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This totally will save the life and the happiness of many incels! We have to share in more places online!!! Many ppl have no idea how important is that non-criminal record and the ability to pass the physical exam!

For some incels the only way to ascend is to geomaxx! If they can't do it because they haven't non-criminal record or/and they're ill then it's over for them.  :( So, brocels, share it!

It's easy to get if you have an average IQ and you know the incels' terminology.

Social network | SEO - Social network / Re: The future of the forum
« on: June 29, 2022, 04:06:13 AM »
I hope that it will be a sort of a great future! 8)

Social network | SEO - Social network / "greycel"
« on: June 29, 2022, 04:04:44 AM »

A "greycel" ("graycel")... so what?

I don't remember if we discussed it already in the omnilogy's incels topic but I'll notice it here. It's not some special kind of incel (like those legit ones: baldcel, oldcel, shortcel, mentalcel, poorcel, etc.) it's just a term about newbies in that incels.is forum.

It's not serious to attack someone just because he's new and haven't post enough in some forum. This status ("Oh, I post 1 000 000 posts here!") isn't something that makes you more clever or better in some significant way!

Other topics / Re: "The Incel" (A free e-book)
« on: June 21, 2022, 06:06:52 AM »
It's really good news! At last a literature book about the incels! And it's 100% free! Most of the brocels are poor! So, it's a kind of charity for them! I hope all of the incels' problems will be mentioned in this book! Good luck!

I'm going to share with them in the incels' communities asap!

Internet / Re: A chat between two popular chatbots
« on: June 20, 2022, 04:10:36 PM »
A brocel (nick: "subzero") invented a very interesting term -- Chadbot ("Chad" + "bot", you see?)  ;D

Internet / Re: A chat between two popular chatbots
« on: June 20, 2022, 05:16:05 AM »
LOL :D! It's over for the AIcels. ;D ;D ;D I gotta share it with some incels because you know, some of the brocels think that the AI women (female robots) will serve them well and better than a real female but if this is the AI level I think many of the bros will be disappointed.

Many incels are not good people, there are even criminals amongst them. For example, some of them want to rape. There is trash in every community. In fact most of the incels are even not in a communities. So now I'm talking about a high IQ good incel who has an amazing maxxing plan. Quoting it here and you say what do you think about it:
As I mentioned, I've lurked a while before making my account. My threads will derive a lot from BlackPillPres in terms of using your 20s to wealthmax and then ascend in your 30s, only difference is that he wants hookers while I want non-hookers.

I will use my 20s to bulk up, go to the gym, I will become a Chad from the neck down.

I am using shoe lifts to boost my height. When you're short, a small height difference yields an exponential return

I will corporatemax by climbing the ladder of my consulting firm, using my free time to foster skills that will make me even more invaluable to the company.

I will wealthmax through valueinvesting, channelling my surplus wealth into undervalued securities.

Once I'm in my early 30s, I will PLASTIC SURGERY max and remove my ugliness. I will use my hard earned money to develop a better face.

Once I'm attractive, taller, bulked up, and rich.... there will be nothing stopping me from getting girls. I'm not just talking about finding a nice girl to settle with, I'm talking Stacies on my Yacht. This is what drives me. I'm actually getting so excited just thinking about this because I can't find any flaws. What is to stop me from ascending once I actually look good?

As we say, a "few millimeters of bone"... well, that can change with enough money.

I am a KISSLESS VIRGIN right now, but think about how great of a story it will be when I'm 38 with a bunch of hot young college girls on my Yacht and explaining in my vlog how i used to be a truecel.
From https://incels.is/threads/i-am-going-to-ascend-in-my-30s-read-before-calling-me-bluepilled.380925/#post-8943155 (" I Am Going to Ascend in my 30s (read before calling me bluepilled)")

You saw that? Some of the guys there also think that she's full of stupidity and not only she. There are bunch of stupid people there. This wise guys said it right -
Just continue with the stupidity here. ...  Why would anyone try to get clicks from a board with so little happening to begin with?
  busybee, respect man!

This should be shared with the brocels asap!

 And one more from that abnormal incel nicknamed "mentalcel1". He said:
Dude, you are attracted to trannies:feelsLSD:

Ban the degenerate tranny lover gymcel degenerate volcel:society:

 What an abnormal person, isn't he? Let me answer him:
Dear mentally disordered guy, I never said that I'm attracted to trannies. If you think so, it means that you have got some hallucinations and you'll finish your days in some psychiatry. That's why the real degenerate is your silly brain.
Being a gymcel is one of the best kind of inceldom and being a mentalcel is one of the worst. So sad that mentally disordered people like you can access internet...

In the same topic someone nicknamed Rhaast insulted with this:
Gigalarp after gigalarp. You are just another retarded gymbro.

My answer: 1/ Obviously I'm not retarded once I am able to graduate so well in different fields and to speak many languages. 2/ I'm able to prove all this, if you wish to meet cam-to-cam online somehow. I may show you all my diplomas without problem. 3/ For people like you who even can't graduate and can't do successfully sport activities all my achievements surely will look like larp or gigalarp, because your undeveloped brain is not able to imagine real self-improvement.

There is some mentalcel1 in incels.is who attacked with this:
How the fuck is that a stacy? Have your soy milk made you blind you pua :bluepill::soy:?

She legit looks like an anorexic tranny, even wallmart landwhales mog her to oblivion:feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek: if that is a stacy for you you are a closet faggot degenerate freak:feelspuke:

What a rude and terrible incel, isn't he?

The answers to him were: "1. Just collecting opinions of the different points of aesthetical perception.
2. Avoiding soy products; I gymcel who practices 5 kinds of sports.
3. So many insults are really showing mental issues ("mentalcel" is a good choice).
4. As an educated person with different degrees and diplomas plus author of different books, I am more far away from the "degenerate freak" than most of the mentalcels."


Not every incel is a bad person

Not every incel is a bad person. Here, I'll post more or less answers to incels who are behaving badly. Some incels are really not very good and some may be dangerous as well. But it doesn't make all of us bad, remember it.

In fact, drunken or not, I never ever planned to go to have fight/duel/sparring or something with that young man. If I win, I get nothing. If I lose I may even become a disabledcel and it'll be really the 100% end, it will be the 100% "it's over". It's enough for me that I'm a baldcel, a shortcel, a framecel, a poorcel and soon to be an oldcel.

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