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Psychology / Rejection #11
« on: August 31, 2022, 02:48:43 AM »
Rejection #11

  One of my latest rejections abroad. There was that woman who assumed (without asking me where I am from) that I'm from the USA. Just because I am white and worked as an English teacher?! Well, some people just have this limited logic like "Yellow = Chinese", "Black = African" and "White = American". I can't call it 100% rejection because I even wasn't sure if there will be a day when I can (probably, theoretically) feel something towards her and then to ask her out. She was an elder 3/10 auntie.
 She wanted me to teach her swimming and I started to teach her but after 2 lessons she sticked to "her way" which was to keep her head long under the water and to use my pinkies as "swim ring" or something when she is trying to swim. I am a person who trains his fingers, including his pinkies, because I like Tiger style kungfu (虎拳 ) and still her heavy body and long holding and pulling of my pinkies gave me pain which continued for weeks.
 The situation was similar to the previous one ("Rejection #10"). In this case I am not sure if the auntie was also after visas (citizenships) but when she learned that I am not from the US she said one disappointed "Ohhhh..." and after that I saw how all her smiles, interest, friendliness and other positive traits disappeared. Well, I didn't feel very sad or something like that but it was really another ridiculous experience.

Psychology / Rejection #10
« on: August 31, 2022, 01:59:21 AM »
Rejection #10

  One of my first rejections abroad. There was that girl (a young colleague) who was very nice and sweet to me. I was impressed how polite, warm and tender can be a female person. Well, she become a cold and avoiding me person just after that moment when she realized that I'm not from Britain but from a smaller, poorer and not that popular country. I don't know why she was thinking that I am a British. Maybe just because I am white and I speak English. Whatever. Once she got the information from me that I'm not from Britain she showed a very disappointed face, became speechless and it was clear that all her warmness, tenderness and politeness were just a product of her hope to impress well a British guy not me personally. I suppose she was a kind of a visa girl (for her the British or some similar visa and/or citizenship is more important than the holder of this citizenship).
 I couldn't call it 100% rejection because I even didn't ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend. I waited for an opportunity and I wanted it to be more warm approach (to know her better and she to know me better). Well, at the end of the day, I really started to know her better and I'm glad I didn't get involved with someone who only chases the the visas (citizenships).

By the way this is something "blackpilled". His (MSL's) "oneitis" (after 10+ years of fruitless love) became his net-friend and even sent him some virtual love signs but at the end of the day married to a taller and richer son of a politician. Even the science Chads are losers sometimes... ::)

Honestly, I thought that it's only me and some more guys. I thought it's easy for everyone to have a girlfriend. When I started to read incels' boards, subreddits, forums, groups and so on, I was like "Wow, there are so many incels!" :o



In the biggest mistake when you tried to ascend I spoke about the Chadfishing. This remind me to make this thread here because it's an important about and for the incelology.

If you already know "Chad" (not the country but Chad as a symbol of one of the most handsome males) and " catfishing" you will easily understand that "Chadfishing" is portmanteau (of "Chad" and "catfishing").

It has famously been used in Tinder and other online experiments to prove that personality does not matter once you're a Chad. (Some experiments supported it others not so much and some failed.)

"To chadfish" is a verb. This verb can also be used in noun form ("a chadfish").


Due to my unique experience and strong will to try again and again, once more and once more.

What was my biggest mistake when I tried to ascend with a girl I like?

In my personal experience it was once when I thought that one will like my special oral skills in s. and I told her that I can do it well (I tried it because I heard that there are many females who complain that their boyfriends, lovers, husbands and other kinds of partners do not want to orally respect them. I wanted to show that I'm an orally respectful person.) But she was that kind of "I had a better opinion about you! You're not what I thought. And I am not what you're thinking."

(I still don't know if she really was that moral or just because I am not a Chad. If it was a really attractive Chad, could she say the same to him? Or she could accept him?

According to those experiments online where someone shows a Chad photo (photos)/profile and speaks dirty and highly disrespectfully, there are many females who are accepting this rudeness, dirtiness and even willing to get closer with him... (it is knows as "Chadfishing" online you know... ) I bet that highly likely the problem was that I'm not a Chad, Chang, Chadpreet or something around these levels.

But because there is a probability that she was really very moral, I do admit it as a mistake of mine and even my biggest one.)

