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At the beginning I just wanted to expect that here we'll have normal high IQ users/members who're going to help us to self-improve ourselves and to support each other. But now I have got a new expectation. I don't want to see things like this: "Incel and 6 Guests are viewing this board." (which is the current situation) I want to see things like, for example this: "Incel and 1227 Guests are viewing this board." and then some of these guests to be members and for example to have something like this: "Incel, (followed by around 50 members) and 3370 Guests are viewing this topic." 8)

Even a 50% of this is okay, like: "me + 25 members + 1685 guests." A place which attracts 1711 incels and incels-interested (inceldom-interested) people is going to be a super cool!

OKAY. Enough daydreaming for today! 8) If we achieve only 1% of my daydream  :P it's still not bad because it equals ~ 34 incels and incels' interested people. A perfect beginning for a successful good incels community! Oh, yeah!

OK and here were the reactions from brocels in that other forum.

MACHETE said "who else high af rn". Brocel... English, please! ;D How I am supposed to understand these "af" and "rn"?! Let's suppose "af" is clear enough in the context of "high" (like "high as f*ck") but "rn"? For example it may mean "registered nurse" ("RN", plural: "Registered nurses" ("RNs)")... but, anyway... I can't spend my life thinking of some abbreviation like that "rn". ;D ;D In case he thinks I am very tall, well, I'm not.

The brocel also asked "are you bald?" I honestly answered him that yes, I'm with Norwood 4: .

ServusLuciferi comment that "Yeah it doesn’t change the fact that Chad gets the newest iPhone for free and you have to get a used up cracked cum stained iPhone 8 10 years later and be on an expensive phone bill for it, all the while it only powers on occasionally and seems to consciously hate you"

Maybe it was a soft of analogy (metaphor), but I decided to keep it ontopic (which is the healthy life, i. e. the healtmaxx) and answered as it "face value": "Idk, bro. I don't use cellphones to avoid radiation. This also helps me to keep younger (radiation limitation). When I need a cellphone I ask a stranger or some partner around to help me with. I use only desktop computer."  ;D

And I disagree that (if you think of that as a metaphor) that an older, healthmaxxed, gymmaxxed, edumaxxed (and luckily -- moneymaxxed) person will only be able to have old women. There are plenty of elder males who can attract younger than themselves females. And, by the way, the age doesn't necessarily imply how "used" is somebody. There are elder people with only 1 or a few ex-partners and there are young people with hundreds of partners.

LesscoBlob comment: "A 50 year old oldcel. That is quite interesting. i'm happy for you brocel :feelsLSD:. I'm also losing weight to stop being fat."

That's an attitude that we have to respect and value: the brocel is polite, honest, supportive and active (proactive) to improve himself!

I answered him: "Almost 50, still not exactly 50. :) 
 Yes, cool, but lose weight only naturally and healthy (without chemical things and without starving)."

Substitute Subhuman asked a very interesting and sort of a funny (a positive, I mean, "made my day" question): "Why can't you ascend with a foid in her 20s?" (Foid = female human/humanoid. We're against this term if it's to insult the females but if it's used neutrally, then it's okay. Just remember to be good and don't discriminate races, sexes, etc.)

I answered this: "REASON 1: No money.
REASON 2: Many Chinese do prefer Chinese guys, not foreigners.
REASON 3: Many think I'm not enough tall.
REASON 4: Balding.
REASON 5: The passport age (sooner or later they will know it; once they know it, they are shocked and they don't care that in fact your true biological age is nearly 20-30.)
REASON 6: Not from a popular country like USA, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Greece...
REASON 7: High hygiene and high IQ. (Some people prefer more dirty and more stupid guys. For example, I don't like to touch dogs, cats... and I like to chat about science, philosophy... )
REASON 8: Maybe there is something else too, that I still don't know... for example, maybe my voice isn't sexy enough... no idea.

