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Thanks for the good words and intentions, but there are guys who didn't get it well enough.

I'll try to repeat it in a more detailed way: "I started it already and tried to explain it, but some guys didn't understand it, so I'll explain it again in details. I'm a truecel (shorter than most of the males around, balder than half of the males around, elder than most of the males around and a wristcel, a manlet compared with most of the males around). If the race matters to you -- my mom was a short white Stacy and my father was a fat Asian normie. All I got from these genes was a short feminine structure, you know... Here comes the idea: 1. I'm adding a self-defence (MMA based) training to my gym-maxx. 2. I'm adding yoga to my health-maxx (water, showers, healthy food, personality-maxx, etc.). 3. I'm adding aerobics to all these. 4. I'm working hard as hell everyday (for some money-maxx). 5. No matter how tired I'm I'll find at least an hour to IQ-maxx (learning more chess, new foreign language, science or other intellectual stuff).
All I want is to become nearly a human superman with a body, knowledge and soul (emotions, EQ, personality) above the average. Then at least 1 good female is going to like me. I hope. Yes, I know, I may die from over-working, but I will do it for me and for you all! I'm proud to risk myself for us all!!!" I hope it'll be clear enough for them. Because so far I got these from my previous sharing in IncelsWithoutHate:

You won't ascend by working and gymmaxxing, at most you'll be a betabux. If you really want to, save your money until you have enough for the surgeries you need, that's the only possible way an incel can ascend.

Why so sure? A good-looking body + good money may bring some love or at least respect which is above betabux-ing.

you're torturing yourself over nothing.

Why so pessimistic? The idea is to try before to conclude.

That stuff only helps once you’ve crossed the hard threshold of looks and height. If no girl has ever considered you, having interesting hobbies won’t change that.

It's not only hobby. Yoga, aerobics, fitness, MMA and so on will make me look better and to achieve more. It's not just hobbies.

No. Do you think women care how many gym courses you do? Only genetics matter.

I know but I don't do it to impress them with the number of the courses, I want to achieve better results and then the results to impress them. To compensate my genetics as more as I can.

ey babe. I finished a self-defence course, so I can defend myself in case Tyrone tries to fight me. Sorry, I'm 5'6", so I can't really defend you. I can just fight him for a little bit before I start running. Also, I can do yoga. Do you want to go on a date with me?

So "funny" yeah... what I meant is that self-defense will add more power to my health, good-looking body and character (psychology), yoga will improve my health, body, etc., but obviously he is not understanding them well. Let it be. I'm not angry. I have some sense of humor.

I'm telling you this without regret and with a grain of pride. I will ascend or I will die from overworking. I decided to start a busy job (sort of stressful and responsible, but well-paid) for money-maxx + I enrolled 3 courses (an Aerobics course, a Yoga course and a Self-defense MMA course) for body-maxx, health-maxx and personality-maxx (or EQ-maxx) + I regularly hit the gym for gym-maxx + reading and learning scientific stuff for IQ-maxx.
Honestly, I don't know may I ascend because I'm norwooding (nearly to level 5, going to be a baldcel) and I'm almost a manlet (below average height and a wristcel), plus I'm getting old (going to be an oldcel), but I decided to try so. It's now or never!

Some comments from the r/IncelsWithoutHate:

1. VegetableGenocide5: "Seems like he doesn’t quite understand the subtleties of linguistics but I appreciate the point he’s trying to make"

2. Basedgnar: "Step 1 be attractive"

3. Arctic_Fox_Airsoft: "He's just saying that the term sub human is not correct word wise."

4. alteriormotivator: "Just be Einstein theory"

Social network | SEO - Social network / Looks are first
« on: February 11, 2021, 05:55:27 AM »
A study show that "Looks are first". https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s40806-017-0092-x  The Importance of Physical Attractiveness to the Mate Choices of Women and Their Mothers

    Madeleine A. Fugère, Caitlynn Chabot, Kaitlyn Doucette & Alita J. Cousins

Evolutionary Psychological Science volume

This is important to realize:
Men with the most desirable personality profiles were rated more favorably than their counterparts only when they were at least moderately attractive. Unattractive men were never rated as more desirable partners for daughters, even when they possessed the most desirable trait profiles. We conclude that a minimum level of physical attractiveness is a necessity for both women and their mothers and that when women and their parents state that other traits are more important than physical attractiveness, they assume potential mates meet a minimally acceptable standard of physical attractiveness.

Well? Looks are first. If you don't pass the "looks test", you don't get to take any other test.

So, to be honest, I'm a sort of failed normie (it's a kind of incel, too) or maybe an ex-pretty boy. So...

1. I'm an incel supporter! I feel you guys! (the incels, I mean.)

2. Just a few years ago I had good hair and a young face! And it was enough to get a girlfriend. Now? I got higher degrees, more knowledge, more muscles, more skills, and... no more females to like me... So? How to keep the faith that once you're older and balder you'll be better with your better knowledge, skills, degrees, etc?! Well, it's better than just nothing, but?...


"There's no gym for your face"

There's no gym for your face. This is an expression that means those with an ugly face can't rectify this situation through exercise, and therefore it's over for them.
 :( :o

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