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That's right. Downvote brigades are everywhere. Even one downgraded person like the one mentioned above is enough to affect (and in some cases, to ruin) your participation.

 I'll start with some examples of baseless, chauvinistic and racist attacks from people in TALK.LOL (aka voat.xyz).
 1/ When I shared a French link about "Public anger over China’s strict 'Zero-Covid'" I was "warmly welcomed" by some "beece" who accused me for being somebody's alt ("apparent Paul neri alt.") I even don't know who is he!

 2/ An angry low-IQ aggressive BushChuck decided that I'am a "fagg*t" (without any proof), accused this science-education-and-omnilogy forum for being "trash" (baselessly).

 3/ Some SecretHitler (a racist?) full of himself decided that here we're "barely literate" (despite of many of us are with bachelors' and masters' degrees and we are elder people, full of experience) and that this scientific forum is just "trash foreigner". He even doesn't know how to for a sentence. Look at this: "Barely literate post with a couple barely literate responses in the incel subforum of a trash foreigner SEO forum great find. " (No comas, no full stops...)
 4/ The same SecretHitler under a post where I shared a Russian link about those Mongols who attack their government palace, states that "OP is illiterate" and it's just without anything. Just an accusation and he expects the low-level IQed guys to believe it.
 Another one ("Shotinthedark") added that "Mongols" should be "mongolias"  ;D Can you imagine?! 2 mistakes in only one word: "Mongolians" (but with no capital letter and without an "n"). By the was many of those native English speaker have no idea that "Mongols" and "Mongolians" are almost the same words like "Spanish" and "Spaniard", for instance. I do agree that "Mongolians" is more concrete (because it refers to people who are Mongolia's Mongols (and the rest of their citizens like the minority of Kazakhs), "Mongols" refers to Mongols in Russia and China too.) But here is nothing that you can call "illiterate".
 5/ And here comes the most disgusting one (Spaceman84) -- a person with undoubtable mental, cognitive and psychological problems! See why:
 a) under a post about a crime of some 10 y. o. boy who shot his mother, this Spaceman84 posted a schizophrenic "word salad" (it is "a confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases, specifically (in psychiatry) as a form of speech indicative of advanced schizophrenia.") in mixed English and Traditional Chinese where he mentions different things from an animated bear to square.
 Some people noticed this schizophrenical post there and started to ask him if he is one of "the voices"  ;D and that English is a second language for him.
 All he can answer was "Copypasta, nigger"...
 b) under the post about the Mongols (Mongolian Mongols) he started this racist and chauvinistic attacks that "I am a bot" (baselessly), "or some non English speaking Chinkoid or other foreign shitskin." (Here I will emphasize that English is just one of the world languages and it's not something that makes you better or worse. "Chinkoid" comes from "Chink" which is a racist word used against the Chinese. "Shitskin" is another racist word that refers to people with darker skin.
 As you can see, the person is chauvinistic and racist, which only causes anger and I despise him.

c) "OP doesn't actually speak English" (another baseless claim, but no wonder because maybe this racist and chauvinist is also a schizophrenic or a schizoid).

(By the way there are some thoughtful people too but I am giving these trashy ones as an example why if you're a good incel you should be careful which websites do you join.)

Some sort of a degenerate... or just a preteen person...

Almost all of them sound like pre-teens and teens who're heavily influenced by bad theories and propagandas like racism, blackpillism and so on.

Often. There are thousands that will use words like "creepy", "scary", "stalker" and so on limiting the chances to meet a really decent man/boy. But due to the halo effect, if the male is an attractive Chad or around it, oh, no problem then! Even the real creeps and criminals are going to have female fans.

The idiotic times (nowadays in many countries around the world) made many of the females more cowardish than usual.