Psychology / Rejection #9
« on: August 28, 2022, 03:54:23 PM »
Rejection #9

 In this chapter I'll make a bit clear about these two moments which I mentioned in the previous chapter:
I am not a hooligan and that time I wasn't as strong and sporty as I am now because I was at the very beginning of my sports development. But I was ready to fight with him...
I was with a knife in my pocket that time (in the country I grew up there are many dangerous guys outside and often we wear different weapons for self-protections) and I wasn't sure if he start to attack me how long I could protect myself without using the knife.
There was a university mate (an educated and cultured person) who said ones "From all people I know I am the one and only who still didn't buy a weapon." Since that time I decided to buy some simple weapons like knives.
 Later I met a rap oriented guy who wanted to be my friend. He even had a gas gun (gas pistol). Later I bought one too.
 So this rap guy and I went to meet 3 girls. The result was that they decided to give us back a call and to say if they like us or not because they feel shy to give us a real life straight answer.
 I was more handsome and more educated than this guy; also with better manners. But the girls said (phone call): "One of us don't like both of you. The rest two like only that rap man."
 The "rap man" was flattered (he got 2/3 likes and I got 0/3) but didn't like those 2 girls and nothing happened after this. I was like "Oh, gosh... at least he also didn't get 3/3 likes, so there is some subjectiveness and I have chances next time."

If he's not using these sick epithets surely he may sound really intelligent. I think he was the one who realized an important fact that many of the less knowledgeable incels can't see - the fact that there are uglier men than him who have got girlfriends, hence there is something more than just looks.

Of course most of the "blackpilled incels" will explain this fact with the betabuxx (but it's not enough because it can explain how the uglier and poor men got girlfriends).

It worth a separate topic.

Good for him to stay away from those blackpilled incels. There are also some normal and even intelligent people. But all that blackpillism (fatalism, pessimism) and calls for aggression... not a good place for an incel who really want to ascend.

I saw and continue to see many people like that.

There are some normies (males) who think that they can compensate their fatness, bad manners and low education with some skill like cooking. They're cooking once or twice some dish, showing or giving to females they like and they expect that females will say something like "Hey, he is fat, stupid, primitive and stuff but what a good cook! I love him!"  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D I know two cases like this. The first one is a stupid European nazi who thinks that really cooking good dishes ensures him the success with women. The second one is a rude Asian who thinks the same but at least trying as well to make some looksmaxx (shaving his white hairs)... both are far away from attractiveness (failed normies) and too stupid to see that to cook good is a cool skill but it's not sufficient at all if you're so fat and weak physically, and with those disgusting manners, rude way of communication, limited knowledge and bluepilled as hell.

SEO / Re: What You Need To Know About SEO For Success
« on: August 28, 2022, 01:39:19 AM »
To add many links in your forum signature is the newest in SEO. ;D ;D ;D

Psychology / Rejection #8
« on: August 27, 2022, 08:24:36 PM »
Rejection #8

This isn't a 100% rejection because for a short time (a few days) the girl in question was my girlfriends (we had some kisses; I'm not  a kissless incel.) but I'm sharing this story because
  • a/ at the end she left me
  • b/ I promised you to tell you about that bike story

A friend of mine told me a lie that this girl looks almost the same as his sister. His sister was my "one-it-is" and I considered her as the most pretty person in the world. When I met the girl I saw she doesn't look like his sister (the similarity wasn't more than 2% at most) but she wasn't ugly or something so I decided to give her a chance. She was almost the same tall as me. I wasn't sure if she's going to give me a chance but we end up as a couple for a few days. I did my best: took her to some pretty national parks, parks, gardens, cafes; draw some romantic pictures for her, made her small presents and so on.

She doesn't seem to love me so much but jealous a lot. For example we exchanged a joking dialog with her female classmate who learned some Turkish (I learned some Turkish language too). And my girlfriend then suddenly said: "What you too are talking? Translate now!!!" Another time there was some mIRC (online chat) female friend who said I look good or something like that and my girlfriend then saw it (I showed her because I am frank and share all; no secrets) and get literally red face, heartbeat, temperature... I thought she's going to have a heart attack at that moment... I told her the chat pal is far away, not going to meet her, don't love her... but it wasn't enough.

Well, you think that if someone jealous you probably she or he is not going to go meeting others and flirt with them, or even worse? You're wrong. She was full of jealousy but she doesn't self-limit herself to meet and even dance closely with boys. One night she said she's going to a club with her female classmates and there will be no boys. Oh, sure I believed it. A club full of males who 90% are there not for the dance or the drinks but for the mating and "no boys"... I went there too (some hour or two after she was there) and I saw her dancing with some fatty... She saw me, I made a question sign and she just smiled like "Oh, I am so sorry, he invited me to dance and I couldn't say "no"! Don't mind me, it's okay!"

