:32:47 PM


And this was the end. She just ghosted me (and deleted me). Tried to add her (re-add her) many times. No result.

Other topics / Re: Letters & Numbers; Numbers & Letters
« on: May 23, 2023, 02:26:16 AM »

Psychology / Re: Online therapy
« on: May 22, 2023, 12:51:13 AM »
You can see the face of the patient online too. Where is the big difference?!

Psychology / Rejection #27
« on: May 22, 2023, 12:46:32 AM »
Rejection #27

And this is the next one of many ghosted type rejections (but I'm going to share about them all because they're part of the 500 rejections).

So, it's about a "霓虹的绚烂耀不过你的眼眸" (no slogan). For a long time she didn't send any message. I sent her some:

8:07:50 PM
7:11:04 PM
过年好! Meet well the Chinese Mouse Year!   
3:57:21 PM
2:44:47 PM
Happy Valentine's Day! (情人节快乐!)
8:07:52 AM
(Happy birthday virtual greeting)
4:36:28 PM
2:29:48 PM
2:30:53 PM
(Trying to make a call)
2:32:09 PM
European  2:32:14 PM
1:19:10 AM
(another Happy birthday virtual greeting)
1:19:42 AM
5:29:40 PM
2:47:32 AM
2:47:40 AM
 (a photo of my sporty body)
2:47:45 AM
 (another photo of my sporty body)
美德 12:53:50 AM

Years of fruitless "communication"!  Well, really, it's what I really call 100% ghosted and I had to delete this QQ contact too.

Other topics / Re: Letters & Numbers; Numbers & Letters
« on: May 22, 2023, 12:37:41 AM »

Psychology / Rejection #26
« on: May 22, 2023, 12:04:05 AM »
Rejection #26

This is the next one of many ghosted type rejections (but I'm going to share about them all because they're part of the 500 rejections).

So, it's about a "低端小气下档次" (故作的坚强、虚伪的力量。). For a long time she didn't send any message. I sent her some:

8:03:58 PM
3:45:51 PM
2:41:56 PM
Happy Valentine's Day! (情人节快乐!)
8:29:37 AM
(A happy birthday virtual greeting.)
4:25:26 PM

Years of fruitless "communication".  Well, really it's what I call 100% ghosted and I had to delete this QQ contact too.

Other topics / Re: Letters & Numbers; Numbers & Letters
« on: May 22, 2023, 12:01:24 AM »

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