Adding a new one: REASON 9: Many evil blockers. (Some brocels call them "cockblockers". People who hate you to become happy and will do their best to convince the woman you like that she deserve better or you're a bad man.)

REASON 10: In some cases (not often but still) some of the Chinese women will just go after some crimimal (as one said before "But the criminals have good life!" :feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha: ) and risk her own future, than to pay attention to some highly educated and culture having guy like me.
I want to mention again that I like China, Chinese culture, etc. Just being honest and objective what the nowadays Chinese females may like/dislike and what some of them may prefer. There are many different people in China.

decembrist_kirillov said that "gymmaxxing is genetics."

I 100% disagree with this statement. So I tried to explain in this way: "Genetics is the base but it's up to you how you'll build it later.

For example, you have good genetics to build muscles but if you're a lazy person you'll become a landwhale.

The opposite, you haven't good genetics to build muscles but if you work hard you'll be a better looking than the beer belly Normans guys."

And my last post in that thread was that "To be honest and objective: David and Victoria are almost my age and they also do look very young: ."

Then I got that ban (because a mod think that I'm not enough incel for their high gatekeeping stupid standards which even don't follow the definition of "incel" from their own wiki) so I couldn't answer there. But it was for good because that ban made us to have this good incels' place for the normal incels without hate and I'll answer here later. Yeah.


An answer to Blighteous

To Blighteous

Today I mentioned that in Incels.is (a forum full of hate and plenty of abnormal incels; I mentioned this because I want to emphasize that not every incel is a bad person) an obviously abnormal incel in a thread titled "(LDAR) Post the .is users you despise most" which has a nickname "Blighteous" said that:
@Poorbaldshortcel for not knowing how to use the reply function and being a bluepilled retard
@Intellau_Celistic for making stupid nonsensical posts. ...


I blocked them a while ago so I wouldn't know if these things are still true, tho I really don't care to know either.


1. The retarded one is not me because at least I have got Master's (university degree) and I read a lot till these days.
2. The retarded one is you because you even didn't know that I am banned there (you think that someone who posted there 663 posts doesn't know how to use the reply function  ;D but also you have no idea how to see who is banned and who is not. Low IQ, very low!!!)
3. If you already blocked me and that brocel (Intellau_Celistic), why did you @-ed us?! Oh you didn't know that I can answer you here, in the Omnilogy forum... in fact, what do you know, dear low IQcel?
4. Really, what do you know?! You even don't know the meaning of "blue pill" (aka "bluepill") and you called one of the most metapilled educated users (me) a "bluepilled retard". Oh... sorry, you surely have no idea what the Metapill Theory.

I suppose you're still a young or very young boy. It's not an excuse to be so stupid, retarded, low IQed... but at least you have a chance, after some years, to realize how low is your level and to edumaxx (studymaxx) more. If you keep this level of ignorance you have to remain an incel forever because you'll be not capable to take care for a girlfriend, a wife, children (if you're not a childfree one) and so on. So, currently, I think that you deserve your inceldom; you're not ready for love. Try to self-educate yourself more. I suppose that the low IQ is your main problem now. (What I mean is that even you are luckily someone with attractive appearance the low IQ and the bad manners will still make people to dislike you.)


LifeFuel: With healthmaxx and gymmaxx after years you'll surpass the Chads of your generation

I'd like to add that it's even possible to surpass the Chads of the next generation (generations) in some cases. But let's focus now about the Chads of your generation.

Hi there, brocels!
We're many incels here (around the world) and we can't remember all of us. For those who don't know me -- I'm maybe the eldest here (in this forum, I suppose, because almost 50 years old) -- a baldcel, a shortcel and a poorcel (and a gymcel too).
I like to give hope to brocels and to be helpful with my experience and knowledge (Master's degree in Humanitarian studies.)

Here comes the LifeFuel for today :):):):):)

If you start to healthmaxx and gymmaxx now (when you're younger) you'll surpass the Chads of your generation because they're highly likely to minn themselves with alcohol, shitfood, lack of sports, etc.

