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Despite of how much it'll be cool if he can graduate there and got this rare degree and then makes good money and supports his needs, some of the brocels and to ascend. 8) 8) 8) The challenge is being able to survive in a high competetive, rude, and not safe place where some people like to open fire.

Calm down. Maybe it's just a spambot who didn't realize what's it quoting and who.

Yes. In most of the countries around the world the short females are considered very cute and/or sexy or at least normal people. Not an issue for a girl/woman at all if you haven't some severe problem to bother you.

And still, tell the guy above that if he get rich and he's with good personality there will be a woman for him. He's so depressed that he's 1.64 and not enough good looking. Tell him that all rich and good-hearted man surely can find at least one girl to accept them without worry that they're short or not 10/10 handsome.

(I mean our Liam brocel. He's a cool brocel, isn't he?)

Other topics / Re: OMG!
« on: April 26, 2023, 03:33:36 AM »
Is it free? Online based? If so, link it, please.

-------FREE ADS------- / Re: What ad can you see now?
« on: April 26, 2023, 01:27:48 AM »
Mine is: "
Path to Warband on Steam
Unlock your inner strategist with this one-of-a-kind deckbuilding
card game"

 ;D 8) I play chess but not card games.

I want to confirm that even when it happens to pass the looks treshold, the nationality treshold, the age treshold, the height treshold, then still if the female realizes you're not rich, she is very "No!"

There was one who liked me (all those nationality, looks, etc.) but when she got that I can't take her to restaurants every day, she said that I am "What a joke!" or something and never talk to me again.

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EARN MONEY / "1 000 000 to a Chinese person"
« on: April 24, 2023, 11:29:48 PM »

"1 000 000 to a Chinese person"

To Recipients
2022-08-03 00:54
Wednesday, August 03, 2022 (Wed) 00:54
6 KB
My name is Andrew Cherng; I am a Chinese-born American billionaire restaurateur. I am the founder and chairman of Panda Restaurant Group, based in Rosemead, California. I am also the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Panda Express. I am a billionaire and a philanthropist.
I want to donate the sum of $ 1,000,000 (One Million US Dollars) to a Chinese person to help me carry out my charity work in China.
If you are interested in accepting my donation and to use it the way I will instruct you, please contact me for more detail.
To learn more about me, you can type my name (Andrew Cherng) on Google.
I am waiting for your response
Remain blessed
Andrew Cherng"

Sadly I am not a Chinese person but I strongly believe that it's the real Andrew and that he's using a .br email! ;)

Try to ascend until you're young because becoming an oldcel isn't good. I mean now you may be shortcel but at least you're not a baldcel. What if the baldceling hit you? Of course, with moneymaxx you can ascend in one way or another especially if you combine it with the right geomaxx.

I think you have more chances than me.

Brocel, you're really lucky if you're really a rich person. Well because the girls in your social circle are also rich they are even pickier than the average female and they'll search for more traits like "I want a tall man." but if you lower your standards and choose to be in a non-Shanghai area (for example, pick a town around Guiyang (贵阳) or something similar) you'll be not an incel anymore. You're a locationcel (mostly and firstly).

Till now only some women asked me "How tall you are?", most of the questions are: "What's your job?", "What do you work and how much do you earn?", "Are you rich?", "Do you have a company?", "What do you plan to develop as a business?"

My main problem is that I am poorcel and this is it: money > the rest.

Especially when some concrete person only sends his/her portrait photos (only head and neck)... if you can't see his/her belly, waist, legs, there is a "red light" that he or she isn't fit or at least he or she is highly insecure about his/her body.