Later she had to go her village (parent's home) every weekend. I was sure she's meeting there other boys (it's a typical story in our region - some people have boyfriends in the towns or cities but when they visit their villages they do have another boyfriend there, for the time being... or just some flirts, one-night stands...) so I decided to be there too. But at that moment I had no bike, no motorbike of course and even no money for the bus. I walked 35 km to the village to meet her for a while (I really met her, it was so romantic according to her cousin)... Then a best friend of mine when heard this story and was shocked that I walked 35 km said that he's going to rent me a bike or to lend me his bike for a long time. I agreed but his bike was in his village and I had to walk this time another 20 km to his village. His grandmother was shocked how I walked to there on foot. He smiled and said "Don't worry about him, he used to; he is a tourist."  ;D Then I was so happy that I have a bike and I ride it back to the city. Even went to meet her in front of her cram school with the bike and to tell her: "You see, I'm already equipped with a vehicle and we'll be together more!" but when I met her I fall with the bike in front of her  ;D it was embarrassing but I was young and fast, in less than a second I stood up and said to her about the bike...

It was less than a week since we were a couple I went to her home to give her some cassette tape as a present but she said she want us to break up. :o :( :'( I was very shocked, sad and... even found her father to tell him words like: "You see, uncle! I was so good to your daughter but she decided to break up with me! From now on if she meet another one and he's a bad man, don't blame me, it's not my responsibility." I am not a hooligan and that time I wasn't as strong and sporty as I am now because I was at the very beginning of my sports development. But I was ready to fight with him if he was like "My daughter is right, you loser!" Well, he was a polite man, he just said "Oh, sorry... I see." and it was a peaceful separation.
A few days later (or 2-3 weeks later maybe, around this kind of time period) I saw her walking with another boy who was much taller and bigger than me; a "real Chad" as some present days incels will say about him. She saw me too, said something to the "Chad" with some foxy smile (I guess it was like "That short guy is my ex-boyfriend. Can you imagine me being a girlfriend of such a loser?!") and that was all. We even didn't greet each other and I'm glad that the "Chad" wasn't some asshole who'll say some bad words to me because I was with a knife in my pocket that time (in the country I grew up there are many dangerous guys outside and often we wear different weapons for self-protections) and I wasn't sure if he start to attack me how long I could protect myself without using the knife. I'm a reasonable person and I don't want to go to jail but when it's about love, the emotions are too strong to control them and I am just happy that "Chad" was a reasonable man too and nothing happened.

Since that time I started to train harder; I knew I'll be not become as tall as he was, nor as handsome as he was. But I knew (and I was right) that the sports will make be better looking, stronger and with improved health. As a result I become a man who doesn't need a knife to protect himself and who won several fights (some friendly and some not very friendly).

Why she rejected me? The rejection according to that friend was because my bad clothes (honestly I was more poor than now; I had no money for more than second hand clothes) but that friend was sort of not very clever and he tended to explain all with the clothes, shoes, hairstyle and other stuff that many incels now know as "blupilled" (too naive or brainwashed). I just think that she rejected me because she already met that taller, handsomer and richer man. The classical hypergamic behaviour, the classical hypergamic woman who doesn't feel shame to do so and even maybe proud to say "I found a better one and I don't care if I broke the heart of that poor, short and uglier one!"

Other topics / 可信网站
« on: August 27, 2022, 04:50:15 PM »


In Chinese - 可信网站 (A website that you can trust.)  8)

Social network | SEO - Social network / То zionpill
« on: August 16, 2022, 01:28:23 AM »
These days I saw a new user in that forum full with hateful incels. His nickname - zionpill. He quoted my opinion that the world needs more studies like that (about the incels, violence and mental disorder) to make people understand that the violence comes only from the crazy and stupid incels. A normal and educated incel is not going to ruin his life with violence because his inceldom already is makes him miserable enough. The normal and educated incel is searching ways to ascend or at least keeps calm.

And the comment (if you can call it "a comment") of that zionpill creation is "nah ur a faggot. if someone harms u u harm them back dipshit"

Explanations for this over-poor brain:

1/ Saying "nah" doesn't make you right. Also thinking that an incel who is against the violence and supports the ascending via normal methods is a "faggot" doesn't make him one.

2/ Nobody harms you just because you're an incel. In case there is some hater or incelophobe really tries to harm you there are other methods to protect yourself (calling the police or self-defense BUT with using reasonable force to protect yourself. For example, if some incelophobe hit me, I'll hit him back but not going to take a gun like Elliot R. and to kill him and other innocent people!) Upgrade your law knowledge kid! Don't end your days in the jail!

3/ Dipshits are surely the ones who raise you; you sound like some orphan without parents who grow up on the ghetto streets in the West. You can't call a nearly 50 y. o. uncle majored in Humanitarian studies a "dipshit".
Leave as soon as possible that blackpilled shithole which makes many of you to commit crimes or suicides and join some normal incel community! Save yourself and your future until you can!

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