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Psychology / Rejection 14
« on: September 21, 2022, 12:42:31 AM »

Rejection 14

It was a deja-vu of the rejection 12. Another girl online from forums that we visited together (about martial arts and about zoology). She even knew that girl and she said she has a boy-friend too. But she said she likes me very much and wanted to be my pen-pal. We ended up chatting online 12 hours once... she showed me even her childhood dolls and said that her boyfriend isn't the right person for her. I was in a sort of a problem because I hate to lie but she said to keep it a secret from him. Once he chatted with me too, I didn't tell him anything about her girlfriend and me. Well, one day happened the same -- she was sure he is not able to see her chats and private messages but he did. Then she started to behave like another person, to speak against me, to swear in front of him how much he loves him and he decided that it was only my fault, not her fault (the same as I started all this and she wasn't the initiator). We even had some angry words exchanges online and we agreed to meet and to fight but we never had this opportunity. He banned me from one of the forums where he was a mod and I was just a member continuing to believe that all is my fault and his cheating girl-friend is just an innocent lovely girl. Naive man. I was also very surprised how fast she could turn against me (like she was afraid that he will beat her or something) and all her tender words to become cold, bad and so on. 100% hypocritical person. Later I heard that they both went to university (different majors though) and that was the last info (also from her because she decided to chat with me again but only as "pure friends". That time I kept it 100% pure and only official chats related to her major and study. Maybe she expected something more again? Maybe, because soon after I didn't get emotional as before and kept it pure she stopped chatting with me.) All I can think is that highly likely she cheated on him again (and maybe not only online) and that they're not together soon after that moment.

So we have got an agecuck here. But it's okay. We welcome everybody.

Girl, if an adult and minor have more in common than the minor with his/her classmates and the adult with his/her the-same-age people, it's not a problem to date. Because the minor, after 2-3 years is already not a minor. For example if they date when the minor is 16, after 2 years (less than two even because it will be not exactly on the birthday usually. Chance 1:365 to be exactly 2 round years) he/she is already an adult too. So, where is the ageism problem comining from?

Some women are also doing the same... and then wonder why they're so ill, so fat, so troubled...

Haters, retarded people and so on are the ones who are going to comment couples in a negative way.


Escortcels explained

We mentioned here that escortcels aren't 100% incels; they're nearcels or something similar. At last there are some good economics analogies about them. Take a look:

Animecel3479 said that escortcels are like rent payers and how dare they compare themselves to incels who haven't ever touched a woman; the escortcels make multiple posts about their escort experience and it's like rubbing in face the fact you ate to a starving man.

Zhou Chang-Xing said that escortcels (aka "escortmaxxers") are like homeless men who paid to use a homeless shelter for a couple of nights. (A homeless shelter is a temporary solution.)

So, this is it: noncel > escortcel > incel = settled (having home) > homeless shelter > homeless.


"The Chad doesn't need to X"

Another lame fallacy of many incels

"A Chad can afford to have many flaws, an incel can't afford to have any flaws. Do you remember that? If you didn't, reread it again. If you didn't read it, read it now.

The lame fallacy that many incels make is that Chads don't need X or Y, so it's useless to have it. It is so lame because it's the same as you speak "A billionaire doesn't need to work, so the work is useless." If you're as poor as a church mouse, you have to work. If you're not a Chad you need those X, Y, etc. things.

Some examples of this lame fallacy.

"Hit the gym.“
”It's not going to help me. Chad doesn't hit the gym and have tons of girlfriends."

"Buy better clothes and improve your manners.
“Chads wear whatever they want and can be as rude as they want and still get the girls."

If you didn't get it, get it now! You're not a Chad. You're even not a Norman. So you have to add a lot to yourself like muscles, good cothes, manners and education, and so on.

There was someone who said a term like femflation (womenflation) but with another root which I can't type here because here is a non-hate forum. And I don't want to be a hater.

It means that the nowadays females are more difficult to get because of their higher standards.

-------FREE ADS------- / Re: Accept constructive feedback on it
« on: September 13, 2022, 02:09:08 AM »
Wow... there are those people who can't create a Wikipedia's page? (I can understand it if we're talking about those who're living in countries where Wikipedia is banned but a person with normal Wikipedia access and minimal internet literacy to hire people to make a wikipage... Wow... are there really costumers in this business niche?)