I'll tell you a real story from my current neighbourhood. There is a small shop. It survived the crazy lockdowns and the ruined economy as a result. One of the reason was that it didn't keep strictly the lockdown measures (being in a remote area with less control) but it's not the point. The point is his smallness. :) It is one of the "shortcels" around. ;D ;D ;D Can't compare it with the supermarkets around. Even the smallest supermarket is a "Chadlite" compared to this shortie. ;D ;D ;D And now, check this out:

the owner added photocopier services, steamed bread (man tou), fresh coconuts, coffee, some spirit and other "maxxes". 8) Now it's already a sort of competitor to some of the small supermarkets because it's not a supermarket itself but it's more than a small supermarket (it hasn't all supermarkets' goods but it has goods and services that you can't find in the supermarkets, so still it's already almost at their level). You see? When you add more to something (to your shop or to your body, to yourself), then you're having all these more chances to ascend.

About the
misusage of Cognitive Dissonance
I totally agree. I saw in the incels communities (overwhelmed, yes overwhelmed by blackpillers) that the average incel there is a teenager (13-19) and the bigger problem is that the incels there mostly do not maxx and ignore the power of the knowledge. There are 1% educated and 10% semi-educated, around this... but the majority can't get the things and the reality properly. The average attitude is: "I am genetical trash. My parents are the main reason. Everything is over. I hate Chads and Stacies. Normies are soy-ciety. Elliot Rodger is a saint. But, after all, I deserver sex!"  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D You can't get any positive development being in such a degenerative retardcel communities. The 1%-10% better incels can't compensate the overall destruction. They'll just decrease your proper English language, mislead you about some terms, put in your mind some pessimistic and self-destructive ideas and you'll lose even the smallest, tiny chances that you have got.

Yes, the younger generations all around the world tend to be taller (this is the acceleration https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Acceleration_(human_development)).

So, in your case, the south of China (南方) or other foreign geomaxx... if in the West, only super self-maxxing may help, but if you can reach the beta-bux level (and I bet you can because usually the university staff can reach it in the West) you will not die as a virgincel. Another option that I can see is some Western landwhale with a good heart. Maybe you can make her to lose weight and then you'll build a happy family? Who know...

Brocel and all of the rest dear brocels, allow me to add something precious from my inceldom which I could include above but I was afraid it's going to be a long post.

Years ago I met a gay who was honest to speak up the truth and said my frame is too small, he even went to details about shoulders, neck, etc. Thanks to him, for the first time, I started to notice how my "just martial arts + push ups"  isn't enough. And then I started to become a pro-athlete step by step. Recently I went sport-crazy and included heavy training (heavy weights), running, more MMA, pull ups, sit ups, expanders, handgrips,  step aerobics, simple yoga and others. It's an endless list of gymmaxxing, you got it.

My frame is still the same (I mean the bone structure is something you can't change with softmaxx, without syurgeries) but I added mass and I am leaner, more muscular, better looking and with great speed, moves, etc. I was sure I don't need to think about geomaxx. ;D Haha, what a naive mistake! I was pretty sure I am going anywhere and I am fit enough. I was fit enough when I was around southerners but I got the bad luck to move to an area where most of the people are from Henan! Oh, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Even 80% of the females were with larger bones than me, 40% were taller than me. The Henan males without one elder dude and another one, were taller or around my height. Almost 99% were with better frames! Yes, I have no beer belly and I still look like a model next to all these dadbod males, but the females think of me as a midget. They will chose a tall, fat Henan Norman over me.
And brocel, keep in mind that:

A/ I am taller than you with at least one head above.

B/ I am with more masculine face, at least 20%+.

C/ I am gymmaxed, at least 50%+, I am not sure, you never showed up your body pics.

D/ I am more exotic because I'm nearly white (mayocel).

So, if I feel mogged and nobody sees me as a man around Henan people, how you think you'll be perceived around Westerners...?

Oh, man... oh... I remember how depressed was Libgen about his school problems. They were something like "The boys hated me and report me to the teacher." and "The girls gossip about it." (Sorry for the oversimplification.) That time we were like "OMG!  ::) This boy surely wouldn't survive if he was in a Western school!" because there you have to deal with gang fights, sometimes -- drugs, guns (or at least knives, brass knuckles, chains, bats...)