ALMOST ALL of the Chads of my generation (and even those who're 20 years younger than me) are now looking like grandfathers or dad bods fat man.

For example, these guys:   . That guy was sex-idol of my female classmates (when he was young: )

Or another one now and then:


That time (1990-1993) I was a fatty nerd schoolboy and I never imagined that now, after so many years I WILL SURPASS these Chads with just healthy life and sport.
Not to brag, just to proof. My recent two photographs (with censored face to keep the rules of the forum):

Think about it. These 2 singers even so rich didn't deal with the aging well. At the same time, me, the poorcel succeed to look like a college boy and even some 14 years old boys and girls think that I'm 22 to 28 and never can guess my passport age.
Just keep your bio age young and years later you'll mog even the Chads of your and the next generation.


This I post in another forum. I'll share with you more info next time. For now, just remember it: healthmaxx and gymmaxx well! Also, try to moneymaxx and to studymaxx (edumaxx) too!

Yes. There are 2 kinds of incels:
  • the first ones are trying to ascend with the well-known maxx strategies like: gymmaxx, moneymaxx, geomaxx, edumaxx, etc.
  • the second ones are excusers who doesn't try to maxx and use the pessimistic blackpillism to justify their lack of activity. Instead of becoming stronger and better looking (via gymmaxx), richer (via moneymaxx), cleverer (via edumaxx) and so on, they're wasting their time becoming fatter, weaker, poorer and stupider and in this way they're killing their own last chances to ascend.

Time for the fourth part.

failedbbcnormie asked how does that feel. He said also "I wonder how it will be 10 years later when I'm in your place, is it less of a depressing urge and the copes start to feel better"

turbosperg answered him that he gets distracted with copes. He also added that "Nature intended for a 37yo male to use his time and energy to teach grown-up stuff to his adolescent kids, not to compete with them for pussy.

At this age I should be happy to see my sons getting pussy, and give them "the talk" about girls and everything.

The time for carefree s...., pairing, breeding, has largely passed me by."

I also would like to answer that question:

I'm not 37. I wish I was at least 37 now, when I'm almost 50... Well, sometimes (in some moments) it is very depressing... in others (when there are heavier problems in the life caused by the poverty especially) it really doesn't matter.

LesscoBlob laughed about that "Generation V".

A brocel with nickname "I want to believe" said "In my case, it peaked at 12-14. JFL." to which depressedblackcel said "over". And "I want to believe" answered that "It was a funny time: even old R..... made me get a b@ner. (I edited it because for the standards of this forum may sound obscene. But he means that his libido was really high.) depressedblackcel answered again "I feel you during class I'd imagine I had the ability to timestop and then you already know whats next." To which "I want to believe" answered with ":feelsohh:" emoticon.

The inceldom is so difficult to bear, isn't it? Almost like the poverty... :(

ragequiter comment (about the examples of old people who have got young girlfriends, wives or something like this) that he is literally jealous.

And ugly_genius said about the oldcels that the smart ones are SEAmaxxing because that is the last hope. He also added that

"And if you're ethnic and/or poor and reach greycel status, then I don't even want to write down how grim and unfortunate a predicament that is.

It's just a wrap. I've come to accept it the same way a stage 5 cancer patient probably takes the news of his diagnosis.

It just is what it is.:feelsrope:"

I'd like to add these points about his statements:

SEAmaxx (South-East Asia maxxing) isn't the last hope because there are some other places like part of Africa, Latin America, some countries in East Europe and so on where the richer elder incels may have success in finding females who're interested in them.
"Poor" is a problem, indeed. "Ethnic" isn't that big problem if you're not poor and if you're healthmaxxed, gymmaxxed, edumaxxed and, of course, logically (if you're not poor) - moneymaxxed.

Remember, the oldcels have more chances (if they're not one of the poorest) to ascend than many of the younger incels.