There is opinion like that having oneitis is psychologically unhealthy. Time spent obsessing over a oneitis can interfere with almost everything, and severely hamper personal progress. The effect of unrequited love can lead to mental health issues. A degraded mental state, combined with obsession, can also cause a person to not pay attention to legitimate interest from others, making oneitis a vicious circle.

Psychology / Rejection #13
« on: September 12, 2022, 02:42:51 AM »
Rejection #13

There were some rejections of this type but I'll count them as one because they were really identical.

You remember that pre-Internet phone conference line that I mentioned before, right? Well there were those girls who wanted to meet somebody but were shy to describe themselves and/or were afraid to say something like: "I'm with short, brown hair, green eyes and I'll be wearing a red coat and blue jeans, waiting you in front of the clock tower." or like "I'm wearing yellow skirt and white T-shirt. I have long black hair and blue eyes. I'll meet you in front of the city library." So I decided to give them an opportunity to choose if they want to have a date with me or not without knowing who are they, which was super convenient for them: every time only I described myself and my clothes and they knew where I'll be waiting. Then they could just pass there safely and if they think that I'm good enough for them, then they can say "Hi" otherwise just pass and I'll just go home.

As you can guess, there were some of them who really didn't choose to date me after they saw me.

Later I stopped this way because once there was that case that the girl said "Hi" and we had a date but she was scary ugly (I even didn't know that so ugly girls may exist) and after this emotional shock, I decided to abandon this way.

There are different incels with different experience and knowledge base. So for some what is really a copium isn't a copium and vice versa.

Psychology / Rejection #12
« on: September 10, 2022, 03:36:47 PM »
Rejection #12

  A very simple one and maybe boring but it counts. There was that girl interested in martial arts who I met in a forum related to this matter. Her boyfriend was a karate trainer and he was pretty good; better than me probably; a real pro. But he wasn't very educated and cultured. She said she likes my romantic poems and my science based thoughts. Maybe she also preferred my face? I am not sure. So we started to exchange warm and emotional e-mails. I wasn't against it because I thought that "it's just e-mails", I even don't touch her so it's not something like she is cheating her karate boyfriend. Also, I had that hope that someday she may officially break with that karate man and come to my city, become my girlfriend. Of course, I didn't press her to do so, I am totally for this: she to make her free and independent choice. I even was concerned about her well-being and told her several times that it's not a good idea to exchange so warm and emotional e-mails because if her karate boy-friend find out she will be in trouble. I didn't worry about me so much because I was ready to spare with him for her (if in case there was this ideal situation: "Let's fight and she is choosing the winner!"  ;D ) Well, nothing like this happened. The worst happened - he really found out that she is in an "e-mail relationship" with me; she started to hate me, speak some rough and unpleasant words towards me in that martial arts forum (of course most of the people would think that it was just a sort of "virtue singnaling", which, according to a definition, is "The public expression of opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one's good character or social conscience or the moral correctness of one's position on a particular issue.") Simply, she started to fool him and the others that it was all my fault, she was too naive to believe me, she loves only him, blah-blah-blah-blah...
 Later I lost connection with her and she didn't left something that I can miss (I can't compare her with some others who also rejected me but at least they were unforgettable women) but, for sure, she was a sporty, cute and pretty girl (at that time; no idea what she become now). And that karate man tried to be bitter, attacking, competing against me in that forum and one bigger forum but I was many times more knowledgeable than him and he had to suffer a lot of emotional losses online and he was really embarrassed and many people thought he looks like a looser, not me. Later I heard he died in some traffic accident and because I never hate him (I was his enemy but he wasn't my enemy; I mean he had much stronger negative emotions towards me.) I felt like "Oh, gosh! Pity boy. First his stupid girlfriend, then all his misery online and now dead so young!" And now all I can say is "Rest in peace, man! I don't hate you."

Totally. Janitors typically earn an average wage of $15 per hour in the USA (Source: Wikipedia).

There are janitors who're respected and loved. I will share some stories.

School janitor goes viral for singing Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin'' https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/school-janitor-goes-viral-singing-journeys-dont-stop-believin Popularitymaxx. :P

A man in California who started his career 30 years ago as a janitor is celebrating his first year as that same school’s new principal. https://www.ky3.com/2022/09/01/amazing-former-elementary-school-janitor-works-his-way-up-principal/ Statusmaxx and moneymaxx  :P

There are more but now I'm sleepy.

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