Really, instead of speaking over the dead body of an ex-party (which was destroyed as such by a new powerful boss) try to think how you'll survive when you go to edumaxx abroad. Let's say you're in Canada or the U.S. What's going on in these situations, brocel?

A/ You're reading after classes about the "standard deviation of the mean" or something else related to the psychometrics in some bar or park, wherever. And next to you are coming 2 duded and starting calling you a "nerd", a "Chink" and so on. They do it for fun. They want you to cry or in some cases they want to hurt you. In the worst cases they want to rape you, rob you. So, at that moment, would you think it's useful to tell them how anti-Chinese communist you are? Or you will think "F*ck! Why I didn't hit the gym and learn more fighting techniques while I was in Shanghai?"

B/ Let's say you survived that situation because you started to cry, to beg them to stop or some noble guy kicked their asses; or you just was magic fast to call the police and some policeman was nearby... whatever... you survived at least because the gang like dudes were in mood "Okay, leave this Asian loser alone because today I feel high and I love Jesus!"
Then you're meeting the GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS -- the most attractive, nice, pretty, serious and funny at the same time, which you only saw in some of the best mangas or in your dreams! And WHAT IF she is still single? You'll tell her: "Hello! I am anti-Chinese communist but I want to protect China!" (I want to ensure you, that it's 362817368173817381753871538 times better if your pickup line is about the "standard deviation of the mean".) The chance she want's to know something about the IQ (EQ, Love Q), is larger than the chance she to admire you about what a "great social justice anti-communist from China" you are.

Don't get me wrong! I am not saying everything is okay in China. That's why I am not going to live here. I am selling out all of my properties soon and as soon as possible I am going to geomaxx to the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or East Timor. I don't want to protect the present rule that ruined the lives of so many Chinese and foreigners in China, brocel!!! I am so tired, so disappointed and so sad and I am leaving with sorrow!!!
But you're so wrong to keep thinking about the political situation instead to hit the best maxxings for you, brocel!

Tell me what she is going to like about you?

1. Politically educated?  Not related.
2. Learniing psychometrics. Well, okay, but who cares.
3. From China. Okay, but only if she is some Asia fan, K-pop fan or something similar. And still, most of the Western people can't think of China as something "Wow!". I am an outlier, I do love China.
4. Not tall. Oh, bad score!
5. Autist. Ups, another bad score.
6. Complaining about the politics in his country. Awwww... so boring!
7. Speaking good English. That's good, thanks God we can at least understand each other!

 And here comes the problem: how you'll compete with her others crushes, orbiters and so on. Even an average Melvin (3/10 - 4/10 western male) will be at least around your height and maybe with a better frame. What about the Chad-lites? And if there is a Chad? Huh? The things may get even more complicated if there is a Chang (another Asian or even exactly a Chinese guy) who did his "ascend homework"  :D better than you: he's not just tall, he's playing rugby, he's a bodybuilder and he's an owner of self-made vegan restaurant and a sushi bar. And he likes her too.

Aren't you going to feel very pity that while you were in Shanghai you at least didn't spend more time to upgrade your body and to save more time for learning business (instead learning political uselessness?)

Not going to lie you, your one-it-is girl will pick up an orbiter (Melvin-tier or Norman-tier) over you.

We, brocel, will never had this incel talk here if you were saying that you're moving to Vietnam, Taiwan or even Japan or Brazil... but you're heading to states like the US, Canada, Australia... if you don't gym-maxx and money-maxx, you're over there. And the pessimistic news is that even you ascend with some girl online who'll come to you (supposingly from Burma, Bhutan, South Africa, maybe?) what you'll do when she starts to notice all those Chads, Tyrones, Cnangs, Chadpreets around? Brocel, even the Normans around you will mog you (height mog, frame mog, capital mog probably)?...

Friendly reminder: leave all the political crap at once, save your life, 润 (run away) as soon as you can, but be ready: improve the body, improve the fighting skills, learn the locals habits, law system, subculture.

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