-------FREE ADS------- / Re: What is modern technology examples?
« on: July 26, 2022, 04:06:10 AM »
It is exactly like the incels or, at least, that part of them who work hard to improve themselves and to ascend (to escape the inceldom)... They do their best but the best they can get is some woman with many kids who wants them to support her or some very obese (aka landwhales) females...

Here is the same... well, the forum is omnilogic, with many years of development and with good intentions but what it mostly get is... spammers...

Hi, brocels! I missed you! And I miss some of the brocels who're not here too.

Here is coming the 3rd part.

turbosperg said something that has some interesting points and it worth to be commented over here:

"Foids never love men.

What happens is that 30-something and 40-something foids that failed in getting Chad to commit, got one or two kids from deadbeat Chads, and failed in their attempts to divorce-rape a younger betabuxxer, now desperately try to approach older men with resources in order to acquire resources for themselves and for the kids she's made with Chad.

This is betabuxxing + desperate foids.

Moreover, male s. drive peaks at 25, and only shrinks with age -- especially if the guy has few or no sexual experiences. An old incel (40+) have much lower s. drive than an equivalent 40+ sexhaver. And the difference only grows with age.

As they lose interest in s., these oldcels have little reason to waste their time ranting online about the pain of being sexless -- because that pain diminishes, and they get better hobbies to cope (fishing, motorbiking, travel, etc.) that were too expensive for a youngcel.

I'm 37. I'm starting several hobbies as copes that I didn't have money for when younger (motorbiking, local travel, kayaking etc.).

Also, the pain of loneliness also diminishes as the person gets used to living alone.

A 45yo incel with some free time will rather work on his garage than rant online because he is 20 years past the peak of his sex-drive (25yo)."

I'd wish to comment. I'm also not sure if there is true love. Maybe there are some women who are able truly to love a man... I don't know.

Logically it is so. If someone can't find the best, will search for the second best and at the end will end up with something not that good or just without anything. (I learned the meaning of "deadbeat" it is "an idle, feckless, or disreputable person:" Discussing the inceldom is useful for our English language skills. 8) )

Not every elder male has lower s. drive (lower libido). That's for sure. Another pity thing is that some oldcels are poorer than the youngcels. Age doesn't guarantee you better incomes.

About the hobbies, it's a good point. By the way with these hobbies one can ascend because they'll make him look better (physically and socially). Of course a good healthy diet and healthy life is required too. Only sporty hobbies aren't enough if you're smoking, drinking a lot alcohol and don't count the calories (and eat bad food)...

To be continued... again no time, boyos!

It's not so difficult to realize it in fact. There are some signs like:

  • You feel you're looking worse than before.
  • You see that females outside don't show any interest in you. They even don't look at you more than a second or two.
  • You're virgin or you didn't have s. activity for a long time.
  • You're too shy to try to connect or to approach a female.
  • Even you're not shy at all and you're not rude, nobody wants to date you.
  • After 100+ tries you're still dateless.

I realized it after a few hundred refuse to date me (and what I mean is a normal date like "Let's go to have a soda and to talk.")

Part two about the oldcels who, mostly, ascended.

Well, let's finish it tonight.

The next part.

After LesscoBlob, another brocel -- RollD20 -- said that there are some oldcels, but they lived in a different circumstance; tradition was heavily prevalent during oldcel times. And lack of social media and ease of travel was not as available. He also noticed that the females just had a smaller pool back then.

I do agree. But see it from the positive point. Now the incels also can have more access to foreign countries and to ascend easier than years ago when there wasn't internet and the foreign language skills weren't that great.

IncelWithHate (a friendly reminder that here we're only welcoming incels and other people without hate) said about that 27 years old brocel "Nope. Three more years to go until you get your invitation by owl to Hogwarts."  ;D

Sounds so "fairy tale"-ic. ;D 8)

tanfeo comment that it's like a kindergarten there. Maybe he think that some brocels are childish?  :)

LesscoBlob predicts that generation Z will become the "Generation of 40 year old virgins". :reeeeee:

Well, who knows. The incels are really more and more. It's a fact.