Luckily there are still these moments. Well, like what? Watching favorite webtoon, watching some very interesting movie, sleeping and dreaming something happy. :)

There are those very toxic incels (racists) who tend to think that there are no Chads among Slavs or Arabs, black people, etc. And I have to say: "But, still there are mostly non-racist incels, who do admit that there are Chads among every nationality. For example, the Chads among black people are called "Tyrone" ("Tyrones"), the Chads among Arabs are called "Chaddam" ("Chaddams"), the Chads among Indians are called "Chadpreet" ("Chadpreets"), the Chads among East Asians are called "Chang" ("Changs")... So, I think that most of the incels realize that it's not about the race or nationality. They also know there are different kind of incels among the different races/nationalities -- currycels (Indian incels), ricecels (East Asian incels), mayocels (Caucasian incels), etc. :)
 The racism, chauvinism, etc. are useless and even harmful for the right understanding of the inceldom. They make the things worse.

Maybe adding some more may be useful for the incelology.

Chablo -- Chad + Pablo (Spanish and Latino Chads)
Chulio -- Chad + Julio (the same as the one above)
Chlad -- Chad + Vlad (Russian Chads)
Chustafa -- Chad + Mustafa (Muslim Chads; Turkish Chads)
Chabdul -- Chad + Abdul (Muslim Chads, Arab Chads)
Chans -- Chad + Hans (German Chads)

 Of course, the best are the three main nicknames (based on the three races): Chads (white handsome male people), Changs (yellow handsome male people) and Tyrons (black handsome male people). No racism, of course.

When someone is very attractive then they're not that picky (for example, very handsome, very popular, very rich)... The top 1% to 10% of the people. For them it's easy. For the rest -- from hard to impossible.

There are many men with very young wives. For example Trump's wife is much younger than him but he's not going to speak " I'm about as old as her mother. " and other ageist things. If people really like each other they should search things that unite them, not things (like age, race, zodiac signs, status, etc.) that divide them. Life is too short for counting years and birthdays. Of course, both of them should be mature enough for love. It's not for children.

Let's invite him here. I think many of his posts are interesting and I do like him because of his hard work and mostly positive attitude.

I am the one in question. What I posted here is similar: "I will ascend or I will die from overworking".

I am alive. :) The reason I'm not dead is that I didn't continue that busy job; the boss was too stupid and I couldn't stand it anymore, so I left it. And thus I didn't moneymaxx:( About my physicalmaxx (bodymaxx) I've got significant results: lost weight, build muscle mass, improved my health. So now there are some females who at least dare to chat/talk with me, and some even look at me with sort of interest but maybe it's just because I'm a foreigner... but still, I think that the interest is a bit more than before when I was a fat 2/10 one... Now I am at least a 4/10 to 5/10 person (depends on what you include in it).

I still can't ascend and there are the reasons:

 1/ as I said, failed to moneymaxx (not a surprise nowadays when many economies are struggling with problems). As you know, even some of the Chads without money are single (temporarily incels; in a long term dry spell).
 There is no single rich man, as far as I know, if he's not a volcel or something like a very special case of a locationcel... something around this extend.

 2/ The problems that can't be solved with these maxxings (baldness, shortness, oldness and poorness) are a major obstacle now. Of course, the hatmaxxing nearly solves the baldcel issue; there are many shorter than me around (I'm not that obviously short), the age isn't so visible.... but still, the poverty (see the point 1) is not going to allow me to deal well with the inceldom.

 Later, probably, after around half an year, due to my serious sportmaxx and dietmaxx, I'll obtain a better body, better skin, younger looks... so at that (if there isn't some bigger issue like a war or a serious disease, who knows?) I may be able to attract some females...

LOL! Thinking about it, even the warm approaches are not working well when you're bald/balding, aging, short and poor.

She just decided that I have "done" something and I have "bad habits" and now nothing can change this.

Lexi, you know nothing about me. Better don't try to pretend being some kind of young psychologist or incelologist. Maybe after 5 years if you learn well biology and other related subjects you will know better. Now, just don't try because it's funny and focus on matters that are more understandable and useful for your development.

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