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It's interesting that there are unhappy people even in countries that many of us may consider well developed.

Just some of them are bad people like the bad incels. There are good ITs and bad ITs; good incels and bad incels.

I think you're 8/10. If you gym-maxx you'll hit the 9/10 in China.

In USA you'll be 6/10 at most. (美国的女人们就不太喜欢亚洲男人们。他们最喜欢白人,拉丁美洲男人,黑人。很少会有喜欢亚洲的。所以好多在美国华人觉得自己不怎么样。但是你已经决定了只有美国是高级的,所以没有办法的。其实它比瑞士,新加坡,瑞典,日本,等是更差的--天天开枪,好多没有礼貌的人,好多社会的矛盾,经常乱的。) You're educated and richer and so on, but there will be a harsh place for you, especially if you really got autistic issues.

I think I took a right decision not to continue with him. If he reads I'll answer him only here. He
Lmao, it's one of the most autistic circlejerks I have ever seen. I wonder what you are trying to get from it, but whatever, weird fetish.

Autistic is projective, dude. You're projecting your own autism to us here. Believe me that we're much more educated than you. You're just getting to know what's an university but most of us here are graduated in humanitarian fields and we understand the matter much better than you. Maybe 10-20 years later you may realize how childish you are now and if at that time you ascend (because of our good ideas, not because of your degradation caused by the blackpillism) you'll be lucky.

Food / Re: Tortilla Chips -- Restaurant Style
« on: December 13, 2022, 04:01:48 AM »
That's why the body is better and better. 8)

It's obvious that many incels are fakecels, i. e. not truecels. They don't fake it but they're just not sure how attractive in fact they are and they perceive themselves as ugly.

I'll give you an example with a currycel. He was thinking that he is a truecel. There are many currycels that are really truecels. It's a fact. But he isn't. And I gave him my objective opinion:

"Wow, bro! You're such a cute guy! (AGAIN -- I am not a gay, just an older man who study people). So, here we go:

1. You really look like some of the Bollywood actors. REAL POPULARITY POTENTIAL!
2. You guys, like beard, right? I heard some places use it for relig. purposes, but if you are in the West, please SHAVE. This will add you 0.10% handsomeness at least. (Well, some females like beard guys, in that case you can have a beard)
3. Your hair is SUPER COOL, it mogs me, BUT if you're in the west, cut it shorter, especially behind and around the ears.
4. Can't see your body, but you surely can add muscle mass. BELIEVE ME, it makes even those guys like Khans actors more sexy (some females DO masturbate on muscular guys!)
5. Your lips are super sexy for ALL the females.
6. Your nose is okay in the West but in the East (China, Japan, Cambodia, etc. they will say your nose is too small).
SO! My 100% honest rating is: Now you're a 6/10 sexy prettyboy! BUT if you gymmaxx + shave and make good local hairstyle you're surelly hitting 7/10 AT ONCE!!!
Boy... you really mog most of your Bollywood actors! Keep the good lifestyle! GYM, hair-maxx, shave and be healthy!

A similar, to a ricecel: read there.

By the way, he's not 100% lost. I noticed that he's edumaxxing and going to gymmax. Like this, if later he really improve his knowledge + body + personality, maybe he will get some Becky. But currently, even a landwhale is not possible for him. Women with self-respect can't accept just nobody.

Hey! I saw you before!


As I already told to your friend: "Hi! Sorry for my late reply! I am not visiting this site often but I saw your message in my mail notifications, so asap I came to see and to help you with my honesty and experience. :) This young man looks like 5/10 to 7/10 in the most of the areas I have been in China. If he's in the West and he targets the white girls, well then maybe they will rate him lower like 3/10 to 4/10. Thus, he needs to gymmaxx (If he makes a strong body, I think he will be a solid 5/10 in the west and when grow up he'll have more man-up face and with some moneymaxx + gymmaxx totally is going to have a gf.) But the easiest way is just to GEOmaxx -- in Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. he'll be a 8/10 instantly.
Anyway, he's not a truecel at all. Right now an Asian Norman with a potential to become a Chang-light (Asian Chadlite) if bodymaxx, healthmaxx and moneymaxx (or statusmaxx). I gave you 99% chance to ascend. About him -- I am giving him a solid 90% chance to ascend in future."

How to become a Chad?
You have to try your best: sports, diets, healthy lifestyle, learning. Even you don't achieve a Chad (Chang) level you may become a high-tier normie or Brad and with a good degree (income) there is no more inceldom.
Feeling suididal!

 When you feel so, do something that helps you to ascend -- 10 push-ups, 20 pull-ups, 30 sit-ups, learn new foreign language words, more psychology... just do your best to become a better man. The better you become, the more chances you have a female to find you attractive.
Wants to learn psychometrics in US.
That's a good choice I suppose but I don't know if the US is the best location for a Chinese incel right now. Why not South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan? Somewhere where you'll mog easier the rest of the males (I mean the Asian incels feel harder in the West).
Believes in religious constructs like "paradise" and "God" aka "Lord"
Yeah, this is a total waste of time but if you are a true believer you know that the suicide is one of the worst sins you ever can do. So, if you learn myths at least learn them well.  :P
Do not read the rules before joing a new forum.
  It's a good beginning. The most important to know is that here you may ascend much better than rotting in blackpilled incel communities that only worsen the inceldoms!

Well, according to his last answer, I think this guy really has issues and I don't want to interact with him any more:

Here (I edit only the obscene words):
It will follow the same route as always - if I don't follow foid narrative and not play around this pathetic "voluntery charity" I will be considered as evil.

Like seriously, imagine posting on some obscure forum to some obscure f*ggots who are calling themselves "good incels" (in which way they are good exactly? In taking shit straight into their face without questions?) just for the sake of what?

Charity? The most charity a f*id could make is to percieve ugly men as feeling creatures. Befriending and dating one of them in real life is more than enough. But instead - even if it's real and not for stealing data - she chose to get internet validation from doing this shit.

She is either stupid, attention wh*re or doxx.

This kind of incel really is self-locking all the possibilities to ascend. A 100% volcel. ;D


And our "favorite" Vortex:
If you're an incel and you're not a bad one:

    not calling for ER
    not calling the females "foids"
    not hating the innocent people for your problems
    got vasectomy
    support lgbtfu*ckyou
    vote for biden
    paid $20
    6"+ tall

I will give you my virtual help.

Brocel Mazurro is full of worries. He asks:
I wonder what will be stolen there - identity, money, informations, doxxing or what.

There is no single reason why would any f. give any sympathy for our situation

I edited only the word "foid" because here is for incels without hate and it's not a good word in this forum.

She means that if here some users show up with strong anti-Chinese slogans or guns, drugs, etc. propaganda, the ones who admin it may have serious problems like at least going to the police station and/or stopping their ads.

A total free speech is also against the rules of Google AdSense (for example you can't make Nazi propaganda or discussing porn  ;D ), so I don't think they'll agree to accept it (raw free speech). ;)

Philosophy / Re: About the reification
« on: December 12, 2022, 04:55:43 AM »
Yes. I also dislike to see something like "The Russian" or "Russia" or "Moscow" did, said, decided, etc., once it's clear that only one person (and maybe a few more around him) decide what to be done.

It's an interesting point. I mean all these satelites around the world. How do you think? How many of the relatively small countries (like Poland or Portugal for example) aren't satelites of some of the main powers (USA, Russia, China and India)?

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