Autistic Uggo said that should be "Generation V. :lul::kys:"

bagofshit99 added "30s and still here".

Idotms agreed that "just betabuxx" is what is the matter with the ascended oldcels. Well, I suppose that maybe this is the situation with many or most of them.

EternalStorm said that he's still there, "just not all that much of a talker :feelsmage::feelsjuice:"

Well, again... too late. Have to continue it next time...

Good night brocels! Sweet dreams (I wish you sweet ascending dreams!) ;D

And a concrete, from me, a very recent chat (literally minutes ago):

The obese girl: "我真的看起来很明显的胖吗?" ("Do I really look noticeably fat?)

Me (after answering her many other similar questions):  "我已经不好意思回复这个问题。你问了我几次,我回复了实话的。

别浪费时间问人家你“很明显的胖”, 因为人家,大多数,是骗人的,她们大多数会说”你挺好,没事。“ 相信我:你真的,真的,真的要减肥。这个是实话的,清楚。 (没有必要再问我这个问题。如果我说我觉得你25%多,肯定是明显的。所以,就开始努力的减肥。)"

"I'm already getting nervous (shy; awkward) to reply to this question. You asked me several times, and I answered the truth.
Just try to start: more water, fewer calories, more exercise.

Don't waste time asking others that are you "obviously fat", because most of them are liars, and most of them will say "You are fine, nothing wrong with your weight. " Believe me: you really, really, really need to lose weight. This is true and clear. (There is no need to ask me this question again. If I said that I think you are more than 25% (you're heavier 25%+ than the normal), it must be obvious. So, start trying to lose weight.)"

So bad. We, the incels, nearcels, etc. already had it enough bad. :( Why now even this spammers problem?!

Spammers aren't welcome. It's even not ontopic! Writing an essay can't help us to ascend. :(

Bro, again a spamlink was removed.

I was happy (at first) when I saw you here because I thought you're one of the first incels here. Maybe a collegecel? Because I see you're mentioning college and even a word that many incels like and/or just use -- "cope".

Offtopic and spam -- not acceptable. Keep sanity! Well said. Try it because if you just spam here you'll get banned.

The topic here is about the useful sides of the bluepill (which is mostly not very useful and the best is the metapill)..

1. The terminology: a "landwhale" is a pejorative term for an overweight woman. Or just a description (without bad feeling) of a heavily overweight female. When someone uses it he or she means an extremely obese woman.

2. Not only some incels. There are many other males who also dislike the obese women.

3. There is a number of incels who do accept these women.

4. Some of the incels even support the point of view that if some incel doesn't accept the obese women he's a volcel (voluntarily celibate) or standardcel. Some incels may also think that if there is a woman who likes you (even if she is one of the so-called landwhales) you're a fakecel.

My personal opinion: if an incel doesn't like and avoids the obese women who like him he has some standards so he can be called "standardcel".
I am one of these who do not like the obese females, but at the same time, I am glad for them that there are enough males who do like them and that, in fact, most of these females aren't incels (aren't femcels).

I leave it here. I could deleted but I left it. Why? To give chance to this spammer to participate normally in the normal incels forum (for the incels without hate). To give also to you the most important for incels guidelines when it comes to writing essay.

1. If you're writing it to a female who you like, don't write it for free. I know some people who wrote homeworks, essays and other things like this for the females they like with the pure hope that the females will value it and will like them back. Never happened. So, don't be naive. Of course you may help them in this way but only if they pay you back with something (at least to give you a free drink, lunch or something else. I don't mean exactly money or s...)

2. Really, forget the idea that "If I write her the essay/graduate paper/homework she surely will like me and will love me!" That's super naive! Never works, as far as I know.

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